FanGraphs Q&A with Tyler Clippard


David Laurilia of FanGraphs interviewed former Yankee and current Nationals closer Tyler Clippard when Washington was visiting the Red Sox last weekend, and the two spoke about a number of topics that I thought were worth sharing. Clippard spoke about having a “closer’s mentality” and the idea of leveraging relievers, why he falls off to the first base side on fastballs and the third base side on offspeed pitches, why he thinks he could go back to starting, plus a whole bunch of other stuff. It’s really fascinating stuff and gets RAB’s highest level of recommendation, so check it out.

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  • jjyank

    Cool interview, thanks Mike. Too bad he isn’t doing that for the Yankees, but such is life.

  • DM

    I always loved his stuff; and I never liked that deal. But I thought he’d stick as a starter wherever he wound up.

    • qwerty

      You don’t like the fact that the yankees gave up on a top pitching prospect for a AAAA reliever? :)

  • nick

    Mr. Laurilla is a cool dude, as is Clippard, great stuff. Remember Newman saying what a mistake it was not trying Ty out as a reliever before they dealt him, oh well but rooting him regardless (except this series and when Nats/Yanks meet in WS of course).