Open Thread: 4/3 Camp Notes

Pettitte to pitch against Mets tomorrow
The RAB Bracket Challenge Winner

The Yankees lost to the Mets on an Ike Davis walk-off homer this afternoon. Ivan Nova was simply awful, with no command of his fastball and lots of hard hit balls. Not even reduced-velocity Michael Pineda was giving up that much hard contact. Nova allowed five runs on eight hits in 2.2 IP and now has two bullpen sessions to figure things out before his first regular season against the Orioles next Monday.

David Phelps only threw 1.1 IP while D.J. Mitchell threw three full innings, making me wonder if Mitchell is the front-runner for the long man spot. Nick Swisher had two hits (double and homer), Eduardo Nunez had another hit, Doug Bernier had two hits, and a bunch of other guys had one knock each. Here’s the box score and here’s the rest from Spring Training

  • Both Jayson Nix and Dewayne Wise will start the year in Triple-A. They had out clauses in their contracts, but could have only used them if another team offered a 25-man roster spot today. That didn’t happen. Bill Hall doesn’t have an out and will head to Triple-A. [Marc Carig & Jack Curry]
  • Both Cesar Cabral (elbow) and Brad Meyers (shoulder) will start the season on the DL. The two Rule 5 Draft picks can not be placed on waivers or returned to their original teams unless they are 100% healthy. [Chad Jennings]
  • The roster has to be set by 5pm ET tomorrow, though the last two bullpen spots are really the only positions up for grabs. Clay Rapada is a virtual lock for one. [Carig]

Here is your open thread for the night. All five hockey and basketball locals are playing tonight, plus MLB Network will have a pair of games on later tonight. You folks know how this works by now, so have at it.

[Spanish version of Cano’s commercial is available here]

Pettitte to pitch against Mets tomorrow
The RAB Bracket Challenge Winner
  • Nick

    So Joba and Cabral to the 60 day DL?

  • Crazy

    The Yankees rotation is a problem. They need to package Pineda, Nova and Hughes together and hope for somebody useful, maybe Mike Pelfrey.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Sounds like a plan. Book it. Pelfrey the M’fing savior.

    • RetroRob

      What are you, crazy or something?!!

    • Rey22

      Sounds legit. Maybe if we add Banuelos we can add a RH power bat like Jason Bay. If we take on all his salary, of course. Otherwise this trade proposal would be absolutely crazy.

    • Jesse

      Sarcasm detector went off on this one.

      • Crazy

        Sarcasm? Just crazy, man, crazy.

  • Manny’s BanWagon

    Even though spring training doesn’t mean much, I’m starting to worry about Nova.

    I wonder if Pineda hadn’t gotten hurt if Nova would have been sent to AAA considering how poorly he’s pitched.

    • Pat D

      I was thinking that while watching him today.

    • RetroRob

      His velocity is fine. What hasn’t been fine is his command. Pitches are up. Not good for someone who is supposed to be generating ground balls. That’s generally mechanics, so it could click right back in once he figures out what’s off.

      But, yeah, if not for Pineda’s DL, they very well could have sent Nova to AAA to work on his mechanics. If he doesn’t right the ship, could still happen with Pettitte coming down the tracks.

    • vin

      Of course I have no sources, but my hunch is that Garcia was definitely going to the pen unless someone hit the DL. They’d give 3-4 starts to get on track, and if he’s still off, then they’d send him down or phantom DL him and let Freddy start. Just like the Hughes situation from last year.

      • vin

        They’d give NOVA 3-4 starts, that is.

  • Eirias

    The erstwhile Sox closer, Andrew Bailey, will out for basically the entire season after he gets thumb surgery tomorrow. Bard back to the bullpen?

    • nsalem

      I don’t think they should nor will take that route,

    • jon

      I dont think so, they did all this work to start him why not see if he fails

      i think he will and will be the closer by the ASB

    • RetroRob

      I think they’ll see how Melancon does as closer and Bard in the rotation, but I can seeing them pulling the plug quickly on both.

  • j6takish

    The Orioles were playing a lot of regulars today and still got beat by a bunch of college kids. Ouch

    • ROBTEN

      On a given night, a Major League club facing University of Florida with some stud on the mound, could beat that club. You’re trying to telling me the University of Florida Gators are better than a Major League team? For that one night, they had some kid who was throwing 95, he had a great slider. They won one game.


      Al “The Amazing Kreskin” Leiter

      • I am not the droids you’re looking for…


  • Brian

    Bidding farewell to Cashman’s mistake in Kei Igawa

  • Mike Myers

    You would think after 20 Mil Igawa would goto a dentist.

  • pistol pete

    Nova might settle down now that the season is going to start. I’d pitch Freddy in the 4 hole. He’s more solid right now and maybe Nova can work on his mechanics a little more with the pitching coach. The five hole isn’t a heavy necessity in April with so many gaps in the schedule. It will also keep some innings off his total so late in the year he will be fresher than he was last year. I really wonder if there’s some lingering injury from the forearm injury he suffered in game 5 vs the Tigers in the playoffs. I certainly hope not, he’s young, has a plus arm, and is cheap and under control.

  • qwerty

    Nova is done,send him to AAA and bring up Phelps or Warren.

    • Geo

      I love overreactions.