Heyman: Yanks don’t see Carlos Quentin as a fit

Another Update: RAB Goes To Washington Drink Up 6/16/2012
Yankees scouted Ben Sheets recently

Via Jon Heyman, the Yankees don’t see Padres outfielder Carlos Quentin as a fit should Brett Gardner‘s elbow injury turn out to be a long-term thing. He says they would likely seek a speedy outfielder similar to Brett should they explore the trade market.

Quentin, 29, is off to a monster start with San Diego — .591 wOBA and 291 wRC+ — after missing the first six weeks of the season with a knee problem. It was his fifth DL stint and third surgery since 2007. Quentin can straight mash from the right side, but he’s a defensive liability and obviously a health risk. He’s also scheduled to become a free agent after the season. I like him but there are obvious reasons to be skeptical.

Another Update: RAB Goes To Washington Drink Up 6/16/2012
Yankees scouted Ben Sheets recently
  • Robinson Tilapia

    A guy who’s a defensive liability would not be an ideal short-term replacement being that we already have a guy who’s hitting and is a defensive liability out there. You gain a younger guy who’s also injury-prone. Not seeing a reason to give up young players for Quentin unless we can get him on the cheap.

    • Manny’s BanWagon

      Totally Agree.


      • Robinson Tilapia

        That’s some weak game there, son.

        Kevin Durant will win plenty of championships before he’s done. I just want the monkey off the Heat’s back. Tired of hearing the talk ever since they signed Lebron and Bosh.

        I’d love so much for them to somehow find themselves a center next season.

        • Manny’s BanWagon

          I hate LBJ as much as I hate the Red Sox and as a Knicks fan who has never seen them win a championship in my lifetime and had to endure the Michael Jordan knife through the heart years, I’m sorry to say I have no sympathy for you since you already got your title.

          They’d be better getting rid of Bosh or Wade and bringing in some better role players rather than having almost nothing around the big 3.

          • Reggie C.


            LBJ will be taking his talents back to the beach real soon after his boys get swept. Go Thunder!

            • Reggie C.

              Uhh, yeah. Carlos Quentin’s start is great and all but he doesn’t really fill the void left by BG. There are more sluggers than speedsters likely to be available at the deadline so chances are that the yanks stay put if they stick to that scheme.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            The Knicks are probably my second-most hated team in all of sports, pretty much up there with the Red Sox. I actually think I could be more tolerant towards the Sox sometimes. You don’t spend the 90’s in Miami and develop warm feelings towards the New York Knicks. Sorry.

            People refer to Yankee fans as entitled, but there’s a whole lot of Knicks fans who dislike Lebron because he had the nerve not to choose the Knicks, which is just laughable.

            The Knicks are a terribly run franchise. The Isiah years were beyond embarassing (and he went on to coach my alma mater after that…). The only way I’d have oonsidered switching allegiances was if somehow, Wade would have come up here. Thankfully, that didn’t happen.

            We can still be friends, MBW.

            • Ted Nelson

              Sad stuff…

              • Ted Nelson

                And for the record, people dislike LeBron for reasons other than not taking the Knicks… Guy is not very likable.

                People dislike the Heat because they tried to take less money to artificially create an all-time superpower, so it would be awesome if they never won even one. And people in NY hate them because they only became a relevant franchise when Riley spurned the Knicks for them. If that doesn’t happen the Heat would probably still be the east coast Clippers.

                • Robinson Tilapia

                  ….or they would have found another way to win.

                  No sense in rehashing Riley. He’s been a part of the franchise pretty much longer than he was involved with the Knicks or Lakers.

                  I don’t see what the Heat tried to do artificially. Three guys took less money to play together. You may not have liked the flashy intro and all that (I certainly wouldn’t have greenlit that), but there’s nothing wrong with them taking less to play together.

                  There’s a drawback to this too. There’s so much money invested in those three guys that they’re going to be exchanging veterans on the cheap to fill out that roster forever, never mind finding an actual presence up the middle not named Joel Anthony. I’m not blind. The team has flaws.

                  I don’t have a huge connection to LBJ. I’m glad he’s part of the team. You could say it’s the same kind of connection some Yankee fans still might even have towards A-Rod. Wade is my guy.

                  I was there in ’88. That’s my team. They’ll be hated less eventually.

            • Ted Nelson

              I do agree that the Knicks are horribly run under Dolan. That guy is a WAY bigger doucher than even LeBron. Hopefully he’ll get around to selling them soon.

              He’s only been their since ’94, though, and only took a more active role in ’99. Was a well run organization before that. Hopefully will be again soon. He’s at least taken a back seat since the Isiah drama played out.

              • Robinson Tilapia

                Agreed. Nothing against Ewing or the pre-Dolan Knicks, much like I really can’t say I have much against Yaz, Rice, or Dwight Evans.

        • Kevin G.


        • jsbrendog

          i hope the closest bron bron ever gets to a championship is the one my office fantasy team one won this yr.

          • jsbrendog

            and i am not a knicks fan. or a thunder fan. i just want lebron to be one of those man he was the greatest player ever to not win a title.

  • CountryClub

    Hopefully the Yanks release good news about Gardner today. Then, they should add 2 weeks of rest on top of whatever the Dr tells them. I dont care if he doesn’t come back until August; just as long as he comes back healthy.

  • DM

    “Yanks don’t see Carlos Quentin as a fit”


  • PJ

    What speedy outfielders figure to be available on the trade market?

    • http://fendersonandhampton.com Cuso

      Denard Span

      • Robinson Tilapia

        We know Cashman trid to make a play for him before.

        I’m not sure I’m seeing the need to go for anything other than a depth move at this point. Ibanez + defensive replacement have actually filled in well.

        • Ted Nelson

          + Jones

      • Voice of Reason

        Span’s signed cheaply for another three years, it would be kind of an odd and expensive move when the Yankees would probably just be looking for a stopgap.

    • Bavarian Yankee

      names that immediately come to my mind: Juan Pierre, Denard Span (probably to expensive in terms of prospects), Nyjer Morgan.

      Span should be available, Morgan probably too but I’d go for Pierre if there’s a chance to get him. He still has a very good batting average and a very good OBP but the big question is if the Phillies fall out of contention and what they’d want in return for Pierre. Probably not too much.

  • JohnC

    Roger Bernadina

  • Roy

    The question is what is needed. If Curtis Granderson were to need a few weeks off, then right now, there are no answers. You would be looking at something like Dwayne Wise and Chris Dickerson.

    I think that Raul Ibanez/Andruw Jones with Dwayne Wise as an end-of-game player is OK.

    If the Yankees are looking to a post-Swisher outfielder then maybe Quentin is an answer. I think he has a 2013 option though

    • http://fendersonandhampton.com Cuso

      Quentin is not a post-Swisher answer in any way whatsoever. He’s a bat. He’s a full-time DH starting next year.

      • Ted Nelson

        Disagree. Bad defender, but an option.

  • A.D.

    He’s also scheduled to become a free agent after the season.

    In my mind if you’re not getting someone to replace Swisher (or at least provide insurance for his departure) then you might as well no do the deal

  • Roy

    Good article on the subject by Ken Davidoff in today’s NY Post


    Shane Victorino
    Dennard Spann
    Torii Hunter
    Alfonso Soriano
    Carlos Quentin are mentioned.

    • Travis L.

      How about going the route of Alex Gordon or Jeff Francoeur of the Royals? They have Wil Meyeres in AAA (raking by the way) and will need to get him to the Majors. They may be willing to move one of these two guys. I’d take either one. Somone from another blog also mentioned Josh Reddick. He is playing well in Oakland and could be a decent replacement for Swisher. I’m still kinda hoping Swisher puts money aside just to stay in the city that has embraced him so much over the last couple years. Plus he met his wife here and may not want to leave….#wishful thinking.

      • Travis L.

        Spelling fail…meant to type Myers.

  • Kosmo

    release Andruw Jones and Wise call-up Dickerson and Mustelier.
    or trade a couple of pitching prospects for Alex Gordon.

  • Smart Guy

    Lorenzo Cain!

    Bring him to pinstripes!

    • Robinson Tilapia

      A new thread: the saving grace for many a point which flopped in a previous one.

      Nothing against the guy, but that’s a flyer, not a solution.

  • bobtaco

    Not saying you want him, but Coco Crisp is probably also available for not that much… the A’s have a lot of OF surplus…

    • Kosmo

      Crisp is owed about 4-5 mil for remainder of this season and an additional 7 million for next year. He´s hitting about .175 last time I looked. Pass.

  • nsalem

    The way Gardner spoke the other day leaves me very skeptical about his health (specifically the comment how he knew what was wrong but was waiting to hear from another doctor on Thursday before he says anything) and I am expecting to hear some not very good news.

  • tsaavedra

    I’d like to see Melky back with the Yanks.

    • Travis L.

      I second that.

      • jsbrendog

        not at what he’s going to cost in $$ and length after his last yr and if he continues this this yr. he’ll get more than swisher.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Yeah. There’s pretty much the problem. At some point, some GM is going to realize he just threw some major bank at Melky Cabrera…..and then drown himself in scotch.

  • Yankeefan Arod Fan

    how about mark teahen if he opts out of his minor league deal with the nationals.

  • Travis L.

    How about Michael Saunders from Seattle? Angel Pagan or Melky from San Francisco? Chase Headley from San Diego? David Dejesus or Tony Campana from Chicago (N)? Seth Smith or Reddick from Oakland? Lots of options boys and girls!!! Even Willingham would be ok. LOL.

    • jsbrendog

      ok, here we go.

      headley is having a good year and is arb eligible for the first time next year. he will be expensive plus if SD thinks he is good why would they trade him if they expect to compete in the next 2-4 years, which, let’s be honest, anyone can do in the nl west.

      why would SF trade two of the only people on their team who can hit not named posey/panda? they’re in contention always with that pitching staff. they need to add offense, not subtract.

      reddick is having a career yr and isn’t even arb eligible til 2014. billy beane trades pending free agents, not his best player still under team control.

      seth smith is the only other guy who can hit on that team other than cespedes and reddick and he is arb eligible next yr. see reddick.

      dejesus is an option with a 6.5 mill option for next yr and 1.5 mil buyout as a stopgap til austerity but what then? plus he is meh.

      tony campana sucks

      willingham is having a career year and is in absolute beast mode. insane and will cost the moon plus wasn’t he just signed? why would they trade their best offensive player??

  • Brian S.

    We should trade for Quentin’s teammate Will Venable. He has a career road wRC+ of 127 compared to 89 wRC+ at Petco. And this year he has a 178 wRC+ on the road compared to a 64 wRC+ at home in Petco. He would mash in Yankee Stadium and has three years of team control left.

    • Brian S.

      He’s not a great defender I don’t think but he doesn’t lose all his value in the field like Quentin does.

  • Dan S.

    What about a trade for Peter Bourjos?