Gardner will have arthroscopic surgery next week

Thursday Night Open Thread
Game 92: The Left Coast

Brett Gardner will have arthroscopic surgery to remove inflamed tissue in his right elbow next week, the Yankees announced. Team doctor Dr. Ahmad will perform the procedure and it will likely end Gardner’s season.

Gardner suffered a bone bruise and an elbow strain on a sliding catch in the team’s 11th game of the season and has since suffered three setbacks during his rehab. He made it as far as minor league games in the first two attempts. The Raul IbanezAndruw Jones platoon has been absurdly productive in left field in the meantime, but the Yankees really lack speed on offense without Gardner. Plus their defense suffered big time. Whether or not they try to plug the hole via trade remains to be seen.

Thursday Night Open Thread
Game 92: The Left Coast
  • Erica


  • Charles

    Noooooo :(

    Who do we get on the trade market then? Victorino?

  • 23553

    Well. That’s. Great.

  • Dude

    What do we have to give up for ichiro?

    • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too)


    • 23553

      Not very much, but more than we would want to.

    • Mike Axisa

      Negative prospects. The Mariners would have to trade me something to take him.

      • Get Phelps Up

        You’re saying…there’s a chance we could get Montero back????

      • Robinson Tilapia

        *tries to hold itMONTEROin*


      • Andruw’s Smile

        Ichiro, Montero and Noesi for Pineda and Campos.

  • Karl Krawfid

    With the way Jones and Ibanez have been playing….I ain’t even mad. Gonna miss his defense though.

  • Brian S.

    Ken Rosenthal’s sources are hearing Crawford for Rodriguez trade talks between the Red Sox and Yankees.

    • Jimmy Jam

      Never trust a man who hears voices.

    • jjyank

      Yay fake news? I thought that wasn’t allowed.

    • Bob S.

      Come on Rosenthal even the Red Sox aren’t THAT stupid! You have just lost what little credibility you had with me!

  • Greg

    Will Venable from San Diego might be a good fit. Has a good average outside of Petco and is a good defender.

    The problem with Jones and Ibanez is that we don’t want them to break down in September.

  • viridiana

    Can’t remember a year where so many seemingly minor injuries wind up burning the whole season. Same thing in minors too. And that doesn’t even count the weird and obvious seson-enders, like Pineda and Mo injuries. Guys just go on the 15 day DL and never come back.

    • Greg

      Last year it happened to the Mets and Ike Davis

  • Guest

    if the yanks upgrade thats nice but if they don’t… won’t be mad they don’t have the best record for nothing and gardy missed all them games

    • Brian S.

      If Gardner was playing we’d be five games behind the Orioles.

      • Evan3457

        Wow. Just…wow.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    At least there’s some finality to this now. I actually feel relieved.

    To me, nothing changes. You don’t panic. If the right person, who is an actual improvement, is there, you do it. If not, ten games in first with the cast we’ve got.

    • Andruw’s Smile

      The only change I would see/ want to see is Wise or whoever getting more starts in LF vs Jones or Ibanez. Gotta keep those guys fresh for the stretch run

      • Adam

        Agreed with that 100%.

    • Paul VuvuZuvella

      Ah, closure.

    • Will (the other one)

      Agree 100%.

      This sucks, but it’s what I’d think most of us have been anticipating for a while now. The only thing that changes is that now the front office has the concrete resolution they need to determine their strategy going forward. Assuming Brett was never going to come back until much later in the season anyway, this is almost certainly for the best.

  • FachoinaNYY

    Kinda hard to believe, this seemed so minor at the time

  • Andruw’s Smile

    It’s looking more and more like a Game 1 of the ALDS will feature Stewart behind the plate and Ibanez in LF. Interesting to say the least.

    • Mike

      Never know with #BinderJoe. I think he did state Russell Martin would be Sabathia’s catcher, at least for the very first game, in the playoffs.

  • Mark A.

    No way to any rumors of Arod going to boston red sox for carl crawford. Well at least some thing is being done about brett gardner. I don’t like it but get him taken care of.

    • Andruw’s Smile

      I think the Crawford ARod stuff was a joke

      • Greg

        It was a joke.

        • Andruw’s Smile

          “I think” was only a hedge in case Rosenthal heard some crazy shit. Or in case it was Ben Rosenthal, not Ken.

  • dc1874

    Rick Ankiel for free!!!

  • Bartolo’s Colon

    surprise, surprise

  • Cy Pettitte

    looking through the 2013/2014 free agent outfielders and there’s like no one I would want who could be made available. lame.

  • VT Yankee Fan

    I’d like to see them get a pure speed guy for the post-season. Just that guy off the bench for a pinch runner in close games. They had Freddy Guzman in the ALCS in 2009. Do they have anyone in the system?

    • Ted Nelson

      Wise is already on the team.

  • OMG! Bagels!


  • Arya

    Yankee brass sat on this and sat on it and sat on it. He could have had the surgery months ago and been ready for the stretch run! They screwed up again with a young player and injuries.

    • Sweet Dick Willie

      Except there was no indication that surgery was necessary back then.

      But I guess that ruins your narrative.

    • Ted Nelson

      Thanks Arya, aka webMD

  • DM

    Not much of a shock here — but at least all this will temper his 2013 contract.

    • Ted Nelson

      Because your doogie howser impression is more relevant than the team’s Dr.s, right?

      • DM

        You mean the doctors that decided on surgery? Oh, of course not. B/c after all, as Ted commands, “we must” assign 50/50 to his return. Just put on Ted’s virtual reality goggles and you’ll see his model and what it projects clearly. But it isn’t safe to keep them on too long or else you risk smacking into actual reality like its inventor has done over and over and over. That’s the fatal flaw in the design; its detachment from reality. You become like a scared ostrich trying to describe the horizon while your head is stuck firmly in the sand. Just close your eyes to what you don’t like; or worse, create a model that excludes those things and believe in it as though it was derived from all the evidence available.

        Keep working on your “analysis” of these situations as well as your “analysis” of the comments/articles of others. But you might wanna start reading with better comprehension in mind. In your haste to instantly negate you seem to miss obvious points (and clearly written words) routinely. Don’t you need to read (not skim) something before you analyze? Or are you just pretending and creating a false narrative to argue against?

  • Cuso

    Paging Denard Span…..

  • The Moral Majority is Neither

    What would the Marlins want for Logan Morrison?

  • Pinstriper

    I’m not a doctor but just doing a search on “surgical removal of inflamed tissue from an elbow” yielded this. Seems to fit Brett’s condition when you read through it.

  • BrooklynRats

    probably the only positive is, we won’t have to hear his country walk-on songs.
    (get better gardy)

  • tommy cassella

    as good as raul ibanez and jones have been playing, you have to worry about their stamina. after all their are still over two months left in the season. a guy like shane victorino can only help. in addition to being a switch hitter he is a very fast runner who can steal you some bases. the yanks can really use him