Joba suffered significant ankle injury, out indefinitely

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2012 Season Preview: Midseason Help

Via Jack Curry, Joba Chamberlain suffered an “open dislocation” of his right ankle playing with his son yesterday and had surgery last night. They were at some kind of children’s play place. Brian Cashman called it a “significant injury” and said they “can’t put a time frame” on his return. Joba is in the hospital now and will remain there for a few days.

“We’re worried significantly about him right now for him as an individual,” added Cashman. They’re not sure if the injury is career-threatening, but right now they don’t believe it is. Joba is currently rehabbing from Tommy John surgery, but this injury will definitely delay the process. There’s a pretty good chance we won’t see him at all in 2012 now. For shame.

Mailbag: Utley, Hundley, Nova, Cervelli
2012 Season Preview: Midseason Help
  • Gonzo

    Poor kid. If he’s out for the year, any chance he gets non-tendered? No chance, right?

    • Mike Axisa

      I doubt it, but it depends on how his rehab is looking come December. He’s not making much money and he won’t get a raise after missing the season, so it would make sense to hang onto him. Plus I think they learned something from the Aceves fiasco.

      • Gonzo

        Makes sense. We’ll be telling the Joba story for a long time.

        • Ted Mosby

          The story of “How I Met A Future Cy Young Winner.”
          This incident will be season 35.

    • CJ

      I’d go with non-tender. I have sad feeling that pain pill and/or alcohol addiction could follow.

      • Mike Axisa

        Just … wow.

        • CJ

          I know. But I have this bad feeling.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            Pepto Bismol, CJ. Works every time.

      • Rainbow Connection

        When are these racist comments going to stop?

        • Tyrone Sharpton

          When the white man stops enslaverating and dumbifying da brothahood1

          • SDM

            first step would be you stopping your racist act

  • Dick Whitman

    You’re more than likely not jumping the gun. Open dislocation is a long recovery.

  • jon

    A dislocation complicated by a wound opening from the surface down to the affected joint. Also called compound dislocation.

    so yea hes not playing this year

  • nesto

    Open dislocation? Jesus… that means he had bone sticking out. Ugh

    • Chris

      I don’t know that means it broke the skin. Thats usually what happens with a compound fracture.

    • Brian

      Google “open ankle dislocation” and you’ll get some grisly images.

    • CJ

      I hope he saved his bloody sock for his comeback.

      • Klemy

        I know I shouldn’t find that funny, but I did snicker. :(

  • ultimate913

    Meh. Yanks have plenty of other relief options. I would feel bad, but doing anything like this while recovering from another injury is beyond stupid.

    • CG

      Yeah what an idiot, playing with his son, who does that!

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Baseball kids should all grow up wondering “where’s daddy and why didn’t he play with me?”

    • Darren

      meh, you sound like a real prick

  • David N


    Why do I get the feeling that we’re not going to see him pitch for the Yankees again?

    • Kevin Winters

      Too early to tell anything could happen but if he doesn’t then hopefully he gets to continue his career somewhere else

  • LawStudent

    That sounds horrifying. What an unlucky break… seems like it’s just a freak occurrence. I can’t fault him too much for just playing with his kid on a trampoline. That’s not inherently unsafe unless we find out he was just going bonkers on it.

    • jsbrendog

      you can totallyt fault him. it is a trampoline. a major league ball player should not be on a trampoline. shit the first question they ask you when you get certain types of insurance is “do you have a trampoline?”

      • Guest

        It’s his son. Do you have kids? They like doing fun things. Trampolines are fun. The vast majority of people play on trampolines with out getting hurt.

        I don’t have the stats, but I would guess Joba had a better chance of suffering a major injury driving a car. Should he not drive? Or be in a car?

        Yeah, it probably would be better if he wasn’t on a trampoline. But I can’t fault someone for playing with their son on a trampoline–just like tons of other parents do every day.

        • Evan in NYC

          Other parent’s weren’t blessed with an arm like a damn rocket.

        • J

          Yea but it is too much to ask your kid if you can do another activity with him because “dad is a professional athlete and his livelihood depends on his physical health”?

        • Broll The American

          I don’t even let my kids go over to a house with a trampoline. I can’t imagine why a parent would set one up for their kid. Kids “like doing fun things”… yeah, they do.. Driving a car is fun, but you wouldn’t let them do it. Go fly a kite, play video games, play ping pong, go to the zoo… don’t jump on trampolines.

          • Cuso

            Yeah, I hated that rule growing up. But I also was not allowed to go play at housed where kids had trampolines.

            Overprotective parents? Probably. But I guess that happens when one of their best friends growing up broke their neck on a trampoline. Sucked for me.

            But regardless, Joba should not have been dicking around on one of those. He could have done many other things with his son. A large dude like him? Entirely forseeable he gats his ankle caught in the side of one of those.

        • Klemy

          I can’t fault him for playing with his son. But, the form of play can be criticized because it’s not the only fun thing to do.

          Devil’s advocate: If you add the words “on a trampoline” to the end of that, you can blame him a little. Do you lose the right to argue about it because he’s playing with his son? I think you gain the right to argue it because it was on a trampoline and it’s not the only form of fun/entertainment available to a person. If the only way he could have fun with his son was to use a trampoline, then you can nullify the argument.

          Bottom line, hope he gets better and pitches for us again some day.

        • Genghis

          It might surprise you that about 100K people go to US emergency rooms every year due to trampoline accidents. You can find this information on and elsewhere. For example, although I’ve seen more recent data quoted.

      •!/Clay_Bellinger Clay Bellinger

        Dude, get over yourself. We had a trampoline in the backyard growing up. I went on it tons of times without every having an injury. Crap like this is highly unlikely.

        • jsbrendog

          so did i. but neither you nor i get paid to play MLB. John Wetteland wasn’t allowed to rollerblade. things like that and a trampoline are different than driving a car. your analogy is not even close. there are 1000000000000 things he couldve done with his son other than the trampoline. i applaud him for being a good father, it is awesome, but again he has show poor judgement. does this mean anything about him as a person? no, who cares. but he is dumb for jumping on a trampoline when he is a major league ball player ESPECIALLY in season. what’s next, skateboarding?

          •!/Clay_Bellinger Clay Bellinger

            My point stands. Jumping on a trampoline isn’t some super dangerous thing. These guys have lives too. They shouldn’t be afraid to do things with their kids because of the small chance that something goes wrong.

            • Klemy

              They shouldn’t be afraid of it, except that some players have restrictions in their contracts…so apparently they have to be because of the greater picture. Just because he was playing with his son and it was a freak accident, doesn’t mean people lose the right to criticize.

              •!/Clay_Bellinger Clay Bellinger

                You’re right. All players should sit in the house all day, everyday, wearing bubble suits to avoid all possible injuries.

                • Landry

                  If he had thrown his back out sneezing like Sosa did, jsbrendog would have said it was stupid for Joba to have been sneezing.

        • Eric

          So highly unlikely that insurance companies make you disclose that you own a trampoline in most states and often times exclude any liability related to trampolines?

          Great that he was playing with his son, but there are literally dozens of other activities he could have chosen that would have made more sense.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            Show of hands: How many people immediately jumping on the trampoline issue have kids? I’m honestly curious.

            • Klemy

              I have a 3 year old son. I jump on the trampoline with him. I work in IT and if I dislocate or break something, other than my neck, I can still work with minimal lost time.

              I’m not saying I agree fully that he shouldn’t be able to do it, but I am saying that people who feel he shouldn’t be on a trampoline have the right to feel that way.

      • CJ

        Joba should NOT be on a trampoline with a healing reconstructed elbow and he’s fat. He should be cut like Boone, but probably can’t because there is no “trampoline language in contract”

        • Landry

          Get over yourself.

    • Stevein PDX

      It wasn’t a break, it was a dislocation.

  • Adam

    Enough. Too bad he got hurt but now its time to part ways. Year after year we have high expectations for this guy and he always disappoints.

    Let’s move on.

    • Kevin Winters

      It could be the best thing for him. But you know how Cash is when it comes to certain guys.

      • pat

        The best thing for him would be to have full access to a professional training staff to help him rehab. With a guy like Joba cutting him loose could probably be the worst thing for him.

        • Kevin Winters

          True he could potentially latch on with another team and receive treatment. Not saying it would definitely happen but it could.

      •!/Clay_Bellinger Clay Bellinger

        Why would that be good for him?

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Because neither of these guys like Joba and, of course, that comes first.

          • Kevin Winters

            I’m actually a fan of his.

        • Kevin Winters

          Because hopefully he could go somewhere else and continue his career. No longer forced to live up to the crazy expectations that ppl threw on him. “He’s going to be the heir to Mo”

          •!/Clay_Bellinger Clay Bellinger

            The crazy expectations are gone. I think anyone would be thrilled if he became another D-Rob.

  • teddy

    i feel bad for joba. can’t blame him for playing with his son, but yanks should cut him.

  • neworder19

    His contract should be voided ala Aaron Boone.

    • Havok9120

      Aaron Boone had a specific clause in there regarding basketball. We’ll see if Joba has something similar that can be construed as outlawing trampolines.

      I doubt it. It would also be silly considering what Joba gets paid.

  • teddy

    cut joba and sign mike gonalez

    • Slugger27

      agreed with both

  • Randy

    that happened to a guy i played with as he slid into third base. he rehabbed aggressively and was back in five months. but with joba’s tommy john rehab i doubt he makes it back this year. i wish him the best.

  • David N

    Just an FYI: do NOT Google images of “open dislocaton” unless you have a stomach of steel – that is some nasty stuff.

    • Ace

      Thanks a lot. I had to after reading this. MY GOD.

    • Pete

      Yup, thats some ugliness right there…

    • Jesse

      Thanks for the heads up.

  • Captain

    before everyone starts calling out his stupidity, no one knows what happened exactly and what the circumstances were while he was playing with his son. stuff happens. its a shame as he could have been a big boost to the pen midseason. hope it’s not career threatening and he can come back.

    • Slugger27

      he was jumping on a trampoline.

      • jsbrendog

        he is stupid.

        • Kevin Winters

          I agree off with is head.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      It’s not stupidity. Play with your goddamn kid. They’re only young once.

      Sometimes the stupidest of injuries happen in the most benign, unpredictable ways.

      Here’s to a good prognosis and a return that allows that arm to heal even more.

      • Jim Is Bored

        Agree completely on all points.

        It sucks, and I guess technically you can “fault” him for it, but I’m not mad that he got hurt playing with his kid. There are much worse excuses out there.

        • Robinson Tilapia


          Looks like his son is six years old. Imagine telling him “No, son. I can’t play with you on that trampoline. Brian Cashman needs to protect his investment. Here’s a stick and can.”

          • J

            Oh please like it’s going to scar the kid if his dad can’t do an activity with him that could jeopardize his job performance. There’s no reason you can’t explain that to a kid and go play mini golf or something instead.

            • Kevin Winters

              True but we all knows kids can be annoying to the point you want to pull your hair out.

            • johnnybk

              Well, the kid is definitely scarred now. fun with dad then all the sudden his foot snaps halfway off. I feel horribly for both of them.

              • Robinson Tilapia

                To quote Axisa, “I shouldn’t have, but I laughed.”

          • Klemy


  • Cesar “Stairs” Cabral


    • Mike Axisa

      I shouldn’t laugh … but I did.

    • jsbrendog

      this is great. I hope one day you will reveal yourself to the unwashed masses of RAB, whoever you are.

      • Plank

        I’m fairly sure it’s Jumpin Jack Swisher/Robinson Tilapia.

    • Gonzo

      You going to change your name to “trampoline” if this works in your favor?

  • thenamestsam

    What a shame. Get well soon Joba. Aardsma signing is looking even better now.

  • Johnny O

    Can’t the Yankees put it in all players’ contracts that they aren’t allowed to play with their children??? That, and motorcycling should be banned. And no one should be allowed to play basketball, except aaron boone because that worked out ok in the end.

    Kidding aside, you do have to feel bad for joba. Seemed like the tommy john rehab was going great, i’m sure he was working very hard to come back.

  • JohnC

    What a shame. Guess this opens up a spot for Cabral now.

  • CG

    Hopefully this isn’t the year of “freak” injuries. So far two, no more please!

  • BK2ATL

    Sucks to be Joba over this latest injury, but maybe he’ll now get the chance to start, rather than be a back-end bullpen. It’ll be for another team as I seriously think we’ve seen the last of Joba in pinstripes.

    This one’s gonna take a while and it’s not like the Yanks are lacking young arms now nor in 2 years. Cashman has those bases covered.

    Tough break for him. Seems like we’ve already had our share of freak injuries so far this year. Just hope it doesn’t carry over into the season.

  • Elmgrovegnome

    Would Freddy Garcia be able to fill Jobas spot in the Relief role? That would be insurance for the rotation, since the Yankees would have a use for him and wouldn’t be trading him.

    • Slugger27

      i think him pitching in relief was a foregone conclusion. though i imagine he’ll be the long man, not a one inning guy like joba was.

  • JohnC

    Maybe we really should have dealt Joba instead of Ian Kennedy

    • Gonzo

      Was Joba an interchangeable piece in that trade?

    • Rich in NJ

      Timely post. Jeez.

    • Jesse

      Great analysis.

  • James A

    Man, horrible news for Joba, really thought he could be big out of the pen down the stretch

    Not that any of this is funny, but talk about ruining everyone’s day at the bouncy castle…

    • jsbrendog

      well he still will be big out of the pen since he is a) already fat b) will only get fatter not being able to walk and c) this injury takes him completely out of the pen.

      i know i know. i tried.

      • Landry

        You’ve gone from “not funny” to “plain annoying”.

  • Rich in NJ

    Terrible news. I hope he fully recovers.

  • Dela G

    man this really sucks :/

  • JoeyA

    Aaron Boone 2.0–

    –hopefully this doesnt lead to handing Soriano a 10yr 200M for 7th innig duties

  • STONE COLD Austin Romine

    Caesar ‘Stairs’ Cabrera = TJSC

    *girl you know it’s , girl you know it’s , girl you know it’s ,*
    * runs off stage while record continuously skips *
    -End Scene-

    • jsbrendog

      that’s what my guess was.

    • Havok9120

      Him being one of the Old Hands that lurks around the boards would not surprise me.

  • Fernando

    It’s a shame, but I understand that he was just being a good dad and playing with his kid.

    He was working hard and making good progress in his recovery from TJ, so I hope the injury isn’t career threatening. As for the team, they will be fine as they have many options for the pen. Hopefully, Joba gets well soon and is not discouraged by this setback.

  • neo

    Like the rest of us, I’m bummed by this. Not just for the Yankees, but for Joba. i follow him on twitter, and the main topics he tweets about are the rangers and his son.

    Here is his tweet from Wed:
    Me and my lil man hanging out!

  • Gonzo

    I just remembered the Jeff Kent injury. Are we suuuuure it was a trampoline?


    • Klemy

      No, it was the awkward way he fell.

  • The Moral Majority is Neither

    I don’t think professional ballplayers should have kids. Or take a wife. It takes away your focus on the sport.

    I use the birth control pill for men. You take it the next day and it changes your blood type.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      When in doubt, use the Wilt Chamberlain approach, apparently.

  • Mike HC

    Damn. I feel bad for him.

    As for the Yanks, our “unlimited” pitching depth is getting thinner already.

    • Fin

      Lol he was already injured and on the 60 day. THe Yankees essentially lost nothing today.

      • Kevin Winters

        exactly he was a spare part ppl relax

  • Mike HC

    Damn, I feel bad for the guy.

    As for the Yanks, that “unlimited” pitching depth is getting thinner already.

    • Mike HC

      my bad

  • Yank The Frank

    Wheel him out to clock Youkilis anyway.

  • The Tenth Inning Stretch

    Quick, somebody ask Bobby B what he think about this!

  • Nick

    per rotoworld he is out for the year now. for shame indeed

  • Braun

    Maybe if he werent so fat this wouldn’t have happened.

    • Gonzo

      250 lbs + trampoline, who knew? It worked so well for that that black bear in that youtube video.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Black bear to the 8th!

        • Gonzo

          I’d like to see Youk charge that!

  • J

    I feel bad for the guy but why in the hell is he jumping on trampolines when already trying to recover from TJ? I know you gotta spend time with your children but there’s no other activity you can substitute for that, like laser tag or something?

    The fact that they are throwing “career ending” even out there is scary but probably overblown. Still, I was looking forward to Joba this season, he seemed to be in a good place mentally and focused on contributing.

    • gc

      Yeah, and then he gets a freak laser tag injury and people jump down his throat for being careless in another way. These kinds of things happen and they’re unfortunate, but I find it hard to really come down hard on the guy for it. But hey, it could be worse. Maybe we’d rather him be like Tim Lincecum and spend his free time doing something like this:;_ylt=AgS3_HY7FTMUnVM_56RAtpwRvLYF

      • Cuso

        There’s a difference between a “freak laser tag” injury and entirely forseeable consequence of a 275-lb guy jumping on a trampoline.

        It was a stupid move, no matter how much anyone wants to play Devil’s Advocate.

        Feel bad for Joba? Sure. I feel bad for the pain he’s in. I don’t feel bad for the situation he’s in, though. He was irresponsible. Opportunities like his foster zero margin for being stupid.

      • Kevin Winters

        Ppl are only freaking out because he got injured. Does anyone think this is the first time he’s ever been on a trampoline? He probably thought nothing would happen.

        • Bo Knows

          People are freaking out because he lost so much blood that the injury was considered life-threatening when the paramedics came to get him.

  • Diamond Dan

    That’s a pretty horrific injury. Forget about what this means for his future with the Yankees; if he ever pitches in the big leagues again it’ll be an incredible comeback story.

  • OMG! Bagels!

    Yes, I feel sorry for him. He came up as a phenom and has been jerked around and/or the victim of shitty and unusual situations.

    Bullpen, midges, starter, Joba Rules, bullpen, TJ surgery and now this.

    This is a kid who once had an incredible future ahead of him and I hope that he is able to rehab and pitch again.

  • OldYanksFan

    Sad news.
    Every individual, whether a professional athlete or your ordinary guy, has different feelings on what ‘might’ be dangerous or not. It’s a bum break. If you look at every potentially ‘dangerous’ activity done by the sum of all pro athletes, I’m sure it numbers in the 10’s of thousands.

    Guys hurt themselved going down the stairs, opening a box and playing video games. It’s a fluke accident and a very bad break.

    It’s easy to look back after an incident and say shit…
    but this was just really bad luck for a nice guy.

  • CJ

    Wait they can’t play basketball but they can jump around in a trampoline? This fool was restricted to throwing off a half mound a couple of weeks ago now he thinks it’s ok to jump on a trampoline? If he dislocated his healing right elbow he would be cut and everyone would agree. Sure he could have slipped in the shower and had the same injury but it was a trampoline! “my kid” is supposed to some valid excuse as in he was just being a good father, that’s nonsense. Take him fishing.

    • Kevin Winters

      If he dislocated his healing right elbow he would be cut and everyone would agree.


      I love the what if game lol.

      • CJ

        A healing surgically repaired elbow + trampoline= dislocated ankle? But Joba don’t you think it’s too soon for your elbow to jump on trampoline?

        • Kevin Winters

          But Joba don’t you think it’s too soon for your elbow to jump on trampoline?


          This is probably not the first time he’s been jumping on a trampoline. If he wasn’t afraid of getting hurt before why would he be afraid of getting hurt last night.

          • CJ

            He’s 6’2 270, trampoline is for his 5 year old son. C’mon man.

            • Kevin Winters

              LOL what do you think he jumped on one of those small trampolines. According to Deadspin he was at a place called Rebounderz. The shit looks a trampoline park.

              • Kevin Winters

                Looks like*

      • CJ

        And he’s fat and jack curry just said it’s a “kids trampoline” for a 5 year old. Not a massive professional athlete on rehab.

        • Kevin Winters

          jack curry just said it’s a “kids trampoline” for a 5 year old.



          I guess all those ppl in the pic are just big for their age.

          • Bo Knows

            Well you never know with all those hormones, and steroids they inject into our food supply those people might be 3 months old.

            Seriously though, I’m praying for you Joba

    • Landry

      You have major issues, dude.

  • bonestock94

    I feel bad but his absence in the pen probably won’t be felt.

  • CJ

    Wonder where replacement tendon was removed. Surgeons have several options. Hope it’s not the leg of recent injury.

  • mike

    he is an idiot, and always has been an idiot. there is absolutely no upside to hsi being on a trampoline – no one would be a worse dad for watching your kid from the ground

    How ’bout the grown, fat man get off the trampoline since he is physically unable to play baseball as it is??

    Also, im glad he spent time with his kid doing a somewhat risky and unpredictable physical activity while already nursing a surgerically repaired arm… that he has jeopardized his career, they can both have fun flipping burgers at Dairy Queen.

    • Manny’s BanWagon

      That’s a little harsh but I do think he’s a complete moron for jumping on a kid’s trampoline while rehabbing from elbow surgery but then again intelligence and the ability to throw a baseball 95 MPH are often at opposite ends of the spectrum.

    • Darren

      I’m sure he;s already made more money than you’ll ever make in your lifetime and I doubt he’ll ever need to work at manual labor.

      But nice try, loser.

      • mike

        Thanks for the insightful commentary – BTW he has made 2.7 in salary since 2007, and even if he did another million in endorsements since then, he never had the chance to print money. In fact, when you subtraxct taxes, agent comissions etc, he certainly isn’t set for life, and likely has real bills to pay

        Oh, and with no education, an irresponsible streak and the IQ of a gerbil (as demonstrated by differnt actions over the years, including this one), he is looking at a strong career in long-distance trucking.

        • Kevin Winters

          Yes his bout with the trampoline shows how reckless he is. The DUI I can understand but this is a joke.

    • Kevin Winters

      Does him losing lots of blood and ppl fearing he would lose his life make you feel even better.

    • Your not even worth it…..


  • DM
  • Robinson Tilapia

    From a sociological perspective, this thread is gold.

    • FIn

      LOL it really is. The superiority some people get to feel when a person like Joba gets hurt in a freak accident, is something to watch. Guy hops and a tramp to play with his kid, probably just bouncing up and down and came down bad on his ankle, and people are cruisifying him. Instead of feeling bad for a fellow human being, who just suffered a severe injury, and whos career is now in jeopardy, they feel the need to call him names.

      • mustang

        Because a person might be smart but people, I find, in general are stupid.

    • Landry

      Couldn’t agree more.

  • Jared

    John Minko is reporting on YES that Joba lost so much blood that the injury was initially considered to be life threatening. In a kids amusement center?!? So horrible and bizarre. I don’t want to even imagine how terrifying that must have been for Joba and his kid. All good thoughts to Joba, my 80 year old Mom’s favorite Yankee. It seems like a million years ago, but 2007 was special. Who knew it would be so fleeting? I hope to see Joba pitch again for the Yanks, under any circumstances.

  • mustang

    Dude, almost die lets forget the baseball stuff and I wish the man the best.

    • CJ

      If he did it would be on spike tv 1,000 Ways to Die

      • Kevin Winters

        wow smh but not surprising

        • Tyrone Sharpton

          CJ you are one sick mofo. this is a mans life and career

      • mustang

        CJ is looking for exactly what you’re giving him don’t lower yourself to that sad level just let him be.

  • Tyrone Sharpton

    Wow awful news for Mr. Joba…his leg may be in jeapordy too. Guy already has a dad in a wheelchair. Would be horrible to see him follow in those footsteps (no pun intended). Joba’s a true gentleman, and it really sucks to see that guy get hurt. Wish him the best in life.

  • Ro

    That sucks for the guy. The team will be fine. He was a bonus and a good one at that.

    For the ones criticizing him for playing with his son, I disagree. What I do agree with is that HE SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN JUMPING ON A TRAMPOLINE, if that is what it was and how the injury happened. Again, I have no remarks about what he does with his personal time and I have no suggestions of “what else he should do with his son at playtime,” but Joba should not have been jumping around on that thing. To the commenters who stated “I’ve jumped on one and never got injured,” yeah, me too. Never once was I hurt, but the whole premise is to jump and essentially slam your body into the trampoline for the bounce. There is an inherent risk when doing these kinds of things and Joba should have used better discretion just or the reason of his arm alone. He could have simply just stood next to it, while letting his son play and jump. We don’t have the facts yet, but sounds like bad judgement in my opinion and now its going to cost him. I do feel bad about it, however.

    • Bo Knows

      There’s an inherent risk in everything we do in life, thousands of people each year get injured bad enough to be hospitalized just falling out of bed. Things happen

      • Mike

        Still a dumb way to potentially end your career.

  • chcmh

    I wish him nothing but the best. The guy was a seriously entertaining dude once upon a time, but it would not surprise me if the Yanks let him get on with it someplace else. It feels more likely he’d get a fair shot with another club.

  • Midland TX

    I love this guy and I want him to be well and to do well. The fact that it isn’t, hasn’t been easy for him makes me root for him all the more.

    But let’s draw a distinction:

    “Inadvisable” is choosing to engage in recreational activities that are usually benign but occasionally risky.

    “Stupid” is pretending that suffering the consequences of accepting those risks is somehow random or based solely on chance, i.e. “things happen.” “Stupid” is suggesting that there was nothing this guy could have chosen between trampolining with his kid and committing child neglect.