Tyler Austin to represent Yankees at Futures Game


Rosters for the 2012 Futures Game were released today (USA, World), and the only Yankees farmhand headed to Kansas City is OF Tyler Austin. The eligibility rules are quirky but I believe every club gets at least one representative but no more than two, except for the host team. That’s why three Royals were selected for the game. I thought C Gary Sanchez had a pretty strong chance of being selected, but alas.

Austin, 20, has been the farm system’s MVP this season and it’s not particularly close. He has a league-leading 14 homers with Low-A Charleston this year, and he also leads the South Atlantic League with a .475 wOBA (by 30 points), a 188 wRC+ (18 points), and a .319 ISO (52 (!) points). The actual game will be played the Sunday before the All-Star Game next month.

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  • Brian Cashman is Watching

    Padres got two prospects in the game, but one is Yasmani Grandal, one of the best catching prospects right now, taking one spot from Sanchez.

    Just a guess, but the Braves only have one prospect in the game, and its World catcher Christian Bethancourt, so Sanchez may have been hurt in the numbers game. Don’t know anything about the Braves system though.

    • Steve (different one)

      Speaking of Grandal, you know who has been awful this year? Mat Latos. That’s a guy no one would have blinked trading Montero for….

      • Will The Thrill

        People who were high on Latos are delusional. The pitched in Petco and I don’t care what his splits were. When you pitch half of your starts in Petco you’re going to look like a better pitcher than you are on paper. Imagine if Hughes was Padre, his stats would be Matt Cainian. I would’ve like the Yanks to have traded for Gio since unlike Pineda he was a bit more established and a lefty which is always nice.

        • Ted Nelson

          Way to use hindsight there!

          • JMK

            Seriously. I do like the phrase “Cainian” though.

      • JU

        Youre right I wouldn’t have blinked. I would’ve spit in cashmans face. Much like I wanted to do when he traded him for Pineda.

  • yooboo

    I am not sure how do they set up the rosters but I think 30 teams scouts and BA make selections.

    No more than 2 prospects per organization but one each side. A same prospect can be selected twice.

    I would love to see Bryan Mitchell on the USA roster and Gaby Sanchez on the World roster. Too bad that USA are loaded in pitching. Austin will do, though.

    • yooboo

      Interesting.. Padres have two prospects on the World roster. WTF? Get him out of the roster for Gabe Sanchez.

      • yooboo


        • Crime Dog


          • yooboo

            sorry.. Dont know why i keep calling him Gaby.

            • Robinson Tilapia

              Confusing him with the Marlins guy, probably.

            • Crime Dog

              Are you saying Pam or Pan?

  • Paul VuvuZuvella

    Is Tyler a Top 100 prospect now?

    • yooboo

      Not now but I am pretty sure he will be soon.

  • Will The Thrill

    Who else thinks Tyler Austin will be trade bait for someone like Hamels or Garza?

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Still a single-A lottery ticket. No one’s centerpiece.

      • Ted Nelson

        Single A guys can be centerpieces, especially for a mid-rotation guy nearing FA like Garza. Haren and Pence were both dealt for A guys. Javy.