Biz Hits: The Yanks stink; Madonna and soccer in the Bronx

Open Thread: Donovan Osborne
Plan F: The Jimmy Key Story

A few non-baseball related items for your overnight enjoyment: The Yankees have announced that Madonna will perform in the stadium in the Bronx on Thursday, September 6. This is the rumored “big announcement” the club teased when they sent out the release on Roger Waters’ a few weeks ago. I had guessed, and hoped for, Bruce Springsteen, but music fans will just have to settle for Madonna instead. The pre-sale starts Monday at 10 a.m. right here. The top tickets — on-field seats right in front of the center field stage — will go for $359.50 each.

Madonna, though, isn’t the only person taking her talents to Yankee Stadium this summer. According to a report on Big Apple Soccer, the House that George Built could host a July or August soccer friendly between Real Madrid and Inter Milan. Based on the Euro Cup slate and the Yanks’ schedule, Big Apple Soccer believes the most likely dates for a game are July 25 or August 11 or 12, but the various parties are still hammering out the details. The last Yankee Stadium soccer match pitted the New York Cosmos against the Miami Toros way back on August 10, 1976.

Finally, the Yanks are proving what their haters already claim: that they stink. Few details exist about this news, but according to reports, the Yanks will be releasing two fragrances at a cocktail party on February 21. One will be called simply “New York Yankees” and the other “New York Yankees For Her.” If you’ve ever wanted to smell like Francisco Cervelli, now you can. Or something like that.

Open Thread: Donovan Osborne
Plan F: The Jimmy Key Story
  • Rich in NJ

    Maybe they can allocate the fragrance revenue toward signing a DH who doesn’t stink?

  • Darren

    Which Yankee smells the worst?

    My guess is Balboni, Wetteland in second place.

    • Tom Zig

      Probably Giambi, the man probably sweats just from breathing. Or maybe Raul Mondesi

      • ThatstheMelkyMesaWaysa

        david wells?

    • Plank

      Jorge Posada can’t smell good. Especially after he eats asparagus.

    • Joe R

      Sal Fasano for sure.

  • Paul VuvuZuvella

    This had to be Costanza’s idea.

    • Garrius

      Kramers idea, he did think of smelling like the beach so why not smell like a yankee?

  • Plank

    If I wanted to see an elderly, furry woman prancing around on stage lip synching old songs, I’m pretty sure I could see it for less than $350.

  • Chris G.

    I guess this means a-Rod and Madonna might be getting back together. Oh, and since we never saw the old Yankee Stadium bathrooms for sale on Steiner Sports we know now what they did with them-they turned them into fragrances. Guess they are trying to capitalize on the Occupy crowd before they all die of venereal disease.

    • Plank

      Is that necessary on a baseball blog?

      • Chris G.

        It’s a joke. Get over it.

        • Plank

          Yeah, it was hilarious.

          With that kind of ‘humor’ you should be a writer for The Five.

          • YanksFan

            You prefer he write for Olberman or Meadows?

            • Plank

              I’d prefer he didn’t write any political snark here.

              • Chris G.

                It isn’t political. It was a joke. If you don’t like it move on and stop whining. People living in parks and not showering while demanding free stuff isn’t really political it’s spoiled kids and people who don’t get it. Get over it. As I recall River Ave Blues did a post that played off of Occupy.

                • Lazerri Scooter

                  IETC Infinity

                  Chris G. wins the argument on basis of common sense & being an equal opportunity humorist.

                  Plank is offended when his side’s movement has soured from all the disease,mental ignornance, financial ruin, violence against cops and sexual abuse.

                  • Plank

                    I don’t know where to begin. I don’t have a side or an argument. I just think making hostile political “jokes” about people dying is inappropriate here.

                    • Chris G.

                      Plank, calm down. There is no way anyone in their right mind would take it in any way but a joke. Settle.

                    • Plank

                      I’m not upset. I just think it’s an inappropriate comment on a baseball blog.

                      I understand it was a joke. It was a bad joke and inappropriate.

                      “Calm Down?” “Settle?” You wrote those things to make it seem like I’m upset about what you wrote. I’m not. I just feel like it doesn’t belong here.

                    • Chris G.

                      Let it go plank

                    • Plank

                      That’s a two way street.

  • Jamey

    This will be exciting news for Yankee fans who have to buy every bit of merchandise with the team logo on it. This will not be such good news for their wives or girlfriends.

  • Monterowasdinero

    Is Jeter gonna sue? This could affect his sales.

    Smelli Cervelli will be very popular.

  • Miked

    The house that Ruth built was torn down. This is the house that greed built.

  • MikedJones

    The house that Ruth built was torn down. This is the house that greed built.

  • MikedJones

    The house that Ruth built was torn down. This is the house that greed built. Yes in still upset about it.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Bartolo: The Scent.

    • Monterowasdinero

      Bartolo Colon Cologne.

      Muy Bueno.

  • OldYanksFan

    A 3rd fragrance has just been announced, primarily for the Bleacher Bums… it’s called:
    ARod’s Cup — Smell Like the Best

    • Steve (different one)

      Eau de Centaur

  • Captain

    im kind of worried about what condition the field is going to be in after a soccer match.

    • spectra

      I’m almost as big of a Real Madrid fan as I am a Yankee (not that close) but this shouldn’t happen mid summer. To put a field in they’ll have to replace the entire infield and then put it back two days later. Insane. Go play in the meadowlands like usual with a higher capacity and nobody using it in the summer.

  • Jimmy

    The comments after that post originally mentioning the Waters concert had speculation about Bruce, GNR, Sabbath, DMB, Van Halen, the Stones, etc. and we get Madonna. As the “big announcement”. Blech.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      You don’t like Madonna. Good for you. Luckily, there will be at least 50,000 other people to seat.

  • Plank

    What’s next? Another vivid description of gay sex that comes from your head while you accuse others of being gay?

  • Cary

    Hopefully, the Material Girl will contribute some time and tickets to music programs in the nation’s poorest neighborhood. Wouldn’ that be Super?