Game 159: Must Win


(Jonathan Daniel/Getty)

The Yankees have entered must win territory. The magic number is five with only four games to play, so the only way they control their own destiny is by winning every game the rest of the season including the Game 163 tiebreaker. They can’t count on the Red Sox beating the Orioles today (haha), nor can they count on the Rays — who can be eliminated from postseason contention today with a loss and an Athletics win — to help them out next week. The Yankees blew a ten-game lead and blew a very winnable game yesterday, so the breathing room is gone. They’re playing playoff games right now. Here’s the lineup…

SS Derek Jeter
RF Ichiro Suzuki
3B Alex Rodriguez
2B Robinson Cano
1B Nick Swisher
CF Curtis Granderson
LF Raul Ibanez
Russell Martin
DH Eric Chavez

RHP Phil Hughes

This afternoon’s game starts a little after 1pm ET and can be seen on YES. Enjoy.

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  1. your mom says:

    Going 3-3 vs the Twins and Blue Jays is straight up embarassing. Hopefully the O’s catch some bad breaks these last few games. They’ve had enough dog shit to last a lifetime this season.

  2. Rob says:

    One thing is clear- NYY offense showing their age in regards to having two good offensive games in a row. IMO, they need to get younger in 2013.

  3. Travis L. says:

    Are the Yankees calling anyone up (Adams or Joseph) to fill the spot vacated by Nix? Would they have to make a move to do that if they did, or just bring them up? Maybe Adam Warren (the only September call up to not get into a game) can be sent back down to make room.

  4. JLC 776 says:

    I really, truly hope we’re all laughing about this Wednesday night….

  5. If Mike is calling this a must win, then all bets are out the window. I don’t want to hear semantics arguments about this not truly being a “must win” anymore.

  6. Eddard reboot v.1.0 says:

    We’ve been in must win mode for weeks. Someone tell the Yankees these are must win games. Someone tell Girardi. He sent the B lineup out yesterday with 5 games to go. The season rests on Phil. They ain’t gonna give him much support, that we know.

  7. jjyank says:

    If he’s around, a happy birthday to Plouffy!

  8. Jersey Joe says:

    I don’t like Ibanez in the OF in such a must win game.

  9. Karl Krawfid says:

    wtf 97-98

    I don’t like this

  10. Oh look, more K’s for Henderson Alvarez.

  11. ARod’s now 2 for his last 25.

  12. Karl Krawfid says:

    Who has faith in Phil Hughes here?

  13. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    That’s OK Robbie. No need to hustle. This isn’t an important game or anything.

  14. Angry Scheister of Prayer says:

    I hope they win, the lacklusterness has been killing me.

  15. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Must win games can help heading to the postseason. It beats giving up these games for the wildcard. It gives these guys high pressured reps.

    Girardi probably hates this but more meaningful baseball the better.

    • Winter says:

      So you would rather the season go to a game 163 than for the Yankees to have clinched the division going into the last week and be able to rest their players? I’ll take the second, no doubt.

      • JobaWockeeZ says:

        If you wan tot show me how indeifnitely it’s the better option then go right ahead. The rest aspect is extremely overrated in all sports.

        Does it help, sure but unless you show quantifiable, unfalliable proof that it has a huge increase in postseason performance then show me.

  16. WhittakerWalt says:


  17. Nice to see Rajai Davis still continues to get hits.

  18. Joe F says:

    SB threat.

  19. Nice Scheister of Doom says:

    Biggest start of Hughes LIFE!

  20. Matt says:

    Girardi just doesn’t get it. He talks about how these games matter, but he manages them like they don’t.

    In a must win game, he is batting A-Rod, who was 2 for his last 24 coming into the game, in the 3 hole. This is also a guy who over the ENTIRE SEASON is opsing .707 against RHP, and who can barely hit the ball out of the infield lately.

    How can you justify sitting Russell Martin, one of your hottest hitters, in yesterday’s game? Day game after a night game doesn’t matter at this point in the season. Who cares if a guy is worn down if you get knocked out in a 1 game playoff?

    As the pressure has mounted, his moves have gotten more and more insane. And is it any shock that the team is pressing when they have a manager who is freaking out more than anyone?

  21. WhittakerWalt says:

    “Well first of all, he’s won 16 games.”

    LOL at John Sterling describing Hughes’ success.

  22. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    C’mon Phil. Settle down and step up.

  23. Karl Krawfid says:

    Great start already Phil!

    Do any of the Yankees pitch inside?

  24. Good Lord, Phil.

    Suck harder.

  25. TomH says:

    Well, here we go. An early autumn. They can probably count on getting in some deer and upland game hunting.

  26. Chilango says:

    Oh boy this is gonna be fun today.

  27. The Guns of Navarone says:

    Surprised Girardi didn’t go to Boonie here.

  28. Joe says:

    It’s going to be sad when the a’s beat us.

  29. Chilango says:

    He’s hanging the breaking bal and the fastball is flat.

  30. Nice Scheister of Doom says:

    I can’t watch this game. FWIW, Hughes mustache is putrid.

  31. UncleArgyle says:

    I wonder if the front office will interview Francona for the managerial position

  32. Big Member says:

    wow really joe? must win afternon game nd ur siting ur ass on the bench? let the man be the bench couch…for the houston astro

  33. Matt says:

    The bottom line is that this team will go as far as its offense goes.

    It doesn’t matter how good or bad the pitching is if they can’t hit the garbage that Toronto is throwing at them. Yesterday, the pitching was great and they only scored 2 runs. On Tuesday night, the pitching was great and they only scored 3 runs. Those games were both losses.

    If they can’t score 4 or 5 runs off of Henderson Alvarez, they don’t deserve to win this game, period. They are not losing the majority of these games because of bad pitching. When you lose by 1 run and go 2 for 11 with RISP, it’s hard to blame the pitching even if they do give up 4 or 5 runs.

    I’m sick and tired of the excuses for these guys. They swung at a bunch of pitches in the last inning that practically bounced on home plate, just as they were doing Wednesday against a garbage pitcher, and just as they have been doing all season when there are runners on base.

    Look at how Showalter makes out his lineup. His hottest hitters are batting in the middle of the order. Reynolds is ice cold, and he moved him down to 7th. Davis, Jones, and Wieters, his hottest hitters, are batting 3-4-5.

  34. stuart a says:

    arod almost got the ball out of the infield. oops am I allowed to say that about saint aroid???

    seriously this team regardless of what happens this season is looking at many many dark days. i was around during the horace clarke era and the spoiled yankee fans of today would be amazed to see hiow bad it can get….

    this team is all bark and no bite…..the big hits can be counted on 1 hand for this team… again ahead of the O’s in every stat and tied in the standings but clutch hitting is a fan mirage………….

    • Big Member says:

      oreos are lied with yanks everntho theier stats are below the yanks becasue they have a good manager gm who know how to win

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      Don’t proclaim others as spoiled when you expect .350/.500/.750 from ARod.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

      this is hilarious……considering you act like the most spoiled fan of them all……

    • Chilango says:

      Sure, I remember those teams. Tommy Tresh at short, etc. But at least in those days my Dad could take me to a game without having to sell a kidney to get me a soda and hot dog. This team pisses me off for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the bloated salary these guys get for underperforming. I think it’s time to rebuild and not bring Swisher, Grandy, et al back. Sit ARoid if Joe has the balls and let Tex and his golden mitt and declining offensive numbers hang around until his contract expires, then let him open up a chain of Sports Bars in Maryland. I would rather wait a few years watching an interesting young team develop than see this kind of crappy one and done baseball.

    • WhittakerWalt says:

      I’d like to know what message board you’re on where ANYONE thinks ARod is “Saint ARod.”
      Everyone here is disappointed in his performance, but you’re the only one who’s turned into Robert DeNiro from The Fan.

      Seriously, just go watch your shitty Red Sox.

  35. WhittakerWalt says:

    Guys? This pitcher is terrible. Please hit him.

  36. Karl Krawfid says:

    Yankees are really gonna lose to Oakland during the wild card game.

  37. Winter says:

    Once again, the Yankees make Henderson Alvarez look like Nolan Ryan.

  38. Karl Krawfid says:

    3-1 home run for Raul.

  39. Mike says:

    Now why couldn’t that happen yesterday with Nunez up

  40. Karl Krawfid says:

    Or a single.

    Ok gonna stop annoying for a while.

    Time to eat.

  41. Big Member says:

    hughes is just proving that he is not a 17 game winer material

  42. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    Laz starting his bullshit early.

  43. Pat Tabler on the Rogers telecast keeps talking about Hughes’ quick delivery when Davis and Gose have been on base.

    I couldn’t give two shits about his quick delivery, considering he’s pitched like shit with those two on base. Command >>>>>>>>>> quick delivery

  44. jjyank says:

    And of course Baltimore is winning already…

  45. Mike N says:

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!! MOAR RUNZ PLEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Chilango says:

    Chavy takes some batting practice.

  47. jjyank says:

    Thanks Chavy.

  48. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    Over/under runs for Baltimore today> 10.5?

  49. Nate McLouth already homered in Baltimore?

    That’s shocking.

  50. There’s a break.

    Now get some damn runs.

  51. Karl Krawfid says:

    Jays trying to give this one away again.

  52. Mike N says:

    Fuck you, Red Socks.

  53. Karl Krawfid says:


    1-0 count and you swing at that?

  54. Winter says:

    What was Swisher doing swinging at that?

  55. Chilango says:

    I thought it was obvious that the Yankee RISPFAIL was way out of line with that of other teams, but it’s not true. For instance,

    With runners on base: Yanks .259/.342; Orioles: .259/.324
    WRISP: .251/.349 and .257/.332 Yanks/ O’s respectively
    WRISP 2outs: .227/.330; .228/.322 Yanks/ O’s respectively

  56. Karl Krawfid says:

    Holy shit Ichiro

  57. Need Pitching & Hitting says:


    Helluva catch.

    And Hughes still looks like shit.

  58. Mike N says:

    Holy shit!!!!!!!!!! What a play!!

  59. Anthony says:

    What a play!!!

  60. Chilango says:

    ICHI saves a triple…

  61. Moskva says:

    Remember when so many people were mad we got ichiro?

  62. Mike N says:

    Needed that 1-2-3 inning.

  63. The Guns of Navarone says:

    Hughes can stop giving up rockets any time he feels like it…

  64. James A says:

    Serious question: are the Orioles stealing signs? The confidence they’re taking to their at bats and the just ridiculous number of hard hit balls at home would have me thinking twice as an opposing team. Again, total speculation, and I know Stewart blows, but it seems like Baltimore has just been crushing the ball at home, not missing anything. I’m not trying to start a rumor, but these things do happen in baseball

    • Eddard reboot v.1.0 says:

      Because if they’re even with the Yanks through 160 they must be cheating or just plain lucky. I’m so sick of this meme. They’re good, every bit as good as the Yanks.

      • James A says:

        I’m not saying that, of course Baltimore has a ton of talent and teams are going to beat the Yankees, I’m just pointing out the obvious. On the road Baltimore is .241/.304/.387 with 84 home runs, at home they’re .258/.323/.452 with 124 home runs. For reference sake, Yankees are .262/.335/.437 with 106 homers on the road, .261/.333/.460 with 129 homers at home. The Orioles have a +.084 OPS difference at home with 40 more homers, Yankees have a +.021 OPS difference at home with 23 more homers. Maybe that’s just the way the numbers work out, I just find it interesting

    • Winter says:

      I feel like no MLB team could get away with elaborate sign stealing for an extended period of time without the other teams realizing something fishy was going on.

    • Chilango says:

      Uh could it be that the Orioles are, uh, good?

    • Eddard reboot v.1.0 says:

      It’s over, folks. The Yankees can now hope at best for a 1 game playoff for the division crown. This after blowing a 10 game lead. The Os will not get swept by the Rays and that’s what it would take to get ahead of them by a game because the Yanks ain’t sweeping anybody even Boston. Os win 1/3 vs Rays, Yanks win 2/3 vs Sox and that’s still a big if considering they just lost 3/4 to the Jays and we have a 1 game playoff. Os take 2/3 and we’re flying out west to Oakland for the WC.

  65. Hoss says:

    Hmmm… Jim Thome, who has 600 HRs, goes opposite field, against the shift to plate a run for the O’s. Because he knows that his team needs the win. Can any of the egos on this team do that? Texeira, Cano, Granderson, A-Rod et al? Not a chance.
    I don’t care if this team wins today and the next 3 + playoffs. It is an awful team to watch and follow. Would be very pleased to see Cashman out after constructing this disaster. The only bright spot has been the one thing he rallied against: Soriano.

  66. eric k says:

    It’s almost as if hitting home runs at an unsustainable rate isn’t a great way for an offense to operate.

    • 28 this year says:

      It’s almost as if the next two teams in that same stat are the A’s and Orioles. Oh wait, my statement is true and yours is dumb.

    • WhittakerWalt says:

      You mean like the 2009 Yankees, who set a team record for homeruns?
      What did they do in the playoffs? I forget.

  67. Joe F says:


    Yea I’m panicking.

  68. So far, another uninspiring performance by the Yankees offense.

    Turn that shit around, or 1st place is all gone for good.

  69. Karl Krawfid says:

    Hate to say it, but I would rather have AJax and his Defense than Granderson and his home runs.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

      AJax’s offense is better than Granderson’s this year as well.
      I can’t imagine anyone would take Granderson over AJax at this point.

    • The Guns of Navarone says:

      Don’t forget it took Kennedy to acquire Granderson as well. He’d have a hard time being worse than Nova.

  70. Karl Krawfid says:

    Hey Hughes is pitching inside and having success!

    Who would have thought changing up location would make a big deal!

  71. Mike N says:

    Hughes is settled down nicely. Now let’s score some runs!

  72. Joe F says:

    Rays 2-0. Good. Good. Good.

  73. Chilango says:

    It’s all bad luck. We’re just facing one Cy Young candidate after another.

  74. Chilango says:

    You’d think with the season on the line, Joe would have the balls to sit ARod

  75. WhittakerWalt says:

    ARod really tagged that one.

  76. Kosmo says:

    Alvarez is throwing nothing but fastballs daring these geriatric Yanks to hit it.

  77. I don’t know if it’s the building or not.

    But, once again, the Yankees are sleepwalking through this game. And if they don’t wake up soon enough, they’ll be waking up tomorrow in 2nd place.

  78. Nice Scheister of Doom says:

    FUCK Boston, way to roll over.

  79. Winter says:

    Anyone have a stat for how many Yankees losses this year where they have out-hit their opponent?

  80. Mike N says:


  81. Karl Krawfid says:

    And that is the ball game.

  82. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    For Phuck’s sake, Phil.

    First place was fun while it lasted.

  83. WhittakerWalt says:


  84. And, with that, you can kiss first place goodbye.

  85. Anthony says:

    I doubt the offense is going to make up this deficit. I hope I’m wrong.

  86. Winter says:

    Did he just stare? I think he stared!

  87. WhittakerWalt says:

    4 runs hasn’t looked this daunting in a long time.

  88. Matt says:

    Lawrie should get drilled in the back in his next at bat. That home run celebration was unacceptable, and especially from a young kid who has not had a very good season.

  89. ArchStanton says:

    Going to lose three out of four to the Blue Jays. Talk about pathetic.

  90. Endlessmike says:

    I bet you the Red Sox will give us a fight.The yankees you can tell aren’t giving it all.They look so tired.

    Looking at A-Rod is sad.Another 5 years of A-Rod looking bad and making $28 million.

  91. Chilango says:

    Hahaha it’s time to get out the vaseline. Do they suck or what- of course it’s the 5th inning time for flying balls Phil to phucking give it away. Meanwhile the O’s are dismantling the Red Sox.

    This could be a blessing in disguise: maybe now the FO will wake up and make some ballsy changes.

  92. Matt says:

    It almost doesn’t matter what Hughes does, seeing as they’ve scored 1 run off of Henderson Alvarez and can barely touch him despite seeing almost all fastballs.

    The offense gives the pitching staff almost no breathing room. Even when they score to blow a game open, it’s not usually until the late innings. Hughes would have to be pretty much perfect for his team to win today given the pathetic offensive showing.

    • ArchStanton says:

      Or Hughes could load the bases against the Twins and blow a good lead like he did last time. I have no sympathy for him.

    • UncleArgyle says:

      Great point. This offense is awful. Kevin Long cant be fired fast enough. Guy is a AAA coach, and its showing

    • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

      It absolutely matters what Hughes does. They have a better chance of coming back from 1 or 2 runs than 3 or more runs (even if the comeback is still unlikely).
      Bad offense doesn’t excuse shitty pitching.

      • Matt says:

        Gee, I never knew that giving up runs hurts your team’s chance of winning the game! Thanks for those words of wisdom.

        Unless the offense does its job, Hughes giving up runs is pretty much meaningless. To win the game right now, their pitching would have to be throwing a shutout.

        I said it earlier, and I said it now. If you can’t score at least 4-5 runs off of Henderson Alvarez you don’t deserve to win the game, period. These pitchers have done their job all year. They are entitled to a so-so start from time to time. It wouldn’t matter if the offense could bail them out from time to time.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

          “These pitchers have done their job all year.”

          No they haven’t. Overall this year, the offense, even with it’s struggles, has been better than the pitching.

          Yankees have scored at least 5 runs in a game more than any team in baseball. They also have by far the lowest winning % in those games of any AL playoff team. The offense has been lousy at times. But the pitching has been even worse. I don’t know why you feel like you have to give the pitching a pass because the offense doesn’t do the job. The pitching hasn’t gotten the job done either.

  93. UncleArgyle says:

    So options for the next manager? I think Francona has to be option #1. But I’m stuck thinking who else should make sense to interview for the vacancy.

  94. Eddard reboot v.1.0 says:

    It’s over, folks. The Yankees can now hope at best for a 1 game playoff for the division crown. This after blowing a 10 game lead. The Os will not get swept by the Rays and that’s what it would take to get ahead of them by a game because the Yanks ain’t sweeping anybody even Boston. Os win 1/3 vs Rays, Yanks win 2/3 vs Sox and that’s still a big if considering they just lost 3/4 to the Jays and we have a 1 game playoff. Os take 2/3 and we’re flying out west to Oakland for the WC.

  95. Karl Krawfid says:

    This is like 2004 all over again.

    A-Rod Jeter Granderson and insert any other Yankee all struggling at the same time.

    Man this is worse. Yankees had half a season to hold off Baltimore.

  96. tut says:

    Girardi needs to be gone. 10 game lead lost. Shitty bullpen and position player management. (pulling Nunez in the 5th?)Cashman needs to be seriously examined also.

    • stuart a says:

      tut get a life. the players suck…

      cano hitting about 600 the last 5 games with what 1 rbi???

      this team sucks plain and simple…logan sucks, rapada walks to many batters, kuroda has not pitched well lately, fatboy the same, the offense is a slow stagnant brew of overpaid k men…

      good news we get tex back tommorrow. a guy who refuses to hit the ball to the left side of the field and simply strikes out way to often……

      • tut says:

        How many of Girardi’s moves worked out this year? He always seems to leave a pitcher either in to too long or pulls him too early. It’s time for a change. it happens with all championship teams.

      • Winter says:

        Sabathia’s last two starts have been 8 innings. In one he gave up 0 ER, in the other he gave up 2.

      • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

        throw girardi a parade…..give him an extension…..everybody sucks……….

    • Candi says:

      They may not fire Joe, but I think this is the last year we see Kevin Long.

  97. stuart a says:

    you got to tip your cap. we will come back tommorrow. i know what kind of players we have in our room. blah blah blah.

    this team is dead team wlking. they cannot get a hit with RISP.

    blow this wreck up.. do not sign Nicky. let him take his talents elsewhere. soriano will walk also. that is about $24 mill. DO not give grandy or crapo an extension….

    this team needs a blowup… arod gor a hit on a inside fastball, give him a friggin parade……the 3 and 4 batters on thsi team have 140 or so rbi’s on the season. yep arod has been hurt if healthy they would have had maybe 160 rbi’s…….OUCH…

    Hughes is a nice 4 or 5 starter that is it…they do just enough to lose….the magic # for the ofense is 5, when they score 5 runs they win a bunch but this team cannot score 5 consistently……

    old, slow, unclutch, overpaid, am I leaving any other positive attributes out????

    • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

      This team has scored at least 5 runs more than any other AL playoff team (and I believe more than any MLB team). And they have the lowest winning % in those games of any of the AL playoff teams.

  98. The fact that the Yankees fucked up this roadtrip the way they have really just shows they don’t deserve to be in first place at all.

    Minnesota and, especially, Toronto. Yankees have made the Jays look like a fuckin’ championship team this weekend.

    • Nice Scheister of Doom says:

      I agree. They don’t deserve to win the division. If they win the WC game, great but I’ve lowered my expectations for this squad. I’ll be surprised with every positive thing this club does moving forward in 2012, it’s easier that way.

      • I can’t think of things that way.

        I know I got a great deal of pleasure out of the 2011 Red Sox collapse. These motherfuckers have done all they can to ruin that, and missing the playoffs altogether would complete the trick. Which would suck, because I was really hoping to get years of mileage out of that.

  99. BigBlueAL says:

    With the way things are going the Yankees probably wont even be hosting the Wild Card game.

  100. Nice Scheister of Doom says:

    I blame the Hughes-Stach for this.

  101. Hughes really pouring gasoline into the raging fire now.

  102. tut says:

    You can talk about the offense, but the starting pitching, lately, has been extremely mediocre.

  103. Eddard reboot v.1.0 says:

    The Os are winning games they have to win, you’d think they’re the veteran ballclub. And I don’t want to hear about them playing the Sox, we’ve played two of the worst teams in the league and managed to go 3-4 vs them. At best we’ll get a 1 game playoff vs the Os for the division crown. Most likely, we’re flying out to Oakland for a 1 game playoff and have to burn Andy for that game.

  104. JonS says:

    Bringing in Lowe now is akin to giving up this game.

  105. WhittakerWalt says:

    Thanks for shitting the bed, Hughes. No sense in letting our offense be the only failures.

  106. Chilango says:

    Joe: he didn’t make his pitches. We didn’t get it done today. Phil: I didn’t make my pitches. I didn’t get it done today.

  107. Joe says:

    The worst scenario is we tie with orioles, lose division game and have Phil start wild card game. Bye 2012.

  108. Moskva says:


  109. Zack says:

    Honestly,I wish Andy hadn’t retired last year. Because if he had stayed,I felt we could have won it all.
    This year though,this didn’t look like a championship team all year and it’s finally showing up now.

  110. BigBlueAL says:

    All the good will Hughes had built up these past couple of months is completely gone after today’s pathetic performance.

  111. Joe F says:

    I know this has been stated, but Girardi is an idiot. I wouldn’t mind him being fired.

  112. Mike N says:

    Fuck this fucking game. I am sick to my stomach.

  113. Anthony says:

    Someone light a fire under their ass!!!! I’m tired of watching this.

  114. Endlessmike says:

    The only good thing going for us is we face the Red Sox the next three games and the O’s get the rays.Just like 2005-2008 the yankees are gonna limp into the playoffs.

    • Mikhel says:

      Really that’s a good thing? I say that has the potential of being one of the worst season endings ever, Red Sox will kick the flying arse of the NYY, will end up the season being the laughingstock of the worst teams in the AL East.

      BJays and Bosox will bully the Yankees out of first place and send them to a one game elimination at the hands of the A’s.

  115. Eddard reboot v.1.0 says:

    Girardi just announced that he will be DHing Robbie Cano tomorrow, giving Alex the day off and sending Jeter to a spa in Bermuda. He said he needs those guys to be well rested for the stretch run and is confident that Andruw Jones can carry the offense with his bat. David Robertson is unavailable unless 1 run has scored and 2 men are on base.

  116. Phil-thy says:

    We just witnessed the inning that ensured Girardi is fired this offseason…

  117. stuart a says:

    another herois performance by a yankee. hughes coming up big today, that is a theme on a team a tema of big players coming up big in big momnets. you have cano, arod, texiera, between all of them they have zero walkoffs this season…

    russell friggin martin with the only 2 walkoffs for the team thsi season..

    hughes came up small again. good news we have Ivan no clue Nova going on tuesday. I am sure he will not give up any extra base hits on tuesday… Nova is a clueless player on a team of them.. Swisher is in denial.. really what or wh odo they duild around for next season? a 38 year old shortstop, a done toast shell of himself 37 year old 3B owed about $100 mill., or a overweight 32 year old pitcher who is throwing about 3 mph slower then in the past, or a 41 year old closer coming back from ACL surgery? A lot of attractive options……………..

    then they have 31 year old 225 hitting, 200 k’s , 40 homer CF, who cannot steal a base they can build around and waste another $45 mill on him………..

  118. dkidd says:

    12 outs left

    please show something, win or lose. anything but the flat enervated blasé vibe that has descended on this team like a foul mist

  119. jjyank says:

    I blame the mustache.

  120. Anthony says:

    Michael Kay making a great point.

    • ArchStanton says:

      What’s that?

      • Anthony says:

        Well, 2 really.

        1. In a must-win game against a pitcher like Alvarez with a 4. whatever ERA, this offensive showing is basically pathetic.
        2. Instead of blaming Kevin Long at some point you have to realize that the players are just not producing.

        • jjyank says:

          And I agree with you (and Kay). I think blaming coaches and managers gets out of hand too often.

          • Mikhel says:

            I stopped blaming Long after that interview in the YES Network where he said “we need to do things differently, play small, not rely too much on homeruns” or something like that, and JoeG quicky dismissed it with the famous phrase “we are the Bronx bombers, not the Bronx bunters”.

  121. Rich says:

    Glass half full time. Maybe this can be like the 06 Tigers, who choked their division by losing their last six games or something like tha and ended up in the World Series.

    Now glass half empty, no way the Yankees can do it.

    • Karl Krawfid says:

      1 game playoff now.

      Tigers lost game 1.

    • Matt says:

      Except the Yankees would have to win a one game playoff first against teams that are playing much better than they are right now, with a Pettitte who is not quite in midseason form yet.

      Detroit lost their division lead because they had a playoff spot locked up and decided to rest players. The Yankees would be limping into the playoffs with guys who are physically worn down and slumping mightily.

      • Mikhel says:

        This will mark the 3rd consecutive year where they’ve done that. In 2010 and 2011 they limped in the last days of the season (heck, they lost the division in 2010, right?).

  122. Athenian says:

    I am shocked the Yankees are losing. Furthermore I manor seeing any supporting information that this team will snap out of this season long suckiness…usually backed up by insignificant statistics as runs scored, wins, and he easy schedule they are facing in the last week.

    Honestly, this could lead to a blow up of the organization which is really what is needed. However it won’t. yanks will panic sell what is left of anything on the farm and hand out more ridiculous contracts. S early congrats to Cano, Granderson, Swisher, and all the rest of the over paid under performing hacks. Collecting that paycheck that is guaranteed makes abysmal performance so much easier to swallow.

    • Mikhel says:

      Cashman and Levine already said there won’t be any changes in the managerial and coaching positions. Whatever happens, happens, they said, as both blamed the “injuries”, refusing to acknowledge that it has happened all year except June.

      The insistence of JoeG of going for the long ball with sub 0.200 players, and using a sub 0.320 OBP Granderson in the top of the order, sealed this team’s fate.

  123. Don’t worry, they’ll fuck up this chance as well.

  124. Nikhil says:

    Let’s see how they fuck this one up.

  125. ArchStanton says:

    Time for Curtis to do jack sh-t.

  126. aarpyanks says:

    Michael Kay is so stupid, shows that a big head could contain mostly BS. He doesnt want any blame for Kevin Long for the suffering offense, then I am guessing he wont assign credit for correcting Grandys and Swish’s swing you cannot choose the benefits and keep ignoring the “cost”.

    • Winter says:

      This makes exactly 0 sense. How is it Kevin Long’s fault that Granderson swings at that pitch? You can still give him credit for what he actually does and not blame him for what he can’t control.

      • aarpyanks says:

        Sure it isnt, but you can still assign some part of the overall blame without picking each at bat and criticizing Kevin Long, which is not what I said.

        The timing of my comment seemed to coincide the Granderson’s swing and miss, but the point is larger, if he has made people better over the years, then it is fine to investigate if some part of why they fail to execute is also his responsibility.

        • Mikhel says:

          You’ve gotta read the interview of Kevin Long where he said they need to change things. But after that interview, Joe Girardi said everything was OK and nothing needed to be changed “we are the Bronx Bombers, not the Bronx Bunters”.

          Kevin Long KNOWS things need to change, JoeG doesn’t want to, you can’t blame the coach if the manager tells their players to do something different.

  127. Mike N says:

    Please turn this into a real rally!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. Mike Myers says:

    Phil Hughes is the Sam Adams Cherry Wheat of pitchers.

    I get a cherry wheat every once in a while thinking it will be good. then I take a sip and it tastes like cough syrup. The worst thing is, i keep making the same mistake. I think it might be good, one day, but never is….

    • I liked the initial comparison, but I disagree w/ why one is like the other.

      I get a Cherry Wheat once in a while and I like it for the first half of a pint, any more than that and I’ll get sick, but my bartender knowing me will have a second pint ready for me at that point so just to be kind I’m forced to stomach the rest of it.

  129. JTALES says:

    This is why, ultimately, it may not matter if its WC or Division camps. It’s not like any of the starting pitchers is a stone-cold lock anyway. Just pitch whoever’s up when the WC game comes around and hope for the best.

  130. Nice Scheister of Doom says:

    So the ump just wants face time?

  131. WhittakerWalt says:

    Another perfectly useless AB by Granderson.

    • Rich says:

      Everyone blames A-Rod and rightfully so, but Granderson is one of the main reasons why we are here right now. He has turned into an automatic out at times

      • ArchStanton says:

        Granderson has been the worst offender.

      • Hoss says:

        You mean that Granderson wasn’t the best trade of all time for the Yankees? Giving up farmhands like Austin Jackson and Ian Kennedy and a spare part like Phil Coke for a superstar, gold glover like Curtis? Please…

        • Mikhel says:

          You want a great trade? Paul O’Neill for Roberto Kelly, though at the time i whined because Roberto was one of my favourite players.

          A bit OT here but: I’ve had a chance to chat with Roberto in San Diego when they play the Padres, cool guy. One of these days I’ll take a Roberto Kelly baseball card and ask him for an autograph, and will give him one card in a plaque, as a thank you for all those memories of my beloved late 1980′s early 1990s Yankees.

  132. Matt says:

    1st and 3rd, no outs, and the results have been: tapper to the mound on a pitch nowhere near the zone, grounder to first on a pitch nowhere near the zone. This team simply does not get tough in important situations.

  133. Nice Scheister of Doom says:

    I love Curtis Granderson, not in a gay ball slapping way or anything just love him as a player. But, C’Mon Man!

  134. Matt says:

    Of course the umpire decides to expand his strike zone in the most important at bats of the game thus far. Shocking.

    • Nice Scheister of Doom says:

      I blame….
      “During a game on May 30, 2012, Díaz got into an unusual argument with New York Yankees catcher Russell Martin. According to Martin, Díaz punished the catcher for disputing the strike zone by not letting him throw new baseballs out to the pitcher (a preference of Martin’s) and claiming that this ability had to be “earned.”

      It’s Laz’ way of retaliation.

  135. WhittakerWalt says:

    Wow I can’t believe they wasted that man on second, no out situation.

  136. Karl Krawfid says:

    1 run.

    Gawd Damn.

  137. They fucked it up in every way they could.


  138. Matt says:

    Hanging slider right down the middle at 91. If you are geared up for the fastball as you should be against Alvarez, that pitch is deposited in the second deck.

    What can these hitters possibly be looking for? Especially the right handed batters against whom he has thrown almost 100% fastballs.

  139. Rich says:

    I love this team I really do. But it’s funny in the past eight years I witnessed them blow a ten game lead in the division and a 3-0 lad in the playoffs.

  140. Karl Krawfid says:

    Yankees against Clay and his Changeup.

    Good luck.

  141. Big Members Only (formerly RI$P FTW) says:

    $200 million.

  142. Oh God, Brett Cecil now. Another soft-tossing schmuck that the Yankees can’t hit.

  143. goterpsgo says:

    I guess it was a good thing I didn’t order MLB.TV or Extra Innings this year – my remote would have been through a few TVs by now.

    OMG if the 0′s make it I hope TEX (or anyone else) gives them a good reaming.

  144. ArchStanton says:

    So Lowe slices right through the Jays but Hughes gets shelled. Figures.

  145. This is the perfect time to pinch hit Nunez if Joe truly believes that Nunez can be an “offensive spark plug” I mean he’s hitting for the DH leading off the inning against a LHP. However since the tying run isn’t on base or at the plate I’m sure Chavez hit’s for himself.

  146. Matt says:

    The difference is that Baltimore is doing what you should be doing against some of the worst pitching in all of Major League Baseball, and the Yankees are not.

    As many numbers as you want to cite about how many runs they have scored or how many home runs they have hit, the Yankees have gotten to this point pretty much entirely on the backs of their starting pitching. If the starter has a bad outing, they pretty much never win the game. And for this team, “bad” can mean 4 or 5 runs.

    When they went on their tear in June, the starters combined for an ERA under 2.00. Otherwise, the offense simply does not get enough big hits for them to win many close games. Just look at how many games they have lost by 1 run in the 2nd half. They should have won the division by 5-10 games EASILY.

  147. Tom says:

    Well at least Alvarez drove in a run for them in the 6th

    Who knows how the inning plays out without the wild pitch but there is a chance they get nothing without it.

    Even Justification Man is not around to offer up excuses on this one.

  148. Chilango says:

    Henderson Alvarez is the guy who bounces them out of first what a joke.

  149. Mike N says:


  150. And my feed has died.

    Probably a good thing. Now I can watch this incredible shitfest.

  151. Matt says:

    Let’s see if this team can focus for once with runners on base in the most crucial at bats of the season.

  152. Mike N says:

    MUST RISPHIT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. Anthony says:

    This is our chance. If we don’t do something hear I doubt we comeback.

  154. Karl Krawfid says:

    Blue Jays again trying to give this game away.

  155. eric k says:

    Would be a real statement if the Yankees game back and won this game. Could be our best chance here.

  156. If you told me 2 months ago that in this situation I would want Ichiro up in this situation I’d laugh at you.

  157. Matt says:

    Wow. I don’t know how that dropped in. I thought that was a lazy flyout.

  158. Nice Scheister of Doom says:

    Shit…… It’s Steve “Shutdown” Delabar! Gulp!

  159. Winter says:

    That feels like the best luck we’ve had in a week. Now let’s actually score…

  160. JonS says:

    It’s funny how the people Giradi doesn’t like to play shine when they get a chance.

  161. Alex. This is your biggest AB of the season. Do something positive please.

  162. Effthisnoise says:

    Well yanks, here it is

  163. Captain_Turbo says:

    Jays fans yelling, whistling, calling out our players’ names loudly when they’re batting, chanting “Yankees suck”… Are they trying to outclass Sox fans or something? What a bunch of losers…

  164. Nice Scheister of Doom says:

    New York “Sac Flies” Yankees!

  165. Karl Krawfid says:

    Why does Alex have all that shit in his mouth?

    That is not gonna help you hit.

  166. Wow…Alex having a hell of an AB. I hope he comes through with at least a walk.

  167. aarpyanks says:

    home run

  168. Anthony says:

    Nice job working the count A-Rod.

  169. Karl Krawfid says:

    Best at bat from Alex in a while now.

  170. Mike N says:

    C’mon, Robbie!!!!!!!!!!

  171. Joe F says:

    Clutch walk.

  172. Chilango says:

    Nice AB ARod down 0-2 gets a walk.

  173. Matt says:

    I didn’t know that you were allowed to make adjustments in the middle of an at bat? Who knew that you didn’t have to swing at the same offspeed pitches in the dirt repeatedly with runners on base? Curtis Granderson could learn a valuable lesson from that at bat.

  174. dkidd says:

    a-rod way too happy to take that walk

    /oldie but goodie meme

  175. Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

    A-Rod should do roids again.

  176. Captain_Turbo says:

    We need a Robbie classic right about now…

  177. Tom says:

    Nic discipline Robbie. Hero ball.

  178. Jesus Christ Robbie. Wait till the pitch leaves the pitchers hand before you decide to swing.

  179. Mike N says:

    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUUUUUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  180. Effthisnoise says:


  181. Karl Krawfid says:



  182. Anthony says:

    Am I dreaming?

  183. Matt says:


  184. Joe F says:


  185. There’s almost no chance the Yankees can tie this game here.

  186. WhittakerWalt says:

    “The Yankees can tie the game ON AN OUT!”

    LOL, because they’re really great at doing that.

  187. Captain_Turbo says:

    Nice hit, Robbie.

  188. Derek Holland says:


  189. Tom says:

    Got a strike to hit and hit it…It’s amazing how good Cano is when he doesn’t chase pitches.

  190. Mike N says:

    My wife is watching the Jets game, and reports a crazy play: Holmes caught the ball and then fell to ground injured, for some reason tossed the ball in the air while lying on the ground, and a 49er grabbed the ball and ran it back for a TD. She says they are reviewing the play and that Holmes is really hurt.

  191. Winter says:

    I don’t want to jinx anything here, but the Red Sox actually managed to score a run. Two actually! Good for them.

    • kpantz says:

      Of course, they followed that up by running themselves out of the inning. Pickoff, then a quick 4-3 and the O’s are cruising.

  192. dkidd says:

    it’s alive!

    it’s alive!!!!!!!

    /lightning flashes

  193. Chilango says:

    Big and Clutch. wow

  194. Matt says:

    Now Swisher better not screw this up

  195. Effthisnoise says:

    Fuck yes!

  196. Karl Krawfid says:

    OMG YES!!!

  197. Mike N says:

    YEAH!!!!!!!!!! Very good baserunning!!!!


  199. Candi says:

    Thank god the Blue Jays want to give this game away.

  200. Thank God Arencibia couldn’t grip it.

  201. Joe F says:


  202. Chilango says:

    Plate him Swish no fucking around

  203. Captain_Turbo says:

    We still love you, Alex.

  204. Anthony says:


  205. Effthisnoise says:


  206. Karl Krawfid says:


  207. WhittakerWalt says:

    Fucking Escobar, that homophobe.

  208. jjyank says:

    I’ll fucking take it. TAKE THE LEAD.

  209. Joe says:

    Bullshit luck

  210. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    Dammit, da fuck. And shitty baserunning.

    Freeze on a fucking line drive.

  211. Fuck you you goddamn homophobe.

    • Mikhel says:

      LOL not to condone what Escobar thinks or says, but what he had written in his eye shades the other day, would roughly translate as “cry baby”, a common phrase used in hispanoamerica when a player doesn’t give his all in the field.

      But of course, that is in hispanoamerica, in Canada/USA it is viewed as a homophobic slur. Actually there is so little anybody can say without it being considered racist (comes to mind the Phillips-Pirates affair a few weeks ago, when he heard “kid” and said it was racist).

  212. Tom says:

    Wow – great job by Swisher avoiding that. (I’m not joking)

    2 runs via wild pitch… ain’t pretty but at this point they need everything they can get.

  213. flamingo says:


  214. Captain_Turbo says:

    Yeah well, Robbie’s never been an ace base runner…

  215. Karl Krawfid says:

    Cano shouldn’t have gotten doubled off.

    Wasn’t gonna score on contact.

    Had to wait for that ball to get through.

    • Anthony says:

      The replay made it seem like he may have had some time to get back. It looked like he kinda just gave up. Hard to tell what could’ve happened.

  216. jjyank says:

    Fuck you Escobar.

  217. Matt says:

    Now they have to finish this game unlike the last few. There have been a lot of times that they have come back and then given up runs right away in the next few innings.

  218. Kosmo says:

    a brand new ballgame

  219. WhittakerWalt says:

    Our players have been getting doubled off a lot lately.

  220. Why is Derek Lowe still in this game?

  221. Winter says:

    If the bullpen gives this lead up I’m gonna tear someone’s head off.

  222. Karl Krawfid says:

    Joe is a fucking idiot.

  223. Winter says:

    If the bullpen gives up run(s) here I’m gonna tear someone’s head off.

  224. flamingo says:

    …Not sure I want Boone Logan here.

  225. Tom says:

    Wow – surprised Farrell pinch hit here.

  226. Kosmo says:

    Logan ? Hmmmm ?????

  227. Matt says:

    Here we go again. Lowe is looking great, getting tons of ground balls and retiring some guys who have been on fire lately. But now that a lefty has come to the plate, he HAS to bring in a lefty. And not just any lefty, but Boone Freaking Logan.

    Why would you mess with a guy that is cruising? Same nonsense as usual. The more you mix and match, the more likely you are to pick a guy out of he hat who is not sharp on that day.

  228. …boone logan? Has he not fucked you enough lately Joe. You’ve officially Scott Proctor’d his ass.

  229. Captain_Turbo says:

    Seriously? Boone NALOOGY Logan?

  230. Winter says:

    Curtis Granderson would have struck out on that pitch.

  231. Karl Krawfid says:

    Garbage pitcher man.

  232. Nice Scheister of Doom says:

    Where did the second pitch of the AB miss?

  233. This is a Phil Hughes-esque AB.

  234. Mike N says:


  235. ArchStanton says:

    Do you believe in miracles?!?!?

  236. Chilango says:

    BIG K Boonie

  237. jimmy says:

    Is it just me, or is Russel always freaking diving into dugouts.

  238. jimmy says:

    Is it just me, or is Russel always freaking diving into dugouts.

  239. Winter says:

    Wait Girardi is sticking with Logan? What magic is this?

  240. Karl Krawfid says:

    Adam Lind is gonna come through.

  241. Karl Krawfid says:


  242. Mike N says:

    Good middle relief!

  243. flamingo says:

    Good job, Boone!

  244. jjyank says:


    *gives cookies*

  245. Captain_Turbo says:

    Grandy HR…

    Calling it.

  246. Winter says:

    Granderson steals?

  247. LIKE A FINE WINE says:

    hate this choice….

  248. Tom says:

    This is a joke right? Girardi’s just messing with us?

  249. Mike N says:

    Score some runs!

  250. Captain_Turbo says:

    Jays fans must be drunk on all that crappy Canadian beer…

  251. I wouldn’t be completely against the bunt here.

  252. flamingo says:


  253. Well, don’t fuck this up, Yankees.

  254. Winter says:

    First and second no outs? Girardi obviously calls for the bunt. Doesn’t matter how hot Martin is.

  255. Joe says:

    Bunt avoid dp at all cost

  256. Mike N says:

    Good bunt.

  257. Joe F says:


  258. Karl Krawfid says:

    wtf was Ibanez doing?

  259. Mike N says:

    Yeah!!! Good job, Nunie!!

  260. Effthisnoise says:

    Nice, but Ibanez didn’t go?

  261. Need Pitching & Hitting says:


    But damn, I thought that was going to find the gap.

  262. Winter says:

    C’mon Nunie!

  263. Joe says:

    But but nix plays defense and has experience

  264. Anthony says:

    Okay, the inning isn’t over yet but I wish we could have done more with that. We’ll see. Now D-Rob and Soriano need to step up.

  265. Yeah, I’ll fucking take it. Well done, Eduardo.

    DRob-MFIKY. Finish this shit.

  266. Chilango says:

    Nice sac by Stonehands.

  267. Candi says:

    Are we actually playing small ball here? Are we actually leading this frippin’ game? Can we believe in miracles?

  268. Chilango says:


  269. jjyank says:


  270. Austin Aunelowitzky says:

    Steal 3rd?

  271. Karl Krawfid says:


  272. WhittakerWalt says:


  273. Mike N says:

    OH, YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! El Capitan!!!!!

  274. Joe F says:

    More happy for Gardy scoring. haha. 7-5!

  275. Chilango says:

    The Capt and Gardy together again.

  276. Jersey Joe says:


  277. Captain_Turbo says:

    Great that they’re doing this with small ball…

  278. jjyank says:

    This game has become awesome. Shut down bullpen pleaase!

  279. Effthisnoise says:

    Damn Ichiro gave that a ride

  280. Mike N says:

    OK. Now D-Rob and MFIKY must shut them down!

  281. Eddard reboot v.1.0 says:

    These guys like Ichiro and Nunez have saved our season. People wanted to write them off but they’ve came up big in the biggest game of the season. Probably saved Girardi’s job for the time being.

  282. Chilango says:

    It’s on the pen. Let’s go.

  283. Sierra-Arencibia-Hechevarria

    Make it as smooth and easy as it should be, Dave.

  284. Chilango says:

    Go after these fuckers Robbie no screwing around.

  285. Effthisnoise says:

    Throw the curve

  286. Chilango says:

    Nice two heaters and the curve and not one cutter….good job

  287. 1-2 was a strike, but DRob never makes it easy.

  288. TomH says:

    He really doesn’t want to face Lawrie with guys on base.

  289. Effthisnoise says:

    Frozen pizza

  290. Karl Krawfid says:

    Nasty D-Rob!

  291. Mike N says:

    Good job, D-Rob!!!

  292. Chilango says:

    Good things happen when DRob throws the curve.

  293. jjyank says:

    One more inning. Come on MFIKY!

  294. CountryClub says:

    Angels have 2 on in 9th

  295. Well, Baltimore has won, officially, so now the pressure is on MFIKY to ensure the Yankees stay pace.

  296. Rocky Road Redemption says:

    I can’t believe we’re currently leading this game.

  297. Effthisnoise says:

    Cano, lol

  298. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    Nice Robbie.

  299. Mike N says:


  300. Yanks99 says:

    I hope Tex was taking notes.

  301. jjyank says:

    Wow…that actually was kind of a good idea by Robbie.

  302. Chilango says:

    2-4 with a walk for ARod not bad, The wrist injury may have messed with his power but if can adjust and start hitting for avg that would be great.

    • Huge A-Rod supporter, but Alex’s power hasn’t been there all year. Hopefully he can just get back to what he was doing before the wrist injury average/OBP wise.

      • jjyank says:

        Between age and his hip surgery, I think his power is gone for good. But he can still be a productive player, especially for a third baseman. Even with his advancing age, I haven’t seen anything showing that he needs to move off third.

  303. Nice Scheister of Doom says:

    Teach that to Teixieria, Robbie.

  304. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    Torii Hunter’s been getting some big hits lately.

  305. zzzzz says:

    i wish we saw a bunt like that at least twice a game.

  306. CountryClub says:

    If yanks and angels both hold o, home field will still be very realistic. Next 3 days are going to be great.

  307. Mike N says:

    Can we please score multiple runs with BLNO?

  308. Karl Krawfid says:

    Fuck yeah!!!!

  309. Mike N says:

    Thank you!

  310. fabricio says:

    i hope everyone whos slumping wakes up for the rest of the season

  311. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    Insurance Runs!!!!

    More please. Give Soriano the night off.

  312. stuart a says:

    if the yanks hold on best win of the season and they still need to rebuild this team in the offseason..

    best play of the day was the cano bunt to 3rd in the 9th, they should hvae done that 10 + times this year between tex, cano, and others….

    huge comeback they still are beer league players but a huge and clutch performance today.

    grandy the worse 100 rbu year I have seen in a while….

    derek lowe came up huge today……..

  313. Effthisnoise says:

    Wow what a great comeback game for the yanks. Hopefully momentum. Rays stay alive, those games against Baltimore will be meaningful, Baltimore will be in trouble

  314. stuart a says:

    soriano needs to pitch he has pitched to a few batters in 7 days…

    send him out there regardless….

  315. Tom says:

    Baltimore players standing on the field watching the (potential) last outs of the Angels/Rangers game – a real quaint moment. MLB Network had a split screen where the shot of Baltimore watching the game is actually bigger than the feed of the game.

    Only problem is Nathan blew the save and than they head off the field.

    I want the Angels to lose but I am glad that I now don’t have to watch an endless loop on ESPN showing Baltimore’s reaction had the Rangers closed that out. And how “special” a moment it was.

  316. Anthony says:

    Now THIS is what playing the Jays should feel like. The Yankees deserve a lot of credit for coming alive today.

  317. Rocky Road Redemption says:

    This is just unbelievable. Man, I thought we were SO dead.

  318. CountryClub says:

    Almost makes up for yesterday. Almost….

  319. Chilango says:

    Do NOT make it interesting here. Put them away,

  320. Really MFIKY?! Can’t just have a simple 1-2-3 and go home to play Boston Who you know is going to play us tougher than they played the Orioles.

  321. Austin Aunelowitzky says:

    I’m pulling my hair out of my head, one by one.

  322. Rocky Road Redemption says:

    Oh, come the fuck on MFIKY.

  323. Effthisnoise says:

    Davis, lol

  324. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    No reason to make this more interesting, MFIKY.

  325. Karl Krawfid says:

    Yep Joe G, it was a fastball.

    All they ever seem to throw that guy.

  326. Captain_Turbo says:

    Ah man, come on…

  327. This series just wouldn’t be finished without hijinks and Rajai Davis shit.

  328. Karl Krawfid says:


  329. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    Enough with this shit please.

  330. You gotta be fucking KIDDING ME, Raffy.

  331. Chilango says:

    DP time. Bank it. Let’s go boys.

  332. Mike N says:

    Huge DP.

  333. Need Pitching & Hitting says:


    One more now.

  334. Anthony says:

    Oh my god that was scary. Thank god for the DP.

  335. Tom says:

    Huge… puts the tying run back into the on deck circle as well.

  336. Captain_Turbo says:

    Would someone lend me a stamp so I can mail Soriano a strike?

  337. jay says:

    we have to get Lind here before Rajai Ruth digs in

  338. Tom says:

    Huge… puts the tying run back into the on deck circle as well.

  339. jjyank says:

    Thank you. Finish it MFIKY.

  340. Roadgeek Adam says:


  341. Mike N says:

    AWESOME!!!! What a huge important win!!!!!

  342. Karl Krawfid says:

    Biggest win of the season.

  343. Anthony says:

    A very unenthusiastic untuck by Sori. I’m happy with the win though.

  344. Candi says:

    Soriano, keep that shirt tucked in

  345. jjyank says:

    I guess non-save situations get a very half-hearted untuck.

    Either way. Great win, way to battle back boys.

  346. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    Nice comeback.

    If nothing else, this guarantees that Wednesday won’t be the last day of the season.

    • CountryClub says:

      Magic number still 1. If angels lose tonight you’ll be right.

      • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

        Worst they can do now is tie the Angels for the second wildcard, in which case they’d play a tie breaker game on Thursday.

        Regardless of what happens the rest of the season, Wednesday won’t be the last day of the season. It’s now just a question of how the season is extended.

  347. Mikhel says:

    HUGE win, now… to get ready for the last three games of the regular season.

  348. Rocky Road Redemption says:



  349. Jersey Joe says:


  350. Joe F says:

    Great win. Nice to fight back. Lets sweep Boston.

  351. CountryClub says:

    Division and home field on the line over next 3 days. Should be fun.

  352. Rocky Road Redemption says:

    Wow, these are the three biggest regular season Yankee games in I don’t know how many years.

    • Mikhel says:

      1995 comes to mind, playing in Toronto.

      Velarde, Pat Kelly, Leyritz and Donnie baseball.

      A young Mariano and Jeter for a stretch near the end, Ausanio, Pettitte, Boehringer, Hitchcock and Jack McDowell.

      17 years ago… time does fly.

  353. Mikhel says:

    I just checked Soriano stats:

    Has pitched in 68 games including today.

    Has NOT given up hits in 29 games.

    Out of those 29 games he has NOT given up walks in 23 of those.

    Out of those 23 games he has NOT had runners due to errors in 20 games.

    Out of those 20 games where he has NOT had runners on, 15 were of 1 inning or more.

    Of those 15, just 2 were of more than 1 inning.

    Overall games of 1+ inning: 58.

    15 games of 1+ innings pitched with no runners out of 58 games: 25%.

    Let’s leave it at 18 since he doesn’t has the blame on those errors.

    (18/58) = 31%, in other words, Soriano has had runners 69% of the games where he is asked to pitch one or more innings.

    Great closer… and to think I hated Righetti back in the day when he was converted from starter to closer.

  354. dkidd says:

    is a three-way tie in the al west still possible?

    have no idea anymore who to root for

    love it

    • Mikhel says:


      If Angels win their remaining 4 games, it will put them at 92 victories.

      If the A’s win their remaining 4 games, it will put them at 94, and it would mean Texas loses their 3 games vs A’s and end up with 92.

      If the A’s lose today, and Texas loses their late game tonight.

      Texas will need only a win to clinch their division.

      If the A’s sweep the Rangers, the A’s win the division, and the Rangers fall to a second place tie if the Angels sweep Seattle.

      If that happens, Texas and the Angels would play an elimination game to determine who wins the chance to play a one game playoff vs the other wildcard.

      There are various instances where we could watch two extra games (game 163):

      Yankees in Baltimore to determine who wins the Division
      A’s in Texas to determine who wins the division

  355. Mick taylor says:

    It is noted thatgirardi did not pinch hit andruw jones for ibanez in the 8th inning against the lefty. And then ibanez got the hit which turned into the winning run. Does anyone think playoff tested Derek Lowe should make the playoff roster over Garcia or eppley

  356. JonS says:

    Hahahahahahaha mini untuck.

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