Rafael DePaula Non-Update: Still No Visa

Is Mike Gonzalez an inevitability?
Open Thread: 2/16 Camp Notes

Via Ben Badler, soon-to-be 21-year-old right-hander Rafael DePaula is still in the Dominican Republic waiting for a visa, which would make his $500k contract with the Yankees become official. The two sides agreed to terms in November of 2010, but DePaula has been stuck in visa limbo because he’d previously lied about his age and identity. He spent last year working out at the team’s academy in the Dominican Republic, and I suspect he’ll do the same this summer if he doesn’t get a visa anytime soon. DePaula has a great arm and could still become one of the team’s better pitching prospects, but he’s lost a lot of development time with all these delays.

Is Mike Gonzalez an inevitability?
Open Thread: 2/16 Camp Notes
  • Gonzo


  • Robinson Tilapia

    Someone call Saul Goodman and get this kid to US soil.

    • Bklyn


  • Tyrone Sharpton

    This kid will be our closer in 10 years. My eyes can hear it already.

  • j

    Suppose he didn’t get his visa til after July 3rd – the point at which the new IFA rules kick in. Would his bonus count against our new budget under the cba?

    • Tom Swift

      Interesting question — if it counts under the new budget, that would put a lot of pressure on the Yanks to find a way to get the visa resolved before then.

  • Robert

    What the us gov’t and Mlb is doing to this guy is joke.The gov’t cares more about him then the millions of illegals in this country. Mlb lets guys like Miguel Tejada who aged 2 years in one day and had a multimillion dollar contract and was not punished.

    • Gonzo

      If he didn’t lie about his identity he would have been in a system for years now with no problem. One could argue he did it to himself.

      FYI – I’m Latino.

      • Robert

        Look at all the stars that have lied about their names and ages nothing has happened to them.Rafael Furcal,Colon,Vladimir Guerrero,Ramon Ortiz,Miguel Tejada have all lied to teams and cost them millions of dollars and Mlb and the US gov’t look the other way.

        • Gonzo

          Since DePaula has committed fraud, and probably is on some level a criminal in his country, before he entered the country, I’d say there is a difference.

        • YankeeGrunt

          Things tightened up recently. Don’t judge according to past standards, judge according to recent ones. And keep in mind that a number of these guys had worked for several years in the States before old identity fraud came to light, so its easier to build a case to let them back in than to let them in initially.

  • viridiana

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