Update: Pettitte suffers setback during ankle rehab

Austin apparently hurt in Tampa win
Game 101 Spillover Thread

9:36pm: Via Davidoff, Brian Cashman said it was just the “ebb and flow of rehab” and will not delay his return. Pretty much the nicest way you can say it was a setback without actually saying the magic word.

5:41pm: Via George King and Ken Davidoff, left-hander Andy Pettitte has suffered a setback during his rehab from the broken ankle. Pettitte said he “did a little too much in Seattle,” and the ankle “hasn’t healed up as much as (the doctors) thought it would.” There wasn’t as much progress made during weeks 2-4 as there was in weeks 1-2, so for now they’re just going to back off a bit and “take it easy.”

Pettitte, now 40, was expected to miss approximately two months after a one-hop ground ball fractured his left ankle. That put him on target to return in early-September, so any kind of delay will put his return to the team in jeopardy, at least for the regular season. He’d obviously need some time to shake the rust off after coming back.

Austin apparently hurt in Tampa win
Game 101 Spillover Thread
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  • Karl Krawfid

    Doing too much in Seattle?


    • Jacob

      The fact you could say that about Andy shows how idiotic YOU actually are.

    • jjyank

      Dude, setbacks happen. Doesn’t mean anyone is an “idiot”.

      • RetroRob

        Everyone is an idiot and a moron on the Internet.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          I thought it was just me.

    • TomH

      “Idiot” is a common term of abuse among twenty somethings, part of their sad oedipal repertoire of assuming they are readier to lead and control than their elders (e.g., Pettitte age group).

      • jjyank

        As a “twenty something” I take a bit of offense to that. Respect has much less to do with age than it does attitude and upbringing. Not all of us are disrespectful douches, and I’m willing to bet many of the trolls that frequent these boards are “elders” (stuart a, I’m looking at you). Don’t judge a generation on one troll.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          It’s tough to come back as he has. This is why I always tempered expectations as to Andy. Let’s still hope for a speedy recovery and getting his best pitching yet when he’s back.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            replyfail…..from a thirty-something.

        • Ted Nelson

          TomH comes on to leave the ocassional snide complaint… Pretty much a troll.

          • TomH

            Pretty much NOT a “troll.” Too many of you confuse disinterested analysis with “trolling.” You’re the fan equivalents of that ridiculous White Sox announcer.

            I was a Yankee fan BEFORE you were even a thought in the mind of God.

        • TomH

          I apologize for the sweeping generality. However, I do think the point holds for more people in that age group than for those in other cohorts. But it was wrong to be so sweeping.

  • Kevin

    Not a surprise sad to say. I don’t think we’ll see him back this year. I still say if only he hadn’t retired in 2011..there is a chance we could have been holding the trophy at the end of the year.

  • Gonzo

    Getting old is rough.

  • mt

    This is why I laugh when people absolutely counted on Pettite as our number 2 starter in playoffs so we don’t need pitching, the others who were counting on Brett Gardner around All Star break even after setbacks, the ones now counting on Joba and Aardsma, and even Arod. When you have these long-term injuries (over 4 weeks) the greater likeliness is that there will be setbacks in rehab as opposed to meeting the original timeline.

    Add in the fact that some of these like Andy and Arod are on wrong side of 35 and likelihood is even higher for setbacks.

    • RetroRob

      In one thread, people wanted him to be the #1 starter in the postseason.

  • Jco2

    Idiot? Sounds a little harsh for a guy that is just busting it to get back to help the club.

  • crawdaddie

    I don’t think it’s a setback at all his body is telling him to back off to let it heal properly.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      One man’s “back off a bit” is another man’s “setback.”

      I certainly get your point, though.

      • Ted Nelson

        I would also say they are two distinct things.

  • DERP

    It’s pretty much a given that A-Rod will have a setback, right?

  • DERP

    Also Tyler Austin limped out the field in Tampa after a double.

  • Jose M. Vazquez..

    It is sad to hear this bad news about Andy. Surely hope that he makes it back in good form for the playoffs.

  • Brian S.

    Son of a bitch.

  • MannyGeee

    Bummer… He’s gotta stop aging an’ shit… It’s really bumming me out..

    • RetroRob

      We’re all aging. Some of us are slightly ahead in the race to cease aging!

      BTW While Pettitte and any 40-year-old athlete on average is going to be more prone to injury than an equivalent 25-year-old athlete, the type of injury Pettitte sustained and his recovery from it is not really age related. Eventually bones do become more brittle as people enter their 60s, 70s and old age. Osteoporosis impacts everyone eventually, especially women post menopause, but it’s unlikely Pettitte’s age is contributing anything to the initial break and his recovery.

      • jjyank

        This. The injury itself was a freak thing and non-age related. It’s very likely that age has little to do with recovery as well. I’m more willing to buy into the “age card” for muscle related injuries than I am for bone injuries.

  • It’s a Long Way to the Bronx (If You Wanna Hirok ‘N’ Roll)

    Sucks to hear this news. Probably typical Andy, trying to get back earlier than expected to help the team. You have to admire that. Hopefully he doesn’t stop trying to rehab because of his age, but that doesn’t seem Andy Pettitte-like.

  • Jacob

    Well hey good news is it is not a huge setback *knocks on wood*

  • RetroRob

    Setback doesn’t necessarily mean it will delay his return.

    Pettitte by his nature is probably trying to push himself to get back sooner rather than later and it’s up to the Yankees to pull him back.

  • LarryM.,Fl.

    Wow! Calling Andy an idiot. No words can express the stupidity of the comment.

    This being said. If Andy doesn’t come back than the Yankee chances of going all the way is lessen. Calling upon Nova, Hughes and Kuroda to be better than the regular season could be a bit much.

    Come on Andy get better soon!

    • Rainbow connection

      To be fair, Andy is religious. That’s the opposite of smart, but it has nothing to do with his rehab.

      • jjyank

        In a vacuum, the atheist is my agrees with the general sentiment. But the RAB in me thinks this is a stupid comment.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Your opinion on religion has nothing to do with baseball.

      • RocketMan86


        Are you really that ignorant, bigoted or pathetic? Considering how religion has been a major factor in the vast wealth of scientific, artistic, literary discovery and advancement your argument really displays no logical base.

        Anyone who has ever watched Andy pitched realizes how far religion can take someone. The brilliance behind such “stupid” religious ballplayers like Mariano Rivera or Albert Pujols leads me to think you fail to comprehend what defines smart.

        As a devout Catholic, I’m done with websites that allow such prejudice. Ban this idiot, Axisa or I’m thru with your blog.

        • http://thecarsboneblog.tumblr.com Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle

          Everybody has a right to their beliefs, and I’m not attacking yours at all. However to say “Anyone who has ever watched Andy pitched realizes how far religion can take someone,” is an insult to Andy in my opinion. Andy Pettitte got as far as he did, as every athlete or even successful person, does. Through hard work and talent. Being a religious person does not make somebody better or worse at baseball, or harder or less working.
          As for being mad at Rainbow Connection: you have every right to be mad at him, but to get Axisa or any of the Admins involved is slightly childish, don’t you think? Just because somebody has a different belief system from you, and feels very strongly about it you want him banned? I’m an open bisexual, while I might be offended by someone saying something that could be construed as a homophobic remark I’m not going to get butt-hurt about it. I’m sure as hell not going to ask for that person to be banned because as offended as I might be, I realize that this is the internet. Most people on here are the terrible selves they don’t allow themselves to be in real life, and they also have the same freedom of speech as I do.

          tl;dr leave your religious beliefs at the door, this isn’t the place for them. Don’t get butt-hurt by offensive things.

          • jjyank

            All of this.

        • Genghis

          Your efforts at censorship belie your claim that religion is an impetus for progress.

        • Ted Nelson

          Besides what is said above… You don’t have to be smart to be a good ball player.

          Trying to impose your religious beliefs on others is pretty ridiculous. Please do leave. Rainbow Connection is a troll, but That someone disagrees with your arbitrary beliefs doesn’t mean they should be banned.

    • http://thecarsboneblog.tumblr.com Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle

      Not calling on Nova or Hughes, or Kuroda to be better than they have been. Maybe Nova a bit, but the other two…just keep doing what they’re doing and we’ll be just fine in the playoffs. Kuroda’s averaging about 6 and 2/3 innings, 2.4 runs, 5.5Ks, and 1.7 Walks per start this season. Phil on the other hand, including his horrific first six starts is averaging just over 6innings, 2.75 runs, 5.35Ks, and 1.45 Walks per start…that’s good enough to win in the post season.

  • The Real Greg

    Its not really a setback in the sense of the word. It’s more of a delay.
    A setback would entail a re-injury, not a slowness of recovery.

    Nevertheless, Paul Maholm from Chicago would be a nice fit.

  • Betty Lizard

    This is not bad news —yet. It may help keep Pettitte from really jeopardizing his recovery because of his impatience to return to the team. With his work ethic, this reminder will help keep Andy on a slow but steady rehab path.


  • Jacob

    Rothschild said he is still expected back on Sep. 1st he just needs to lay off the gas, My guess is that he was wanting to be back as soon as his 60 days were up but Cash would not let it happen anyway

  • Observer

    God punishing him for lying under oath in the Clemens trial. “Maybe I misunderstood him.”

    • http://fendersonandhampton.com Cuso

      I think the “idiot” comment was just foreshadowing and directed toward this one.

  • I am not the droids you’re looking for…

    Stretch out Joba!

  • Nathan

    I hope Andy comes back in time to be sharp for the playoffs.

    CC, Andy, Hiroki is so much better than CC, Hiroki, Hughes/Nova.