Game 12: For Those About To Hi-rok


(REUTERS/Ray Stubblebine)

Five days ago, Hiroki Kuroda opened the Bronx portion of the Yankees’ schedule with a bang, shutting out the Angels over eight-plus innings. Tonight he gets the much less hyped Twins, who have put up a nice little fight over the first two games of the series. You can’t expect Kuroda to repeat his last start tonight, but gosh darn it, I sure hope he does. Here’s the starting nine…

SS Derek Jeter
CF Curtis Granderson
1B Mark Teixeira
2B Robinson Cano
DH Nick Swisher
RF Raul Ibanezoh boy
3B Eric Chavez
C Russell Martin
LF Brett Gardner

RHP Hiroki Kuroda

Tonight’s game starts at 7:05pm ET and can be seen on YES. Enjoy.

Update: Brett Gardner is a late scratch will right elbow soreness. Andruw Jones is playing left field

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  1. Johnny says:

    It’s worth playing Ibanez in right just for the GIFs he will generate. I’m okay with giving up one run if he gives us at least three laughs out there.

    • GardnergoesYardner says:

      Haha totally thinking the same thing. As long as it doesn’t lead to a game changing play for the worse, it’s OK by me.

      Anyway, Joe did say he was planning to use Swish heavily in coming weeks, so better a misplayed fly ball by Raul in a blowout against the Twins than a dropped ball in the ninth inning of a tie game in Arlington next week.

  2. Esteban says:


  3. Hamburger says:


  4. Stratman9652 says:

    Please tell me you have enough titles with a play on “Hiroki” for the rest of the season, Mike. Solid gold man.

  5. Francis says:

    Hirok me like a hurricane. Let’s roll, you guys.

  6. GardnergoesYardner says:

    I know this is off topic, but before the game started I just wanted to mourn the passing of Dick Clark. He’s been an influential American icon over the past decades on American Bandstand and hosting New Year’s Eve in Time Square. After his stroke in 2004, it was remarkable that he fought through and came back to still host on New Year’s, albeit in a limited role. What a wonderful man, and he will be deeply missed by many.

    Here’s to ya, Dick.

  7. Chen Meng Wang says:

    Before the game starts, any Giant fans on here? I was looking at the schedule before and think they could win ten games easily.

  8. RetroRob says:

    Gardner late scratch. Elbow. Jones in left.

    Doubt it’s too serious if they waited right to game time.

  9. Johnny says:

    What’s Nick Swisher’s walk-up music by the way? Is it that I Feel Like Money song or have I just made that up in my head?

  10. mustang says:

    Look if Stewart can have a 3 RBI night the Raul Ibanez can play an errorless RF.

    Come on guys I know you’re by the numbers, but lets believe in a little Yankees magic.


  11. RetroRob says:

    So Jones is 9-12 with 5 HRs and they weren’t going to play him? SSS and all, but come on Joe.

    • Cy Pettitte says:

      hasn’t had an AB against him since ’07 though.

      • RetroRob says:

        Ya, and Jones is a lesser hitter, but Marquis is a lesser pitcher, and Jones hit a bomb last night. Before the Gardner injury, I would have played Jones in right.

    • forensic says:

      Yup, I commented on that in the Marquis post. All the number are from 2007 and earlier, but still, give him a shot.

  12. Johnny says:

    By the way, since free agency is apparently not cool anymore, we should be thankful the Yankees worked out their farm system some time ago. Here’s hoping they keep with the strong scouting and the good development program; I pray to the J-man that there are no more Joba-like situations, and Nova’s development hopefully is a good indication of that.

    • Plank says:

      I have no idea what this means. Work out their farm system? You wouldn’t draft Joba again if given the chance? Nova’s development was completely independent of Joba’s.

      • Havok9120 says:

        Worked out their farm system as in: thank God they rebuilt it once Cashman got more control of the team from The Boss.

  13. GardnergoesYardner says:

    Some odd fellas at the bottom of that Twins lineup, I’ll tell ya…

  14. Greg says:

    Ibanez cant be worse than Marcus Thames was.

    And so far Kuroda’s pitches are up. Not a good sign

  15. Tyrone Sharpton says:

    Montero’s doing pretty well in Seattle, oh well pineda’s eventually gunna be a BAMF. feeling a Teixeira bomb today http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5LW07FTJbI

  16. RetroRob says:

    Pitches up.

  17. Mike Axisa says:

    One day the Yankees will not give up a first inning run.

    • Greg says:

      Question: Do we need to win these games given or next few weeks, despite it being early.

      Is splitting with the Twins here tempting fate?

      • Havok9120 says:


        I mean, sure, they all count equally and losing them is bad. But when you start extrapolating from those losses, you start moving beyond the scope of reason.

    • Greg says:

      Well Kuroda loses all credit from the Angels game for this.

      Can only hope the Red Sox stay cold when we face them.

  18. Hummingbird S. says:

    our pitching staff is making the twins look good.. thats awful

  19. Johnny says:

    No wind excuses tonight. Blowing right to left, 6 mph.

  20. Havok9120 says:

    And that, my friends, is why Girardi had Gardner in. Not sure he could’ve gotten there, but he would’ve had a shot.

  21. flamingo says:

    Um. Not the start I wanted.

  22. Johnny says:

    This game is over.

  23. Chen Meng Wang says:

    Wow Kuroda is getting ROCKED

  24. Mike Axisa says:

    Well this is less than ideal.

  25. RetroRob says:

    Down, down. Pitches down.

  26. Needed Pitching says:

    so is Phelps available today?

  27. Cy Pettitte says:

    safe to say I can switch over to hockey in a little bit and not miss much.

  28. Tom Zig says:

    Jesus, Hiroki.

  29. Pat D says:

    What. The. Fuck.

  30. Chip says:

    Ugh, come on Hiroki

  31. Don'tcha Know? says:

    Wow. This is going to be a fun game . . .

  32. Nunez aka the good,the bad and the ugly says:

    Not we will score a ton tonight

  33. Pat D says:

    Obviously Morneau is the solution to the Yankees’ DH woes.

  34. GardnergoesYardner says:

    And the boo birds make their 1st appearance of the night.

    Although I could have hit that pitch to Morneau, it was right down Broadway.

  35. Jeff Karstens, Male Model says:

    I called a split. Just gotta win tomorrow now.

    • Don'tcha Know? says:

      Look who’s pitching tomorrow . . . I wouldn’t exactly expect a positive outcome.

    • GardnergoesYardner says:

      Waving the white flag kind of early, are we?

      Because we don’t have one of the best offenses in the league, a lcokdown pen, and a veteran starter on the mound who could easily turn it on at any moment.

      Yep, I think our chances are slim to none.

      • Hummingbird S. says:

        actually, no. We dont have one of the best offenses in the league… we have a BUNCH of guys struggling.

        • Needed Pitching says:

          yet is still 4th in the league in r/g

        • GardnergoesYardner says:

          So you’d rather look at a small 11 game sample than the past 3 to 4 years of productivity for this group?

          You’re telling me you wouldn’t be scared to pitch to Cano or A-Rod in a close situation because they’ve hit a bad stretch?

          • Hummingbird S. says:

            If I’m predicting the game tonight, the way guys have been hitting for the past 2 weeks should have a lot of weight.

            • GardnergoesYardner says:

              Not at all. It’s something to consider, but past performance is a huge factor. These guys didn’t get to MLB by snapping their fingers. They have hit in the past, and you would be crazy to discount that.

            • Needed Pitching says:

              ” the way guys have been hitting for the past 2 weeks should have a lot of weight.”

              4th best in AL and 5th best in MLB this year

              last 2 weeks or last few years, they are one of the top offenses no matter how you choose to look at it

        • Havok9120 says:

          You’re completely insane. Or just going by the eye of a fan instead of actual statistics or historical record.

  36. Widget says:

    Looks like I don’t have to watch this game. Thanks Kuroda.

  37. Nunez aka the good,the bad and the ugly says:

    Dragon getting killed.

  38. Greg says:

    Kuroda loses all respect from the Angels win with this dump

    Can only hope the Red Sox are still getting shelled when we go there.

    Must beat up the bad teams.

    • Pat D says:

      It’s game 12.

      • Greg says:

        Dont care. You have to beat down on the crappy teams and go .500 against good teams. That is baseball logic.

        Now they may pick it up later in the year. But we cant skip to that point.

        I know its a long season, but we still have to go through every game.

        • Pat D says:

          And you have absolutely no idea how those games will play out, so let’s just calm down.

        • First time lawng time says:

          That’s not baseball logic, because it’s unreasonable. No game is a sure win or loss, so you can’t realistically expect a team to beat down the crappy ones and go .500 against the good ones.

          It’s easy to think like that, but it’s impractical.

          All you have to do is hope for your team to win enough games to make it the playoffs (which the Yankees are generally good at, regardless of which teams they do or do not beat in the regular season) and hope they get hot.

      • First time lawng time says:

        Thankyou. I think people really need to put things into perspective. The Yankees are definitely one of the better teams in the AL, and they’ll improve (probably) once Pineda and Pettitte come back.

        I think people would enjoy the game a bit more if they didn’t live and die with every win/loss. If they lose, fine. They’ll play tomorrow and probably win and you’ll get over it.

  39. Don'tcha Know? says:

    I have this troubling thought that Kuroda is going to be on and off all season long. He’ll be either be great or horrendous with no middle ground . . .

  40. Widget says:

    Sean Burroughs? Wow the twins really have fallen on hard times. Wasn’t he out of baseball the past couple of seasons?

  41. Hummingbird S. says:

    12 games and only one good pitching performance…

  42. Dino Velvet says:

    Cashman just couldn’t keep Colon.

  43. Nunez aka the good,the bad and the ugly says:

    Oh phelpsie
    Maybe kuroda has the flu

  44. First time lawng time says:

    Well….better he sucks now rather than in October, right?

  45. Knoxvillain says:

    Fucking swamp rats.

  46. Plank says:

    I blame Girardi, he should have looked deep into Kuroda’s eyes before the game and been able to tell if he could bring it tonight or not. Not bringing Phelps in after the first run is an error according to Earl Weaver.

  47. Chen Meng Wang says:

    We win this game. Calling right now.

    • Pat D says:

      By the way, since I missed it earlier, I could see the Giants winning anywhere from 6-11 games with their schedule.

      What they absolutely HAVE to do is win their division games.

      • Chen Meng Wang says:

        I actually agree with you, but I think they win at least 8, and should win ten. But with how inconsistent they are…I can easily six or 11

        • Pat D says:

          The problem is you can’t predict injuries, things like that, which is why I cast such a broad range right now.

  48. First time lawng time says:

    Also, he could still settle down and pitch fine the rest of the game. Just gotta hope the offense delivers tonight.

  49. Tom says:

    Kuroda (and Martin) need to adjust when teams are hacking early in counts, like TB was.

    While it’s good to pound the zone, when teams are hacking as soon as they step into the box maybe you don’t need to pound the zone. He threw 23 pitches to 8 batters.

  50. Buhner's barber says:

    To be fair the opposing pitcher is Jason Marquis, so this game is still winnable.

  51. Sdjohn says:

    Yanks offense from last night needs to appear and pick Kuroda up.

  52. Nunez aka the good,the bad and the ugly says:

    That was Aj bad, someone make sure there are no sharp knives near him.

  53. flamingo says:

    We ain’t dead yet!

  54. Johnny says:

    Jeter planning to bat .400, hit in 57 straight games.

  55. Chip says:

    Wow, I love dead cat bounce Jeter

  56. Hall and Nokes says:

    Three intentional walks and a grand slam?

  57. AndyisDandy says:

    Other HIroki puns: Hirok and roll ain’t noise pollution, and the cradle will Hirok, I love Hirok and roll, Hirok and roll train, Hirok and roll band, It’s still Hirok and roll to me, Hirok with you, Hirok Lobster, Hirok and Roll music, HIrok and roll fantasy, Hirok of ages, Hirok the boat, Hirok the casbah, Hirokin’ in the free world, We will Hirok you. Just saying.

  58. Greg says:

    Must score at least one run this inning, hopefully more

  59. Mariano's Pimp Hand says:

    FU John Sterling.

  60. Hummingbird S. says:

    warning track power (j/k)

  61. Chip says:

    Wait, isn’t Cano supposed to be batting third?

  62. William Bonney says:

    It ain’t over yet but it’ll be an embarrassment if we lose again to these guys at home. You have to neutralize those lefties if you’re going to beat them. Let Phelps take over to keep it at 4 and then bring up a reliever tomorrow to shadow Hughes.

    • YankeesJunkie says:

      Kuroda is a veteran and deserves a longer leash. If this was a rookie may a different story, but never good to force your pen to go a min of 8 IP.

  63. Cy Pettitte says:

    didn’t even get to the warning track, between the crowd and Kay you’d think it was a no doubter

  64. Plank says:

    Is it just me or is the Yankees flu epidemic of 2012 going woefully underreported? Not that there is much to the story, but the way every bit of minutia gets dissected, I’m surprised there hasn’t been much coverage.

  65. GardnergoesYardner says:

    I love when a player hits a pitch that they have no business hitting.

    Go Robbie!! (and Swish too)

  66. FachoinaNYY says:

    Our offense is fun.

  67. Chen Meng Wang says:


  68. Cy Pettitte says:

    wtf Swish it’s not the 9th inning and we’re not down 10 or up 10 runs

  69. Mike Axisa says:

    Oh, wow. And here I thought the game was over before the Yankees ever came to the plate.

  70. flamingo says:

    Hits with runners in scoring position? Imagine that.

  71. Needed Pitching says:

    I guess since the game has already been declared over here, those Swisher RBI’s officially count as Garbage Time, amirite?

  72. Tom Zig says:

    Well that was interesting.

  73. Sheepmeister says:

    I know Joe wants to rest guys, but I feel like he rarely plays the “A” lineup, basically against boston and then once a week on average. I know they need rest, but cmon.

    • Don'tcha Know? says:

      I recall thinking the exact same thing last season. I believe it’s a patented Joe G. move.

    • Plank says:

      That’s a big reason I was against the idea of the rotating DH. I would rather occasionally give players an actual day off than putting out a sub-optimal lineup almost every night.

    • flamingo says:

      The lineup’s doing pretty well tonight, though.

    • Pat D says:

      Well, I mean, 13 games in 13 days, with 6 of those on the road in Boston and Texas. Would you rather those guys sit out against those teams?

      Betcha Jeter sits tomorrow.

    • Havok9120 says:

      I think part of that is that the first three games were on the turf in Tampa and he played the Old Guys in the field for most of it because we didn’t want to get swept. Now he’s compensating.

  74. Nunez aka the good,the bad and the ugly says:

    Kuroda has a Al offense to pick him up. Him and pineda will learn 3 4 runs down not out of it here.

  75. Paul VuvuZuvella says:

    Damn it! The Yanks are losing, why is Swisher smiling ?!?

  76. Tom Zig says:

    Pitch #7 way too close to take

  77. Havok9120 says:

    Man…..this is one Hell of a strikezone.

    I mean, I love the runs, but JESUS its bad.

  78. Nunez aka the good,the bad and the ugly says:

    This is going to be a long game

  79. flamingo says:

    Nice at bat by Jones.

    Marquis is at 30 pitches already.

  80. Chen Meng Wang says:

    Andruw is just making Marquis throwing as many pitches as possible

  81. Johnny says:

    Sterling should catch a cold more often; he was moderate the other day, now he’s just shouting anytime Jones makes contact.

  82. Professor Longnose says:

    Now THAT is a walk.

  83. YankeesJunkie says:


  84. Mike Axisa says:

    Rangers scored less than a minute in. Nice.

  85. Nunez aka the good,the bad and the ugly says:

    Russell the black hole martin.

  86. Tom Zig says:

    What’s this scout thing that got added to MLB gameday

    • Chen Meng Wang says:

      Random spouts of common sense that pop up every once in a while. They’re always something like “Player B is showing confidence in his fastball, he’s thrown it four straight pitches.”

      • flamingo says:

        Nah, my favorites are the “Player B is having trouble locating his fastball” and then the next three pitchers are called strikes.

  87. Pat D says:

    Son of a bitch!

  88. flamingo says:

    Worst possible outcome there.

  89. Needed Pitching says:

    Dag Nabit

  90. Total Dominication says:

    Well that was frustrating.

  91. Mike Axisa says:

    Bah, hit it hard. Marquis is not long for this game.

  92. Don'tcha Know? says:

    Well, I, for one, saw THAT coming . . .

    • Chip says:

      Seriously, you can’t complain about that. He hit that much harder than Raul hit his but it was just in the wrong spot

      • Don'tcha Know? says:

        I’m not complaining, per se, I just knew the fates would twist in the other direction sooner or later. For some reason I assumed it occur during Chavez’s AB.

  93. Nunez aka the good,the bad and the ugly says:

    Its a 1 run game unclench your panties

  94. Plank says:

    Eric Chavez: Rally Killer

    At least none of his limbs popped off.

  95. Needed Pitching says:

    ugly route Curtis

  96. Pat D says:

    Another bloop.


  97. Havok9120 says:

    Despite the Chavez DP….

    Our offense is kinda good, no?

  98. Hummingbird S. says:

    Kuroda is the anti-AJ… he’s in the zone too much

  99. Nunez aka the good,the bad and the ugly says:

    Hy-rok you will get the burnett treatment if you dont settle in.

  100. Mike Axisa says:

    NY Rangers score again. Woot.

  101. Pat D says:

    Anyone know if there have been any fights in the Flyers/Penguins game yet?

  102. Mike Axisa says:

    Bah, that’s on Cano.

  103. Hummingbird S. says:

    comon Robbie..

  104. First time lawng time says:

    …really, Cano?

  105. Pat D says:

    Dammit, why couldn’t the umpire have just been like any other umpire and call him out because the throw beat him.

    All Cano’s fault there.

  106. flamingo says:

    John: I call players out and safe, I don’t wait for the umpires.


    • Chen Meng Wang says:

      haha When he said that I was like…really John? I’m dead tired right now and even my slow moving brain realizes how stupid that sounds.

  107. Tony says:

    you just know mauer will get a hit

  108. YankeesJunkie says:

    At least Kuroda has settled down after a rough first.

  109. forensic says:

    I’d love to know why the yanks middle infielders constantly stand a foot or two in front of the base instead of getting it over the bag.

    And in fairness, I started this before kay’s gene Michael mention.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      A lot of guys do it, not just Yankees. They probably want to avoid getting spiked or something.

      • Havok9120 says:

        If that’s the case, its hard to blame them.

        Its not a pleasant sensation.

      • NoH says:

        As a shortstop myself, I agree with this. In high school I got spiked in the knee while attempting to tag a runner who was stealing and got a wicked gash in my knee. It messed up my senior season.

      • forensic says:

        I understand that but so many guys slide head first now that it lessens that threat. Also, if you’re stradding the bag and get spiked then they’re missing the base and you have a better shot at the out. And no, I’m not saying give up long injury time for one out, but I think the odds of it happening at pretty low in today’s MLB.

        Jeter is even worse at it then cano, he’s way in front of the base when catching it.

  110. Nunez aka the good,the bad and the ugly says:

    Robbie owes us a hr now

  111. First time lawng time says:

    Is there a reason why it’s a day game on Friday? I much prefer night games.

  112. Pat D says:

    Wait a second. A lawn products company is sponsoring NHL playoff games?

    Am I the only one laughing at this?

  113. Nunez aka the good,the bad and the ugly says:

    Girardi should rip cano for that ole shit.

  114. Mnjohn says:

    Alright offense, let’s keep it goin.

  115. Chen Meng Wang says:

    Somebody wanna give me the Marquis’ kids story? I completely missed it…just broad stroke it though.

    • NoH says:

      She was riding her bike and crashed. She rammed the handlebar into her gut and punctured her liver. I think they said she’s had 4 surgeries.

    • GardnergoesYardner says:

      Two weeks left in ST, he gets a call that his daughter fell off of her bike and was injured. There was a serious chance that she could have died from loss of blood, but she has recovered. Scary thing, and glad to see that she is doing OK.

  116. Sdjohn says:

    Bench Martin, start Stewart! Kiddin

  117. Nunez aka the good,the bad and the ugly says:

    Martin like having the pitcher hit

    • NoH says:

      Except his OBP is considerably higher.

    • Chip says:

      A pitcher with a .400 OBP

    • Mike Axisa says:

      A pitcher with a .400+ OBP, sure.

      • Plank says:

        To be fair, it is an incredibly hollow 400 obp.

        Also to be fair, it’s the 12th game of the season.

        • Chip says:

          If you told me that our catcher would have an OBP of .400 on the year, I’d take it no matter what his other stats were

        • NoH says:

          True, but I think the majority of us know that Martin is better than a pitcher at the plate.

          • Plank says:


            But pointing to his .400 obp and concluding from that stat that he’s having a good year so far isn’t realy accurate. I could just as easily come back with his 70 OPS+ (down a bit after his AB this game) and say he is having a bad year.

            An accurate picture of how he is doing can’t be done with a single number.

            Also, it’s game 12.

            • NoH says:

              I agree with all of that. I certainly wasn’t trying to say that he is having a good year so far because I don’t think he is at all. He hasn’t been making good contact nor has he been extremely productive. I just think it’s a bit asinine to compare his hitting to a pitcher.

      • forensic says:

        It’s almost gotten to the point where obp is getting overrated. How many of those walks are going to advance runners multiple bases? How many will drive in runs? How many will put him in scoring position?

        It’s like people would take a lineup of guys hitting .100 if they have ok obp’s (and yes, .400 obp is better than ok but it’s also only there because of 3 walks in the second game of the season, since then he’s just over .300 or so).

  118. Nunez aka the good,the bad and the ugly says:

    Stewie has a home now girardi and cash will keep him all season

  119. Sdjohn says:

    Burt blyleven is the worst announcer this side of hawk harrelson.

  120. Nunez aka the good,the bad and the ugly says:

    And the yankee offense goes to sleep for 4 innings

  121. Chen Meng Wang says:

    Were all the balls hit as hard as Sterling lead me to believe? If so I think we’re going to score a bunch more runs.

  122. Tom Zig says:

    I don’t like this version of Justin Morneau.

  123. Greg says:

    Get him out

  124. Pat D says:

    Please no intentional walk, Joe.

  125. Chen Meng Wang says:

    Guys, I want your opinion on something. My friend and I went to a retro video game store today for him to pick up a Gameboy Advanced because he’s on a Nintendo kick, and there was a drop dead gorgeous girl behind the counter. As I was talking to her I called her nerd-bait, and my friend agreed with me. She took it as the joke it was, but disagreed and said she was working there cause she truly likes games. I believe there is no way she’d be working there if she wasn’t as good looking as she is. Agree or disagree?

  126. Chip says:

    Kuroda has no control tonight. Time to get Phelps up

  127. Havok9120 says:

    I will say it again, just as I did for Marquis in the first inning:

    This strike zone is terrible.

  128. Greg says:

    What the hell is Flaherty talking about?

  129. Mike Axisa says:

    What a shitty hit.

  130. Hummingbird S. says:

    another awful SP game… when should we worry?

  131. GardnergoesYardner says:

    Everyone’s favorite situational lefty is up while Hiroki allows a RBI to Sean Burroughs. That alone should merit a demotion.

  132. Pat D says:

    I just read on ESPN.com that Ivan Rodriguez will retire as a Ranger on Monday.

    So, now the question. Obviously he is more than worthy of the Hall of Fame, but he has steroid accusations against him, too.

    Do you think that he will be elected to the HOF or not?

    • Chip says:

      First ballot

    • Mike Axisa says:

      Probably not. The BBWAA likes to prove a point.

      • Chip says:

        I think it will be sorted out by then. Eventually Bonds, Clemens, ect have to be included.

      • Pat D says:

        See, that’s why I’m not sure. We’re going to have up to 5 years of Bonds, Clemens, Sosa on the ballot first, so I’m honestly up in the air.

        Obviously McGwire and Palmeiro have done terrible in balloting, but there you’ve got an admission and a positive test.

        Gotta see what still happens with guys like Jeff Bagwell and Frank Thomas.

        • Tom Q says:

          Also, those are guys (McGwire, Palmeiro) whose very HOF credentials you’d wonder about without the obvious boost they got got from steroids. Pudge was the best defensive catcher of his time long before he bulked up.

          But I’m a permissive guy. I think there’s no way you can honestly sort out the users from the non-users, so exce[t for someone with borderline credentials and no-doubt steroid use, I vote them in.

    • Chen Meng Wang says:

      Honestly, If Barry Bonds, who was a HOF player before the ‘roids isn’t going in than I don’t think Pudge should go in either.

      • Plank says:

        You think there aren’t steroid users in the HOF?

        • Mike Axisa says:

          There are PED users and a whole lot worse in the HOF. Ty Cobb stabbed a guy.

          • Plank says:

            The oddest thing in baseball is the misconception that steroid use started with Jose Canseco’s career. If he had played 10 years earlier and written his tell-all, the league would have said that’s when steroids started. If he started his career in 1995, that’s when the steroids epidemic would have started.

            Tom House played in the early 1970s and said steroid use was rampant back then. No one pays attention, though, since it ruins the narrative.

            • Pat D says:

              I’ve seen Rob Neyer write at least once that players were doing steroids back in the ’70s, but I think the bigger concern then was amphetamine usage.

          • Pat D says:

            Well, a guy named Marty Bergen got one vote each in both 1938 and 1939 when you could vote for basically anyone.

            Marty Bergen, in 1900, killed his wife and two children with an axe, then killed himself by cutting his throat with a straight razor so badly that he nearly beheaded himself.

            So, it could have been worse.

        • Chen Meng Wang says:

          Of course there are, but this generation of players is much more scrutinzed than any other before hand with PEDs

      • Tom says:

        When did Bonds start taking steroids?

        Why do people assume he only started taking them when his body changed… that may have just been when he started taking the hardcore anabolic stuff.

        We have know idea when Bonds really started taking steroids, all we have is a good idea when he perfected the cocktail

        • Tom says:

          “know”…. yikes that’s good english

          • Pat D says:

            I thought Game of Shadows spelled everything out. I don’t know, I haven’t read it, but I think that’s pretty much the basis against Bonds.

            • GardnergoesYardner says:

              It is, I actually just finished reading it today on my plane ride from Florida. I’m doing a history report on the progress and improvements that could be made to MLB’s drug testing system. Bonds essentially started using before 1999. His trainer, Greg Anderson, and BALCO supplied him with undectable PEDs that they had been giving to Olympic athletes. That’s where Giambi and Sheff got them too. There’s a ton of evidence linking Bonds to BALCO, which admittedly sold roids. It’s a really good read, and basically incriminates Bonds as a user.

            • Tom says:

              Slider to a lefty in Yankee stadium?

              Throw it in the dirt or don’t throw it at all…. A get me over slider against lefties in Yankee stadium is not the best gameplan.

    • Greg says:

      Does he?

      And get me a piece of those ladies

    • Plank says:

      I remember in the (I think 2003) WS, as players came up to bat, they would give their stat line and also a bit of personal trivia about the player. When Pudge came up, his trivia (trivium?) was that his favorite musical artist was Yanni. Obviously an odd choice, then 5 seconds later, they zoom into Yanni in the crowd.

      No matter how much I watch Pudge play, and I was a fan throughout his entire career, that will always be the indelible image in my mind when I think of his career.

      Anyway, what were we talking about?

    • GardnergoesYardner says:

      In my opinion, this year’s class is going to determine a lot about where HOF voting is going in the next few years. I have a bad feeling that induction classes are going to be low because of all these writers who think taking steroids is akin to murdering someone. There were many worse things done by players (and HOFers) prior to roids. Also, lots of writers think that everyone should play like in “the good old days”. I’m sorry, but those days are gone. It’s not your father’s game anymore, Peter Gammons.

      All those guys should be examined by numbers, not by drug use. McGwire is not a true HOF player based on numbers. Bonds, Clemens, etc. should be. When assembling a muesem of the game’s history, you can’t play God and black out certain parts.

  133. Chip says:

    Phew, keeping it close

  134. Don'tcha Know? says:

    If Kuroda can get through this inning but lets up another run in the next I imagine that you have to put in Phelps.

  135. Mike Axisa says:

    Teixeira went the other way. I thought that guaranteed hits?

  136. Chip says:

    Man, Tex just can’t catch a break

  137. Pat D says:

    Wow, I thought that was going much further.

  138. Greg says:


  139. Cy Pettitte says:

    Robbie is so smooth.

  140. Chip says:

    I love that bat drop

  141. Havok9120 says:

    THERE’S a deep fly ball to left field off a righty.

    Oh. Anddddd….ROBBIE!

  142. GardnergoesYardner says:

    Who is that scrub Cano with the homer? Obviously, looking at what he has done up until that at bat, he should be demoted. No, released! Forced into an early retirement!

  143. Pat D says:

    Wow, Kay just made a Sterling reference.

  144. Greg says:

    Good lord the goalies in the Flyers-Pens series are bad. 4-3 Pitt in the first period

  145. Don'tcha Know? says:

    Damn… A little ashamed that Marquis hasn’t even breached the 60 pitch mark yet.

  146. Professor Longnose says:

    Mays? Aaron? Robinson?

  147. Sdjohn says:

    So tell me why the “ledge jumpers” and the “it’s all goona be ok” fans are always fighting, and to make it more interesting, does either side truly think they are “better fans”?

    • flamingo says:

      Define fan.

    • The Irony Guy says:


    • Professor Longnose says:

      No. I’m a ledge jumper myself, but there’s nothing intrinsically superior about it. It’s just the way I am.

    • Chen Meng Wang says:

      The fighting is because there is a fundamental difference in ideology. One group thinks the team is going to do well, despite their current short comings, meanwhile the other thinks these short comings are legit problems going forward. So the two groups go back and forth about who is right, and who is wrong.

      I’m not even going to touch the second question though. I never call out somebodies fanhood unless I’m trying to provoke a fight.

    • RkyMtnYank says:

      I don’t think it’s about being “better fans” but I would bet that there is a definite age difference between the two.

    • Havok9120 says:

      Because they have differing views which, in many of their minds, makes the other side not only wrong but unreasonable. Finding a middle ground is all but impossible when both sides think the other is not open to compromise, logic, or contrary evidence.

      • The Irony Guy says:


        Don’t see you taking the high road either.

        • Chen Meng Wang says:

          How do you have the patience to look up an instance of somebody acting irrationally in some random game thread? I don’t even have to patience to collect information from baseball reference or fan graphs to prove I’m right…

        • Havok9120 says:

          Did I claim to be? Don’t believe so. Certainly not in the linked post.

          I’ve made my camp clear in both my opinions and by admitting it. I can be objective. I can also mock people when they contradict themselves from night to night. Hell, I can do both in the same post. Just watch me. =)

        • Havok9120 says:

          There’s also the statistical data I have that debunks the particular anecdote you linked to, but that’s another issue.

    • GardnergoesYardner says:

      They are always fighting because ledge jumpers are, for the most part, people who aren’t as versed in statistics and the it’s gonna be OK fans get annoyed. I know I get pretty annoyed when the world is declared over multiple times a night.

      As to the second question, I don’t think either side truly thinks it’s better, just that they are right in their thinking. We are all Yankees fans, and no one can be “better”. It’s not a game.

    • Sdjohn says:

      Fan to me is pulling for the yanks to win. Now, not to be confused with a ledge jumper, who says god dammit we r down 4-0 it’s 2 innings in and we r gonna lose! They still want them to win of course, but are just frustrated. While others think ok, it’s 4-0 but it’s early we can come back. I’m wondering if the ledge jumpers are just high strung intense folks in every part of their personality while the its all gonna be ok are just kinda relaxed and easy going with their personality. I’m guessing I’m fairly close.

      • Havok9120 says:

        No way for us to know over the internet. Few, if any, of us know each other. Most of us will never meet in real life. The few times I have been able to do that kind of study, the results have been interesting. The sample sizes will almost always be incredibly small tho.

    • forensic says:

      It and the groupthink are easily the worst things about this site. It creates and spreads immaturity and sarcasm which has unfortunately taken a bite out of the quality of the discussions and debates. New commentors are basically shunned and even long time commentors get slammed to no end if god forbid they disagree with the groupthink or aren’t extremely optimistic about every aspect of the team.

      • Plank says:

        I think this site is better about those issues than most.

        Those are also universal criticisms of basically any message board on any topic on the internet ever.

        • forensic says:

          I agree, to a point. Also, on your last comment, this site is not the commentors, it’s the authors. And I think thats a big difference between here and typical message boards, versus a blog. Here if you disagree with the authors opinion or conclusion it’s almost blasphemy to many commentors who think the authors are and can never be wrong.

          • Needed Pitching says:

            “Here if you disagree with the authors opinion or conclusion it’s almost blasphemy to many commentors who think the authors are and can never be wrong.”

            I would disagree with this. I think most here have their own opinions. I think many here happen to share the general views of the authors of RAB, which is why they frequent the site. I haven’t seen many (or even any) blindly following an opinion just because one of the authors presented it.

            • Havok9120 says:

              It DOES happen. I’ve noticed a trend with a few commenters who ONLY comment when someone disagrees with the authors. But it certainly isn’t a huge group that does that.

              • Plank says:

                Do you really notice posters patterns? I rarely even read the names.

                • Havok9120 says:

                  I only notice it in extreme cases. I read the names now because the few times I haven’t its bitten me in the butt. I debate for a living, so remembering the names and relative positions of people is just something I do on reflex. Frankly, I wish I did less of it on the internet, because it often does a disservice to people whom I will never meet.

          • Plank says:

            Some people are like that. I never feel uncomfortable disagreeing with a conclusion. Mike is the best coverer of the team in terms of getting info out there. He’s a decent analyst too, but I disagree with the conclusions he makes from time to time. I never get too much shit when I do.

            The only thing I have a problem with on this site is the worship of Mariano Rivera. It’s annoying. Say he’s a great baseball player, but please leave it at that.

            • forensic says:

              I don’t feel uncomfortable about disagreeing either, but most of the time it’s easier to just post your opinion and go on with your life if you have other things to do or you just don’t want to bother with a fight of 5 other people who will suddenly appear and bombard you with near-insults and sarcasm that does nothing for the debate.

          • Havok9120 says:

            Ehhhh. The fact that people agree with the authors and disagree with you (most of the time) isn’t just groupthink, though that is a part of it. They also just disagree with you.

            You have to admit, your annoyance with many of the team’s decisions, especially regarding younger players, goes beyond what most of the commenters here feel. That isn’t just an byproduct of the writers’ opinions, but also the fact that you are far more upset about that kind of thing than the vast majority of Yankee fans.

            • forensic says:

              Actually, people don’t seem to disagree with me most of the time because I think I’m pretty firmly in between the two camps. We’ve just had some debates on a couple particular moves the franchise has made so you’ve based your entire opinion on me based on those debates, which were good discussion and what this site is all about.

              • Havok9120 says:

                No doubt, I may have misjudged you. I’m good at that. But your opinion on the way to integrate young players and the importance of doing so has been pretty extreme, at least the way you’ve presented it. That isn’t a bad thing, its just the impression I’ve gotten every time the situation has come up. And yes, that was what I was referring to in that post, but it isn’t what I’ve based my opinion of you on.

                I actually think you’re one of the most reasonable people here, aside from that particular subject. And you’re certainly one of the most interesting.

                • forensic says:

                  I actually think you’re one of the most reasonable people here


                  And you’re certainly one of the most interesting.

                  Um, I don’t know if that’s in a good way or bad way, but I guess thanks. :-)

              • Plank says:

                Is the two camps idea a thing now?

                • forensic says:

                  I think there is kind of a disconnect between groups of people, but I was mostly saying it as that’s how it was presented by the original commentor.

          • Chen Meng Wang says:

            I agree with the authors on most points, but I personally think Mike is dead wrong about Nunez. He hates him and thinks regular ABs will expose him, meanwhile I think regular ABs will show us he can be an everyday player in this league.

      • Chen Meng Wang says:

        As a sarcastic person who uses being sarcastic and factious along with facts to prove my argument, I find this offensive. I also personally do my best to make sure that a person is utterly and completely wrong in my opinion before I rip into them.

        • forensic says:

          What does the completely sarcastic and old meme comments add to the site? I get it, some is fine, it’s an online blog and it should be fun, but it’s taken way overboard on here where if you say anything and then one thing happens different, you get 15 comments about it and it’s just annoying.

          • Chen Meng Wang says:

            As for being sarcastic, that’s just my personality. I never mean for it to seriously offend anybody, but I understand that frustration, but part of that is a large number of people might think you’re wrong in your opinion on something, then when it’s proven wrong they all go to tell you so you get 5 comments immediately about it, none of them realizing 4 other people are doing the same thing.

      • Havok9120 says:

        The optimists get slammed too, as do the people who preach patience. Its not as often, but it happens a lot.

      • Plank says:

        Also, if you don’t like something, fix it. The site is the commenters.

        • Chen Meng Wang says:

          Is this one of those “be the change you want to happen” comments?

        • JobaWockeeZ says:

          It’s called Operation Shutdown. Where meme usage and attacking people were to be reduced. If you saw a Bo comment instead of 15 comments attacking the person who might genuinely believe that way it was simply ignored or countered rationally. That was ignored within a month.

  148. Greg says:

    Its amazing to me that the Giants of the 60s did not win a WS. McCovey, Mays, Marichal, Gaylord Perry…

  149. Chip says:

    Ugh, Jeter is SMOKING the ball today

    • Havok9120 says:

      Those’ll drop. If not tonight, then tomorrow or this weekend.

      The important thing is that he’s still hitting, just having BABIP fail. Its encouraging.

  150. Karl Krawfid says:

    How the hell was that a strike?

  151. Chen Meng Wang says:

    Damn, I really thought we were going to break it open this past inning

  152. Chip says:

    And Granderson strikes out………on ball four

  153. Don'tcha Know? says:

    Damn. Just noticed where Granderson’s average was sitting at . . . I know it’s early, but I thought he was doing better than THAT.

  154. flamingo says:

    Not AGAIN.

  155. Greg says:

    The Pattern continues

  156. Pat D says:

    This is super annoying. I thought this guy was done.

  157. Chen Meng Wang says:

    Wow…um I think he’s healthy.

  158. Karl Krawfid says:

    This dude is crushing us.

  159. Tom Zig says:

    Hiroki you suck.

  160. forensic says:

    Morneau is treating them like pedroia did for the first part of last year. Not hitting anyone else but destroying the yanks.

    • Havok9120 says:

      Its early.

      For him I mean. I’ve been expecting his resurgence, and I really hope it happens. It’d be good for the game.

  161. Tyrone Sharpton says:

    shitty day for kuroda…damn he shuts down the angels but can’t handle the putrid twins and rays offenses…there’s hope yet for hughes!

  162. Pinstripes in Cali says:

    Rapada?? We want Phelps!!!!

    • Chen Meng Wang says:

      I think Phelps is being saved to be used as Hughes’ and Garcia’s caddy.

      • Havok9120 says:

        Which, frankly, isn’t a horrible strategy.

        • Chen Meng Wang says:

          Agree and disagree. You want your long man for your pitchers you feel aren’t going to go deep into the game, BUT you also should pitch him when another pitcher isn’t giving you quality innings.

          • forensic says:

            Eh, I stick with Rapada, or go to Logan, there. You’re alreday into the 6th inning and it’s close. You just get to the 7th/8th and you can use your better guys. I think you keep Phelps free now for Hughes, almost likely at this point, blowup or for someone to get knocked out early this weekend at Fenway. One or 2 innings isn’t a very quality way to use your long reliever who was a starter.

            • forensic says:

              Let me re-word that last part, it could be quality, but it’s not an efficient use of him or the staff as a whole.

            • Chen Meng Wang says:

              I wasn’t talking about tonight in specific, just as a general rule. If this was a primarily right handed line up maybe I disagree about tonight. Plus I’m as optimistic as anybody, but I didn’t see Rapada giving us two great innings out of the pen.

  163. Pat D says:

    Well obviously we have Kuroda’s narrative. If he pitches good, he’s a good pitcher. If he pitches bad, it’s because he’s another shitty NL pitcher who can’t adapt to the AL.

    • Greg says:

      The thing is though, he’s probably pitched more often against the Angels than any other AL team because of the rivalry. So even that game against the Angels must be taken with a bit of grain of salt

  164. First time lawng time says:

    Obviously it’s not good to have a pitcher struggle in his first 2 out of 3 starts, but let’s be reasonable. It’s still April. Let’s give him time to kinda adjust and get into a groove before we start declaring him a bust or anything like that.

  165. Athenian says:

    Wow. Did Kuroda look as bad as Gameday makes it appear? This pitching staff is a coin flip, it seems.

  166. Johnny says:

    Went out to the back yard to cut down a medium-sized Eucalyptus tree. Good to see Robbie’s getting fired up

  167. Chen Meng Wang says:

    But…but..teh shift?!

  168. Hummingbird S. says:

    Getting Pavano’d by Marquis… what an offense.

    • Greg says:

      No. They’ve hit Marquis hard. BaBip has killed them. They didnt hit Pavano at all after the first inning. So you are wrong

  169. Greg says:


  170. flamingo says:


  171. Hummingbird S. says:

    btw, absolutely safe… but we have to have shitty umpires

  172. First time lawng time says:

    Still, it’d be nice if Cano could hit some HR.

  173. Athenian says:

    Hope they can get a split. Ball seems to be jumping off the bat.

  174. Don'tcha Know? says:

    What looks to be 6 innings from Marquis . . . Not what most of us expected, eh?

    • Havok9120 says:

      I dunno…..a lot of us give credence to the “we haven’t seen him before. We’re screwed,” narrative.

      • Don'tcha Know? says:

        I think that applies more to Rookie/”Rookie” left-handers.

        • Havok9120 says:

          Perhaps, but not for me. Any pitcher we haven’t seen much/any of, I’m instantly cautious. I believe in our O, so I’m rarely concerned, but I’m definitely not surprised if Random Pitcher X crushes us.

      • Chen Meng Wang says:

        yeah, that’s more the left-handed-soft-tossing young guys…I personally think we hit Marquis well, most of the liners just happened to find gloves tonight.

  175. JCYanks says:

    lol nice job blue. Maybe the “chalk” on his jacket got in his eyes.

    I know everyone on this site likes to say oh its April 18th its fine we can chill, but we really shouldnt be splitting 4 game series to the twins. no matter what time of year. with a brutal stretch coming up its time we start saying lets win some games instead of oh its just april. sure we have some breathing room, but losing games to AAA teams like the twins doesnt help at all. no matter what month. and im personally feed up with us losing. I know we have time but as a die hard yankee fan whose been told the culture is win win win, this really is some shit.

    • GardnergoesYardner says:

      Haha now I’m all fired up.

      And if an AAA team had an offense with some of the guys the Twins had, I’d personally give a medal to the scouting director.

    • Tom says:

      So you already have this game in the loss column down 2 in the 6th?

  176. Paul VuvuZuvella says:

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v.....#038;h=315

    Sick Hockey Goal…Diversion.

  177. GardnergoesYardner says:

    For all of you ledge jumpers out there, maybe you should hold your discussion on the DOTF thread because obviously the Yankees have no chance here and rebuilding mode is only a few losses away.

    • Havok9120 says:

      You aren’t helping.

    • JCYanks says:

      I’m not a ledge jumper. I am just sick of seeing this team live down to the potential this early in the season. I am not conceding that we wont make the playoffs or start playing good baseball. It just looks like we are too similar to last year’s ALDS. We cant get timely hits and our pitching is sporadic. I dont need some fucking saber metrics high tech analysis from Einstein to see that. Sure, for any other team I would say wait we have a good lineup and everything on paper. But this is the f’in yankees. we have been told the culture is win win and win. Thus, my personal expectations are higher then losing games to the twins at home, even in April. I know it sounds like I am ignorant for wanting to win all the time, but for as much investment I have in this team, I always say i have an addiction, I want to see some more W’s. Like not going after balls in left field is some bs. It is just disappointing to us losing games like this, no matter what time of year.

  178. TomH says:

    Athenian said (above) that “This pitching staff is a coin flip, it seems.” More true, so far in the season, than not. This is not the kind of staff–again, so far–that’s going to scare Texas. I think a lot’s going to turn on how well Pettitte and Pineda do. Freddy and Hughes aren’t reliable, and who knows about Kuroda.

    So far it’s a staff that needs consistent power output from the offense, and that includes Cano, Tex, and, especially, ARod.

    • Havok9120 says:

      You’re right, both in your conclusions and in your inclusion of “so far.” They’ve been a disappointment, but they’ve also so badly underperformed their potential that its hard to see them continuing this all season.

  179. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Lol Mauer over Adrian Peterson.

    • Chen Meng Wang says:

      Most important sports figure in Minnisota right now?

      • JobaWockeeZ says:

        Yes. AP has been the best RB in the league for years now and he’s immensely popular. Mauer’s kinda been getting boos for predictably and understandably not performing to his contract.

        • Chen Meng Wang says:

          Haha, I agree with you. When Mauer’s healthy he’s a beast. But he hasn’t been over the past few years. Peterson is just a nasty and incredible running back. I’d take him on the Giants in a heart beat, hell I’d trade our entire draft plus Bradshaw for him.

          • JobaWockeeZ says:

            Yeah I’ll take AP in a cocaine heartbeat. We’ll be like the Texans when they didn’t rely on a 3 string QB. But that’s a dream and a half.

            Hopefully with the draft coming up we get a good RB.

            • Chen Meng Wang says:

              Nah, I think Bradshaw is just fine. What I really think we need is some inside linebackers, and maybe a wide out to replace Manningham.

              • JobaWockeeZ says:

                Bradshaw is good it’s just that he’s not healthy to do it himself. I would like an ILB but we never use them anyways.

                And I will bet you 5 million dollars the Giants pick Alshon Jeffrey next Thursday. It will also end the Victor Cruz era so I would completely hate the pick.

                • Chen Meng Wang says:

                  I don’t know nearly enough about the incoming crop of players to agree or disagree with you. I didn’t follow college ball at all this past season.

  180. Havok9120 says:

    Man. Rapada doing his thing.

  181. Chen Meng Wang says:

    The bloops are falling, but the liners are being caught. I hate games like this.

  182. Havok9120 says:

    How did Nunez get in the game? I have neither radio nor TV, and Gamecast on ESPN isn’t telling me.

  183. Sabathiasgut says:

    A rod “putting on a show” in batting practice, but let’s pinch hit shitty defense Nunez for Chavez. Giardi rules

  184. Don'tcha Know? says:

    Black Hole Martin. I like that nickname. Watch . . . I just jinxed his shitty bat!

  185. Hummingbird S. says:

    once again the offense goes to sleep after the first.. shitty game

  186. Chen Meng Wang says:

    I think we should do our best to keep players healthy over the course of the season, but I think Girardi is micromanaging it at this point of the season. Lets be real here, if you can’t play every day, or almost everyday, over the first month of the season, there’s a problem with your conditioning not your age or ability.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      So the problem is A-Rod’s lack of conditioning and not his age and injury history?

      • Chen Meng Wang says:

        No, the problem is Girardi’s over-cautiousness. I’m sorry my post was horribly worded. I just think he should let the players play a little bit more.

        • Chen Meng Wang says:

          The conditioning was more pointed towards our pitchers. Joba two years ago, Hughes last year, CC’s reacurring supposed wieght problems…this is more frustration that these balls aren’t falling for hits at this point.

  187. ArchStanton says:

    I guess the leaving A-Rod on the bench move falls under the “losing the battle to win the war” stuff that Girardi loves so much.

  188. Johnny says:

    I’ve got no problem with keeping Alex alive and hitting for as long as possible. I’d like him to reach 3000 and get the home run record in pinstripes.

  189. Nunez aka the good,the bad and the ugly says:

    Logan increases my drinking when he comes in.

    • RkyMtnYank says:

      Usually me too but he seems very solid this year. We get to see Soriano next inning so the game should be out of reach then, he really makes my liver hurt!

  190. flamingo says:

    That was a satisfying strikeout.

  191. Don'tcha Know? says:


  192. Plank says:

    Running out of innings.

  193. Pat D says:

    Heh. Valentine getting booed when making a pitching change.

    C’mon, Rangers! (NY Rangers that is)

  194. Sabathiasgut says:

    Dare I say, Logan has looked good the last couple of appearances

  195. Mike Axisa says:

    Holy crap does Boston’s bullpen suck.

  196. Don'tcha Know? says:

    Still ZERO homeruns from Teixera. That’s got to give sooner or later . . .

    • forensic says:

      Didn’t hit one in ST or the Postseason either, so he’s gone since the last day of last season (when he hit 2) without one. Before that his last was Sept. 12, before that Sept. 5, before that Aug. 24. “Only” 14 homers in the second half last year.

      Between him talking about messing with his swing and his changes and now the last of any power, you have to wonder where his head is right now. I always ignored it, but you almost wonder if there may be something to the Ken Singleton thing about wanting to hit one in ST just to prove you can still do it.

  197. Pat D says:

    Why does Kay sound like a hyper chipmunk all of a sudden?

  198. Johnny says:

    Was it Havok that said the other day to read the Over the Monster game thread? Well, today’s one is getting good. Franklin Morales just allowed three; bases loaded TEX with one out; 6-2 TEX.

    • Chen Meng Wang says:

      totally sfw

      • Pat D says:

        Heh. I just watched the movie Oliver! the other day.

        • Chen Meng Wang says:

          Hah, I was actually Oliver as a child in a play. According to the person from the Twin-Boro who wrote a review on it, because there’s nothing better for our local town paper to cover, I was a revelation and should attempt a career in acting. Then my voice changed and my teenage awkwardness kicked in. 12 years later, I look back and laugh.

  199. flamingo says:

    This guy in the booth with John and Susan is about to talk about Jeter’s intangibles. Yup.

    • Chen Meng Wang says:

      and yelling at grandy’s ball to drop lol I like it.

    • Johnny says:

      Bob Costas has done a pretty good job of convincing me that Jeter has special fielding instincts that few others have. (And I mean this sincerely, as he does.) Jeter has a Spidey-sense or something. That’s not the same as being able to move and react quickly, because the metrics show that he’s not very good at that; it’s just that he has extraordinary fielding instincts. Costas was, of course, waxing eloquent about the flip.

      I guess that’s why he can look flashy while the evidence suggests he’s not that great.

      • Havok9120 says:

        Part of that is knowing where he needs to be in order to make the highest-probability play on the ball, which is something he definitely has. Even when he’s been gimpy and slow, the guy has managed to be in position for the ball to be hit to him a lot more than most guys seem to manage.

        That’s purely anecdotal though.

        • Johnny says:

          It’s definitely anecdotal, but I don’t know of any fielding stat that can precisely define that kind of behavior that Costas calls “instinct” (maybe there is one, I don’t know). I’m sure in 100 years everything going on in a game will be measured, and everything will have a little amazing stat behind it, but until then all we have is our eyes. :)

  200. Pat D says:

    I still think Jeter will be able to break 3500 by the time he’s done. Which will hopefully put him 5th all time.

  201. Don'tcha Know? says:

    I’d trade for Napoli JUST so he could play in Fenway. He’s playing like a man possessed right now. Also, I’d take him because there’s a former star that’s collapsing under his own gravity occupying the catcher’s position right now. Ladies and gentlemen . . . Black Hole Martin.

  202. Greg says:

    Its one of those games where the big hits dont fall for us

  203. Pat D says:

    So the Titanic was born and died before Fenway was born?

  204. Sabathiasgut says:

    Tex should just hit right handed always.

    • Johnny says:

      I’d like to know if there was a hitter who started out left- or right-handed and then became a switch-hitter midway through his career, and if he became a better hitter because of it.

      • Mike Axisa says:

        Dropping switch-hitting is usually a last resort, which is why it never really works. The only player I can think of that dropped it late in their career was Bobby Kielty, and he was so bad he ended up giving pitching a shot.

  205. Paul VuvuZuvella says:

    Curious…while there is still a lot of the “Tex sucks” and “Tex contract sucks” this year, nobody is talking about his historic and almost annual Slow Starts…

  206. Greg says:

    There it is again, but let see if Swisher does it

  207. Sabathiasgut says:

    Twins bullpen is garbage

  208. Chen Meng Wang says:

    fuck…running out of outs.

  209. Greg says:

    Once again…

    Good news is that Boston has gotten pummeled and we avoid Lester and Beckett in that series

    • Athenian says:

      I don’t know if that will matter. Pavane Marquis, and even Oriole pitchers have not been pushovers. Might be June before this team gets going.

      • Greg says:

        I’m not that pessimistic.

        • Athenian says:

          I am living through austerity measures in Greece. What the fuck is there to be positive about?

          • Havok9120 says:

            Well, you did get all those years of the government living far beyond its means. Those were good times, right?

          • Johnny says:

            I’ve got family in Athens that’s thinking of leaving the country after about two years of this. Bad times. A couple of cousins got laid off of government jobs.

            • Athenian says:

              Tell them to stick it out. As soon as they get the bad advice from Goldman Sach taken care of it will pick up.

              • Johnny says:

                They’ve got some farmland south of Athens, out in the Feriza/Annavisos region. I think they’re considering going out there and trying out a more rural lifestyle.

                At least it’s nice out there. A couple years ago we just set out walking in a random direction and before long we came to some random ruins hidden by trees and bushes. It looked like a very small temple or shrine; there were just a few columns standing. I would totally move out there when I reach retirement.

  210. Derrick says:

    Small sample size guys he makes it up in the playoffs my excel sheet says so.

  211. Athenian says:

    Think that was their chance. Can twain for the Real Yankees to show up. Joe get that geritol or one a day going.

  212. KJ says:

    Usually I enjoy ripping announcers as much as anyone but Leiter has been on point tonight.

  213. Don'tcha Know? says:

    Why must we always be the rebound team? The team that others thirst for . . . The team that breaks the misfortune of others and opens the gates to winning? Argh!

    • Havok9120 says:


      That’s really all I’ve got here. I really did laugh and move on.

      • Don'tcha Know? says:

        Haha. I laughed out loud too. But . . . only because you’re a douche bag. I find your breed quite hysterical.

    • Sabathiasgut says:

      Agreed, you just know the Yanks will go into Fenway and wake up the Sox

      • Mike Axisa says:

        Pretty sure we’ve heard that before ever Yanks-Sox series over the last two years or so. One of these days it will come true!

        • Sabathiasgut says:

          You mean like last year when they where 0 and 6 then took 2 out of 3 from the yanks. Or like last year when they were under 500 and came to yankee stadium and swept the Yankees?

        • Don'tcha Know? says:

          What about last year when the Sox won their first 2 against the Yankees in a 3-game set? *Can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not.

          • Sabathiasgut says:

            Point is yanks have a knack for playing shitty against shitty teams. All the snippy comments made doesn’t change that.

            • Don'tcha Know? says:

              Yeah, I’ve made that comment before . . . They constantly play to the level of their opponent. I seem to recall getting swept (or close to it) by the Nationals a couple years back . . . But hey, it could’ve been 2009, I don’t know.

          • Mike Axisa says:

            The Sox won 2/3 against the Yanks then immediately got swept by Tampa. I don’t think that qualifies as waking them up.

  214. Sabathiasgut says:

    Alright where is Boone Logan and what have you done with his body?

  215. Needed Pitching says:

    wtf Jones

  216. Esteban says:

    That will win over the crowd.

  217. Johnny says:

    Boone’s struck out more batters than Dave has so far this season.

  218. Greg says:

    Good to get the two lefties going well before facing Ortiz and Gonzalez.

    A-Rod will pinch hit here if anybody gets on

  219. your mom says:

    Nice job by our LOOGYs today. 2 innings, 2 runs. We can do this!

  220. Havok9120 says:

    Is anyone else surprised Ibanez is batting .267 on the season after watching all the games?

    • flamingo says:

      Yeah, when did all those hits (aside from the really big ones) happen?

      • Havok9120 says:

        Exactly. I mean, I’m always happy when they do, because I expected him to do better than many feared, but sitting here now, I’m surprised he’s had that many.

  221. Johnny says:

    BOOOOOO. Red Sox attempting a comeback in the 9th against Nathan.

  222. Celerino Sanchez says:

    So now we can’t beat the last place Twins????

    • rek4gehrig says:


    • forensic says:

      Tampa Bay: 3-0 vs. Yanks, 2-6 vs. others
      Twins: 2-1 vs. Yanks, 2-7 vs. others

      Angels (kind of in between in performance): 1-2 vs. Yanks, 3-5 vs. others

      O’s (opposite): 0-3 vs. Yanks, 7-1 vs. others

      Nothing this team does right now is surprising. Made Tampa and Minny look much better than they are (or at least than they are playing right now), even made Baltimore look better as the games were closer than the rosters would make you think. The Angels were the outlier, though it helped that they missed their top two, got to face Williams, and Kuroda actually had a good game.

      Overall, very unimpressive thus far in the season. It’s a long season, but too much of this can make it difficult to really make hay later on. Luckily, neither the Red Sox or Rays have distinguished themselves overall either.

      • Havok9120 says:

        I think your post does more to outline how little the record means so far. Look at the standings for God’s sake, its nuts.

        • forensic says:

          Wins and losses mean the same thing the first series of the year as they do the last series of the year, so the combination of the two, the records, also means as much.

          Though I should’ve included in the Twins thing that it’s if they close it out, it is pretty sad how bad the Yanks have played against several teams that are also playing terribly right now.

  223. Greg says:

    Well they better split because losing a series to the Twins at home could come back to haunt them later in the year if they lose the division by a game or two

  224. Tom Q says:

    So, unless there’s a 9th inning miracle, that hard-hit Chavez ball in the first becoming a DP turned out to be decisive.

  225. Duh Innings says:

    The 2012 Yankees pitching staff looks like the ones the Red Sox had in the late ’90s-early ’00s: An ace (Pedro for those Boston teams) followed by a sea of #4s, #5s, and #6s (#6s being guys who have no place being in the rotation.) The problem with the current rotation is it has two #6s in Garcia and Hughes and two starters who aren’t pitching yet in Pettitte and Pineda.

    The 2011 Yankees got lucky with Nova, Garcia, and Colon. The 2012 Yankees may not be so lucky. Kuroda looks like the classic NL starting pitcher who can’t hack it in the AL and the third disappointing or bad former Japanese League pitcher for the Yanks after Irabu (disappointing) and Igawa (bad.) Garcia looks like his 2011 was a fluke. Hughes looks like he did in 2011 only healthy with a fastball, only he can’t harness his fastball and doesn’t have a put-away pitch and if he has one it’s not putting away anyone with it. Nova looks like he’s picking up right where he left off last year, but who knows how long he will be good? He’s long overdue to hit the wall. Pineda is overweight and still rehabbing. Pettitte is having his spring training now and it is not 100% guaranteed he will be 2010 good or better if/when (probably when) he returns. He’s 39 and didn’t pitch all of last year. Phelps is doing a great job as a long man and while I’d love it if the Yanks gave him a looksee as a starter if Garcia or Hughes keep sucking before Pettitte or Pineda returns, he is an unknown quantity as all he’s done for the Yanks so far is be a reliever. Can his stuff translate into starts?

    The only solution I see for this rotation problem is for the Yanks to trade for Felix Hernandez. Yes I know he’s signed through 2014 thus there is no urgency whatsoever for Seattle to trade for him, but I think the Yanks have the four-starter package in Nova, Hughes, Banuelos, and Betances to land him and Seattle would take it. Cashman could even grow a pair and tell Seattle they won’t be offered a better package than this for Hernandez, if they say oh yeah, then the Yanks could say (to themselves) let them keep su cking and we’ll get him for less than what we offered or just sign him. BTW ever think Hernandez might say he’s sick and tired of the losing and wants out? If he does that, they will trade him before his contract is up as they don’t want a malcontent who could do what Mussina did in his walk year with the Orioles: refuse to sign with who he’s traded to unless he goes to a team he’d want to stay with, and he’d never tip his hand to his new team.

    Seattle will have no AL suitors for Hernandez besides the Yanks. Kansas City, Minnesota, Cleveland, Chicago, Tampa Bay, Baltimore, and Toronto can’t afford to take on his salary AND keep him, and none of them are trading away the farm for two months of him before he signs elsewhere. And do you honestly see Hernandez wanting to lock himself up with them when those teams collectively have one exactly ONE World Series after 1993 (2005 Chi-Sox)??? I don’t. The last American team among those teams that won a World Series before the ’05 Chi-Sox was the Twins (’87 and ’91), before that the ’85 Royals and ’83 Orioles. Take away the Blue Jays and Twins and that’s exactly TWO World Series wins by the above teams after ’82. Boston is tied up with Crawford and Hernandez and they’ll need to keep Lester and Beckett their only reasons for living / not being an overpriced Orioles. Detroit is tied up with Cabrera and Fielder and they’ll need to lock up Scherzer and Porcello one day, Verlander whenever if he’s still great at contract’s end. The Mariners are not trading Hernandez to a division rival, so that eliminates Oakland, Texas, and Los Angeles. Even if they wanted to trade Hernandez to a division rival none of them would trade for him. Oakland couldn’t afford him. Texas wouldn’t re-sign Wilson, you think they’re locking up Hernandez for Sabathia’s initial contract with the Yanks Hernandez will command? I don’t. Los Angeles isn’t paying for another monster contract after Pujols and Wilson signings and the Weaver extension, plus they’re stuck with an overpriced fading Torii Hunter and need to keep Haren and Santana.

    The Yanks are the only AL team the Ms could realistically trade Hernandez to where the taker is able to keep him. “What about an NL team?” If the Yanks couldn’t get him, I would LOVE for Seattle to trade him to an NL team – he’d be out of the league and one less headache for the Yanks to put up with.

    Bash me for my trade idea for Hernandez all you want, but have the balls to come up with a better one or someone else the Yanks could get. Forget the best guys on the Angels, Tigers, and certainly Red Sox. Forget Hamels cuz why trade for him when he could be signed in the offseason? Forget Halladay or Lee, especially if the Phillies lose Hamels. Forget Johnson – Miami isn’t trading him, their ace, in their inaugural season. Forget Lincecum, Cain, Bumgarner, and Vogelsong.

    What starting pitcher other than Felix Hernandez could the Yanks get who could be the #2 behind Sabathia AND keep either by control, extension, or re-signing after 2012? They’re not winning the 2012 World Series with the rotation after Sabathia or winning the 2013 World Series with Sabathia/Pineda/Nova/Any two from Hughes, Banuelos, Betances, Phelps Mitchell, Warren, and a veteran scrapheap pickup or two.

    To conclude, if the Yanks got Felix Hernandez they should see how he does the rest of 2012 and 2013 and if he’s still King Felix, they should offer him a record 7 year $162M extension after 2014 (basically Sabathia’s initial contract plus a mil) he’d take in a heartbeat. Sabathia and Teixiera would be off the books after 2016, Rodriguez after 2017, so the Yanks could do this. You have to give up something to get something.

    • your mom says:

      wow, longest post ever?

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      We don’t have Montero. They literally need to give them the top 6 or 7 prospects to get Felix. And the Mariner’s don’t want to trade Felix at all. There’s no chance we’ll get Felix. The reason why Cash had to settle for Pineda is because Felix was unavailable just like every other ace in the league.

      They should’ve gotten Halladay if the plan was trade Montero for an ace. I can see not wanting to overpay for Lee or Haren in their situations but with the use of hindsight Halladay would have been wonderful.

      And props to the long post and I will feel sorry when people bash you for saying the f word.

    • Johnny says:

      I read all of that, and I think the following two things:

      a) Felix has said on multiple occasions he wants to stay with Seattle. He keeps repeating it, and he seems sincere.

      b) I think it’s insane to give up that much for one pitcher. I think you’re giving up more than you’re getting back.

    • flamingo says:

      BTW ever think Hernandez might say he’s sick and tired of the losing and wants out?

      I’ve heard people in Seattle wonder about this. It’s become an ever-louder persistent murmur there.

      • Johnny says:

        He could absolutely come out and say that in the future, but from what I hear, for some reason—I don’t know why—he seems absolutely intent to stay there and has actively said that he does not want to leave.

      • Havok9120 says:

        Sure, they murmur it because they worry about it. Not because anything he’s said or done indicates that that is the case.

    • Stratman9652 says:

      So… gut the farm to trade for Felix after a rocky first 11 games? Sounds about right.

    • papa says:

      sorry what did you say

    • Havok9120 says:

      All I’m going to say is that 1) the Mariners have no interest in trading Felix. Period. And 2) Felix prefers to remain in Seattle and there’s no guarantee we’d resign him at the end.

      Rentals aren’t worth the risk when they’re that expensive. I thought the same with Lee when the situation came up in 2010.

    • JFH says:

      I think War and Peace is a faster read than this post.

  226. Johnny says:

    Rangers finally set Boston down. Saltalamacchia (or however it’s spelled) GIDP. [Insert inevitable joke about the letters on the back of his jersey weighing him down here.]

  227. Tom Q says:

    Didn’t we just see that exact play last inning?

  228. Greg says:

    Axisa’s pissed. They are IBB’ing Morneau

  229. Greg says:

    You could PH A-Rod for Martin and bring Stewart into the game. But I dont think they are going to do that.

  230. Jeff Karstens, Male Model says:

    Somebody called the pinch-hitting Arod with the bases empty, kudos.

  231. Chen Meng Wang says:

    I don’t understand this, you pinch hit Nunie earlier in the game with runners on, but you use Alex to lead off in the 9th.

    • Greg says:

      It was too early then. If they had gotten a runner on last inning, they would have used A-Rod then.

      Plus Nunez has hit the ball well so far this year

    • Sabathiasgut says:

      Cue a comment from Mike A to attempt to make you feel like an idiot for asking a great question

    • forensic says:

      That’s the 6th inning, I agreed with not using him because you’re basically undoing the point of trying to get him the day off, and Nunez has actually out-hit A-Rod in the sample of this season so far. If there was a better situation last inning he would’ve hit for Nunez, but there wasn’t.

      I was also questioning his usage here in my head at first, but then I remembered that Martin is 9th tonight and there are no other places to use him, so might as well try one AB for a terrible hitter and see what happens.

      • Chen Meng Wang says:

        I get it, I just wanted to win this game because even though it’s early in the season and blah blah blah, if for whatever reason we loose the division for one game these are the games I look at and think..if only..if only

  232. JCYanks says:

    I’m not a ledge jumper. I am just sick of seeing this team live down to their potential this early in the season. I am not conceding that we wont make the playoffs or start playing good baseball. It just looks like we are too similar to last year’s ALDS. We cant get timely hits and our pitching is sporadic. I dont need some fucking saber metrics high tech analysis from Einstein to see that. Sure, for any other team I would say wait we have a good lineup and everything on paper. But this is the f’in yankees. we have been told the culture is win win and win. Thus, my personal expectations are higher then losing games to the twins at home, even in April. I know it sounds like I am ignorant for wanting to win all the time, but for as much investment I have in this team, I always say i have an addiction, I want to see some more W’s. Like not going after balls in left field is some bs. It is just disappointing to us losing games like this, no matter what time of year.

  233. Don'tcha Know? says:

    Not enough homeruns by the Yankees on this homestand. Whatever happened to “TOO MANY HOMERS!”?

  234. Jeff Karstens, Male Model says:

    But… but… the batting practice homeruns!!!!!11!

  235. Athenian says:

    Tough game. That pinch hitting made little sense.

  236. cjc says:

    fuck god damn rangers

  237. Chen Meng Wang says:

    FUCK YEAH JEETS!!!!!!!!!!!

  238. Paul VuvuZuvella says:

    Good Lord DJ.

  239. Stratman9652 says:

    So this is what it was like when Jeter was Jeter?

  240. Chip says:

    ……….wow, just wow

  241. YankeesJunkie says:

    Derek Jeter making this contract look better the last three months.

  242. Don'tcha Know? says:

    Horrible swing on that second pitch to Granderson.

  243. Preston says:

    Well he isn’t just mashing lefties anymore…

  244. Johnny says:

    I don’t know if Tex needs redemption but if he does it’s gonna come here

  245. flamingo says:

    El Capitan, huh? Insane.

  246. Karl Krawfid says:

    Grandy has been taking first pitch get me over offspeed strikes all damn year.

    Makes me sick.

  247. William Bonney says:

    If Teixera homers here all will be forgiven.

  248. forensic says:

    Granderson hasn’t gone consecutive starts without striking out since mid-August. I get it, for the most part strikeouts are basically just another out, but geez, make some damn contact!

  249. Kevin G. says:

    Tex you’re such a tease

  250. Johnny says:

    Boy, for a second there…

  251. Chen Meng Wang says:

    Damnit Tex. Just got under it a little bit.

  252. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Move Jeter to cleanup.

  253. Mariano's Pimp Hand says:

    John Sterling is the WORST!

  254. flamingo says:

    John Sterling is the ABSOLUTE WORST.

  255. Greg says:

    Just couldnt get over the hump. In danger of losing a series to the Twins

  256. YankeesJunkie says:

    Bleh…need Hughes to step it up tomorrow.

  257. Johnny says:

    I love you John! :D

  258. Greg says:

    Cant blame the offense. Kuroda put them in a bad hole

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      Pretty much. Frustrating to watch a guy not be able to contain the damage and give his team a chance to win. Even with that…..they almost pulled it off.

      There will be losses like this. There will be series like this. What can i say. Go for the split tomorrow and move on.

  259. JCYanks says:

    lmfao what did sterling do? Call it way before as usual

  260. William Bonney says:

    He hits a LONG DRIVE! AND THAT IS…a foul ball. No, I’m sorry, it’s been caught. Game over, Twins win. FU Sterling.

  261. cjc says:

    so when the twins were good they couldn’t buy a win in NY only baseball

  262. Johnny says:

    So did Ibanez have any anti-web gems today?

  263. Chen Meng Wang says:

    In Sterling’s defense I had the same thought process in my head it went from “It’s gone, no wait foul, no caught. damn.”

  264. Dummies Playing With Balls (formerly Rainbow Connection) says:

    Did anyone else hear Michael Kay say that Jeter was batting a ‘lusty 377′???

    • Plank says:

      Everything is lusty when you have calm eyes.

      • Dummies Playing With Balls (formerly Rainbow Connection) says:

        Maybe he mashed up ‘lofty’ and ‘robust’?

        • JohnnyC says:

          Buy a dictionary. Lusty means “full of vigor, robust.” It doesn’t mean full of sexual desire.

          • Plank says:

            Have you ever used lusty in a non-sexual sense?

            • JohnnyC says:

              Lustful does not equal lusty. They’re two different words.

              • Plank says:

                You really know how to suck the humor out of Michael Kay calling Derek Jeter lusty.

                • JohnnyC says:

                  Only someone who didn’t know the meaning of the word lusty would find what Kay said funny. He used the word correctly to highlight Derek’s unexpected power revival this season. However I do find your intractability on this issue very amusing.

                  • "The American Dream" Lusty Rhodes says:

                    Funky like a monkey!

                  • Plank says:

                    I stand corrected, you clearly know how to tickle the funny bone.

                  • Plank says:

                    It totally does mean full of lust, by the way. It means healthy, too.


                    lusty (comparative lustier, superlative lustiest)
                    1. Strong, healthy and vigorous.
                    2. hearty and enthusiastic.
                    3. (informal, proscribed) Given to experiencing lust; enjoying physical sensations.

                    • JohnnyC says:

                      Proscribed: banned or prohibited, illegal.
                      Meaning it is not a legitimate use of the word even though some “informally” use it that way. You’re digging a deeper hole for yourself.

  265. Sabathiasgut says:

    Rangers lose in OT, yanks lose again to the sucky twins. FU Wednesday

  266. Nunez aka the good,the bad and the ugly says:

    Sucks to play 500 ball

  267. Don'tcha Know? says:

    Geez. WTF is up with our division? Really looks like the Rangers and Tigers are the teams to beat this year. Unless our pitching makes a significant turn-around and the offense wakes up a bit, I just can’t see them getting to the World Series. Rangers are scary.

    • Greg says:

      So far the standings in the AL are showing two dominant teams (Detroit and Texas) and then a bunch of average and mediocre teams

      • Don'tcha Know? says:

        I’m sure I’ll get crucified for even hinting at such a thought . . . But are the Yankees STILL dominant? I won’t go as far and say they’re “mediocre” but I surely have not been impressed yet by what I’ve seen. I like Detroit, Texas, and Tampa . . . and, well, because I’m a Yankee fan, I’ll never, ever discount the lowly Red Sox. Yankees will be good, I’m sure, but I’m not yet convinced they’re in the same stratosphere as those big two and Tampa. (Tampa’s pitching, to me, is just filthy)

        • Plank says:

          Their hitting will be very good, not great.

          Their pitching is more of a question mark, but if it comes together as expected, they should be among the elite teams in the AL.

          The problem is that the league is pretty good at this point.

          • Don'tcha Know? says:

            Yeah. I’m not TOO concerned about the pitching. I think the staff will be good on most days, but, like you said . . . The hitting . . . There’s much left to be desired. Clearly I could be wrong, but does this pinstriped crew NOT sport the streaking lineup of hitters in baseball? It’s like they’re ALL capable of being great, but a large portion of them suffer from inconsistency. I always advocated keeping Montero. I thought that was the dumbest move possible. And while signing Prince would’ve been a dream, I’m not sure if it was ever a realistic possibility. The point I’m trying to make is that the biggest, gaping hole of last year’s team was the offense. I know not too many would agree with that assessment, but because of the inconsistency of our aging All-Stars, having that reliable threat in the batting order would’ve been a GIANT upgrade. Not to mention… they have pitchers down on the farm. They sign a few 3s, 4s, and 5s, and just rely on CC and company to keep steady the course. Offense. It’s what this team is missing. Sounds crazy, I know, but had they maintained Jesus and acquired Prince, there’s no question about whether this team is elite or not.

        • Chen Meng Wang says:

          I think Texas is a better all around team, but I think that Detroit is slight overrated and playing a little over their heads. I don’t think much of their bullpen or their rotation past Verlander. Tampa is an enigma, you would think they cant score enough to keep up with power houses but they always do, I don’t get it.

        • Robinson Tilapia says:

          I guess you could look at, I don’t know, the million other times this team’s been at about .500 in April and turned out just fine….

  268. teddy says:

    real awesome yanks playing 22.5 million for carlos pena

  269. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Frustrating to watch Kuroda lack command after being so lights out last time. With time will come consistency, I guess, but not being able to stop the bleeding after that rough first inning was tough. Even with that, the team came close.

    You know what the trolls will say, but those of us who’ve watched this team for a long time have been through plenty of .500 Aprils and seen things turn out just fine.

    If Gardner’s on the DL, for God’s sake, give us Dickerson once the bullpen is rested enough that Eppley can go back down.

    • Plank says:

      Won’t Dickerson have to be added to the 40 man then go through waivers to get sent down again in 2 weeks?

      If he was out for longer, I would be all for it, but I’d rather have him in reserve.

      Actually I don’t care either way. Okay, I’m officially rambling now.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        You’re right. Forgot he was DFAd.

        Melky Mesa’s still on the 40-man? Only OF options on the 40 man are him and Zoilo. I sincerely doubt either of those is happening.


  270. Chen Meng Wang says:

    Is there no game tomorrow? :(

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