Joba strikes out two in first minor league rehab appearance


Update (10:55 a.m.): Thirteen months after blowing out his elbow and four months after dislocating his ankle, right-hander Joba Chamberlain appeared in his first minor league rehab game this morning. Pitching for the Rookie Level Gulf Coast League Yankees, he allowed an unearned run while striking out two in a hitless and walkless inning of work. Two errors by the third baseman and a passed ball allowed the run to score. Hooray, rookie ball defense. According to reports, he threw 23 pitches and topped out at 97 with the fastball.

The appearance officially kicks off Chamberlain’s 30-day rehab clock, meaning the latest he can be activated off the DL is August 9th. That’s assuming everything goes as planned, which is hardly a safe bet. Joba will probably take the next two or three days off before making his next appearance, which could last two innings.

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  1. Paul VuvuZuvella says:


  2. Mike Myers says:

    “before making his next appearance, which could last two innings.”

    so, you are saying he is being strectched out for a starter role. Nice. Ill take that as a fact.

  3. Brian Cashman is Watching says:

    Minor league games are played in the morning? When did this start?

    • Mike Axisa says:

      Rookie Ball games are played on the back fields at each team’s ST complex, which don’t have lights. Most games start at noon, some at 10am like today.

    • AndrewYF says:

      I know that the Lowell Spinners (Boston’s short-season A ball team, I believe) play at around 10AM. I heard them announcing batters on Sunday when I was in Lowell.

      • Rick in Philly says:

        A lot of minor league teams play weird start times. When I worked for a team we did 9 or 10am start times twice a year and invited school children in. Great crowds, bad games; the players, coaches, etc. hated it.

  4. jjyank says:

    Back-to-back encouraging posts about Mo and Joba, respectively. Today is a good day so far!

  5. Robinson Tilapia says:

    I can’t wait to see this man on the mound, in pinstripes, again.

  6. JW says:

    Topping out at 97 is pretty awesome, considering it’s his first game action, no? Could it be that his better overall shape (saw those “skinny” pics a month or two back) and the time rehabbing will put him back close to the v-lo he originally showed?

    • jjyank says:

      The velocity is awesome for sure, but I was always under the impression that control/command was the main concern from TJS.

    • Cris Pengiucci says:

      While the velocity is impressive, it’s his control that will determine how he’s doing. That’ll be tough to evaluate, as I’m sure there’s differneces among umpires, especially from level to level. Glad to see he’s at least begun the process of re-joining the team.

  7. Topping out at 97?! Take a step back big man, don’t want you over excreting yourself.

  8. Nickel says:

    Topping out at 97 MPH on your first rehab appearance this soon after TJS is hugely encouraging, no?

    • Yep. Keep in mind too that Joba’s a bit ahead of normal TJS rehab. He’s over 12 months removed from surgery so his arm strength should be there if he’s kept it up as best he could despite the ankle injury.

  9. Bartolo's Colon says:

    who comes back first? joba or gardner? unfortunately, i am taking joba

  10. Joey says:

    97 in his first appearance?? Must have had the adrenaline flowing… that’s very encouraging but I don’t want to see him hurt himself again

  11. MannyGeee says:

    this is great. Pure irrational man crush on Joba. Glad to see he’s progressing.

  12. LiterallyFigurative says:

    Stay healthy Joba!

    Hopefully we can keep or add onto the lead in the next month. Add Joba and Gardner (which is almost like adding two players at the trading deadline), and then have Andy ready to go for September.

    Maybe Feliciano comes back and is the 2012 Damaso Marte.

  13. Rich in NJ says:

    Joba remains my favorite Yankee.

  14. CUYanks says:

    Joba, Longoria, or Crawford back first?

  15. RetroRob says:

    Joba doesn’t need no stinkin’ 30-day rehab. He’ll be in the Bronx this Friday.

  16. themgmt says:

    Imagine: Mo, Soriano, Robertson, Joba, Aardsma (not likely). Five closers, 4 inning game.

  17. Not sure where he would be if it was spring training, but Joba has been a notoriously slow starter, even going back to 08 when the stuff was electric. If he is topping out at 97 now, I have to think theres more there. And that is very exciting.

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