Injury Updates: Eduardo Nunez & Austin Romine

Curtis Granderson and the opposite field
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Got a pair of injury updates from the minor leagues…

  • Eduardo Nunez (thumb) has started taking ground balls in Tampa and should return to Triple-A Empire State soon. He was placed on the DL a week or two ago after essentially jamming his thumb. [Andrew Marchand]
  • Austin Romine (back) has been cleared for baseball activities, something he’s been unable to do since Spring Training. Last week we heard that he was going to be out until July with an inflamed disc in his back, which fits with today’s news assuming they’re going to be conservative with his workouts over the next few weeks. [Romine on Twitter]
Curtis Granderson and the opposite field
2012 Draft:'s Latest Mock Draft
  • DM

    DRob is gonna be out another 2 weeks per Cashman. I apologize if this is already posted somewhere.

    • Mike Axisa

      Yeah I saw that but it’s basically nothing new. Yesterday we heard that he was likely to throw off a mound for the first time on Saturday. Figure three or four bullpens plus two or three minor league rehab games and you’re at weeks already.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Here’s to a successful recovery for Austin Romine. You hate to see a young guy like this potentially get his career derailed by a chronic back issue, especially a guy who has a shot of becoming a decent MLB catcher.

    Can’t wait to get DRob and Gardner back.

    • jjyank

      Yup. Romine is the best catching prospect above A ball, one would hope he could at least serve as a stop gap until either a FA signing, trade, or one of the lower level guys comes up. Hopefully the back problems are a thing of the past, though I fear they might now be. I’m in Romine’s general age range, and have thrown my back out twice already. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy thing to shake.

      And yeah, D-Rob and Gardner are huge. Perhaps Gardner even more so. Certainly miss his stolen bases and the defense.

  • M-Three

    It will be very good to get Gardner and D-Rob back. This line-up missed the speed threat that Gardner brings. Plus, I miss his defense in left field.

    D-Rob’s return will put every back in their normal place. With Wade and Logan back to the 7th inning and Phelps as the “Aceves” role, the bullpen will be much better with D-Rob setting-up Soriano.

    As for Romine, I hope that he can returns to full health so that he can continue his career as possible our future catcher. Hopefully his defensive skills aren’t hurt by this injury. Theres only 1 question that needs to be answered now, does Cervelli remain in Triple-A as Romine’s back-up or does he go down to Double-A to be their back-up?

  • JB in Manhattan

    I don’t get why Nunez is on the DL. It’s only a thumb. He has 9 others to field with.

    • Brian

      Did you see how terrible he was with all ten? Image minus one!

      • JB in Manhattan

        Just my AAAtempt at humor. It was thumb joke.

  • Alex

    Eduardo is fielding ground balls?! When did that start happening?! He wasn’t fielding them before he got hurt.