Yankees had scout at Zack Greinke’s start today


Via Jon Morosi, the Yankees had a scout at Zack Greinke’s start against the Reds today (box score). Given their past history with Greinke, this was likely routine coverage more than anything else. A week or so ago we heard that they had someone watch Wandy Rodriguez as well.

About two weeks ago Joe wrote that the Yankees are likely to be connected to every available starting pitcher between now and the trade deadline just because. There’s no such thing as too much pitching — look at how quickly the rotation thinned out today — and getting involved could theoretically drive the price up for other interested teams. If the Yankees do add a pitcher before the deadline, I would be surprised if it was someone of Greinke’s caliber. A smaller depth move seems more likely.

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  1. Josh says:

    What would it take to hypothetically acquire him?

    • John says:

      A good shrink to start

    • blake says:

      depends on the market and how many teams want him….but generally in these rental type deals the team willing to part with a top prospect gets the player. A lot of teams would deal B listers to get him..somebody will step up and give a top guy or more…for the Yanks I would guess Banuelos would probably have to be in there unless they were willing to part with more than one off the Charleston club.

    • jsbrendog says:

      it’s different now that you don’t get draf pick compensation from him

  2. dark says:

    Clayton Richard ?

  3. blake says:

    and I should say I probably wouldn’t pay what it would take to get Greinke….or Garza either for that matter.

  4. Dewayne is wise says:

    What would the phillies want for Hamels? Also is this team willing to let cano or granderson go because of it?
    Your rotation next year would be
    Thats a strong staff and strong for awhile.

  5. TomH says:

    Whether they make a move to acquire Greinke depends on a lot of things: how Freddy does, how any AAA guy does they may bring up, how much of a taste of victory has formed in their collective mouth as a result of the past month’s play–and do they want to see victory slip away due to a “thinned out” staff.

    I don’t have too much faith in ol Freddy. As for Warren, if he’s the guy, I dunno–seems like an awful lot of hits/inning as compared to last year’s (final) total.

    No matter how you look at it, today’s announcements are a real downer. Hard not to believe there will be a down-mood on the team itself too.

    It really would be a good time for ARod to start on a tear.

  6. Robinson Tilapia says:

    ….and a bag of diapers! Ba-dum!

    If you want more, see the nice lady outside. CD’s are available for $10 outside.

  7. Dewayne is wise says:

    Ah what can be if Cash goes all in and gives up some chips
    2013 yankees
    CL Robertson
    Set up Aardsma,Joba
    Logan,Phelps,? Not a bad staff
    Just need a catcher(napoli) a real utility guy,and a RFer.

  8. 2 to no aces says:

    I really wish the Yankees would go after him. He’s got great stuff and great command. Doesn’t walk a lot of guys either. Ever since Montero got traded, I almost don’t even care anymore if we trade prospects. Just go out and get a guy who can do the job now and Greinke can do that now and for many more years.

  9. Cesar "Stairs" Cabral says:

    Greenke es un pendejo.

  10. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Re-sign Zack Kroenke. Fly him to Milwaukee and, when no one’s looking, have them switch places.

  11. BK2ATL says:

    Just no on Greinke. Just no.

    Common sense thing, I don’t see Cashman doing ANYTHING with Greinke or Hamels. Both WILL be free agents after the season. Cashman won’t give up anywhere near what it will take to get either of those two. We’re not desperate. But the stories including the Yankees with these two have started and will continue until 7/31.

  12. Smart Guy says:

    trade for grinke, sign hamels



  13. pistol pete says:

    Going to need an arm and none too soon. Too much pressure on Kuroda Nova and Hughes as they move up the ladder of the rotation. It’s not just the fill ins its the pressure on back end guys to be frnt end guys. Grienke, Rodriguez, and Garza are suspects, ehat will it take?

    • BK2ATL says:

      You willing to give up Banuelos, Williams and possibly one of Nunez/Phelps/Romine for a half-season rental?

      That’s where the conversation will start…and on Cashman’s end, that’s where the phone gets hung up.

  14. tyrone sharpton says:

    at this point…trade anyone other than mason or gary sanchez for greinke! lol a healthy rotation with greinke and pineda added on would be sick next year

  15. Bwhahah says:


    Make it happen Cash

  16. Robinson Tilapia says:

    I’m glad all the smart, rational fans are here on this, and not the Open Thread.

    This team will not go anywhere unless we swap Robbie Cano for 1968 Bob Gibson now. Phil Hughes is going nowhere, and I don’t particularly *whispers* trust Asians.

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