Yanks place Manny Banuelos on Triple-A disabled list


The Yankees have placed top prospect Manny Banuelos on Triple-A disabled list with a sore back. Brian Cashman told George King that the left-hander is expected to miss one start with a lat issue, so at least it’s not a disc. Banuelos, 21, walked six in two innings last night and was underwhelming in his previous start, so hopefully this back issue explains it and he can move on.

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  1. All Praise Be To Mo says:

    I think this a phantom d.l. trip so he can figure out his mechanics and get a quick breather. Nothing wrong with it, before it gets in his head with another bad outing, get him some throwing time on the side and work on getting his control back.

    • Bo Knows says:

      you can’t be serious

      • bpdelia says:

        Im pretty sure he is and it makes perfect srnse. When have the Yankees ever let any pitcher, this one is the second most important young pitcher in the organization, only miss inr start with an injury. They are insanely protective and cautious. If he was hurt they would say “we r going to be.very cautious with him and not rush him.” Now there are no questions. Seems reasonable and a real smart way to handle it. Im sure hes sore but if he was coming off 16 ip no runs 8\1 k/bb he wouldn’t be on the dl.

        Maybe not the case but not some insane conspiracy theory.

        • Jamey says:

          If they were trying to hide struggles they would have said fatigue or one of the other dozens of vague ailments available. They wouldn’t have made up a back injury, as I’m sure Manny’s agent would have had a huge problem with that. At some point Manny will be going through arbitration or negotiating a new contract & I don’t see them being all cool with The Yankees putting “back injury” on his resume no matter how little time he ended up missing for it if it was totally bogus.

    • Jamey says:

      seems awfully specific for a “phantom injury”, no?

  2. MannyGeee says:

    This kinda sucks. could be worse, could be ligaments…

  3. Dummies Playing With Balls (formerly Rainbow Connection) says:

    I still think PIneda lied about the ‘soreness’. He pitched like poop that night and used it as an excuse. Then it turned into a George Costanza-level lie. Afterall, we did ‘import’ him from the Mariners as we ‘exported’ Montero.

    • bpdelia says:

      Now see this is a conspiracy theory. Its way WAY WAY MORE LIKELY he lied about NOT being sore than vice versa. Ive spent alot of times arouns athletes pretending nothing hurts is a huge part of the culture. Even in high school and college we got the while “injured vs hurt wink wink” spiel

  4. roberto sira says:

    A pineda lo que le duele es el, corazon.

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