Still no date for Mariano Rivera’s knee surgery


Via Bryan Hoch, there is still no date set for Mariano Rivera‘s knee surgery. He’s still getting treatment and therapy for the blood clot in his right calf, and doctors want him to strengthen the knee before going in and repairing his torn right ACL. For what it’s worth, Mat Gamel of the Brewers torn his ACL a few days before Rivera but did not have surgery until today. Apparently waiting a few weeks for the swelling to go down and stuff is common with this kind of injury. Hopefully they can get Mo fixed up within a month so he can begin the rehab process.

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  • Charlie in SD

    Not to worry, I’ve had many a friend have ACL surgery over the years. The docs like to wait a couple weeks (or more) to let the swelling reduce before diving in and performing surgery. Still plenty of time for rehab.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Hopefully, they’ll go in and realize it already fixed itself.

    • Steve D

      thats good

  • RI$P FTW

    Well this is going great.

  • bobby two knives

    also, “pre-strengthening” the leg and knee better prepares the recovery and physical therapy following surgery.

  • G-Money

    If a knee is operated on with a significant amount of swelling and stiffness there is a strong change the knee will heal post op with a limited range of motion. That’s why there’s at least 2-3 weeks of downtime before surgery. The Pre-Hab is essential. The stronger the leg is going into surgery the quicker the recovery time. Post Op it’s the hamstring that does more of the stabilization for the leg while the new ligament sets in place.