Yanks interested in lefties, just not Kazmir


Via Joel Sherman, the Yankees continue to have interest in left-handed pitchers, but not Scott Kazmir (or Damaso Marte). The former Devil Rays’ ace threw for scouts last week, and was sitting 86-87 with a few 91s according to Buster Olney. Kazmir, who just turned 28, is trying to come back from a myriad a shoulder problems. He was never know for his control, but now he’s going to have to be even more precise with the diminished fastball. There’s no such thing as a bad minor league contract, but I can understand why the Yankees passed.

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  1. GardnergoesYardner says:

    The Mets should take him back just so Wilpon could try to prove to the fans that it wasn’t a bad trade after all.

  2. Tom Zig says:

    Mike Gonzalez come on down.

  3. Jesse says:

    I thought he was a lot older.

  4. CMP says:

    I’m surprised the Yankees aren’t interested in him. I’ve heard he has a reputation of not being a hard worker and I’d bet that must have something to do with it unless his medicals are just terrible.

    • GardnergoesYardner says:

      I’d imagine his medicals are spotty given his recent littany of injuries. I’m guessing he’s one of those people who took their talent for granted since it pretty much stemmed from his velocity. When the velocity went, he wasn’t able to adjust, and thus got worse (kind of what we saw on a different level with Javy in 2010). He was on my fantasy team in 2010, and he got beaten up one night after the next. He might be OK in a pen role, but why waste the time?

    • Jamey says:

      his reputation seems to be worse than that, there were some unspecified personal life concerns noted from his Tampa Bay days & then with The Angels too if I recall. I guess the fact that NO ONE has taken a gamble on a recently 28 lefty stater that showed ace potential is pretty telling. Like you’d think even with bad medicals & work ethic concerns someone would have bitten on him by now, not even a deal that he’s turned down as far as I know.

  5. Thomas Cassidy says:

    Are there any real lefties on the market besides Gonzalez? I’d love to have Gonzalez for a a 1/1.

  6. William says:

    I rather have KEI IGAWA.

  7. Austinmac says:

    Gonzalez results never seemed to match his results, but he is tempting and better than what they have from the left side. I think relievers don’t act up with Mo their setting a high standard.

    However, it will take an approval from Hal. I bet he would say no and see what they have.

    • Rookie says:

      I suspect Hal would say yes if Cashman asked him to make an exception, but I suspect Cashman would prefer to save his money and use that roster spot.

      That said, I’m glad it’s Cashman making the decision and not me — because from the outside looking, I suspect that Gonzalez is going to be a beast against lefties and maybe something more.

  8. Bo Knows says:

    Gotta feel bad for Kazmir, he was a legit ace caliber pitcher, and at an age when most guys are still in there prime and ready for 5-6 more years of dominance he can’t even hit 90.

  9. Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

    There’s no such thing as a bad minor league contract…unless it’s Scott Kazmir.

  10. PMack says:

    Cn’t we trade for Matt Thornton?

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