Yankees announce Opening Day rotation

CNN Money Q&A with Billy Eppler
Yankees place Pineda on DL with shoulder inflammation tendinitis

Via Marc Carig, Joe Girardi announced the Yankees’ Opening Day rotation. CC Sabathia and Hiroki Kuroda will start games one and two as expected, and they’ll be followed by Phil Hughes, Ivan Nova, and Freddy Garcia in order. Michael Pineda is starting the year on the disabled list with shoulder inflammation.

CNN Money Q&A with Billy Eppler
Yankees place Pineda on DL with shoulder inflammation tendinitis
  • MikedJones

    Ruh-oh. Can we have Jesus back?

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Ship has sailed, son. Focus on who is on the team.

      • Nick

        thank you

      • PBfog

        no shit

  • Countryclub

    Good news on Pineda.

    I like that they gave Hughes the 3. Now go prove girardi/cashman right.

  • vin

    Well that sorted itself out. Next question is who is in the bullpen:

    (assuming they carry 12 pitchers)


    Wade (thought he was a lock, but hasn’t looked great. If everyone was healthy I thought there was a slight chance he could start the year in AAA)

    DJ Mitchell (they’ll want a long man, and his future with the Yanks is almost certainly in the pen)
    Phelps (probably want to keep him as a starter for the time being, but is on the 40 man)
    Betances (in the same boat as Phelps… also needs to “pass” AAA first)
    Warren (may or may not end up in pen, but there’s no need to rush him onto the 40 man)
    Kontos (logical choice, but I think he gets bumped for a “long man”)

    My money is on Mitchell making the cut. Girardi loves himself a long man, and I can’t really argue against the need for one in April. Also, he’s already on the 40 man, and has less starting pitcher projectability than the likes of Betances, Warren or Phelps.

    • Kevin G.

      What year was it when we didn’t have a long man and it turned out to be a disaster?

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

        2009, when Wang was getting destroyed. Of course they won the World Series, so it wasn’t much of a disaster at all.

        • Jackie B

          We had a long man in 09. Alfredo Aceves.

          • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

            Aceves didn’t come up until May.

    • DM

      Mitchell b/c he’s pitched in relief before — but Phelps looked really sharp the other day so…?

    • Plank

      Seems realistic to me.

  • Slu

    Hurry back Andy. One of Nova, Hughes or Garcia will be ineffective.

    And where have all the “trade Garca” guys gone?

    • DM

      They’re following the guys — who were worried about the AAA guys being blocked — out the door.

    • JU

      I’m still here. I’d be happy to sink or swim with Phelps et al until Pettite got back.

    • Rookie

      The Yankees need a solid sixth starter for sure. I don’t know what the stats are on average innings pitched by age, but we’ll have one pitcher who’s already turned 37, another who turns 36 during the season. And Pettitte turns 40 in June and has missed a full season after only pitching 129 innings in the last season he did pitch.

      Also, neither of the Yankees’ two younger pitchers have ever been solid and reliable as starters in the majors for even a single full season.

      And I don’t know that I’ve heard anyone else express concern that our ace has had multiple knee surgeries and had a 1.441 and 1.595 WHIP in August and September/October last year.

      I don’t think we have too much pitching.

      • handtius

        the only thing you wrote that resonates with me is, “I don’t think we have too much pitching”, because you can never have too much pitching. Your worry about cc, makes everything you say void. cc is one of the best pitchers in baseball. 2 months of a high whip are not a reason for concern, especially since he was put in a 6 man rotation that seemed to throw him off. i frequently hear he is a creature of habit and doesn’t function as well on extra rest.

    • Fin

      Really if they had traded Garcia, I dont see the Yankees being any worse off than they are now. They would have probably slid Phelps into that 5th spot. Phelps looks to be a good pitcher. There are alot of options for long man, if they have to have one.
      If another pitcher gets hurt, Petite or Pineda will take his spot. If another one gets hurt, who ever is left of the Petite/Pineda duo takes his spot. All of this with no Garcia.

      The Yankees didnt avoid some sort of catastrophe by holding on to Garcia. Nor were they particuarlly smart for doing so. They probably had no real trade worth making. The only thing that could be considered a possible concern for the Yankees is DH and Garcia isnt going to get you and upgrade over Ibanez. The Yankees were waiting until a trade had to be made to free a spot for Petite or until an injury occured that trading Garcia could fill. Turns out the injury that happend, Garcia was able to fill himself.
      If the starters all stay healthy I think that Garcia gets traded when Petite and or Pineda are ready to go. I dont know how injuries would all work out just right to keep floating 7 good major league pitchers on the roster all year.

  • STONE COLD Austin Romine

    Kontos or Mitchell as the possible long man.

    • RetroRob

      Kontos hasn’t looked all that good most likely because he’s behind the other pitchers. Based on how Wade has pitched, I do think there’s a decent chance now Mitchell makes the club.

  • STONE COLD Austin Romine

    … But If they carry 11 pitchers then Maxwell is almost certain to make the team.

    • Rookie

      Yep. And they have a scheduled off day in three of the first four weeks in April and two of the first four weeks in May if they want to make room for Maxwell by getting by with four starters and using one of the five named starters as the long man — until Pettitte returns anyway.

  • Zanath

    Thankfully it wasn’t anything more serious. Hopefully he gets better soon.

  • jayd808

    Getting Jesus back only seems fair…

    • Steve (different one)

      You have to wait until Easter.

      • mike


      • Justin Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (formerly Rainbow Connection)

        Zombie DH > Zombie Christ

  • Fin

    Pineda has his work cut out for him now. First he must get healthy and then pitch better than one of the 5 guys on the staff and Andy Petite. It could be a while before we see Pineda in NY, as injury would seem his most likely way back into the rotation and it might take 2 injuries.

    • DM

      You never know. Before yesterday’s game we had no new injuries — now we have 2 more. Things can change quickly.

    • RetroRob

      Who is this tiny pitcher you refer to?

      Agreed regarding Pineda having his work cout out for himself now. As long as the kid’s arm is healthy I expect him to be a big contributor in the coming seasons, including this one, but the Yankees have the luxury of a lot of arms right now, and they may use that luxury as a teaching moment for Pineda. I’m betting his AAA bound for at least a month after he comes off the DL…that is, unless the Yankees rotation gets hit with more problems.

  • The Moral Majority is Neither

    Imagine this team with Montero at DH, Darvish as the 2 starter and Cespedes in RF?

    Too bad the Yankees are so cheap!

    • handtius

      right now, we have no idea what any of those will produce. we can imagine montero will crush, darvish is an unknown since dice-k was the best pitcher in japan and that hasn’t worked out so well, and no one knows what cespedes will give, but i doubt he’ll have a better year then swish. but yeah, it’s not your money, so dream it up!

      • The Moral Majority is Neither

        I just think that Darvish and Cespedes making under $10M and Montero still cheap in 2014 would make that $189M goal pretty feasible while keeping Cano and Granderson.

        Its not my money but my proposal would actually generate savings down the road, especially since Yu’s posting fee doesn’t affect the $189M.

        • Mike HC

          Spending an extra 50 million + posting fee to get around the 2014 salary is quite counterproductive. Yanks probably aren’t even going to get 50 million back in savings.

          • fin

            But but, since that money isnt luxory taxed, I didnt think it was real money?

  • Ro

    Pretty sure that Mitchell makes the team at this point. Well deserved if so. I’ve personally been impressed with what I’ve seen.

  • AndyisDandy

    Why is Hughes ahead of Nova? As I remember 2010 Hughes and 2011 Nova are rather similar.

    • Justin Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (formerly Rainbow Connection)

      2011 Nova was all luck. He’s going to suck this year.

    • fin

      I’m guessing because of Hughes being a top prospect and has shown that he can dominate for short stretches during his career. If Hughes and Nova are both healthy and pitching at their best, the percieved upside of Hughes is higher. Combine that with Hughes going into his 5th year in MLB and coming off a dominate ST and they sloted him number 3. In the end it doesnt matter, at all until the playoffs.

      I have serious doubts about Hughes being able to effective, deep into games for a full season. He even wore down the great year he had in the pen and was a non factor in the postseason. Even if hes an allstar again, I wont buy into him until I see him finish out a full season.

  • Brian in NH

    Hughes went from possible bullpen candidate at the beginning of spring (though that competition was apparently rigged) to now the No. 3 starter on the team. All based on a strong spring?