Girardi on Gardner coming off DL: “It’s going to happen”


Via Mark Hale, manager Joe Girardi said that the Yankees are planning to activate Brett Gardner off the DL before the end of the season, they’re just not sure when exactly. “It’s going to happen,” said the skipper. “I just can’t tell you exactly what day … We’re just not quite ready to make the move yet.

Gardner, 29, started a light hitting program earlier this week and has been running the bases/taking fly balls for a bit longer. The Yankees won’t be able to use him as anything more than a pinch-runner/defensive replacement down the stretch, which I suppose is better than nothing. The club will have to make a 40-man roster move to activate Gardner off the 60-day DL though, and frankly I have absolutely no idea who will get the boot. Could be Derek Lowe, Casey McGehee, Steve Pearce, Cory Wade, Justin Thomas … lots of candidates.

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  • Nice Scheister

    Let’s hope he doesn’t re-injure himself diving for a ball or sliding into a base. I’d prefer he get to 100% so they have him for 100% of next year.

    • Laz

      Yes. I think that alot for the team depends on him next year, he would probably take on the leadoff role for the club I would think. Granderson has struggled this year, and Jeter while a good player has only 9 stolen bases (same as grandy) and 4 CS. They have no speed at the top of their lineup right now.

  • Joe

    Derek Lowe, peace!

    As for Gardy, please don’t get re-hurt. I rather him wait until next season to play again if he’s not 100%.

    • MB923

      Lowe or Andruw Jones I hope

      • Matt DiBari

        I wouldn’t shed any tears over the end of the Casey McGehee or Steve Pearce eras either.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          I think all four of your targets are staying and Justin Thomas is going.

          • Joe

            Hasn’t Thomas done pretty good? I might have missed an outing that says otherwise.

            • Get Phelps Up

              1.1 scoreless IP with a strikeout.

        • Pisano

          I agree, also Andruw Jones is a good candidate, he’s totally lost at the plate, time to say good bye.

  • VT Yankee Fan

    I love the idea of having speed off the bench late in games. It beats the hell out of bunting to move the man over.

  • Hoss

    My guess is Cory Wade, although I’d prefer that they just move Betances to the 60-day DL without losing anyone. What about Aardsma? If he plays, they’ll need to make another move, right?

    • jesse

      They already moved Betances to the 60-day DL. That happened when Pettitte was activated.

      • Hoss

        Thanks… didn’t notice that. I guess Cory is next on the chopping block after that disaster the other night. I cannot see Joe handing him the ball less than + or – 10. I really like Cory. Unfortunately he was misused and his stuff deteriorated. Bad combo.

  • Kosmo

    Lowe has pitched OK his last 2 or 3 times out. I don´t think keeping Pearce or Thomas around makes much sense. Unfortunately we´ll still get to see if A. Jones might run into one, sorta like waiting for an elephant to be born.

    • Hoss

      If Jones runs into one, it would mean a HBP at this point… Other than friends in the clubhouse, dentists would be most disappointed at his release.

    • viridiana

      Can’t imagine why they’d keep Thomas, who failed for Boston earlier this year. Even if Rapada or Logan got hurt, I don’t see him as viable replacement. McGeehee should get more ABs. He might be decent back-up to have around in 13, even 14, for A-Rod.

      Addition of Gardy would enhance small ball options. Add him to Nunez and Ichiro and we suddenly have dynamic element we’ve lacked most of this season. I really believe one major reason for Yanks post All-Star slide was the inability to take extra base. Big difference between first and third and first and second. Tough to score when you need four hits.

    • Laz

      I really wouldn’t mind keeping Lowe around. Don’t use him in close games, but if we are up by 3+ runs he can help give the bullpen a rest instead of having to use the same people everyday.

  • CapitalT

    Gardner is on my fantasy team. This doesn’t help me at all.

  • Mike

    Assuming the Yankees make the postseason and at least make it to the ALDS, can either Gardner or Eduardo Nunez be on the roster?

    • jesse

      I would assume so, since both were already in the organization.

      • Mike

        Actually I believe Gardner can and Nunez cannot. Nunez got called up, Gardner was on the DL.

        • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle

          I think Nunie can since he started the season in the Big Leagues. I think if you spend time w/ the team or get called up and are on the 25man at any point before Sept 1st you’re eligible for the post season roster. I could be wrong though.

          • Mike

            Just looked it up:

            To be eligible for a team’s playoff roster a player must be on any of the following: (a) the 25 man active roster, (b) the disabled list, (c) the bereavement list, or (d) the suspended list as of August 31 at midnight[citation needed]. The only exception is that a player who is on the disabled list at the end of the regular season may be replaced on the postseason roster by any other player who was in the organization on August 31, with the approval of the commissioner of baseball.[1]

            So I would believe that means Gardner can and Nunez can’t.

            • Laz

              Nunez can. Rule gets wierd, but as long as the player was in the organization by August 31 they can get on the postseason roster. Not sure how they do it, maybe just throwing someone one the dl, but he is eligible.

            • Need Pitching & Hitting

              “The only exception is that a player who is on the disabled list at the end of the regular season may be replaced on the postseason roster by any other player who was in the organization on August 31″

              Nunez was in the organization on August 31, so he can replace any player on the disabled list. So he can replace any of Mo, Pineda, Cabral, Myers, Feliciano, etc.

              • Mike

                Okay thanks.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    It’s amazing how people want to DFA people who are actually playing, but want to keep guys who are so far to the end of the bench that they’re sitting at “Beers of the World” half the time.

  • j

    I don’t see how he adds enough as a pure pinch runner/fielder to justify the risk. Is he that much better than Dickerson with the glove that risking injury becomes tolorable? Or on the bases in comparison to Nunez/Mesa?

    • Laz

      Especially because they aren’t letting him bat. So if the run doesn’t score they then have to put someone else in. Is a big drop off if you are having to then put jones or ibanez in instead of swish, Teix (swish would move to 1b in that case), or granderson.

  • viridiana

    Some may think Justin Thomas would be LOOGY solution. But here are his career numbers against lefties: .463/.489/.634. His OPS is a robust 1,223. (He did do better in very SSS in brief Sox stint). He’s also given up almost two hits per inning over his entire (brief) career. Cashman has made some good moves for players who were once good and were now cheap. But it continues to amaze me how Yanks will bend over backwards to keep Cash dumpster dive specials who were nver good.

  • tommy cassella

    say hoss, you may like cory, but nice guys do finish last, or have’nt you heard?

  • JScott

    My guess is that Gardner’s elbow will still be an “issue” when Spring Training rolls around. Sort of like David Adams’ ankle. An injury whose effects linger over multiple seasons.

    • Laz

      I would think he would be fine. He would be 11 months removed from injury, and 9 months removed from surgery, He should be fine by march rolls around, especially if they think he can play the field and run the bases as it is.

    • JMK

      And you think this because…you just think this, right?

  • tommy cassella

    i don’t get it. why activate gardner when you have nunez, chris dickerson and now mesa, if he can ever find the base to pinch run? there is always the chance that gardner will reinjure himself.

  • tommy cassella

    justin thomas should go. all he did was give up a home run yesterday. for a guy trying to make the team he is very unimpressive.