Yankees option Casey McGehee to Low-A Charleston

Replacing Mark Teixeira with Chris Dickerson
Game 129: Just Win

To make room on the 25-man roster for the recently-acquired Steve Pearce, the Yankees have optioned Casey McGehee all the way down to Low-A Charleston. The River Dogs have already been eliminated from postseason contention, so McGehee can return to the big leagues when their regular season ends next Monday rather than wait the full ten days. I thought they would make a similar move with David Phelps since he just started last night and Thursday’s off-day would allow them to shuffle the rotation, but they opted to play with a short bench instead. Weird.

Replacing Mark Teixeira with Chris Dickerson
Game 129: Just Win
  • Rey22

    Aren’t he and Pearce basically the same crappy player?

    • 28 this year

      yea but even crappy players get hot (see Ciriaco) so two crappy lottery tickets is better than one.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    The Bridge to Qualls apparently ends at Sam Pearce.

  • Mark

    Does he actually have to go down there and report, or is this a paper move, and he just sits out a week?

    • Robinson Tilapia

      He’ll just hide underneath the field like Hornswoggle.

      • YankeeJosh

        Hornswoggle is the anonymous Yankees General Manager.

  • Paul VuvuZuvella


  • Cheddard

    Now batting cleanup for the New York Yankees…..Sam Pearce! LOL! You thought the offense was bad before. I think Martin is batting 5th. Our only saving grace is Ricky Romero has sucked this year.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      At least you’ll be able to tell your kids you remember the day Sam batted cleanup for the Yankees.

  • viridiana

    But I bet you could start a pretty good softball team with them

  • wes hardison

    some line-up,are we going to be this years Boston Red Sox?10 game lead, going fast.

  • Nick

    Weird move.
    And his name is Steve

  • Nice Scheister

    Sammy Pearce! I predict total domination tonight…..Under pressure.

  • Ken

    All those folks who were so happy to see Ramiro Pena go down must be weeping now. Pena could outhit McGeHee anyday!

  • Hall and Nokes

    Rajai Davis ruined him.

  • Edmond

    Read an article about Cashman boasting how good he is at predicting talent, how he wasn’t surprised about what happened to Melky and Colon, and then I read this!!!! What does he think? Does he get drunk or hang out with stalkers, when making these decisions? I am still po’d at him about Pineda bust

    • Deep Thoughts

      Link? WTF are you talking about?