Cashman: No extension talks or search for bullpen help ongoing

Yanks can't hit good pitching, beat Felix anyway
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Via A.J. Perez, GM Brian Cashman confirmed that the Yankees are not currently negotiating a contract extension with any players, including Curtis Granderson and Robinson Cano. That’s not terribly surprising; the team’s policy is to wait until current contracts expire before discussing new deals, and those two are under club control (via option years) next season. Russell Martin and Nick Swisher are the other notable extension candidates and are both due to become a free agent this winter.

Cashman also confirmed that they’re not seeking for bullpen help at the moment, something we first learned last weekend. “I’m not out there looking for relievers,” he said. The Yankees have plenty of internal options to try out in the wake of Mariano Rivera‘s injury before diving into the trade market, but dealing for a reliever at the deadline shouldn’t be out of the question.

Yanks can't hit good pitching, beat Felix anyway
2012 Draft: Baseball America's Mock Draft v1.0
  • DannyC

    Did he mention anything about his letter of resignation

    • NYinTX


    • Mauro


    • jjyank

      ….up for a little morning trollin’, are we?

      • NYinTX

        The inmates are running the asylum apparently.

      • CJ

        Why is it trolling to bash Cashman?

        • Rich in NJ

          It’s not.

      • dannyc

        I guess you are the guy who discourages new people to the site to get involved? Is that what you want mr. Axisa? Ten everyday guys talking to eachother and no one else can post? Just their abbreviated inside jokes? Im a troll cause i think cashman needs to go? Great site

        • NYinTX

          How are you responding to Mike? He didn’t say anything to you. Besides, this place is far from an echo chamber.

        • Ted Nelson

          Come on, it was a one line post suggesting that one of the most successful executives in baseball resign. That’s pretty much trolling whether it was intentional or not.

          How about a little analysis of why he should re-sign and how he should be replaced?

          • Ted Nelson


          • jjyank

            Thanks Ted. It’s one thing if you give some reasons why you believe some of the decisions Cashman made were wrong and therefore should be replaced. But that one liner about a resignation letter is trolling, I’m sorry.

        • jjyank

          And no, new people are always welcome. But that’s a troll post. If you want to get involved in the community, you are more than welcome, but offhanded comments about resignation letters aren’t really constructive. If you think he should be replaced, make an argument for it. It seemed like a troll post to me, so I responded as such.

  • Slu

    It wouldn’t bother me one bit if they let Martin walk. He is going to command much to high of a salary for someone who basically can’t hit. And it is not like he is the best defensive catcher in the league either.

    • Kosmo

      maybe the Yanks go after the other Montero. He´s reported to be asking 50 mill over 4 years. Might be too expensive for the D-Backs. He´s not worth that in any market but given the general shape at the catchers position throughout baseball it might be worth it for NY. Left handed hitting catcher with good pop and decent defensive skills is better than anything NY has around for the next 3 years or so.

      • Kevin Winters

        Might be too expensive for the D-Backs


        Might be too expensive for the Yanks.

        • Kosmo

          I agree 12.5 per is expensive.

    • OldYanksFan

      If he doesn’t hit, why would he command ‘much to high of a salary’? It’s also possible he would like to stay on the Yankees.

      • Slu

        Yeah, typo from my phone. Thanks for pointing it out (with single quotes for some reason). I’m so glad you were still able to understand my message. I’ll take proof reading my posts on a Yankees blog much more seriously now. This is serious business.

        As to why he would command a salary that is too high, if the rumors from the off season are true, what he was looking for in an extension was too much for what he does on the field.

        But you are correct in that if he continues to suck, his price may come down. But I stil think at his current level of production, almost no price is worth it. Regardless if he wants to return or not.

    • DM

      With a subpar year along with Romine’s back, I think his chances of re-signing are higher rather than lower. The Molina contract won’t be the benchmark for him if this keeps up.

    • CJ

      Martin is not good enough to extend beyond a bargain contract. Surprisingly too many pass balls for a defensive catcher

  • V

    There is -no- way they can keep both without signing them to extensions before their contracts are up, just based on how the AAV for salary caps works.

    • Need Pitching

      both Cano and Granderson have 15M options for next season. Signing either to an extension, the AAV of the next contract would begin with that 15M option price for next year, which would have a relatively negligible effect on AAV of the new contract.

    • Ted Nelson

      That’s just not true.

  • JohnnyC

    I think the FO wants Austin Romine to take the job in 2013. If he can get clear of his back problems, that is. And they see Sanchez being ready in late 2014 or 2015 at the latest.

    • Ted Nelson

      If Sanchez was counted on to be in MLB in two years I don’t think he’d be repeating Low A. It’s certainly possible, but it’s a best case or rush scenario.

      I think they’ll play it by ear and see how things play out. It would be great if Romine can handle the job, but I don’t think they’ll force him into the spot.

  • LarryM.,Fl.

    The comments sound sensible in the article. The Yankees do have options at AAA. Plus the internal option allows us to keep the younger kids especially if 189 in 2014 is still the goal. Signing Montero to catch at 40-50 million will throw the budget out of kilter with Cano, Granderson and Swisher to be considered.

  • Manny’s BanWagon

    Most of us knew that Life after Posada wasn’t going to be pretty. Now we know what it’s like to have a zero offensively behind the plate.
    I’d rather see them pass on Montero and use that money towards Cole Hamels.

    • Brian S.

      +1. We should let Martin walk and sign Cole Hamels. Chris Stewart is a light hitting defensive catcher under team control for the next three years that will probably cost us less than a million dollars next season.

      • Need Pitching

        Chris Stewart won’t be the starting catcher for the Yankees any time soon. They’d use Cervelli as the starter before they would use Stewart.

        • Duh Innings

          Here’s the thing:

          Stewart is a better defensive catcher than Cervelli who can’t hit. What has Cervelli shown for him to take over as everyday catcher from Martin if the Yanks don’t keep Martin? He lost the backup catcher job to a guy who didn’t play a single spring training game for the Yanks (Stewart.) That speaks volumes about what the Yanks think of Cervelli which is nothing, or he’d be the backup catcher.

          If Martin fell to injury today and was out for two months, Cervelli would be called up to be Stewart’s backup because the name of the game at catcher is defense not hitting (unless your hitting is so good it makes up for the lack of defense) or in Cervelli’s case, hitting .230 or worse with poor defense.

          • Need Pitching

            They’ve already said that if Martin gets hurt, Cervelli will replace him as the starting catcher. He lost the backup job primarily because he had options, Stewart did not.
            No question Stewart is the better defensive catcher, but Cervelli in his career has been much, much better than Stewart offensively. Cervelli career: 272/338/354 .308 wOBA 85 wRC+, Stewart: 204/272/289, .249 wOBA 51 wRC+. Maybe his struggles in AAA so far would change the Yankees thinking somewhat and they would share time rather than Cervelli being the primary. I seriously doubt they would go into next year expecting Cervelli to be the starting catcher, but there is really no chance at all they would expect Stewart to be a starter. He can’t hit. At all. And there is no reason to expect him to start to hit.

    • Ted Nelson

      Martin is a career .336 wOBA hitter who posted a .325 wOBA last season… It’s 99 PAs this season. A fraction of a season.

  • Endlessmike

    You can’t sign Cano for a long contract. Second basemen never age well. Even Hall of Famers.

    • CJ

      This doesn’t really matter all top players are going to get a contract that will be too much at backend. So if cano walks he has to replaced by an elite hitter, not necessarily at 2b just offensively. Which would gave to be a FA signing, he’s not in farm system and not available on trade market.

    • Kruk That Noise

      They can’t let Cano walk. There’s no way they could do that to the fan base after already pissing all over the Montero Parade.

    • Ted Nelson

      A bunch of 2B have aged well. There’s a good article on fangraphs.

  • http://none Dimaggio’s Left Shoe

    sign hamels; sign felix when he goes free agent; do not sign the hamilton kid

  • Duh Innings

    Here’s what the Yanks should do after they pick up the 2013 club options on Cano and Granderson:

    Offer Cano a 5-year x $18M a year = $90M extension which takes him through age 36 which he turns on 10/22/18. If he rejects this offer, trade him then make Nunez the new SS, Jeter the new 2B for 2013.

    Trade Rodriguez, Teixiera, and Granderson in the offseason then reacquire Austin Jackson and Alfonso Soriano, re-sign Melky Cabrera and Juan Rivera, extend Jeter for $37M through 2015 ($18M for 2014 + $19M for 2015 so he gets $1M raises for two more years), and extend Gardner through 201X.

    ‘Bottom line is the Yanks CANNOT lock up two more guys into their late thirties (to me ages 36 through 39) when they already have one guy in his late thirties locked up long-term in Rodriguez and another guy in his mid-thirties locked up long-term in Teixiera.

    2013 All-Homegrown Yankees Starting Nine under my plan:

    C – Romine / Cervelli* under control
    1B – Jeter extended through 2015
    2B – Cano extended through 2018
    3B – Ronnier Mustelier / Brandon Laird under control
    SS – Nunez / Ramiro Pena under control
    LF – Jackson under control / Rivera signed through 2014 (give him an inexpensive two-year deal)
    CF – Gardner extended through 201X
    RF – Melky Cabrera signed through 2018 (six years x $10M = $60M should do it – his walk year is the same as his pal Cano’s)
    DH – Alfonso Soriano signed through 2014 only ($18M for 2013, the same for 2014)

    *Stewart re-signed, Romine or Cervelli the third-string, emergency catcher and backup 1B if Stewart beats him out for a catching job in spring training

    • Nico

      I’m really really REALLY hoping this is just an elaborate joke.

  • Weeks

    Anyone know why the Yankees have the policy of not negotiating contract extensions until current contracts expire? Isn’t that the more expensive way to go?