Yankees acquire Ichiro Suzuki


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Outfield help was just one item on the trade deadline agenda this year, and oh boy did the Yankees address that need. Jack Curry reports that they have acquired Ichiro from the Mariners for right-handers D.J. Mitchell and Danny Farquhar. Joel Sherman says New York will be on the hook for just $2.25M of the remainder of his $17M salary. He’ll be a free agent this winter. Ichiro had ten-and-five no trade protection and had to approve the trade. Both teams have announced the deal and in typical Brian Cashman fashion, it came out of nowhere.

The trade is obviously a reaction to Brett Gardner going down with season-ending elbow surgery. Ichiro provides similar speed and elite defense — plus that cannon arm — but not the same on-base ability. The Yankees are very clearly banking on a change of scenery here, because Suzuki is hitting just .261/.288/.353 this year and .268/.302/.342 over the last two seasons. With any luck, the move to New York and a contending team will rejuvenate him a bit and he hits .450 the rest of the season.

The Yankees value makeup and there is little doubt the 38-year-old Ichiro will fit well in New York. He’s arguably the most popular player in the history of Japan and has lived with the media circus since arriving in the States more than a decade ago. It’s unclear how exactly the Yankees will use him, but I’m guessing he and Derek Jeter will hit one-two in the lineup in some order. They would be wise to limit his exposure to left-handers as well. Shifting Nick Swisher to left to use Ichiro’s arm in right makes sense, but left field has more ground to cover. We’ll see.

New York didn’t give up much in return. Mitchell was an up-and-down arm likely to settle into a swingman role long-term, though he remains under team control for six more years. The presence of David Phelps, Adam Warren, and Brett Marshall made him expendable. Farquhar was claimed off waivers from the Athletics last month and has been designated for assignment twice this year. He’s an inconsequential throw-in. No word on the corresponding 40-man move yet, but I assume either Swisher (groin/hip) will be placed on the DL or Dewayne Wise will be designated for assignment. Ichiro will be in uniform tonight. Welcome to the Bronx.

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  1. Greg says:

    EPIC. ANd they didn’t really give up much

  2. vin says:

    Get out of here.

  3. Kevin G. says:

    Trade for Matsui too. Ichiro needs a friend!

  4. JerryNYG says:


  5. Cy Pettitte says:

    do we get the time machine too in the trade so we can go back, say 10 years?

  6. Brian S. says:

    lolwut. While we are playing them? This is awkward. Also I bet he’s injured.

  7. ThrillHouseMD says:

    Will he be in right field tonight?

  8. Charles says:

    I am BIG fan of this move, we didn’t give up anything plus we get some sorely needed speed.

  9. Rey22 says:

    I just…wait….what!?

  10. Nightwing says:

    Well, this is certainly unexpected.

  11. Will (the other one) says:

    I…did not see this coming.

  12. Jimmy McNulty says:

    I think the correct reaction is “What the fuck”

  13. Greg says:

    I like this move. Gives the Yankees the speed and defensive presence that they need. Plus he can hit leadoff and move everybody down a step in the lineup

  14. Billy says:

    Great job breaking the story prior to MLBTR! I almost don’t even believe you until I see it on there! If it’s true, solid pickup for basically nothing…

    • JMK says:

      You know Mike does work at MLBTR, right? Besides, Jack Curry appears to have broken the story and Mike happened to hoist it up on the site quickly (with credit to Jack).

      • Billy says:

        Regardless buddy, the bottom line is River Ave Blues posted it on their site prior to MLB Trade Rumors and I felt that warranted pointing out.

  15. Greg says:

    Also heard that David Cone is coming back. yeah, 1997!

  16. The Fallen Phoenix says:


  17. HookersandIceCream says:

    Ninja Cashman strikes again

  18. Brian S. says:

    Also the Tigers got Anibal Sanchez and Omar Infante for Jacob Turner, Brantly, Flynn, and a draft pick.

  19. 23553 says:

    Why not?

  20. Brian S. says:

    Are we going to face Mitchell on Wednesday instead of Iwakuma?

  21. Jimmy McNulty says:

    Speed and defense, but he’s hit .286/.324/.362 over the last three years. He’s basically done, yet still better than Dwayne Wise.

    • Betty Lizard says:

      But players who are “done” but not . . . isn’t that becoming a Yankees specialty? We should get new t shirts . . . something about the Yankees recycling. So ecological!

  22. Chelo says:

    I don’t know how to.react to this lol , Yay, but wishing it was 10 years ago lol

  23. Get Phelps Up says:

    I’m gonna be at Safeco for the next 3 games. gonna be soooo awkward lol. I really can’t wait to see the reaction of all the casual fans there.

  24. pat says:

    Wonder if he’ll play LF. I’d rather have him tracking down balls in LCF than throwing out dudes from RF. Range>Arm in my opinion.

  25. tyrone sharpton says:

    so fucking awesome…if this happened around 2002. w/e at least he’s just a rental; no downside to this trade at all

  26. Rainbow Pinstripes says:

    Cute site crash… now.

  27. johnreverent says:

    yet another stealth move by Cashman… hope this one turns out better than the last one. This makes the game tonight must see TV!

  28. Greg says:

    he’s been replacement level for the past 2 years. I suppose he could replace Wise, but Wise has been playing well. He could replace Qualls, but that puts us at 11 pitchers, and Qualls is going to lose his spot to Joba anyway. So where, exactly, does Ichiro fit?

    • CUYanks says:

      Come on, Ichiro is an upgrade from Wise.

    • G says:

      If by replacement level you mean 1.8 fWAR then yes. He’s excellent defensively and still runs like hell. If he has any sort of hot streak he’s dangerous. Great pickup considering the cost.

  29. John Y. says:

    Great trade!!!! The Yanks kicked Seattle in the balls on this trade lol

  30. Greg says:

    People who are worried about offense.
    Away from Safeco, this year:

    .297/.314/.402 in 229 AB’s

    • .314 OBP Isn’t anything to write home about Greg…I mean I’m not in love with DJ Mitchell, and it is pure rental…but I don’t like this move at all. I hope I’m wrong, I hope playing for a contender revitalizes him, and he goes on a hot streak the rest of the way…but I don’t see it.

    • Brian S. says:

      I actually like this trade now. Thanks.

    • Tom says:

      People who are worried about statistics:

      He had an OPS of .645 last year on the road.

      One year (or a little more than half a year) of home/road splits is not statistically significant

      In 2010 he was slightly better on the road, and in 2009 he was significantly better at home – basically it’s hard to read too much into his home/road splits (also Safeco isn’t nearly as bad for lefties as it is for righties)

  31. Max says:

    Well, let’s hope he’s due for a statistical rebound.

    His approach is really different this year (LD and FB way up, GB way down), so maybe they’ll start landing more.

  32. CC says:

    This is SO awesome.

  33. Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

    Wait, Greg didn’t tell you guys about this…?

  34. Rage vomit. just everywhere. I am absolutely against this move. Unless he’s willing to bat like 8th and play LF I don’t see how this does anything of value.

    • Greg says:

      Thinking about it, he’s probably going to bat 9th. Like Brett Gardner did.

    • Paul VuvuZuvella says:

      Yeah, you wanted Soriano. How much did you Theo needed to kick in? I was thinking $8 million in ’13 and $9 million in ’14.

    • Rainbow Pinstripes says:

      … That’s exactly what he’s going to do?

    • BK2ATL says:

      We’re paying $2 million for Ichiro to play some LF and RF, bat 9th and steal some bases. It might be a genius move on Cashman’s part.

      I don’t think Ichiro’s completely done. He’s now a complementary piece, more than a focus. his current skill set will work well in the 9 spot for us. Look at the lineup surrounding him in Seattle. He had 184 hits just last year. Not something to sneeze at. He was the one to pitch around. Either way, I’m thinking he gets back to his old high OBP self and helps us a helluva lot. He still also steals bases and plays good defense. Great skill set still there at the end of his career.

      • thenamestsam says:

        I think this is exactly the thing. If they’re prepared to use him appropriately, meaning as a complimentary piece, then I love the move. If he doesn’t rebound at all then you gave up Mitchell for a slight upgrade over Wise. Not the best investment but no big deal. But there’s significant upside. If he can find rejuvenation playing for a contender there’s significant upside here.

        The only way this can really hurt us is if Girardi treats Ichiro like the guy he used to be instead of the guy he is (something not unheard of with Joe). He should be batting ninth and be basically a platoon guy until he proves otherwise. I’m worried he’s going to be in the leadoff hole every day.

  35. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Good move.

  36. Tom says:

    So who’s getting sent down (or will they DL Swisher)? You’d think Wise, but can Ichiro be the backup CF?

    Don’t mind the move as they didn’t give up much, but is he that much of an upgrade at this point? (He has an under .300OBP and an OPS of .641 – though his OPS on the road is over .700)

    • TomH says:

      Yankee Stadium is “on the road.”

      • Tom says:

        His road OPS last year was .645… I mentioned it originally as I though it was worth noting, but Ichiro’s home/road splits are all over the place in the last 4 years

        (last year – no split, 2010 – somewhat better on the road, 2009 – much better at home)

  37. Get Phelps Up says:

    I wonder what Sterling’s HR call will be.

  38. Brooklyn Ed says:

    Ichiro did wanted to come to NY before renewing his contract. he changed his mind cause we had Melky at that time.

  39. Avi says:

    Better be A LOT OF cash coming over from Seattle or Cashman just got raped by the Mariners again.

    • He Dumb says:

      You dumb.

    • Ro says:

      Nonsense. They traded a guy who’s hit 9 homers and batting .260 and no position while they signed Ibanez and Jones for $3mm total and have 25 homers and a lot of RBI’s, plus they’ve both filled in tremendously in the field. Since Montero is having such a shitty year, let’s wait until next season when Pineda returns to see who got “raped” by who.

      And no, I disagree. We gave up two AAAA players for a HOF guy who fits a lot of the criteria the Yanks seek.

      Wow, dude!

    • pete says:

      Yeah, I bet if you asked a rape victim what that experience was like, she’d be like “Well, do you follow baseball trades at all?”

  40. Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

    Cashman and Zduriencik BFF??

  41. Arya says:

    This is just what we needed. Ichiro is a hall of famer. He can scratch out a hit and manufacture a run which we could have used last series. Great pick up. He’s also an upgrade defensively over the slow Ibanez and lackadaisical Jones.

  42. A.D. says:

    Wonder if they let him wear 51

  43. Cy Pettitte says:

    Sherman says Yankees only paying $2mil of Ichiro’s salary, not too bad.

  44. Erica says:


    FWIW, my armchair GM of a dad had already mentioned getting Montero back.

  45. Ro says:



  46. A.D. says:

    Better hope there’s a change of scenery offensive spike else you just traded a useable ML player in Mitchell for a guy with similar production to Wise this year

  47. Greg says:

    Ichiro is league average at best. We have Wise up, plus Dickerson and Mostelier down. Don’t care about Mitchell, but is this really going to help the team?

  48. yooboo says:

    I don’t like it but it will be all right since Yankees may send the cheapest package out for rental OF, comparing to Victorino, Span, etc.

    Who is out on 25 man roster?

  49. your mom says:

    Ichiro is hitting only .175 with RISP. He’ll fit right in.

  50. vin says:

    Ichiro 55/64 in SB attempts the last 2 years. He can fill that “all-too-important” Freddy Guzman role in the playoffs.

    Very strange. Hey Seattle, we’ll give you a AAAA starter for your current franchise icon? I know he’s a shell of his former self, but if the M’s are paying all but 2mil of his salary… is it really worth the bad PR? Ichiro was a household name in Seattle, and I have to think that’s worth at least something to a franchise. No?

    • your mom says:

      Maybe this is a precursor to King Felix being traded.

    • yooboo says:

      That 38 years old Japanese player has a shot to return back to Mariners as a free agent after this season.

      Mariners are doing Ichiro a favor by letting him play for a World Series shot.

    • vin says:

      Also, he’s never played an inning in LF. I guess his role will be a bench/late inning defensive option.

      • Rainbow Pinstripes says:

        Not sure if serious.

        • vin says:

          I actually am serious. Swisher hasn’t played LF in 3 years (and that was only 36 innings). I’m not sure Ichiro is good enough to regularly transplant Swisher to LF and send one of Ibanez or/Chavez to the bench (or Chavez to 3rd and Alex to DH).

          Perhaps calling him a bench player was too strong… he’s probably in the Ibanez/Jones/Chavez group than the Nix/Wise one.

  51. Greg says:

    Plus of course, people were saying the same thing about the Yankees picking up Ibanez. How did that turn out?

  52. Jag says:

    Seattle must be doing this just to make their job of letting him walk at the end of this contract easier? Do it now rather than have drama in the offseason? I see no other reason for Seattle to just give away their “franchise” player like that.

  53. Paul VuvuZuvella says:

    I Endorse This Transaction.

  54. YankeesJunkie says:

    Not knowing anything I would be surprised if Ichiro plays RF because Swisher starts there already and he won’t move to LF or CF. Ichiro also has little say in where he plays as he is not one of the top players on the Yankees as he was in Seattle so LF is where he will probably go. As long as he bats down in the order rather than up his defense is quite spectacular and if he plays LF it will it will be a pretty mean defensive unit out there.

  55. Tom says:

    “He’s arguably the most possible player in the history of Japan”

    I say he’s more than possible :-)

  56. Avi says:

    If the Yanks are paying Suzuki only $2MM it’s a good deal. They’ll prob make that back in the revenue Ichiro will generate for them. But let’s not get carried away here. The Yanks are acquiring a replacement level player. If Ichiro take AB’s away from Ibanez or even Andruw Jones it’s a net loss. He should probobly only be a defensive replacement and pinch runner.

    • Hmelawyer says:

      With regard to taking ABs away from Ibanez I have to agree to a small degree. However, I think a concern recently has been that Ibanez and Jones may not have enough gas in the tank to handle all of the ABs and field time they were receiving. If part of the idea is that we don’t want them to run out of gas by the playoffs there is an upside even if it temporarily has some offensive downside. Also have to consider that there is a huge defensive upside.

  57. Countryclub says:

    The trade is worth the risk. They gave up nothing for him and he’s gone at the end of the yr. if he stinks, he stinks. It’s worth the shot.

  58. Robert says:

    Alot of people are talking about his Avg and OBP but remember two things SafeCo is a extreme pitchers park and he now is in a real lineup.

    • whozat says:

      Safeco suppresses power, not AVG, really. And his OBP is tied to his AVG, which is tied to those infield singles he can’t beat out anymore :-/

  59. BK2ATL says:

    WHEN the Yankees win the WS this season, Cashman MUST be considered the GM of the year. No major deals, just a lot of spare parts (trading AJ Burnett to loosen up cash to sign Jones, Chavez and Ibanez, getting something out of Eppley and Rapada, and now possibly our 2013 RF.

    While he’s not the Ichiro of old, he’s the perfect guy for the 9 hole. He still plays defense, steals bases, knows how to work pitches and slap the ball around the field. Just changed the dynamic of the lineup. I doubt he’ll get many major offers next year. This could be the stopgap that we need in RF.

    I approve this trade, esp. at the relatively minor cost. I wish Mitchell well out there in Seattle. He’s got a better shot to stick out there than in the Bronx.

    Ninja Cashman strikes again. No one was talking about this lately.

    • vin says:

      Ichiro is a FA after this season.

      • BK2ATL says:

        Yeah, I know.

        I’m saying that he won’t get any major offers of $18 million/yr, probably not even $12 million/yr. Not only does this solidify our defensive OF and possibly 9th hole/lack of speed issue this year, he could be auditioning for a possible 2 yr/$15-20 million deal from us. He and Jones could even somewhat platoon in 2013. Just some great possibilities.

  60. Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too) says:

    Here’s to hoping for a dead cat bounce. I was really hoping for something better.

  61. Chris says:

    Is force trades on? Seattle, where the Yankees go for players…

  62. Brian S. says:

    According to his fangraphs page he is good at hitting sliders and…wait for it…changeups!

  63. CUYanks says:

    Worst case scenario is what happened with the Berkman trade a couple of years back. Really very little risk here.

    • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too) says:

      The risk would be this prevents them (or at least discourages them) from finding someone better, imo.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        There’s always someone better who would have addressed the need a different way. This gives the Yankees an incredibly sorry (yes, aging) player who will solidify the outfield for the rest of the season.

        I like DJ Mitchell a lot. Seattle is turning into our island of misfit toys.

  64. Gonzo says:

    I think Ichiro just solidified his HOF case.

  65. Betty Lizard says:

    Chad Jennings is reporting Ichiro will be on the active roster tonight.

  66. JobaWockeeZ says:

    So it’s going to be awkward for Seattle fans who now have to root against Ichiro tonight.

  67. DM says:

    Hopefully this will energize him — but the idea of them valuing his makeup is a stretch. He’s been an island over there and is known to be selfish player who cares about “Ichiro” more than anything else. This isn’t Raul Ibanez from a character standpoint.

  68. yooboo says:

    Maybe, Swisher is put on 15 day DL.

    If Ibanez and Jones could play LF, I don’t see the problem with Ichiro being LFer.

  69. Slu says:

    I like this move. Always liked Ichrio and nothing of value was lost. Hopefully we catch lightening in a bottle.

  70. Murderers' Row Boat says:


  71. Tomm says:

    What the Yankees need is another tough left handed hitter who can compete with the toughest right handed pitchers, who is good in the clutch, who can foul balls off, who is a tough out no matter what —
    Hey wait a minute. That is pretty much Ichiro, isn’t it? And he is hitting about .300 on the road, also, right?

    Love this move, Cashman.

  72. RetroRob says:

    As I mentioned the other days, guys like Mitchell, Phelps and Warren will not all pitch for the Yankees. Maybe one will. The others will be packaged as part of a larger trade, or go for a part to hopefully help the team down the stetch. Goodbye DJ, enter Ichiro.

    Hopefully Ichiro can tap into some of the rejuv juice Jeter found last July. If nothing else, he’ll allow Ibanez to go back to just DHing and Jones serving as the 4th OFer.

    • BK2ATL says:

      Same as the Hughes/Joba/Kennedy group. Or the Nova/Noesi tandem. And now the Phelps/Mitchell/Warren group.

      I like this move. Energizes the lineup.

  73. LarryM.,Fl. says:

    I respect Cashman and his structuring of the team. Will Ichiro help? I hope so. He’s similar to Gardner. This maybe a great rental with Ichiro earning a WS ring. I hope so.

  74. tyrone sharpton says:

    Would they get compensation for him?

  75. Mike Myers says:

    Gotta love being on the good end of a salary dump!

  76. Robert says:

    the Yanks have become an old age home for the formally used to be all stars.Come Oct lets all start crying as young arms in the play offs have there way with the old all stars.
    Can not wait for Williams Austin Sanchez Bichette Gumps and any other position players to get to the Bronx!!!
    At least we did not give up any major prospects!!!!

  77. Robinson Tilapia says:

    I go give my kid a bath and come back to this.

    Cashfuckingninja rides again. Absolutely perfect.

  78. 42isNotMortal says:

    I love Ichiro’s arm and still above average range despite his age. I just hope Girardi doesn’t do something disturbing like bat this defensive acquisition 1st or 2nd…

  79. tyrone sharpton says:

    Yankee fans would be stupid to hate on this trade. Wise or Ichiro?

  80. Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

    If Ichiro wears number 51 I’ll cry. Then boo. Then cry again.

    • BrooklynRats says:

      Ichiro wear 51 because Bernie was his fav player. I say, let him wear it for half a year.
      … wonder if they gave him an MRI?

  81. Defensive Indifference says:

    I only wish they did this during the game so Ichiro could switch teams between innings.

  82. luisergi says:

    Just out of curiosity not that it actually is a big deal… yersey number??? 51?? really??

  83. Lou says:

    But in what uniform? Will he actually get to wear #51? I’m still waiting for my reactions to this trade lol.

  84. Ron says:

    Just setting up a good relationship for when they finally trade Felix.

  85. yooboo says:

    Let Ichiro wears 51. He is only a rental player and it wont taint anything out of 51.

  86. captain kiwi says:

    i’ve got family in seattle and MAN are they pissed. i am quite alright with this move. pure rental. we pretty much took everyone they ever had huh? if only griffey ever put on pinstripes…

  87. Andy Pettitte's Fibula (former Manny's BanWagon) says:

    Good move for the Yankees for speed and outfield defense but with his putrid OBP both at home and on the road, Girardi needs to bat him down in the lineup preferably 9th like they used to do with Gardner, who at the time happened to be a better hitter than Ichiro is now.

  88. RetroRob says:


    Does Ichiro wear Bernie’s #51?

    Does Ichiro take over in RF and Swisher move to left?

    Does Ichiro bat at the top of the order or 9th?

  89. Mike Myers says:

    now lets trade the other mitchell for felix!

  90. jim p says:

    This is in poor taste, as April Fool’s was 113 days ago. Some automatic publishing thing gone wrong?

  91. lalala says:

    ichiro wants that WS ring

  92. 28 this year says:

    This just gave me a reason to actually watch the game tonight. I usually dont like watching West Coast games cause I like to see things through to the end which happens to never happen for late games that start at 10 but now, i just want to see Ichiro. I think the move will rejuvenate him and give him a reason to play.

  93. Rainbow Pinstripes says:

    Bye DeWayne.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      It happens. Don’t feel bad for him one bit if he’s out. These guys do their job and aren’t around for the champagne in the end.

  94. Darren says:

    “Of all the dramatic things!!!”

    Actually, this is really cool. After watching Jones lumber around in right like a Dawn of the Dawn (original) zombie, it’ll be nice to see Ichiro.

  95. pat says:

    I’m sure Ichiro had a lot to do with wanting to play every single game and his huge salary, but if he was used situationally as a part time player I bet he can still be pretty productive. Girardi has been squeezing blood from the Ibanez/Jones stone all year. No reason to think he can’t get the best out of Ichiro.

  96. After mentally digesting this a little bit…I don’t hate it as much as I did initially (which was flick a freshly lit cigarette when my friend texted me to come back in and hammer angrily and blindly at my key board until sentences came out[incedentily I wrote the next best seller among teens and women]) I’m still not in love with it at all, and think it could be bad. But it’s not going to be a disaster. Especially knowing that we’re only paying 2 of the 17 mil and if Ichiro is willing to suck it up and bat 9th.

    • lalala says:

      listen boy, you need to have more respect for ichiro.

    • RetroRob says:

      There’s nothing really to dislike beyond giving up Mitchell, who to me falls into the decent but fungible class of pitchers that Yankees have been churning out. In return, the increase their defense and speed, and move Ibanez back to DH and Jones back to the 4th OFer role.

      It’s most likely an improvement to the team on the margins if Ichiro is the current .260 hitter we see, and if Ichiro can get hot for a couple of months, then it’ll be an excellent move.

      Just my two cents.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      Why did you not like it? Solid veteran piece who stabilizes the outfield the rest of the way for a pitcher who, while I like him, had a low probability of ever cracking the rotation. Gardner returns next season and the team has the off-season to address the position long-term.

      He’s not the same player, but the tank certainly does not look empty to me.

      I’m giddy as a motherfucking schoolgirl right now. Of course he could hit .179 the rest of the way, but it’s a chance worth taking.

      • His offense has been dreadful the last two seasons, and has been trending downwards since ’09. Also, when I first heard about the trade I didn’t know that Seattle was picking up most of the salary. Finally it looks like the Yankees are giving up on Mitchell after a handful of games, I know he’s a back end guy..but if we are going to trade from a position of strength(pitching depth) I’d rather get something that is a position of true weakness for us in return (catching) or a more long term true upgrade.

  97. stuart a says:

    great move. price was right…

    no risk move….

    cashman strikes again.

  98. Billy says:

    Wouldn’t Ichiro be taking Mitchell’s place on the 40-man? It’s the 25-man that needs working out. It’s probably going to be Wise… Too bad he can’t play infield and we can get rid of Nix

    • RetroRob says:

      40-man yes, 25-man a little more difficult. Can’t imagine it’s not Wise, unless they want to keep him around until Swisher is healthy. I guess we’re about to find out how injured Swisher is. If they DL him, that’s a sign his injury is a little more serious than they originally reported.

  99. CUYanks says:

    Looks like Ichiro is in the lineup batting 9th tonight.

  100. Neil says:

    This is not what I expected to see. Now I need to take a quick lie-down before the game starts.

  101. Dela G says:

    Great move

  102. stuart a says:

    ichiro for wise, no brainer…….

    ichiro needs to try to steal some bases.

  103. yooboo says:

    no 51 for Ichiro…. 50 or 52?

    • Jacob says:

      52 is sabathia’s and if they give 51 to a rental that would be terrible

      • Deep Thoughts says:

        No, actually it would be what is called “normal.”

        Terrible would be giving him #15, for example, because that number’s retired and belonged to a team captain who died tragically.

  104. Marcy says:

    Gotta worry about Swish – maybe he needs the time off.
    They can worry about next year later.

    Question – why is CC throwing so many fewer pitches since his return?
    Also, did anyone ask Girardi (last night) why he took Phelps out last night? He looked so good – it was a pleasure watching him.

    Jetes likes Ichiro – he’s said it a million times.
    Interesting move.

  105. Rick in Philly says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Girardi has Ichiro pencilled into the first or second spot of the lineup tonight, just to let him soak up the applause of the Mariners faithful (they have them, right?), and get that out of the way in the first. That way, the rest of the time, the Yankees can hit him lower in the lineup and relax.

  106. 28 this year says:

    BTW, this is so ninja of Cashman. There was literally no rumor whatsoever until it was done. More than anyone, he really keeps a lid on the conversation until everything is sorted out to the dollar.

    • 28 this year says:

      And it is probably this that relates to the failed Cliff Lee deal, we heard about it only after it was done and Cashman probably approved releasing the deal to the media. When it fell through, Cashman was pissed cause for all intents and purposes, he had a deal and it was done and signed and thats probably why he was unwilling to make any changes in that deal.

    • thenamestsam says:

      I wonder if that’s part of the reason he seems to like to work with Jack Z. It takes two to make a silent deal, and their last two deals have come out of absolutely nowhere. It doesn’t help to be an organization with no leaks if everything is leaking out the other end.

      • 28 this year says:

        well Jack Z did screw him on the Cliff Lee deal so Cashman, while he takes offense to things, does forgive and forget when he feels that it can help the Yankees.

  107. yooboo says:

    Ichiro just lost the respect of Yankees. He bats 9th…lol.

  108. Kramerica Industries says:

    Just don’t see the point here.

    Ichiro is a zero with the bat at this point. He better have solid range in left to make up for that. Otherwise, this is one of the most pointless moves I can remember.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      “Zero” is a bit harsh. How about somewhere in between “zero” and “MVP Ichiro.”

      • Andy Pettitte's Fibula (former Manny's BanWagon) says:

        While I’m in favor of this trade, he’s a hell of a lot closer to “zero ” than he is to “MVP” Ichiro.

    • RetroRob says:

      To add an OFer, some speed, and improve the team on the margins. That’s the point. Fans who overvalue the deal or increase their expectations based on Ichiro’s name will be disappointed. He can help the Yankees by pushing Ibanez back to just DHing.

    • 28 this year says:

      The prices on outfielders are incredibly high, this is a relatively low priced deal. D.J. Mitchell while ok is probably nothing more than a middle reliever on the Yankees and the Yankees have plenty of arms to throw in those roles. Mitchell doesn’t really have a long term place on the Yankees so you might as well get value now. Ichiro seems like someone who could turn it around maybe if he plays for a team with an actual shot to do something, i mean, he’s been losing for a while, thats got to hurt his drive to perform to some degree and maybe switching to a better ball park, having better guys around him, and just a change of scenery can have the Yankees catch lightning in a bottle. If not, the price wasn’t at the level where it cost the Yankees anything really in the future.

      • Kramerica Industries says:

        Oh yeah. Couldn’t care less about the arms given up. I just don’t expect much of a return here. This trade has a lot more name value than on-field value.

        And I would love to be proven wrong here.

        • 28 this year says:

          Well, its probably the best Cashman could do at the prices he sees. And this doesn’t really hamper any attempts to go after any other outfielders either now or in the offseason so its strictly to make them not desperate now and let Cashman keep shopping without a deadline over his head which is good.

  109. RetroRob says:

    Interesting that Ichiro is wearing a suit, and not a Yankee jersey in the press conference. I guess it’s really a Mariners press conference, so they probably wouldn’t want to have him in a Yankee jersey.

  110. Robert says:

    David Justice version 2012.

  111. Michael Peterson says:

    His splits aren’t bad. Against righties he’s hitting 278/318/411 and his night numbers aren’t bad 303/332/401.

  112. Marcy says:

    Interesting that Ichiro asked to be traded months ago.
    Awesome press conference – really.This has to be tough for him.
    Remember how Griffey left?

  113. jjyank says:

    At least Hiroki has a friend?

    I’m down with the move. I’m a big a prospect hugger as anyone else, but Mitchell is a pretty expendable piece. If Ichiro can get hot for a couple months, this move could be huge. At the very least, the Yankees have a guy who can play good defense and who can still swipe some bases to go long with offensive potential.

    • flamingo says:

      Yeah. I’d be upset if it was Phelps, I think. This way it feels like they didn’t lose anything.

      • Preston says:

        Yeah of the three AAA starters that are big league ready it’s pretty obvious the Yankees prefer Phelps and Warren, and Mitchell has a slight platoon split so he would probably only be a slightly better Cody Eppley.

  114. RetroRob says:

    I think I’ve had a stroke. I don’t understand a word he’s saying.

  115. mt says:

    For those trashing Ichiro’s OBP (because it is way down from his prime), Ichiro would be fourth currently on Yankees with his .353 and one of the people ahead of him is Brett Gardner who will not be playing this year. In effect he would be tied with Jeter (Jeter is at .355) for second. Also moving from Safeco may help.

    Also his 15 steals would lead the team.

    Also DJ Mitchell may be good but if we can’t even give Phelps a chance to start this year isn’t this what the DJ Mitchells of the world are for – to help us improve major league club? Do you think Phillies would trade Victorino for such a package – they might but I am sure there are other more desperate teams that would beat that package (Pirates, Dodgers, etc.).

    The left field/right field issue is a concern but not a huge one. They also may DH Swisher more and still use Jones/Ibanez at times in left.

    This also helps Mariners – they are saying that Ichiro requested trade and they don’t have to worry about a $12.5 million qualifying offer (which Suzuki might take) to get a draft pick.

  116. Dela G says:

    What a classy man, Ichiro is

  117. Bunt Gardner says:

    Well, there goes my hopes for Farquhar Bobble-head Night.

    Welcome to NY, Ichiro!

  118. flamingo says:

    Wait, he ASKED to be traded? Interesting.

    • Betty Lizard says:

      No kidding. “I wanted a different kind of stimulation” he said.

    • jjyank says:

      I get it. The M’s aren’t winning anything any time soon, the roster is completely different than it was even a few years ago, and he’s probably the oldest guy in the room. Maybe he just wants a shot with a contender before he rides off into the sunset.

      • Betty Lizard says:

        He said more than once that he could see that the Mariners were becoming a team of much younger players . . .. . But he also said, in response to a question about the World Series, that he didn’t have the experience with that, but that he hoped to do everything he could to help the Yankees and to someday be in position that he could speak to that experience.

  119. mustang says:

    Cashman having his best year as Yankees GM just WOW on this move.

  120. forensic says:

    Geez, I go to lohud to check tonight’s lineup and I see this instead. He can’t really hit anymore, but he can still help improve them with his speed and defense in the other dimensions of the game. And hey, maybe the change of stadiums will help him out a bunch.

    • jjyank says:

      I’m with you. For a guy with good defense and some speed still, he’s a good pick up. Add in a potential offensive hot streak due to the stadium change, lineup protection, playing for a contender (not saying any of those are true, but they are possible) and it could turn out very well.

  121. Nathan says:

    (via the phone)
    Girlfriend: Did you hear about the Yankees?
    Me: No…what? They lost already before the game started?
    Her: No…they got Ichiro?
    Me: Yeah right…where they hell did you hear that?
    Her: I saw it on FB and all over twitter.
    Me: Oh…I haven’t been online in a few hours. Ummm…*checks laptop*

    Wow…I know he’s having a (way)down year but I didn’t see this coming! If anything, he’ll be able to put Raul/Andruw back in the DH and play some good outfield along with add some speed.

    I’m VERY surprised that the Mariners traded him after reading on MLBTR that their GM said Ichiro was staying.

  122. Nathan says:

    A-Rod, Randy Johnson and now Ichiro. The only iconic Mariner the Yankees never got was Griffey. Random thought.

  123. The Real Greg says:

    Joe has the nickname in place. “Ichi”

  124. Betty Lizard says:

    Girardi: “Before I announce the lineup I’d like to talk to him privately.”

  125. mustang says:

    “The Yankees will be responsible for $2.25MM of that salary, meaning the Mariners are including somewhere around $4.5MM to facilitate the deal”



  126. RetroRob says:

    Sounds like Joe hasn’t told Ichiro he’s batting 9th yet, even though it’s already leaked out, at least according to a posting above, which most certainly can be wrong.

    • The Real Greg says:

      But again, Ichiro had to agree to this deal and I;m sure he knows the role he’s going to play.

      • RetroRob says:

        I agree. I just thought it was funny that I already heard it reported Ichiro is batting 9th, but then Joe said he didn’t want to say where he was batting until he talked to him.

        My guess is he’ll do whatever the Yankees ask for the next three months.

    • The Real Greg says:

      But again, Ichiro had to agree to this deal and I;m sure he knows the role he’s going to play.

    • Betty Lizard says:

      I think Girardi will give Ichiro a day off if Ichiro does not wish to play tonight.

  127. Robinson Tilapia says:

    I’d love for the Seattle press to ask Joe who the hell Swish and Gardy are.

  128. flamingo says:

    Oh lord, “I’m going from a team with the most losses to a team with the most wins.”


  129. The Real Greg says:

    Good old Harold Reynolds. getting to the point.

  130. Curious, to anybody watching this break on NESPN or MLB Network…how’s the Lame Stream Meadia portraying this?

    • mt says:

      MLBN is positive; not sure about NESPN. MLBN says he is not in his prime but good addition.

    • RetroRob says:

      Ummm, somebody on MLB wondered if Ichiro would change his swing to become a HR hitter at Yankee Stadium, and then Joe Magrane noted that Ichiro’s strong arm would play well in the shorter RF at the Stadium, ignoring the possibility and liklihood that Ichiro would end up playing the larger LF at the Stadium. In other words, lame. Didn’t see ESPN.

    • jjyank says:

      I watched MLBN a bit after I got home, and they’re portraying it pretty positively. Talking up Ichiro’s all-star appearances, gold gloves, possibly the “best arm in the game”, etc.

  131. Betty Lizard says:

    Ichiro says that considering what # 51 means to the Yankees, he’d like to ask for a new number and “make that my own.”

    I am officially excited to see him play for the Yankees!

  132. forensic says:

    Gonna be in LF and said he won’t take 51. Good move, glad he thought about that and will be picking a new number.

  133. The Real Greg says:

    Thinking about it, him playing left makes more sense. There’s more space out there for the quicker player.

  134. mt says:

    Colby Lewis needs major arm surgery so price of pitching went up – I would rather Texas gets Josh Johnson than Red Sox.


    • The Real Greg says:

      Texas might be going after Greinke.

    • jjyank says:

      Additionally the Tigers got Anibal Sanchez today too, so the market just got thinner as well, likely increasing the price more.

    • Where are all the fans that were saying “wahhh we baby our pitchers that’s why they get hurt, look at texas, they don’t have innings limits or pitch counts and they’re fine.”

    • Tom says:

      Remember when Nolan Ryan was changing the game as he wasn’t babying pitchers and letting them work deep into games?

      Yeah that’s an awful lot of shoulder/elbow injuries on that staff this year… almost like the whole pitching philosophy isn’t all that well correlated to arm injuries.

      Oswalt also missing a start with back stiffness… Red Sox catching a break as the first 2 starters in that series are now out.

    • Kramerica Industries says:

      Better the Red Sox than the Rangers, no?

      Red Sox are 48-48. And face the Rangers and Yankees on the road this week. When are we going to accept that they just aren’t as good as they usually are?

      Detroit also got much better today. The cream of the AL crop is really starting to roost, and Texas getting better would not be a good thing.

  135. BK2ATL says:

    Did Jacob Turner’s value diminish for Detroit or something??? Sanchez is a rental and Infante is a decent 2B, but I recall Turner being a top prospect a year or two ago. Kinda like us trading a more advanced Banuelos.

  136. mt says:

    I guess I would rather Ichiro try LF at this point than Swisher. I also wonder if he could play center a couple of times and Grandy move to left (I think Grandy has some experience in left.)

  137. Rocky Road Redemption says:

    Good job by the Yankees by getting a nice defensive OF player. Can’t hit, but the defense is a nice plus.

    • The Real Greg says:

      To say he can’t hit is a bit of an overstatement, He can’t hit like he once did but he is servicable. Plus he can bunt for hits which is something that Yankees have not been able to do all year.

  138. RetroRob says:

    Watching Ichiro at the press conference, it’s clear he understands English quite well. Doesn’t attempt to speak it, but understands the questions.

    • jjyank says:

      He’s been here over a decade. I get why he uses a translator though, in today’s media environment he probably just feels comfortable being sure that what he says won’t be misunderstood.

    • Nathan says:

      The info I read online must have been bad: I read that he fully understands English but just prefers to speak Japanese.

    • flamingo says:

      My friend who’s a Mariners fan just told me he always does that with the media.

    • Gonzo says:

      Where’s the same twitter when Melky had a rough accent at the All-Star Game and people were spewing ignorant sh*t!?!?!?!?!

  139. flamingo says:

    Ichiro, my new hero! He just said to Harold Reynolds: I don’t think we have time for useless questions like that.

      • flamingo says:

        I wish I remembered. But I definitely rolled my eyes and I remember thinking, let’s see how he’ll answer this stupidity – and then he came out with that. I laughed out loud, it was awesome.

    • RetroRob says:

      What did he ask? I couldn’t hear it.

      The difference between Harold and general reporters is reporters who have to file a story don’t ask useless questions that they know won’t be answered. Girardi walked in and said he would speak to Ichiro first before talking about the batting order, so no reporter bothered with the questions, that is everyone but Reynolds.

      • forensic says:

        Sounded like it was something about how the Japanese media horde had decreased in recent years and he was wondering if this press conference was preparation for it to restart with the renewed interest after the trade.

  140. OMG! Bagels! says:

    I honestly thought I read somewhere once that the Yankees were the last team he’d ever want to play for. I always thought there are a few players who would not want to put on the pinstripes and he is one of them. SHOCKED.

    Ninja Cashman. That is all.

  141. Dino Velvet says:


    empty tank

  142. Marcy says:

    I’m impressed – I just hope he can do it on the field. And Joe can talk to him re lineup but it would be HUGE to ask Jete to move out of the #1 spot. Good move by Joe thought.

    • whozat says:

      It would be a huge mistake, yes. Not because Jeter is so great anymore, but because Ichiro is awful at getting on base, and putting him at the top of the order would only deprive Grandy, Cano and other, better hitters of at bats.

  143. Nathan says:

    I’m wondering if this is a one year “rental” a la Pudge or if the Yankees have any plans on keeping him past this year.

    I guess it all depends on how he plays though I wonder if this was to have a little leverage/back up plan to Swisher.

    • RetroRob says:


      Sure, I suppose if he has a great finish and is open to a one-year contract, and the Yankees lose Swisher and don’t get a replacement, or trade Gardner, they could bring him back, but I’d rate that as very unlikely.

  144. Marcy says:

    I guess Swish is good – Wise is DFA’d

  145. OMG! Bagels! says:

    Mariner fans hate Arod since he left. They must be jumping off buildings.

  146. Marcy says:

    1 more thing – Roger (Hideki’s translator) was better.

    • RetroRob says:

      So does Ichiro’s translator come with him, or does Kuroda’s translator serve both of them? Not sure what arrangements are made. My guess is he comes with him.

  147. Dino Velvet says:

    The AARP Yankees

  148. giantsyankees says:

    Great move. Anything to get Granderson out of the 2 hole. The whole lineup just got much better and I predict Granderson’s avg and on base both increase.

  149. mt says:

    I see a tweet that Kruk on ESPN called Ichiro a “diva” and that he will have to conform for this to work

    So far agreeing to go to LF and not asking for #51 are good signs – also Yanks are used to dealing with future HOF’s.

    Also Rosenthal is saying that a lot of teams are in on Victorino -Reds,Pirates. Dodgers – he has been pulled from game but he was HBP so he seems injured.

  150. Paul VuvuZuvella says:

    This has a ’96 Cecil Fielder feel to it. I like it.

  151. forensic says:

    Hitting .175 with about a .500 OPS with RISP so he fits right in.

    Someone had to go there, I’ll fall on the sword this time. :-)

  152. Kempire Strikes Back says:

    Holy shit! HUUUUUUUGE sports day isn’t it? Ichiro to the Yanks and the brutal Penn State penalties. Double whammy.

    • I just read an article about the Penn State penalties…those are fucking serious. They wont matter in College football again until My niece is deciding on colleges (she’s 1 now.)

      • Erica says:

        I just don’t understand how Penn State alumni can still stand by their school after all this.

        • I think we should separate the school (most of the faculty, the students, the post graduate work being done there in the sciences) and the football/sports programs. As much as you want to take everyone at the University down for this, a majority had no idea it was going on.

          • Erica says:

            Fair enough. Most didn’t know it was going on. Then again, when my school had our football team taken away, it was because they sucked… and nobody cared. So what do I know?

            • jjyank says:

              My school didn’t even have a team to begin with. But we’re D1 in hockey (make it to the Frozen Four pretty often) and D1 in basketball (made it to March Madness, the UNC kicked the crap out of us :P)

              • Erica says:

                Well that’s something to be proud of! (Frozen Four, that’s such an awesome name for a competition.)

                • jjyank says:

                  It is indeed. My beloved Cats usually fielded a good hockey team. Dare I say that I prefer college hockey to college football? My seats were free and always the best in the house, and we got to taunt the visiting goalie all night.

                  • Erica says:

                    Glorious! Nothing better than annoying the crap out of the opposing team purely because of who they are. I didn’t even realize there WAS college hockey. What the hell.

                    • jjyank says:

                      Yep. UVM managed to convince some Swedish phenom, Victor Stalberg, to come on a scholarship. He was my age, so I watched him tear shit up all four years. He plays on the Chicago Blackhawks now.

                      Hockey rinks are much smaller than football stadiums, so it was cool to always have an amazing view of the game.

        • Gonzo says:

          It’s a cult.

      • Kempire Strikes Back says:

        Detracting all of Joe Paterno’s collegiate wins from 1998-2011 was the most shocking thing to me. Now he’s only eighth all time in division 1 wins.

        But he’s a child rapist enabler, so fuck him.

    • Rocky Road Redemption says:

      Getting rid of the wins makes absolutely zero sense.

      So what happened to the games? Did the opposing team win? Are we pretending they never happened?

      I understand the feeling that Paterno should be punished but this is nonsensical. He won the fucking games, the NCAA waggling their finger and saying, “NOOOOO he didn’t!” doesn’t change that.

      Utterly nonsensical.

      • jjyank says:

        I agree completely. Is Paterno a good guy? No. Is what he did at all right. HELL NO. But that had no bearing at all on what his teams did on the field. He won those games, regardless of his fucked up moral compass off the field.

      • Gonzo says:

        Except the NCAA uses this all the time. Teams have had to vacate Final Four appearances. Bobby Bowden vacated wins.

        It’s not like they came up with something totally different for Paterno.

        • Rocky Road Redemption says:

          It didn’t make sense then either.

          • Gonzo says:

            Then cheating can have no retroactive punishment? Do criminals get to keep their ill-gotten gains?

            • jjyank says:

              That’s a bad analogy. If you steal a TV, then get caught, you have to give the TV back, right? Paterno covered up for Sandusky (and nobody is saying that this is anything less than deplorable), but his actions as a football coach, racking up those wins, have literally nothing to do with what he did in regards to Sandusky. Paterno won those games. He didn’t cheat to win those games, he flat out won them fair and square.

              I am totally cool with the insane fines and all that. What Paterno did to cover Sandusky’s ass was unacceptable. But he still won those games, no matter how you slice it.

              • Gonzo says:

                If he got caught covering up for Sandusky at the time he did, he would have still been the coach and still racked up those wins right?

                He covered up BECAUSE of those future wins.

                • Rocky Road Redemption says:

                  But he STILL WON. You can’t just make that go away.

                  • Gonzo says:

                    This is a silly argument to me. According to you he still won, therefore, according to you, there is NOTHING the NCAA could do to take those wins away. That’s fine. Then he still has those wins for you. So what.

                  • Gonzo says:

                    I also don’t think you understand what the NCAA is and how they actually work interact with universities.

                • jjyank says:

                  I’m sure there were many reasons. Friendship, reputation of the school, etc.

                  You’re right in that he was able to continue coaching because nothing happened for so long.

                  But if he turned Sandusky in the minute he found out all those years ago, why would Paterno have been fired? I just don’t think you can pretend that wins never happened because of an off the field issue.

                  And no, I’m not a Penn State alum. I couldn’t give two shit about Paterno or his wins personally, I just feel like it’s overkill.

                  • Gonzo says:

                    I didn’t say anything about Paterno turning Sandusky in. I said if Paterno had gotten caught when he covered up, he wouldn’t have been the coach and thus not gotten those wins.

                  • Gonzo says:

                    And the NCAA aren’t pretending anything. They are vacating those wins. I think you guys are mischaracterizing what the NCAA did.

            • Rocky Road Redemption says:

              This isn’t something you OWN it’s something that HAPPENED. If a criminal was married but then rapes another person it doesn’t make sense to say “The first marriage never happened!” as punishment. It’s ridiculous.

              Were those wins magic fairy wins? Was history warped? Did the opposing team win?

              It’s completely ridiculous.

              (Not to mention, what his team did on the field wasn’t affected by his sexual abuse off the field anyway. The wins were not “ill-gotten”. But this isn’t really relevant to what I’m saying anyway except in an incidental sense.)

  153. Betty Lizard says:

    MarcCarig tweet: Ichiro to Garcia: “hey Chief!” Followed by bro hug.

  154. Whether you like this move of not you have to agree that Cashmam is the baseball equivalent of Liam Neeson as Ra’s Al Ghul.

    • jjyank says:

      Indeed. There’s something to be said for the rumorless moves he makes consistently.

    • Erica says:

      I kind of effin’ love it. (Ra’s Al Ghul! What a reference.)

      • Liam Neeson’s Ra’s is one of my favorite Batman villians of all time. He’s up there with the two Jokers.

        • The Real Greg says:

          I might get burned here but…

          I never really warmed to Heath Ledger’s Joker. To me the the Joker should be a mix of the homicidal psychopath and the clown. Cesar Romero was too much the clown (for obvious reasons), Heath Ledger was too much the psychopath. I think Nicholson had a good mix of the two.

          But my personal favorite Joker is Mark Hamill form the cartoons and games. He achieves that balance.

          • Nah, you’re as entitled to your opinion as anyone. I actually understand where you’re coming from, I just disagree that Ledger was “too much the psychopath” because the Nolan movies were a lot darker and much more cryptic than any other incarnation of batman.

            • The Real Greg says:

              That’s true. It probably fits more with the tone of the Nolan films.

              It is an interpretation of the character.

              That being said, Hamill has the Joker down flat. The laugh, the tone, the cadence, everything.

          • JobaWockeeZ says:

            Dude he has the best magic tricks.

        • jjyank says:

          He’s also great in the video game Arkham City. Not Liam Neeson, mind you, but Ra is a great villian in general.

          • That’s my next game. Lol, I’ve been trying to decide what to play once I find the time to beat Uncharted 3, and you helped me decide. I’m going to lend my friend Uncharted 3 so he can lend me the Arkham games.

            • The Real Greg says:

              You’ll love it. Graphics are excellent. Story is great and varied. You can be entertained by just watching Batman glide around.

              • jjyank says:

                This. I freaking love that game. Combat is amazingly fun and varied, plenty to explore, great storyline, such a great collection of classic Batman villains making appearances, and excellent voice acting. Definitely make that your next game Riddle, you won’t regret it.

                • I’ve wanted to play both (Asylum and City) for the longest time, they just got lost between Final Fantasy XIII, The Show, Skyrim, and Uncharted…I don’t have much time for gaming anymore, and can only really play one at a time so I easily forget about awesome games.

                  • jjyank says:

                    I hear ya. I’m in the same boat now, but the time I get home from work, the Yankee game is just starting. Then I usually go to bed afterwards. I get a few hours of gaming in on the weekends, but it’s not like it once was back in college.

                    • Seriously, I’m 22 almost 23 and I feel old. I get home from work/class or both and watch the end of the Yankee game and I’m just like ok…bed bowl and sleep.

                    • jjyank says:

                      Same minus the bowl haha, though I wish I could. I’m 23, going to be 24 this Thursday, actually. But yeah, I feel old. I’d much rather get 8 hours of sleep before working all day than do anything. Especially since I’m new to DC and don’t know many people outside of my coworkers, therefore I don’t go out on weekends often.

                      I did recently find out that one of my frat brothers lives in Maryland now, so hopefully that last part will change.

    • Kempire Strikes Back says:

      There’s a reason we call him Cashninja.

  155. The Real Greg says:

    Mark Feinsand tweeting that Ichiro will bat 8th and play RF tonight.

  156. Betty Lizard says:

    Ichiro batting 8th per Bryan Hoch

  157. Erica says:

    My dad has to stop getting his news from the MLB Network. That’s all.

  158. Oscar says:

    Ichiro is Japanese for Austin Kearns

  159. herby says:

    Hope I don’t get sick seeing him in a Yankee uniform…

  160. Joe R says:

    Ichiro batting 8th

  161. Rocky Road Redemption says:

    I’m gonna be “that guy” and ask: Why is this such a big deal?

    Sure, he was a star player at one time. So were Andruw Jones and Endy Chavez. Now they’re very nice bench pieces.

    With Ichiro’s numbers, that’s what he seems like to me: A very nice defensive player who you’ll plug into the outfield every now and then.

    I mean, his offense is so bad that at the end of games Joe could be reduced to REMOVING him for a better offensive player!

    I don’t get the huge hype.

    • Endy Chavez was a star player? I must have missed that…

    • jjyank says:

      I get you, but think of the other benefits. Ibanez/Jones gets pushed back to the DH role, which in turn should keep them both fresher. The Yankees have better defense, a guy who can still steal bases, all at minimal cost. The other thing to consider if the cost of trading Mitchell for Ichiro versus the cost of what it would take to land other guys on the trade block, such as Victorino or Span. Maybe Ichiro isn’t as good as those guys, but he is also cheaper.

      • Rocky Road Redemption says:

        Sure, it’s a pretty nice move. But he’s a bench player. That’s all it really is-a pretty nice move. Not the huge deal everybody seems to be making it to me.

        • jjyank says:

          Well I think it’s getting so much attention because of the name, and because it’s the only move the Yankees have made so far. But it’s a good move I think. I do believe he’s a bit more of a bench player, but you’ll probably see him sit against lefties in favor of Jones, and I’m cool with that.

    • forensic says:

      I don’t think it’s that big a deal, but his offense will improve at least a little getting out of safeco, but regardless of that his speed and defense can help this otherwise one dimensional team in those other dimensions.

    • RetroRob says:

      Who says it’s a huge deal? It’s an improvement. Just so happens the improvement is a big-name player so it will get all sorts of press, but in the end it’s about providing some improvement to the team.

      Send Ibanez back to DH and Jones to the 4th OFer slot. Ichiro’s defense is still exceptional. He runs the bases well, not one base at a time. He has produced just short of 2 fWAR this year, more than Ibanez and Jones combined.

      Remove the emotion around the name and just take it as filling a need.

  162. Thaaaaaaaayankeeswin says:

    Ichiro will def. suck during this 3 game set out of loyalty to the mariners orginization, but once they get back to Yankee stadium he will beast.

  163. forensic says:

    Harold Reynolds just doesn’t get it. Says he doesn’t believe what the Yankees are saying and that soon he’ll be back at lead off and in right instead of left…

  164. tabbert says:

    As much as he has declined, he is still hitting .268? That’s better than most of our current lineup. Obviously his OBP is putrid, his power is gone, but this guy can still do great things for our club. He is hitting .297 on the road this year, factor that in, Yankee stadium, the fact that he can play for a championship, and its not farfetched to think that he could have a really good second half. Not to mention, Ichiro in October? That just makes our lineup even scarier.

  165. Tom says:

    One other aspect of this… barring some sort of trade for a long term OF (like an Upton), this probably eliminates an overpay for a rental player like Victorino or Pierre (who would likely be better overall than Ichiro but probably would cost a lot more in prospects)

  166. ron says:

    this just in, during warm ups ichiro tore his labrum. out for season

  167. Monterowasnotdinero says:

    Love this trade. A slap hitter-supreme who can run and throw. Just what we needed. (not sarcasm)

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now let’s get Montero and We.Will.Be.Set.

    • RetroRob says:

      Jesus will return.

      I’m seeing Trout in CF, Harper in RF and Montero at 1B in about five or six yeas.

  168. This thread has more comments than some game threads…I find that funny.

  169. wilcymoore27 says:

    Finally … a trade I can agree with.

  170. Kevin says:

    Victorino just left his game with an elbow injury so you can scratch him off the list on being traded.

  171. Darren says:

    Ichiro said he wants a new number to make his own, either 21 or 2. maybe 8. 15 in a pinch.

  172. Yankonymous says:

    This will prove to be Cashman’s best move since the Kerry Wood trade.

    The short porch was made for Ichiro. Calling it right now, he’ll be 1-2 and have 14+ HR’s by years end.

  173. Hall and Nokes says:

    Out of Randy Johnson, A-Rod, Griffey Jr & Ichiro, Griffey is the one I would have most expected to see in a Yankee uniform someday. Apropos of nothing.

  174. RI$P FTW says:

    You know…Ichiro AND Jeter COULD hit HR’s if they really wanted to. They just don’t want to.

    - Michael Kay

  175. Bavarian Yankee says:

    lol, I just watched the condensed game on mlb.com and was like “is that Ichiro in right? NO WAY!!!”

    getting Ichiro is obviously awesome.

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