Ibanez slams Blue Jays in win

Dickerson, Pena & Cust led the way in AAA win
The Implication of Gardner's Latest Setback

My goodness are the Blue Jays annoying and pesky and all that. This game was a lot closer than the final score indicates, but a win is a win is a win.

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Down Goes Frasor

He may be 40 years old, but you’re going to have to locate well if you want to sneak a fastball by Raul Ibanez when he’s ahead in the count. Jason Frasor tried to give Raul the gas face in a 3-1 count with the bases loaded and two outs in a tie game in the bottom of the eighth, but Ibanez jumped all over it for a grand slam that landed safely in the second deck out in right. Whenever he connects, they really do go a long way.

The inning was all setup by Alex Rodriguez, who singled with one out to get the rally started. Kelly Johnson was unable to unable to reel in a Robinson Cano ground ball to put men on the corners, and Mark Teixeira took a breaking ball to the foot to load the bases. That pitch bounced to the backstop, so A-Rod would have trotted home easily had it not hit Tex in the foot. Usually you need a guy to sell getting hit by a pitch, Teixeira had to sell not getting hit there. Weird.

Anyway, the bases were loaded with one out before Nick Swisher struck out looking — his second backwards K with the bases juiced on the night — for the second out. It was either a great pitch or a hanger depending on who you ask, but it was a pretty great at-bat with a terrible result. Frasor got ahead 0-2 but Swisher battled back to run the count full and fouled off a few extra offerings before taking the strike three. Oh well. Ibanez bailed him out with his latest big hit in a season that has been full of ’em.

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A Phine Job By Phil

The first start out of the All-Star break for Phil Hughes was a pretty good one, with two runs across seven innings on just four hits and three walks. It was only the second time this year he walked more than two batters in a start, joining the complete game in Detroit when he also walked three. One of the two runs came on a cheap Adam Lind homer to right, the other on a booming Edwin Encarnacion double to left. That dude was on everything all night, everything he hit was hard.

All four hits Phil allowed went for extra bases — two doubles by Encarnacion, the homer by Lind, a double by Rajai Davis — so the Blue Jays weren’t missing when he made a mistake. They came into the game with the third most runs in baseball, so Hughes did a pretty good job of keeping guys off base and limiting the damage when they did get guys on. I thought it was questionable to send him back out for the seventh, but Joe Girardi managed to squeeze that extra inning out of his starter to spare a bullpen with a shaky middle relief situation. Good job by Phil to reward his manager’s faith and to more than keep his team in the game.

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The Yankees have now scored 3+ runs in 40 straight games, the second longest single-season streak during the expansion era. They scored their first run on a Russell Martin solo homer that will rank among the cheapest Yankee Stadium homers you’ll ever see, and their second when Jose Bautista missed a Cano line drive on a dive to score A-Rod. Bautista left the game after injuring his wrist on a swing and it did not look good. Although I’ll never wish injury on a player, I hope Toronto realizes how important he is to their franchise and plays it safe by resting him the next two days. It’s only smart.

David Robertson threw a shutout frame while the score was tied in the eighth before Cody Eppley and Rafael Soriano made things unnecessarily interesting in the ninth. It wasn’t really their fault; Eppley did walk a guy but the Jays pushed a run across on an infield single and dinky little bloop. Annoying, like I said. Soriano froze Colby Rasmus on a called strike three to end the game, his 23rd save in 24 tries.

A-Rod singled and doubled, only the second time all season he’s had an extra-base hit in three consecutive games. Cano also singled and doubled to extend his hit streak to 19 games. Curtis Granderson and Swisher singled while Martin and Ibanez added their dingers. It was rather facepalmy that Henderson Alvarez set a season-high in strikeouts (six) after coming into the game with 3.0 K/9. That dude was asking for trouble.

Dear Yankee Stadium faithful: if you are chanting U! S! A! in support of the Yankees during a game against the Blue Jays you are a moron. That is all.


I goofed in Sunday night’s recap. The longest hit streak of Cano’s career prior to this one was 18, not 21. His longest on-base streak was 21 games back in August 2010, but he broke that record in this game as well. So right now he’s on a 19-game hit streak and a 22-game on-base streak. I don’t think Robbie’s had a cheap hit in any of ’em.

Box Score, WPA Graphs & Standings

MLB.com has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs the advanced stats, and ESPN the updated standings. The Orioles are getting got shellacked by the Twins and the Rays lost to the Indians, so the Yankees will have a full nine-game lead in the division in a matter of minutes. The Rays and Red Sox are both ten back, the Jays eleven back.

Source: FanGraphs

Up Next

CC Sabathia will come off the DL to rejoin the rotation in the middle game of this three-game set on Tuesday night. Fellow southpaw Brett Cecil gets the ball for the Blue Jays. Make sure you check out RAB Tickets for the latest deals if you want to catch the game at the Stadium.

Dickerson, Pena & Cust led the way in AAA win
The Implication of Gardner's Latest Setback
  • Dela G

    Let’s go ZZ!!

  • Tom Zig

    Unless Baltimore can score 14 runs, Boston will only be .5 games out of second place. But more importantly, second place is 9 games out of first.

  • William

    Personally, I think the Yanks are going to walk away with the evasion by 10 games. But the Red Sox will get the second Wild card.

    • RetroRob

      I think they’ll have a tough time overcoming the Tigers, especially once the central division plays only each other the last month of the year.

      I’m certainly not going to write off the Red Sox, especially as their lineup gets healthier, but I’m not sure they’re going to have enough.

      • Ted Nelson

        I go back and forth, but the Red Sox do have the talent to go on a run.

        • RetroRob

          Same here. It’s difficult to predict, but I’m guessing the Red Sox will have a tougher road come September playing just AL East teams than the Tigers will, but in reality it’s totally open.

          • Ted Nelson

            Rays are always pesky, but I’m probably more worried about the Red Sox than any division rival.

            Who else do you have for the WC, Angels?

            • RetroRob

              Yes. I’m assuming (always dangerous) that the Angels will continue playing well after their April slow start and will end up with the best record of any non-division winner and will get one of the two Wild Card spots.

              I will now sit back and watch the Indians and the A’s actually win the two spots (which won’t be happening).

          • OMG! Bagels!

            But if we’re sitting pretty, JG might run out a bunch of AAAers during the last series (Red Sox) and help them along.

  • Pat D

    Just watching the highlights on SportsCenter.

    They just had to mention that Martin’s home run would only be a home run in YS3. They made no such mention of Lind’s home run, so I can only assume that his would have been out in another park, right? Right?

  • Bartolo’s Colon

    nice game, glad to cc coming back for tomorrow’s game. oh, by the way, it official, the orioles suck again

  • Rey22

    It really is quite amazing how the Yankees are pretty much laughing in the face of the hardest division in baseball. The worst record in the East is the Jays at .500 and yet the Yankees still have managed to build up an impressive lead so far, the biggest in baseball.

    Crazy awesome.

  • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too)

    The pitch to Swisher was a hanger that was a great pitch for the situation, imo.

  • Brian S.

    So what is the cheapest YS3 home run ever hit in the park? Eric Sogard’s from last year? Delmon Young in game 1 of the ALDS last year? Denard Span in 2009?

    • forensic

      Tex’s walk-off against the Twins in the 2009 ALDS is right up there, even though it was to LF.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa
      • your mom

        That’s pretty cheap, but there’s still room for something cheaper. Like if a ball hit the very bottom of the foul pole.

    • forensic

      There’s also the Martin one against the Mets in June (not the walk-off, his first of the game) that hit the top corner of the wall and bounced almost straight up, just getting into the crowd.

      The Iannetta one from Mike is probably right though, right in the corner.

      • Brian S.

        That is kind of like the Sogard one from last year. Can’t find the video though.

        • Brian S.

          Also A-Rod hit one last year that he thought was a popout and yes, that Martin one that bounced on the wall were pretty cheap.

    • Now Batting

      I recall Tex hitting a broken bat home run. That’s gotta be up there.

      • Rocky Road Redemption

        That was actually pretty well hit. I think he was just using a slightly cracked bat.

    • Jonathan

      I saw us lose to the Royals in 2010 when Billy Butler hit the bottom of the right foul pole in Kauffman stadium. Then there was like a 2 hour rain delay…awesome…


      • eephus_pitch

        That’s why it was a CRIME he didn’t go to the Home Run Derby!

  • Deep Thoughts
  • Now Batting

    I’m sure I’ll be rebutted for saying this (probably deservedly so), but geez does it look like Swisher is a total choke, playoffs aside. Small sample and all that, but how the hell can you allow yourself to get caught looking TWICE with the bases loaded?

    • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too)

      I thought the first AB was awful. I thought getting frozen by the curve in the second AB was understandable (though still incredibly frustrating).

      • Tom

        The issue I had with Swisher (and I mentioned this in the game thread) were the pitches before the 3-2 curve/slider.

        He had several good balls to hit (including a hanging 2-2 curve that he fouled back and a 2-2 fastball also up in the zone thathe fouled back). Sure he got it to 3-2, but he had 3 pitches pretty much middle/middle during that AB.

        People always seem so focused on just the outcome pitch. It’s the same thing with pitchers when you hear “they made just those one or two mistakes”… usually that means they made just one or two mistakes that were hit hard; not that only 1 or 2 mistakes were actually made.

        • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too)

          I was referring specifically to ” how the hell can you allow yourself to get caught looking TWICE with the bases loaded?” which to me is focused on strike 3. I agree he missed some hittable pitches earlier in the AB.

        • Ted Nelson

          You know that fouling a pitch back means that you were right on top of it, right Tom?

          • Tom

            No it actually doesn’t, but that is a common narrtive.
            He also fouled them back and up (not just straight back)

            You know there’s a difference in how the ball is fouled backward, right Ted?

            • Ted Nelson

              A. So what dies it mean? Because my understanding is that the ball hits an inch or so from where it would be a line drive to CF.

              B. You’re taking like two pitches to say something. Get real.

              • Tom

                A) you are thinking pitches fouled STRAIGHT back… did you even see the AB and how he fouled the pitches back (this is rhetorical, because based on your comment, you obviously didn’t see it)

                B) Get real yourself. He had 3 pitches in the middle of the zone…if you are going to be condescending, it would help if you actually knew what you were talking about. Did you even see the AB – based on your comments about him being “on” the pitches he fouled off, I’m assuming you didn’t…

                And what does “you’re talking like two pitches to say something” mean?

                • Tom

                  “taking like two pitches”?

                • Ted Nelson

                  It means the sample size is ridiculous. Barry Bonds missed pitches in his best seasons.

                  I was talking about your comments. He fouled a few pitches back and you rip him for it… An inch and those could be hits.

                  • Tom

                    He fouled back hittable pitches (including a cement mixer breaking ball).

                    It’s one thing to miss a pitch – he had 3 pitches pretty much center-center. That’s not a good AB where he just got fooled on the final pitch which is what some are making it sound like… he had 3 or 4 real good pitches to hit with the bases loaded and did nothing with them – that’s a bad AB. If this constitutes “ripping him” great – I called it a really bad AB (as opposed to simply the portrayal of him getting fooled on a single 3-2 pitch)

                    He also fouled them back, up and off to the 3rd base side…. That’s not just an inch – that’s missing on the plane and on the timing. Your hypothetical inch and these would be lazy flyballs to LF (which may or may not get deep enough for a sac fly) or I guess they could have flared in as well. He also could have swing over them and nubbed them down the 3rd baseline for an infield single or hit a groundball screamer to SS for a DP. He could have sped up his bat and pulled them for a HR too.

                    The bottom line is he had 3 or 4 hittable pitches and failed to make any sort of quality contact and get the ball in play with the bases loaded. I guess this can be spun as a good AB and he was inches away from being good before being badly fooled on a 3-2 pitch?

                    Did you see the AB?

                    • Ted Nelson

                      Yes, I saw it.

                      Every hitter barely misses pitches. That is not something to get bent out of shape about. Have you watched baseball before?

                    • Tom

                      It was a bad AB… when describing something as a bad AB, typically the sample size is… the AB? However never having seen baseball before, perhaps I should be using Swisher’s AB from Apr 23rd to observe whether that was a good or bad AB or create a hypothetical where he squares the ball up and say “it could have been a good AB and he ‘just missed'”

                      And my point was (and is) it was a a bad AB not simply because he took strike 3, but because he had a bunch of chances with hittable pitches to put the ball in play and didn’t. My issue is people making it sound like it was just the 3-2 pitch that made it a bad AB and as a result it’s hard to fault him too much for just getting fooled on one pitch, when that clearly wasn’t the case.

                      So spare the platitudes of everyone misses pitches….when you get 3 or 4 pitches to hit in an AB, you need to hit at least one of them, no? And you keep saying barely missed… these pitches weren’t fouled straight back to the screen behind him where his timing was perfect and he was just under them (which is what you seem to be portraying)

                • Ted Nelson

                  My comment hasn’t come through, but the sample is risiculous and missing a P by an inch is not something to get upset about.

    • Brian S.

      Well, Swisher does choke in the playoffs. Look at the last three years as evidence.

      • Ted Nelson

        And Cano choked in the playoffs for a bunch of years too, until he didn’t. And ARod. And a bunch of others.

        • eephus_pitch

          Jeter’s choked his way through plenty of playoff rounds. He almost singlehandedly lost the ’07 series to the Indians. Yet he has a crazy reputation as a playoff stud.

    • forensic

      In April everyone was saying how clutch he is having a huge year in his contract year. Now, almost 3 months later, he’s having his worst non-White Sox season since his sophomore season. Two terrific months and two terrible months. Who knows about the next two months, but he’s pretty well solidified his reputation, even to the point of admitting it in last year’s (or the year before) playoffs (not that he’s a choker in those words, just that he tries too hard when it matters that much and doesn’t produce).

      • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too)

        League average offense is a terrible month?

        • forensic

          Ok, May was terrible. July is still incomplete, but it’s a very Martin-ish league average month (.180 BA, .333 SLG, saved only by 12 walks leading to a good, but weak, OBP).

          • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too)

            Production is production. Walks help too.

          • Ted Nelson

            Bcause it’s the 1980s and we’re still pretending walks are luck?

            • forensic

              I would for you to point out where I said the word ‘luck’ anywhere in my comment. But feel free to keep making up your own meaning for other peoples comments anyway.

  • your mom

    When did Hughes cut his hair? Looks much better.

    • vin

      Just as he started pitching well… Coincidence, I think not.

      Now if we can only get him to go back to being called Philp Hughes, then we’d really have something.

  • BK2ATL

    Great win by the team. 40 and counting. Hughes had a pretty good start against this lineup.

    The bats are coming around.

    Love the untuck!!!

  • Ted Nelson

    Really? Martin hits a HR and you dismiss it as cheap thater than appreciating the production? A lot of YS HRs are cheap. If another RH hits it, it’s probably good opposite field power. The obsession with Martin is really getting to be a bit much.

    • Brian S.

      If Jeter hits it he’s ‘turning back the clock to November 2001’.

    • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too)

      Is their any other way to describe that HR other than cheap?
      I would imagine it would be described the same way by anyone who hit that HR.
      Your obsession with Mike’s perceived obsession with Martin is really getting to be a bit much.

      • Ted Nelson

        If Granderson/ Cano hits one barely over, you think it’s even mentioned that it was a cheapy? Or you think his ridiculous power surge is talked about?

        How many days have gone by since he first started talking about it where Martin’s struggles haven’t been broughten up?

        Jumping to Mike’s defense over a perceived insult is not cute.

        • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too)

          “If Granderson/ Cano hits one barely over, you think it’s even mentioned that it was a cheapy? Or you think his ridiculous power surge is talked about?”

          Both. Saying a HR is a cheapy isn’t taking away from the production. The HR counts the same. It’s merely noting it was a YS special, which I’d imagine would be noted for anyone who hit it. He also described Lind’s HR as cheap. Does that mean he has an obsession with Lind as well.

          “Jumping to Mike’s defense over a perceived insult is not cute.”

          Well isn’t that special. Not trying to be cute, just rational. Something you may want to try from time to time. Just a thought.

          • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too)

            From a previous wrap up:
            “then Robinson Cano lined a fastball over the right-center field wall for a solo Yankee Stadium cheapie in the fourth”

            No, he’d never mention it was a cheapie for anyone other than Martin.

            • Ted Nelson

              Was it among the cheapest ever? No. You don’t seem to get my point. He didn’t just call it a cheapie and move on. This was among the cheapest you’ll ever see.

              • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too)

                It was. It barely got over a wall that isn’t that far away. It was most definitely among the cheapest I’ve ever seen. Definitely not the cheapest, but certainly among the cheapest.

                That doesn’t take anything away from the HR. It was still impressive. I’m impressed by an opposite field HR of any kind, especially with two strikes, regardless of how far away the wall is. It was a nice piece of hitting. But it did just barely make it over a wall that isn’t all that far away. It was about as cheap as you can get. It cleared the wall by what … inches maybe?

                • Ted Nelson

                  I meant was te Cano HR aming the cheapest? Tons of HRs clear by inches. I never see them called out to that extent.

                  If that’s someone else it’s tLked about how hopefully that tirns them around. Literally last night it was the same crap about how Martin contributed nothing just one dat after his game winner. Again, no one else would be termed as “contributing nothing.”

                  • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too)

                    I think you are reading waaaaay too much into that choice of words.

                    As for the “contributing nothing”, it is factually accurate. I’m not sure how being factually accurate about someone’s performance is ripping them, but whatever. If he would do it for another player, idk, and I’m too tired to bother to look, but I’d think that the most disappointing offensive starter, who is having by far the worst offensive season of any starter, would naturally be singled out more for bad performances than a player who is at, near, or above expectations.

                    Whatever. I’m done with this.

          • Ted Nelson

            Just re-read the whole recap and missed Lind’s being called cheap. Where was that? I caught the part where everything hit off Hughes was hard, including Lind’s HR. Rational my fucking asshole. If there’s not an obsession with Martin here I’ll eat my hat.

            • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too)

              “One of the two runs came on a cheap Adam Lind homer to right”

              Maybe try reading again.

          • Ted Nelson

            Ok, saw the “cheap” there. I am wrong there. It’s noted as cheap and then noted that they missed none of Hughes’ mistakes includong that one. Martin’s is “the cheapest ever” and not a day goes by where his season isn’t ripped here. Which suddenly started like 3 weeks ago when Mike finally caught on that he was in slump.

            • vicki

              i’m sensitive to russ-bashing because i like him. he wears the tools of ignorance, he’s smart and he’s just so goddam cool. but, ted, surely you get where people are coming from.

              • Ted Nelson

                I don’t have a problem saying Martin is struggling or a slightly below average starter for half a season. I have a problem calling him out every day and ignoring that he can only be replaced by a C.

            • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too)

              Among the cheapest ever =/= “the cheapest ever”

              It was barely over the short porch. It was among “the cheapest ever”. Not “the cheapest ever” as the videos and related discussion by Axisa and others showed, but among the many in the cheap YS special category.

              “not a day goes by where his season isn’t ripped here.”

              By posters, absolutely, and I actually agree with you that it is often times over done. But considering he is having the most disappointing year of any healthy Yankee, and the worst offensive year of any Yankee starter, it’s to be expected that his season gets a lot of notice. The only real “obsession” I’ve noticed is your obsession with defending Martin from any slight, real or, in this case, imaginary.

              • Ted Nelson

                That’s semantics. Lind “didn’t miss a mistake” but Martin’s was AMONG the cheapest HRs in this stadium that’s all of a few years old. The narrative is what I’m talking about.

                Not a day goes by AXISA doesn’t rip Martin. I’m not attacking the guy’s whole blog. I’m just saying that this is getting ridiculous.

                • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too)

                  Where did he rip on Martin today?
                  Saying Lind didn’t miss a mistake cheapens Linds HR by assigning the blame to Hughes.
                  Accurately describing Martin’s HR is ripping him? When he accurately described all 3 HR’s, cheap or otherwise? How does how old the stadium is have any relevance? Are the fences going to move? Otherwise a HR that just barely clears the short porch is always going to rank as a cheap HR. It doesn’t take away the HR. It doesn’t mean the person hitting it sucks. It’s just accurately describing the HR. How the hell is that ripping on someone?

                  • Ted Nelson

                    It’s going above and beyond what would be said for any other Yankee. Cano hit a cheapie. Martin hit among the cheapest you’ll ever see.

                    The stadium only being a few years old means we’ve only seen a few of the cheapest we’ll ever see. We probably have 100 years of cheap HRs in that stadium to watch if we live that long.

                    And today is one day. Martin is called terrible by Axisa regularly, which is just ignorant. A 1B can’t just replace a C.
                    It’s not about this comment. It’s just part of a string of attacks, which often go beyond the credible to the emotional.

                    • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too)

                      You said he rips Martin everyday. I call you out on just today, and you can’t back it up.
                      The age of the stadium is meaningless. The fences aren’t going to move. It’s just not physically possible to hit HR’s much cheaper than that. Slightly cheaper – yes. But it will always rank among the cheapest because it’s just not possible to hit HR’s much cheaper. The ball cleared the wall by the slimmest of possible margins in an area of the ballpark where the wall isn’t very far away.
                      It really seems you’ve made up your mind that Axisa has some vendetta against Martin (which who knows, maybe he does, but I really haven’t seen it), and are searching to twist anything and everything to fit your perceptions. Maybe he has unfairly attacked Martin on other days, but calling what was about as cheap a HR as can be hit as among the cheapest HR’s you’ll see just isn’t doing that, no matter how much you want to imagine it’s part of some grand, anti-Martin conspiracy.

                    • Ted Nelson

                      No. He did rip Martin with the ceapest HR ever comment today (yesterday), just like he ripped him the day before for “contributing nothing.” Cano has an 0-fer and it would be taken as such. Cano hits a cheapy, not among the cheapest ever.

                      Stop accusing me, and actually look at the evidence. It might not be every single day, but it’s damn close.

                    • Ted Nelson

                      And I’m not even talking about these recaps so much as the “terrible” comments that have come up a few times from Axisa. These are more like icing on the cake, that two days in a row he goes out of his way to rip Martin beyond reporting what happened.

                    • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too)

                      No sane, rational person would construe calling a HR that was among the cheapest possible HR’s as among the cheapest of HR’s instead of merely calling it a cheap HR as “ripping”.

                    • Ted Nelson

                      LOL, resorting to personal insults? I can promise you I am sane and rational to an extreme… So you’ll have to work harder.

                      I’ve pointed out three overt and unnecessary slights in the last two game threads, and you’d like to write them off as coincidence? How about getting off Axisa’s jock?

                    • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too)

                      I did no such thing. My whole argument was saying Martin’s HR was among the cheapest you’ll see isn’t “ripping” Martin, or evidence of some prolonged vendetta against Martin. I allowed for the possibility that Axisa may have been overly harsh before, but that I haven’t particularly noticed it. I pointed out that it would be natural and reasonable for the most disappointing healthy player to get singled out for more criticism than players who meet or exceed expectations. Maybe Axisa has gone beyond that level – I really don’t know and don’t really care. But to say that saying a HR is among the cheapest instead of just saying it is cheap is “ripping” somebody is rather ridiculous, and I’d imagine most(if not all) sane/rational people would agree. I’m not saying you specifically are not sane, just that at the very least, you are not being rational in thinking that constitutes “ripping” somebody.

                    • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too)

                      “Martin is called terrible by Axisa regularly, which is just ignorant.”

                      I think terrible is probably a bit of an overstatement, but terrible is very subjective, and not completely inappropriate. Going into Monday’s game, he had a -0.1 bWAR and 0.5 fWAR. Below replacement level is certainly fair game to be called terrible (going by bWAR). There are 52!! players who played at least 90% of their games at catcher who ranked higher than Martin in bWAR. I think being 53rd best in your position in a 30 team league can pretty fairly be called terrible. Even if you use fWAR’s more rosy assessment, Martin’s 0.5 fWAR ranks only 34th among C. Even excluding the few players on the list who get regular AB’s away from C, Martin ranks about 30. You’ve brought up your -can’t replace a catcher with a first basemen argument a couple of times. If their are 30-52 players who can catch that have been better overall than Martin this season, you don’t need a first baseman to catch to consider Martin’s season terrible. There have been plenty of actual C’s who have outproduced Martin overall this season. Personally, I wouldn’t consider Martin’s season exactly terrible relative to his position, but I can definitely see a fair argument for that conclusion, no ignorance required.

                    • forensic


                      Boy, Steven Goldman must be obsessed with Russell Martin too. I’m sure it can’t just be that he’s been terrible this year.

        • http://fendersonandhampton.com Cuso

          It depends who on who you mean by “they.”

          I can name at least 3 MSM analysts that mention Cano’s and Granderson’s elevated statistics are due to the “benefit of playing in YS3.”

          In case you’re wondering ….Magrane (MLBN), Eckersley & Darling (TBS).

          These are just analysts I’m talking, not anchors. There’s a plethora of those obviously.

          • Ted Nelson

            I’m really talking about Axisa ripping Martin at every possible chance.

          • eephus_pitch

            Of those three, only Darling even deserves a broadcasting job. The other two are just shills for whoever’s paying their salary at the time.

        • Now Batting

          The difference is Granderson and Cano have plenty of booming home runs.

          • Ted Nelson

            That’s exactly my point! The coverage is bias.

      • RetroRob

        No HR that clears the wall is cheap.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          This needed to be the only thing said by any of you during a mini-thread which literally meant nothing.

          Thank you, Rob.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Eric Schultz

    The Yankees successfully avoided the Axisa jinx on the 3-run streak, but it was a close call.

  • Betty Lizard

    The MLB At Bat summary said, “Russell Martin got New York’s offense started in the second inning with a line-drive home run to left field . . . . ”

    That is a sentence I never expected to see.

    And yeah, chanting USA is stupid. However I must also add that I am sick of fucking maple leaves.

    • Brian S.

      Jays fans chanted ‘Yankees suck’ during one of the games we played there earlier this season so I don’t mind it.

      • eephus_pitch

        If they’re assholes for doing that there’s no reason for us to be assholes, too.

    • CBean

      At least the USA chants were against a Canadian team. I was at a Mets game a couple of years ago and people were chanting USA and they were playing the Padres. /facepalm

  • http://fendersonandhampton.com Cuso

    Really cool photo.

  • http://fendersonandhampton.com Cuso

    Joey Bats must really hate NYC now. Same thing happened last year when he came to NY for a 4-game set. Got injured in the first game and missed the whole series.

  • vicki

    as long as youre publishing errata from last night’s recap it’s the cross-your-heart bra that lifts and separates; the wonder bra lifts and mushes together.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Most important point of the night. Thank you, Vicki.

  • pistol pete

    Was I ever wrong on Ibanez following his signing and awful spring training. He’s been better than expected, has gotten big hits and played left field admirably in Gardy’s absence. That said I worry about him wearing down and believe the Yanks will look for a right handed outfielder and right handed bullpen help. Help might come from Joba but I think Cash will look around for help in case Joba doesn’t make it back.

    • vicki

      think? even without joba they’ll need a shoehorn for aardsma and freddy/phelps.

      a little relief for raul would be nice. i do want him on the postseason roster. i can clearly imagine monster pinch hits. the guy is supercool with the game on the line.

      • vicki

        and there will be joba. and it will be good.

        • Brett Pedroia

          Meh. Joba is a little too old for me :/

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I’m still waiting for that reliever you said the team could acquire for a team out of a contention who needed salary relief, Pete.

  • RetroRob

    When I heard the “U.S.A.” chants I actually went to Google news to see if something had happened much greater than the ballgame, such as the military found the body of bin Laden in the ocean and killed him again.

    Then when I saw there was no news, I tried to convince myself that there was no way the U.S.A. chant had anything to do with the opposing team on the field. Crazy.

    • Jimmy

      I don’t understand why you would chant “USA” in a game against any Canadian team. Its just stupid and embarrassing. What rivalry do we have with Canada? Always remember that the Canadians have been our closest friend and ally for over a hundred years and never forget that it was Canada who smuggled 6 Americans to safety during the Iranian hostage crisis at great risk to their own people. Chanting “USA” during a game against a Canadian team is insulting.

      • Kel

        There are plenty of Canadians that hate Americans. It only takes a little poking and you’ll be shocked at how nationalistic, maple leaf flag waving, and America hating they are up there. A lot of it has to do with a major inferiority complex.

        Bleep them

  • BJ

    I know this is far from the topic at hand, but I just have to bring this up: Am I the only one who would give up anyone in our farm system for Justin Upton? I know we’re not much of a match with their needs, which is all the more reason to let them raid our minor leagues. Upton is immensely talented, and we just so happen to need a new right fielder. For roughly the same amount as Swisher would require to keep him beyond this season, we could get an elite level player. Am I crazy here?

    • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too)

      Potential elite player.
      He has big upside, but has been far from elite this season. There’s some risk he never consistently reaches his potential, but it would be great if the Yankees got him and he did reach that potential.

      I’m guessing no chance it happens though.

    • RetroRob

      Are you Justin’s brother? Perhaps the Yankees will trade for Justin and sign you to have a 2/3rds Upton OF.

      Seriously, though, giving up anyone (as in a single prospect) makes sense, but when you say “anyone,” I’m guessing you’re really saying you’ll give up everyone. Some would strip the farm system for Upton, and that’s where I have problem, although it really gets down to what someone means by strip. Is that trading away every blue chip prospect and setting back the farm system three or four years?

      Upton’s production over the prior three years has been a touch better than Swisher. He clearly has more upside than Swisher, who is now heading into his decline years, but how would fans feel if they traded away Sanchez, Williams, Campos, Tyler, etc. and got back a RFer with Swisher-like production?

      Upton turns 25 shortly and is in his 6th MLB season. There comes a point when it’s fair to wonder if this is what he is. Certainly good, but short of superstar talent.

  • Anthony

    Was there at the game. Have to say, I had my doubts about Hughes but he had a solid outing. Sort of expected it to be HR Derby Part 2, especially with Encarnacion & Bautista. That 8th inning, damn, very suspenseful. Swish’s at-bat was heartbreaking, he really fought. Thought he might hit a sac fly to get the run in. I remember getting impatient and thinking that they would waste another chance with bases juiced. But when Ibanez rocked that one, man the stadium went wild. Meanwhile, my met fan friends were trolling and rooting for the Jays to comeback. Great night.

    • RetroRob

      Get new friends.

      • Anthony

        Heh, they’re alright, even if a little misguided ;)

  • OMG! Bagels!

    Tom and Ted need their own show. It would be very zany.

    • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (former Manny’s BanWagon)

      Ted was in rare form in this thread fighting 2 separate battles simultaneously while taking shots at Mike’s “bias” coverage of Martin in between.

      Impressive indeed.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        ……and there were plenty of people there to egg it on.

        Frankly, I thought everyone was fighting over a stupid point. It was all summed up in one sentence by RetroRob.

        • Jim Is Bored

          Get new friends?

  • newguy

    Why is ed comparing what is said about Cano and Martin? Martin is hitting .179!!!! Cano is at .321 and is in the MVP talk, haha. If Axisa wants to talk shit about Martin every second I’m fine with it. When you’re in the Bronx, as a starter, and you’re hitting below .200, people are going to talk shit. AND DESERVEDLY SO. If Cano asked Martin to wipe his ass right now, Martin should feel honored and do it. He’s got to contribute somehow. hahaha I know I’m taking this a little far, but come on. Martin is an average catcher, performing below average. That homerun was cheap, and every hit he gets kind of seems like luck right now.

  • RI$P FTW

    I’m embarrassed by the dummies who don’t get the USA joke.

    • eephus_pitch

      What’s the joke?

      • Adam Parker

        Martin is Canadian?

  • Eddard

    The streak is now at 40. We crush LH pitchers so it’s likely the streak will continue to at least 42 games. Andruw should get a hold of a couple. Robbie Cano is the current frontrunner for MVP. I don’t want to hear this crap about Trout. Robbie is the superior hitter on the superior team, end of story.

  • Chris

    Can’t let Swish off the hook. If Ibanez grounded out or didn’t get the run in then the goat is Swish. You can NOT leave the bases loaded TWICE while taking pitches. What is he trying to do walk in the run himself? SWING THE BAT!

  • Carl G

    Hey RAB! Didn’t your post from earlier in the week say that the As had a 41 game streak, putting THEM in 2nd place all time, and leaving the yanks still in 3rd with 40 games in a row?

  • Dan

    I thought it was so fucking lame people were chanting USA. Get outta here with that shit.

    • eephus_pitch

      The thing that’s especially ridiculous about it is that it’s not like anyone on the Jays cares what country they’re playing for. This wasn’t the Canadian national team.

      • forensic

        While this whole thing is absurd, that’s not necessarily true. There are several Canadians on that team who probably do care that they’re on the only Canadian team left.

        • eephus_pitch

          Serves me right for just assuming. It’s still annoying and ignorant to heckle people just because they’re from another country. That’s what Braves fans did to the Jays during the World Series back in ’92, and we have to hold ourselves to a higher standard than Braves fans.