Josh Norris & Mike Ashmore interview Mark Newman


VP of Baseball Ops Mark Newman visited the Double-A Trenton squad last night, and beat writer extraordinaires Josh Norris and Mike Ashmore spoke to him at length about a variety of topics. You can read the entire thing right here.

In addition to discussing guys like RHP Dellin Betances, LHP Vidal Nuno, and RHP Brett Marshall, Newman also spoke about all of the injuries the farm system has suffered this year. Not so much the specific injuries, but how the organization deals with them and continually tries to improve their rehab and injury prevention methods. I’ve been saying for a while now that durability is the latest market inefficiency — it’s not just about having the best players, it’s about having the best players on the field for the majority of the time. Anyway, check out the interview, it’s a must read.

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  1. blake says:

    Interesting take on the 6th tool….durability …..problem is that tool is really hard to project especially with pitchers……its not like you can just tell who the Verlanders are with 80 joints and ligaments etc…..

  2. DM says:

    I don’t like the sound of these “bone issues” one bit.

  3. Endlessmike says:

    Basically like Brian Cashman Newman really just talked and didn’t gave out on any real info on the injury problem or what the “Bone Issues” or “Bone Bruises” are.

    The yankees always have a weird term or silence on these “Mystery injuries”.

  4. keithr says:

    “Joba came through as a starter” :(

  5. Strat says:

    I enjoyed reading that. Full disclosure: I had to look up “indefatigable”. It meant what I thought it did in context, but I had to make sure.

  6. Ted Nelson says:

    Was there ever anyone who doubted that health is valuable? It’s like saying good baseball players are a market inefficiency… It’s that wrong. The market does account for past health. Future health, however, is very difficult to predict. You can’t say Mason Williams was overvalued because over a year later he’d ramdomly hurt himself with uknown consequences diving for a ball in the outfield.

    You’re also the one who said Garcia nor Colon would even make the team. Every time someone gets hurt you practically act like their career is over.

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