Update: Robertson’s MRI shows “cause for concern”


Update by Mike (4:09pm): Via Barbarisi & Boland, Girardi said Robertson’s MRI showed “cause for concern.” He’s being sent for more tests — including a CT scan and a weight-bearing MRI — and the skipper is worried. Whatever it is, the Yankees have to make sure it’s completely healed before he’s back on a mound. It’s his push-off foot, and they don’t want Robertson changing his mechanics or doing anything else that can result in an arm injury.

Update by Mike (12:12pm): Via Jack Curry, Robertson’s MRI results have been sent to Dr. Ahmad in New York and they should know the diagnosis soon enough. Joe Girardi said his ace setup man could miss up to two weeks before Opening Day becomes a question mark, though he was just speculating. “Just clumsy,” said Robertson to Dan Barbarisi and Erik Boland. “Mo already wore me out about it … I don’t feel it’s something that will set me back for a long time.”

9:30am: We got a bit of a surprise this morning when Bryan Hoch reported that David Robertson fell down stairs last night and hurt his right foot. He showed up this morning in a walking boot, and has been sent for an MRI. The x-rays, thankfully, are negative; the Yankees are currently calling this a right midfoot sprain. They’ll know a bit more once the MRI results come back this afternoon.

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  1. PaulP says:

    For a guy whose stuff plays up better because of his long stride, I hope this foot / ankle injury does not have any negative affect on that.

  2. Gonzo says:

    Hmmm, fell down stairs. Right…

  3. CountryClub says:

    Well, this sucks. He should take as long as he needs to get it 100% (instead of trying to rush back). The Yanks dont need this lingering all season.

    • Cris Pengiucci says:


    • A.D. says:

      Agreed, do not play through the pain and screw up mechanics or other parts of the body

      • whozat says:

        absolutely…this is his push-off foot, so if he starts trying to get more umph by overthrowing with his upper body, it could be pretty bad.

        Soriano will be fine in the 8th, so hopefully they don’t rush him back.

        Who does this open the door for? Do they bring in another experienced arm on a minor league deal? Mike Gonzalez?

        • Cris Pengiucci says:

          Phil Hughes to the ‘pen! (Ugh!! Not a fan of that.)

          • RetroRob says:

            Yet, Hughes is probably a better replacement for Robertson, so if that is the best solution for the first month of the season, would it be wrong?

            • Cris Pengiucci says:

              Probably not. If his velocity is up, as it appears to be after one ST game, maybe he can work on finding that “out” pitch to put away batters that seems to be eluding him as a starter. Better than spending money on someone that probably won’t do as well as he would.

  4. A.D. says:

    I saw MRI, and just glad it is not on the arm

  5. my guess? had a few beers, slipped…why 3 weeks into ST is he ‘moving boxes’? Plus, isn’t that what the wife is for?

  6. Bronx Ralphie says:

    Is it me or are baseball players/athletes extremely clumsy?

  7. I am not the droids you're looking for... says:

    There goes the Yanks’ season.

  8. Robinson Tilapia says:

    ….and that’s why they call me Cesar “Stairs” Cabral.

  9. Teddy 2 Shoes says:

    Sue the bar!

  10. Jesse says:

    God, hope it’s not serious. This guy is one of the last guys you want injured… Of course you don’t want anyone injured, but the point stands.

  11. David N says:

    And this is just a taste of what it feels like to be a Mets fan.

    I don’t like it.

  12. DM says:

    This should be re-titled “The Next Question of Spring Training” as a companion piece to this…

    I guess you can’t map out that 25-man roster with such certainty on Feb 22. Let’s wait until the last few days of ST to do that, okay?

    • Jim Is Bored says:

      Or, and this just may be me, it’s fun to speculate even though most sane people realize that speculation has no bearing on what’s actually going to happen?

      And I’m not sure, but maybe a blog is a perfect place to do that?

      • DM says:

        Yep. But so is commenting on all these things and going back and forth — like you just did. Hence the “comment” section under the posts on blogs. Despite some negative reactions and eye-rolling, I think the site runners would prefer more pot stirring action than less, right? I’ll stand by mine; I think a post titled “Last Question of Spring Training” — before ST actually starts, warrants a jab or two. No?

        • Jim Is Bored says:

          Yes, to the “Last question of spring training”, but no, to the “we should stop trying to predict the rosters”

          • DM says:

            You missed the “with such certainty” part. I always have a roster in mind — 365 days a year — and I do it for the fun like you said. I just don’t act like it’s been settled except for 1 spot on Feb 22. His wasn’t an “I think” or “I hope” post. It was a “this is it, except for the Hughes/Garcia thing” post. In the discussion back then Mike tried to pin me down to the last two bullpen spots — as though it must be that guye or it can’t be this guy — all before pitch was thrown. I replied the same way back then. Who knows? It’s Feb 22. Expect the unexpected — like your setup man spraining an ankle.

  13. Bavarian Yankee says:

    damn, pitchers are those kind of human beings that get hurt by doing the easiest things :D

    I guess I shouldn’t mention that I dislocated my shoulder while I was sleeping a few years ago. That hurt like hell.

  14. your mom says:

    All I have to say is WTF?

  15. Graig not Craig says:

    “All pitchers will now be required to live in one-floor ranch homes or first-floor walk-ups equipped with handicap ramps.” Stop stairing.

  16. Monterowasdinero says:

    ST is a dangerous time. Mariner catcher Adam Moore broke his right wrist catching in Tuesday’s game against the Reds and is out for a good while.

    Don’t ask me how I know this….

    • STONE COLD Austin Romine says:


      Tough break…

      (See what I did there)

    • DM says:

      How do you know this?

      • Monterowasdinero says:

        I asked you not to ask me that!

        • Cris Pengiucci says:

          He’s now a closet M’s fan, as Montero is playing there. :-)

          • Monterowasdinero says:

            Of course I am a Montero fan although not an M’s fan. I hope he has a monster year. He’s played in and had 3 good games at the plate so far with the expected opposite field power. He actually caught yesterday and the M’s were able to survive it!

            • Cris Pengiucci says:

              Unbelieveable! The M’s have just done a wonderful job in developing him as a catcher in the short time they’ve had him. Who’d have thought?

        • DM says:

          You’re not going to be one of those annoying guys in the stands who’s wearing a Yankee cap but with a Montero Mariner jersey when Seattle comes to the Bronx, are you? If so, prepare to be beaten with one of those giant bouquets of cotton candy. I’ll buy the whole thing from the vendor just to do it.

  17. The Guns of Navarone says:

    Son of a motherless goat.

  18. A.D. says:

    I mean what are we talking worse case? it’s broken and he misses half the season?

  19. Steve (different one) says:

    I hope it’s not a Lisfranc…like CHW and Bruney. That would suuuuuuuck.

  20. Adam says:

    Ugh…has anyone checked with David Cone’s Jack Russell terrier to see if he was involved in this in any way?

  21. gageagainstthemachine says:

    Boomer looked good the other day throwing the ball at ST…sign him up! Just make sure he doesn’t soil anymore of Babe Ruth’s uniforms during a game.
    (joking aside, this news stinks…hope it’s not as bad as it’s sounding at the moment)

  22. forensic says:

    At least there was no towel involved too. Just ask David Price.

  23. Bean Tooth says:

    Hughes to the bullpen!

  24. Steve says:

    Phil Hughes to the pen – the Yankees will take the easy way out and that’s too bad. He’s to blame for sure for a lot of his woes, but Phil has also been the victim of circumstances more than once. If he goes to the pen this year, I’m not sure he’ll ever be a starter in this league.

    • Manny's BanWagon says:

      No Hughes to the pen. They’ve screwed with Hughes long enough and it’s time he either sinks or swims as a starter.

      They can easily get by with Soriano in the 8th and some combination of mix and match for the the 7th for the first few months until Joba and hopefully Robertson return.

  25. DM says:

    Guys, this is bad. REAL bad. BAD bad.

    • CJ says:

      DRob may be the consensus favorite of the RAB community. That pen will never be stacked, it’s always a man down Soriano then joba. If Soriano is good it won’t hurt much but it sounds bad, he’s going to miss tune here. It sounds like the Wang base running injury.

  26. CJ says:

    Order a psych eval to make sure the injury was not intentionally self afflicted, he may have already cracked under the pressure of replacing Mariano next year.

  27. Steve says:

    Manny’s BanWagon, I hope you’re right……

    • Manny's BanWagon says:

      It would be incredibly short sighted of the Yankees to put Hughes back in the pen unless he fails as a starter.

      It would make much more sense to put someone like Phelps, Warren or Mitchell in the pen as 7th inning man rather than Hughes, especially with Joba coming back before the All Star break.

      • forensic says:

        Yeah, because his first 71 starts with a nearly 5 era as a starter really show how successful he is in that role. And that even includes the fluky 6ish start stretch from 2010 that everyone absurdly clings to as his real ability instead of the other 65ish starts. Clearly he’s never failed in that role and has certainly earned yet another chance to fail. I can’t wait for the excuses this year. I bet it’ll be that he worked too hard this offseason and tired himself out, or maybe got rid of body mass he needed to last, or maybe added too much mustle thereby reducing his flexibility and arm speed.

        • Manny's BanWagon says:

          If he fails this year after being given a chance to start 20 games or so, throw him in the pen and let him walk when he becomes a free agent.

          To label him a failure as a starter at age 25 considering he has only started more than 14 games in a season only once over a 5 year period is just STUPIDITY.

          • forensic says:

            It’s funny that people think capitalizing something makes it right. He’ll be 26 this year and it’s not entirely the organizations fault that he hasn’t started more games than that due to a combination of his lack of ability to stay healthy and his lack of ability at getting hitters out as a starter. I don’t want to even get into this yet again, it’s just not worth it. Some people are still too attached to the Hughes of many years ago and will never be convinced that this is a completely different pitcher.

            • Kevin Winters says:

              Phil is always going to get the benefit of the doubt no matter what. I’ve heard ppl eliminate entire seasons because well he was injured so you can’t count those yrs or starts wth

            • Plank says:

              Well said. I want Hughes to do well as much as anyone else, but saying he has a spot in the rotation no matter what isn’t based on anything other than scouting reports from 5 years ago. He has shown flashes of being a good pitcher, but mostly and most recently he’s been sucky or mediocre.

              • Manny's BanWagon says:

                Who do the Yankees have that is a better option as 5th starter than Hughes?

                Save me the Freddy Garcia love. He’s 35 years old, throws junk and is sure to regress from last year.

                If Hughes sucks as starter by the All Star break, Garcia is always a fall back option but it makes no sense to go with a pitcher who is a stop gap at best over someone who may have a future.

                • Plank says:

                  So your question is other than the obvious superior option for 5th starter, who is the superior option for 5th starter?

                  In that case, I would have to say no one. If Sabathia, Nova, Pineda, Kuroda, and Garcia didn’t count, he’d be the staff ace!

                  • Manny's BanWagon says:

                    What can you realistically except out of Garcia this year, maybe a league average ERA and 2 WAR.

                    Even if Hughes is mediocre, the difference between the 2 would probably be negligible and Hughes actually has the potential to be better.

                    No one is saying pull a Burnett with Hughes where he gets to stay in the rotation no matter how putrid he pitches but he at least needs to get a chance.

                    • Plank says:

                      I would only start him if he looks better than Garcia. If Garcia looks better, I would put Hughes in the pen.

                    • Manny's BanWagon says:

                      So now your making judgements who to start based on spring training?

                      That’s usually a foolish practice.

                    • Plank says:

                      I agree, but if Hughes’ offseason improvement is real and not just something columnists latched on to over the winter, I think he should start. If he’s the same guy as last year, he shouldn’t be a starter.

                      I think Spring training is long enough to make that determination.

                    • Manny's BanWagon says:

                      If Hughes totally sucks and Garcia is lights out in spring training, I’d agree but if it’s even close, I think they have to go with youth.

                    • Plank says:

                      If it’s close, I would go with Garcia. He was effective last year, Hughes sucked.

                    • Manny's BanWagon says:

                      OK but if Hughes turns out to be an effective starter this, be warned that if I see you sitting next to me on his bandwagon, I’m pushing over the side.

                    • Plank says:

                      I’ve noted it in my logs.

            • DM says:

              Amen. Amen. And Amen.

              Some just can’t cop to the idea that “Little Rocket” Phizzled. They’re too invested in what they wanted him to be — and kinda blind to what he’s actually been.

              • Manny's BanWagon says:

                Hughes has barely made the equivalent of 2 full seasons of starts over 5 years while being jerked back and forth between the pen and the rotation.

                He may turn out to be a huge bust but the Yankees have absolutely nothing to lose by letting get 15+ starts this year before relegating him to a career as a middle reliever or worse yet, a successful starter on another team.

                • Plank says:

                  You’re still looking at it like he’s untested. He has turned out to be a minor bust. He could still redeem himself, but that’s not to be expected at this point. He’s not an untested prospect who just needs a chance to shine. He’s had lots of opportunities and he’s been mediocre or bad.

                  • Manny's BanWagon says:

                    At age 25 with 71 career starts spread out over 5 years, I’m not convinced that this is all he can be.

                    It’s obvious he’ll never be an ace but it certainly isn’t far fetched for him to develop into a number 3 starter type.

                    I’m not saying anyone should expect it certainly wouldn’t take a miracle for that to happen. Like they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

                    Starting Garcia is the safe move but I think the rest of the Yankees rotation and team in general is good enough that they can afford to take a chance on Hughes

                • DM says:

                  I don’t buy the whole jerking around premise — other than maybe being called him up too soon. And despite having issues left and right, the org has been very supportive of him — almost to a fault imo. Lotsa excuses for poor performance and disappearing mph. From MRI hot spots (that I don’t think had a thing to do with his performance) — or even more bizarre excuses like him needing glasses or Posada needing brighter nail polish during night games — so he can see the signs.

                  “Yankees have absolutely nothing to lose by letting get 15+ starts this year”

                  If he pitches like last year, they’ll definitely having something to lose — those games he pitches! It was batting practice out there. If his fastball is 89-90mph you can’t ignore that and just run him out there every 5th day. He’s not much of “pitcher” — or at least not yet. He needs his heat or it gets ugly.

                  • Manny's BanWagon says:

                    The Yankees made the playoffs the last 2 years despite giving Burnett 70+ starts over that time during which he was probably one of the 10 worst starters in all of baseball.

                    I think they can afford to give Hughes 15 starts this year considering the other 4 starters are CC, Pineda, Kuroda and Nova.

                    • DM says:

                      Well, context is king here. I’m sure they would’ve sent AJ down if he wasn’t a 16.5mil/yr veteran who is useless otherwise. Also, AJ is tantalizing. He’s had much more consistent “stuff” than Hughes. With AJ you wonder why he isn’t performing better since he has the stuff. When Phil is throwing his 4-seam at 90mph, you can see why he’s failing. And if nothing else, AJ chewed off innings. He wasn’t brittle with the Yankees. I don’t get the feeling that Hughes could maintain a 93mph fastball across 32 starts and 200innings. He’s lucky if he as he still has his stuff after 85pitches and 5.2 innings.

            • Manny's BanWagon says:

              Guys like you will be the first ones bitching about how the Yankees never develop their own starting pitching from one side of your mouth and then advocate them putting Hughes in the pen from the other side.

              • Plank says:

                You’re drawing a connection where there is none. The Yankees organizational philosophy with pitchers has nothing to do with Phil Hughes in 2012.

                No one suggested the two are related except for you just now.

                • Manny's BanWagon says:

                  They Yankees have consistently pulled the plug on young starters too soon.

                  That’s why Joba is in the pen and Ian Kennedy is in Arizona.

                  • Plank says:

                    And that has nothing to do with veteran Phil Hughes in 2012.

                    P.S. Pulled the plug on IPK? They traded him for one of the best CF in the league on a team friendly deal.

                    • Manny's BanWagon says:

                      If they had an inkling that he would have turned out to be this good, I’m sure they would have put someone else in that trade especially considering Austin Jackson was the centerpiece

                    • Plank says:

                      What does that have to do with Phil Hughes this year?

                    • Manny's BanWagon says:

                      It has to do with not making the same mistakes with young pitchers over and over again.

                      With the $189 budget looming and all the new restrictions in the draft and international market, the Yankees will either have to become better at developing young starters or fall back to the pack and it should start with giving Hughes every opportunity to prove whether or not he can be a viable starter moving forward.

                    • DM says:

                      I think we all hope the Yankees develop young pitching. But that’s not the issue here. It’s performance. The supporters of “pitch Phil no matter what” are ignoring the issue of his magically disappearing stuff. If he doesn’t have it, there’s nothing to develop. Phil himself said he needs 93mph. If he starts throwing 89-90mph again, no “development” is going to fix that. If Phil just had control issues or something to work through, you might have a rationale for giving him more time. But if the raw thing that made him a top prospect isn’t there now for whatever reason, there’s nothing to build off of. You’re not giving up on Phil and his plus-stuff, if he doesn’t actually have plus stuff. He can’t “work on” the life of his fastball. It’s there or it isn’t.

                      If I saw him throw the way AJ always did during his Yankee days, I’d give Hughes those 15 starts you speak of — b/c there would be something to harness and command. But he doesn’t always have a 93mph and up fastball with a good hook. AJ did — even when he sucked b/c of brain farts and horrible command. He’d start a game with good stuff and he’d leave that game with good stuff — even after getting shelled.

  28. Steve says:

    Manny’s BanWagon, you’re right, but the Yankees have done this before. We know it doesn’t make sense, but do they?

  29. Rainbow connection says:

    And so it begins.

  30. ND Mike says:

    Well shit.

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