Swisher back in lineup at DH

Offense lifeless again in loss to Royals
Game 28: Through the rain

After a full week on the shelf with a low-grade left hamstring strain, Nick Swisher is in this afternoon’s lineup at DH. He’s been hitting in the cage/batting practice for a few days and tested his leg running the bases yesterday. The Yankees can certainly use the lineup boost, so Swisher’s return is very welcome.

The bad news: there are severe thunderstorms in the forecast today and the Yankees don’t play in Kansas City again this season. They’d have to sacrifice a scheduled day off and travel to make this one up if the rain forces a postponement.

Offense lifeless again in loss to Royals
Game 28: Through the rain
  • NoH

    I just hope they aren’t doing this too soon.

  • Plank

    An extra day off might be exactly what the Yankees need to clear their heads, rest their bones, and get on track.

    But what do I know?

  • DM

    A rainout isn’t bad if it comes when you’re short-handed or playing poorly. You might field a better team when you make up the game.

  • Dummies Playing With Balls (formerly Rainbow Connection)

    You mean these poor, helpless millionaire/victims are going to have to fly back to KC sometime to play a 3 hour game?
    Something needs to be done about this! What an outrage!

    • V

      Go troll somewhere else, please.

  • EdwarRamirez

    Don’t look now but Maxwell’s doing pretty well for the suddenly dangerous Stros offense

    • Havok9120

      Where were you for the first 2-3 weeks when he was stinking it up?

      Meanwhile, his K% is over 35% and he’s got a BABIP of .444 (!!). If you consider that sustainable then more power to you.

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

        He’s also had literally one good game. 2-for-3 with doubles last night, six singles in his previous 20 games.

  • CS Yankee

    It’ll be great to have Swish back in the game. Seems like Swish, Jeet, and Grandy are the only hitters that are doing something in the first 5 weeks. Although Teix and Arod seem to be turning the corner.

    Let’s get the split at least, as it stands now Tampa or Texas are building a big lead for the postseason.

  • Jeter Meter

    Kim jones is hotter than Meredith marakovitz

  • RetroRob

    Hughes’ last start today as Andy takes the mound in the minors?

    BTW Empire State Yankees starting pitcher for today is listed as TBD. That’s not how Pettitte is spelled. Did his start get moved to Trenton, or pushed?

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