Report: Two teams interested in Francisco Cervelli

Rosenthal: Yankees not in the mix for Oswalt
Game 39: Interleague

Via Wilmer Reina and MLBTR, forgotten backup catcher Frankie Cervelli has heard that two clubs are interested in trading for him, but the Yankees do not want to move him. Just a shot in the dark: I’m guessing the two teams are the Angels and Nationals. Both are short behind the plate due to long-term injuries at the moment.

“Now I only worry about working at my job and developing as a player,” said Frankie of the rumors. He’s hitting just .217/.272/.255 in 28 games for Triple-A Empire State following his surprise demotion at the end of Spring Training. Cervelli is the team’s third catcher and having that depth is important with Austin Romine (back) out for the foreseeable future. Frankie shouldn’t be off limits in trade talks, but the Yankees also shouldn’t be looking to just give him away.

Rosenthal: Yankees not in the mix for Oswalt
Game 39: Interleague
  • RetroRob

    Cervelli was sent to AAA so they could keep what’s his name on the MLB roster. (Seriously, I’m drawing a blank on his name!) The AAA back-up catcher (Tatum — yeah, his name I can remember. Go figure.) they acquired has already gone down with an injury, and who knows what’s going on with Romine, so Cervelli is extremely valuable for man banished to AAA on the never-ending road trip.

  • Fernando

    It’s too much to expect but the team should be interested in Steve Lombardozzi (Nats) or Mark Trumbo (LAA). Good, cost-controlled guys that can help the push to 189K. Doubt either guy can be had for just Cervelli. No need to trade the depth, unless the Yanks can add a young position player that can help now or be close to helping.

    • bobtaco

      The Yankees might have had a shot at Trumbo before the season started, when the Angels weren’t sure if they had a lineup spot for him, and Pujols and Morales were regarded as offensive sure things…

      …but I doubt he is available now.

    • JU

      I saw Lombardozzi have maybe the greatest ST game ever when I was at a game in Tampa this yr. The guy has a compact little stroke and just hits line drives everywhere. He also made multiple nice plays at 3rd. What other positions can he play?

    • duderinough

      I love Frankie but you must be high even thinking about Trumbo in that deal

  • LiterallyFigurative

    The Yankees current woes are due to the Curse of the Cisco Kid!!!!!!

    2008 we miss the playoffs.
    2009, 2010, 2011 we make the playoffs with Cervelli on the team.
    2012, send Cervelli down, see what happens? 4th place.

    Keeping the Fist Pump Man down is a fireable offense!

  • Chad Gaudin the Friendly Ghost

    Cervelli for Strasburg, who hangs up first?

    • Rainbow connection

      RFK Jrs wife?

      • ThisIsBaseball

        Too soon?

  • Craff

    you’re certifiably insane if you think the angels would give up trumbo for cervelli.

    • Chad Gaudin the Friendly Ghost

      Forgive me for interjecting, but to quote him:

      “Doubt either guy can be had for just Cervelli.”

      • Craff

        I saw that too but cmon. Unless banuelos is the other guy in that trade, cervelli isn’t even a starting point. trumbo is hitting .370/.427/.640 after 29 bombs as a rookie. cervelli is struggling to stay above the mendoza line in AAA and isn’t anywhere near as good as people think he is. he can’t hit and has thrown out 14% of runners the past two years and is at 15% in aaa this year. They’d be smart to trade him for middling prospects if you ask me.

        • RetroRob

          Based on your talent evalution of Cervelli, sounds like you’re overvaluing what you want back for him. Who would give even a middling prospect for what you described?

          Yet as the Nats and the Angels are discovering, and Cashman knew earlier, you don’t want to be a GM trying to find a back-up catcher when you’re in need of one. One of the many differences between fantasy baseball and real baseball.

          • Craff

            Obviously you missed the part where I talked about his bad defense. Didn’t know how catchers throw out runners was a fantasy stat. Back up catchers should be good catch and throw guys and that he is not. For three years now, he’s thrown out around 15% of runners. For comparisons sake, Posada who everyone hated behind the plate, threw out 28% in his career. Add that to an overrated bat and I don’t get why people value him so much. Catching depth is all he is and they would not get anything of value back for him and any thoughts otherwise are just a dream.

            • RetroRob

              Actually, you missed the point entirely.

  • Cuso

    Called that the day that Ramos went down.

    Noons cares, I know.

  • Tim

    Can we please throw Nunez in with Cervelli?

  • infernoscurse

    I dont want to trade cervelli and wish he were up with the big team now but if traded do it to the nats for sean burnett

  • Dan in Atlanta

    Dear God, please trade him and send Nunez with him

    • All Of The Above

      I wouldn’t send Nuñez away…you prefer Brandon Laird and Ramiro Peña over Eduardo??

  • dannyc

    I wouldnt be surprised if this martins career ending slump continues through all star break if frankie takes over. At least cervelli is full of energy, i cant stand watching martin anymore