Joe Girardi and his boiling point

Yanks robbed of game-tying run, fall to Orioles
Update: Teixeira headed for MRI, likely out for Red Sox series

From Andrew Marchand

The issue of (CC Sabathia)’s health led to Girardi ending up nose-to-nose — like he might with an umpire — with [Joel Sherman of The New York Post]. During his postgame news conference, Girardi was asked about Sabathia’s health and he said he was fine. The columnist was in the back of the scrum and could not clearly hear the previous answers.

“I think you might have just been asked my question,” he said. “Are you convinced that CC is healthy?”

Girardi said, “Yes, that’s the third time. He’s healthy.”

What followed was a rigid exchange between reporter and manager. After the news conference, Girardi invited the writer into his office and the two ended up nose-to-nose, yelling before security stepped in between them.

The Yankees suck right now. They’ve won just six of their 18 last games and the division lead is down to zero. They’re playing terribly and everyone is frustrated — you, me, the players, the coaches, the front office, everyone. That said, Girardi is the team’s daily spokesman and public figure of authority, so he above all else must remain composed regardless of how chaotic things get on the field or in the standings. That’s his job as much as filling out the lineup and changing pitchers. I’d argue moreso.

Girardi, obviously, did not remain composed last night. He lashed out in frustration at a reporter, probably the worst possible thing he could have done outside of a physical altercation with a fan. It’s the media’s job to dig and dig and dig, hoping for moments just like this. It makes for great copy. Girardi and his team are going to get torn to shreds by the media not just for their play anymore, now the conversation moves on to their mental state and their ability to remain poised during this tough stretch. It’s an unwanted distraction the club will have to deal with not just today or tomorrow, but pretty much any time things get tough on the field during the next few weeks. Now that the skipper has revealed his boiling point, the questions and probes from the media will only get tougher.

I understand that Jerry Meals made a laughably bad call to cost the Yankees a game, but Girardi is the proverbial adult in the room. He can’t lose his cool, at least not publicly. If he wants to yell at his players behind closed doors or slam his hat and kick dirt on the umpire on the field, fine. But he overstepped his bounds last night and frankly it’s not the first time it’s happened during this slide — remember when he lashed out at the fan in Chicago a few weeks ago? It reflects horribly on Girardi and his ability to remain in control when the adversity ramps up. The guy calling the shots is supposed to be the last one to crack, not the first.

Yanks robbed of game-tying run, fall to Orioles
Update: Teixeira headed for MRI, likely out for Red Sox series
  • Nice Scheister

    I like it, show some emotion.

    • chuck

      I agree.
      I always considered Giradi kinda a wimp. Its good to see he can be a prick.

    • jesse

      I also kind of like it, too. But, I would have liked to see him go apeshit on Jerry Meals after the blown call. I know it wouldn’t have changed the outcome, but it would have been nice to show emotion out there as well.

    • Joel Sherman is a D Bag

      Once again, the media trying to become the news instead of reporting it.

      I guess where I’m confused is if Girardi called Sherman into his office afterwards and yelled at him, why is that a problem. WOuldn’t that be deemed a private conversation.

      It’s pretty sad that the only thing reporters are good for these days is trying to get a cool sound bite that other geniuses like Skip Bayliss and Mike Lupica can talk about for weeks. Maybe the reason for this is that reporters and most media types really know jack shit about the games they report. They aren’t intelligent enough to have an opinion about the intricacies of the game so instead we get stupid and simple shit like – “Joe Girardi is a jerk”

      • Nice Scheister

        He is a D-Bag. I finally watched the post game and it reminded me of a child having to get the last word in, then I read the next Sherman article and he’s such a tool. I hope Giardi just ignores this troll of a reporter moving forward.

        Unrelated but to call that call “inconclusive” like the head ump did is disgusting. Then tonights migrating strike zone. Puke. Take ownership, it’s a powerful thing.

        Who knows who would’ve won the game but it robbed the fans for seeing an extra inning showdown.


    We’ve finally seen some emotion lately with the return of A-Rod and Teixera and it’s no surprise that the team has shown more fight at the end of ballgames. Nobody likes those weasely sports writers so Girardi going off on one of them sets the tone for the rest of the season. I applaud what Girardi did.

  • Doh!

    It’s the media’s job to report. If they want to dig give the bastards shovels.
    If Sherman wasn’t busy smelling his own ass he might have heard Girardi the third time. Would have liked to have seen them fight though, Jiel would have spent the rest if the evening picking his fucking teeth up off the carpet. That piece of shit works for the fucking New York Post of all things; bird cage liner at best.
    Hack fucking writer needs to get his clock cleaned. Freedom of the press my ass.

    • ALMVP1976

      I agree w Mike. You NEVER win an argument w the press. Never. Girardi needs to keep the fight for the field and for the locker room.

      • Shocking

        Those reporters need to have their leashes shortened. That was a private conversation, and sniveling Andrew had to stick his nose in it.

        Self entitled douchebags.

        • Rainbow connection

          Uhhh…let me guess. Obama supporter? That pesky media needs to be shut down, right?

          • Robinson Tilapia

            Second time you’re bringing politics into this. I’m really starting to become afraid you’re this much of a tool AWAY from the PC.

      • TomH

        Sinatra did.

  • http://yesnetwork Jim

    Maybe the Wizard should’ve mixed and matched his conversation with Sherman….say Pena who could’ve responded in espanol!

  • DERP

    Does anyone know what Sherman said right before Joe shakes his head.

    • DERP

      Right near the end of the video

      • bryan

        His last words were “Joe, you make big money as Yankee manager, it’s part of the job”

        • Steve S.

          Which is where he was grotesquely out of line. The argument that ensued in the manager’s office was reportedly the two men screaming at each other not to tell the other how to do their job. Who was the one brought that topic up? Joel.

          As I wrote over at TYA today, I don’t see how Sherman can continue on the Yankee beat after an incident like this. I can’t take him seriously ever again. He’s the guy who hates Girardi and is there to provoke incidents. He has zero credibility on any topic relating to the manager.

          • Marcy

            Joel Sherman has been doing this – exactly this type of stuff – for over 20 years and not just w/Girardi – but with every Yankee and Mets manager he’s covered.
            He’s not going anywhere nor should he, as annoying as he can be. And I do think he can be really annoying – he doesn’t hate Girardi, he wants to do his job as a reporter and believe it or not it is part of Joe’s job to answer the reporter’s questions.

            • Dean Winters

              True it is apart of the job but Joel is one of those ppl who thinks he’s more important than he really is. Four yrs ago he pulled the same stunt with Girardi because Joe didn’t want to tell him what happened in a closed door meeting. “The fans pay a lot of money and they deserve to know what is going on with this team” Joel it’s a baseball team not an accounting firm. Is there any team in sports covered as much as the Yankees. This is a team where the last guys on the roster get killed as much as the stars.

    • sangreal

      Something about how it is part of the gig (answering the question)

    • DZ

      “Joe you get payed a lot to be the yankees manager, it’s part of the job”

      something to that effect


    Uh, no, this was a private argument between two adults that some third party (Marchand) butted in on. Unless Sherman himself makes a big deal of it, this is a non-story, something another guy is trying to fan the flames of to attract eyeballs. This is only slightly more relevant than reporting on him yelling at his kids for not doing their homework.

    And don’t act like the beat reporters who’ve followed this team for 130+ games are some innocent, purely-objective third party. They’re practically part of the team, so Girardi inviting one of them into his *private* office to air some grievance isn’t at all unreasonable.

  • crawdaddie


    I can’t agree with you here. Girardi didn’t lose his cool during his postgame session with the media. He lost his cool in a private conversation afterwards between him and Sherman.

    • Shocking

      Birds of a feather.

  • Countryclub

    The media lives for those types of exchanges. Not all of them, but most take every opportunity to nudge a manger/coach to lose his temper. The next time Sherman gets into a fight with his wife, we should all call him and ask him about it. I wonder if he’ll stay calm.

  • Shocking

    One sniveling little media whore protecting another? What’s next, snow in January?
    Marchand and Sherman should be covering sled dog races in Siberia; those two would write trash about their own mothers if they thought someone would read it.

  • J-Rod

    The hell with all this corporate demeanor rubbish. A baseball manager is not a CEO. Girardi was right on for showing some intensity and if that was Billy Martin he stepped to, the wimpy little hack Sherman would have been left twitching unconscious on the carpet.

  • JohnnyC

    Really? Girardi can’t bother to argue the call, just shakes his head and retreats to the clubhouse but can’t restrain himself from a screaming match with a fucking media drone. That’s what you want from your manager locked in a hellacious pennant race? Don’t know if we’ll win the division but we sure as hell will show that pipsqueak Joel Sherman a thing or two about press conference etiquette!

  • DZ

    I think people are making way too much out of this, but if it somehow leads to girardi being fired, I’m all for it. Last night sucks, but sabathia had to step up and he didn’t; we should have never been in that situation in the first place.

  • Monty

    Seemed to me like Sherman was being a little twerp trying to get under Girardi’s skin and Girardi held his own. Sherman is a crappy writer/columnist and after the incident his headline of “Blaming Umps is Loser Talk” was an even bigger piece of crap.

    • Rainbow connection

      A reporter does this to Romney or Bush? Hero.
      To Girardi? Worst person who ever lived.
      Get some perspective on life.

      • Shocking

        What does bumbling fool Dubbya and the used cars salesman have to do with any of this?

        You’re one angry little right winger!

        • Robinson Tilapia

          I actually wish reporters were as insistent with politicians as Sherman was with Girardi.

      • Monty

        My opinion of a columnist has no correlation to Politics which you clearly brought into the thread in another response. I’m here to talk baseball and Yankees. Perhaps you should go outside and make sure your “NObama” sticker is still nestled safely on your pickup truck under your confederate flag.

        • DC

          Don’t feed this guy. He’s straight up trolling. He uses at least four different handles. Last night he was slipping pro-Obama lines in the conversation.

        • FIPster Doofus

          Not liking Obama makes him a racist? That’s really ridiculous.

    • Marcy

      That’s what Joel Sherman does. He’s been doing it for years.

  • Ppiddy

    Well, it is frustrating when an inept umpire continues to blow games, He has an awful history. Look at this abomination by Meals last year:

    Maybe this can bring some attention to this guy’s record. He can’t be umpiring important games anymore.

  • Evan3457

    I don’t agree.

    It was the 3rd time in the interview the same question was asked, the second time within a few seconds. Granting that Sherman possibly didn’t hear the other two, Girardi is unware of that.

    Therefore, the 3rd time he hears it, to Girardi, it’s as if Sherman is questioning Girardi’s honesty by not believing the first two answers that were the same. And that’s sufficient cause for calling Sherman into the manager’s office and having it out with him.

    Maybe Girardi should’ve waited until the next day, and given himself time to cool off. But in truth, no one is to blame here if, in fact, Sherman really didn’t hear the same question asked twice.

  • Zack D

    I’m surprised it took him so long to blow up on one of NY’s media guys. They wake up every day thinking of how to stir shit up with Yankee fans, players, and coaches so they have more material for articles and radio shows. They think people read/listen/watch for them, but we don’t, we watch because we love the Yankees.

    They hide behind twitter and articles and make 87 binder jokes a week, Joe gives some shit back to them and they can’t handle it.

    It’s cool and old school when Jim Leyland does it, but when Girardi does it then ‘oh no, Joe breakin under pressure”

    • Brian

      Completely agree.

  • Rainbow connection

    ‘laughably bad call to POSSIBLY cost the Yankees a game’

  • Wayne

    Joel Sherman is lucky he didn’t get his ass kicked!!

  • Steve S.

    Mike, if you think the job of the sports media is to provoke fights, then you’re so lost I don’t know where to start. I don’t think there’s anyone with a basic understanding of journalism that would agree with you.

    As a fan, are you looking for a freak show or to get answers from the manager? Joel’s poisonous relationship with the Yankee manager makes it LESS likely he’ll give him anything useful, and is therefore counterproductive to him doing his job. As a columnist, I can’t take anything he says about the manager seriously after an incident like this.If the NYPost takes their credibility as a news outlet at all seriously, they’d take him off the beat immediately. How can you pretend to cover someone objectively after an incident like this?

    • Mike HC

      Their job is also to sell papers and attract attention. Get reactions out of people they are covering so they can get good stories. There is obviously a fine line there, and Joe thought Sherman crossed it I guess.

  • Patrick

    Seriously. Sherman wasn’t being a journalist, he was being a prick, as is obvious when you watch the video. He sounds like a child who simply had to get the last word with this “part of the job” crap.

  • Naved

    Don’t ever be like that Mike.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Agreed wholeheartedly, Mike. The leader has to be the adult in the room. Don’t scream at reporters. Win ballgames. When you lose them, don’t take it out on someone else. Figure out how to win the next one before you’re sitting at home in October.

    Derek Jeter handles losing by looking at himself, not Joel Sherman.

    I love the secret pining for Billy Martin here, as if his being a yelling drunkard was the reason for ’77 and ’78.

  • http://RiverAveBlues Targetbuilder

    Joel Sherman, you must have been the kid picked last in the schoolyard to play sports in your youth!! It’s the only reason you are a hack writer now trying to get your name out there by stirring up s%$t after a difficult loss by the Yankees!! Why must all the worst reporters in the world (like you) keep asking the same stupid questions over and over and over again looking for a different response?? All you end up doing in the eyes of many is make yourself look like assinine!!

  • N/A

    Edited by RAB because people are assholes.

    • Long Time Yank

      I hope you are being drole -if not, GO FUCK YOURSELF!

    • Marcy

      What Schul do you belong to?

    • Nice Scheister

      This was NOT me. Someone jacked my handle,

      • Mike Axisa

        Sorry about that. Been taken care of.

  • Mike HC

    Gotta agree that yelling at fans and the media is not the way the go. Injuries are probably a sensitive subject with him. Whenever it comes up, he needs to basically brush them aside, but with Mo, CC, Arod, Tex all hurt or under performing, Joe is probably ready to crack.

    And losing a pennant race game on a call like that has got to be a such a stomach punch, that maybe a pass for Girardi is ok on this one.

  • RJS

    I think Sherman is a good baseball columnist unlike the hacks Marchand and klapisch. However, Sherman despises girardi going back to girardi’s first year as manager when girardi gave misinformation about posada’s injury status. Sherman called out girardi on it and made girardi sound like Nixon or captain queeg. Sherman crossed the line then and crossed it again last night. Marchand is the one who is completely detestable for fanning the flames wrt a private conversation and is always spinning disaster for the yanks.

  • http://RiverAveBlues Targetbuilder

    Marchand is another hack looking for his 5 minutes of fame by sticking his nose into other peoples busioness!! If these 2 sorry excuses for journalists want to write about something newsworthy, how about writing a story on the ineptitude of the umpiring in last nights game and the fact that there seems like there is no accountability in baseball for such bad umpiring??

  • Pasqua

    It ruins any credibility that Girardi has when he constantly proclaims that the team is not panicked, frustrated, etc., and then something like this happens. I understand that the stresses are many, but let it be a lesson to the manager that a little honesty early (i.e., being a little bit candid about the fact that the team is struggling and the problems that arise with that) might actually help him avoid a ridiculous altercation (like this) later on.

    • Pasqua

      p.s. This is not to say that the media members involved are without blame, either. But sometimes, being the “bigger man” means walking away from a situation that you know can’t end well.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      This. 100 percent.

  • Alibaba

    How could Sherman miss it two times and ask again?

    • Robinson Tilapia

      The team’s played injuries close to the chest before. It’s a legit question.

      It’s easy to blame the media, and they are to blame some of the time. They’re not to blame all of the time, though.

    • http://RiverAveBlues Targetbuilder

      Because all he wants to do is stir up shit and make himself look important!! It’s like the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again looking for a different result!! These hack reporters ask the same stupid questions over and over again looking for a different answer every time, thinking they will get the “scoop of the century”!!

      • Dean Winters

        And before he asked the question he said you may have answered my question already but… WTF now you’re just being a dick.

  • Andrew J.

    Get rid of all those Jews? R u a member of the Nazi party?

    • Robinson Tilapia

      More likely a member of the Trollin’ Party.

  • RuralBob

    I am very happy to see most folks here supporting Girardi. This “media doing it’s job” is pure BS. Girardi was quite composed during the post game press conference, answring the typical inane questions asked over and over in various forms by the sportswriters who are “just doing their job” but, hey, can’t you listen to the answer to the question that was asked by one of your media brethren and write that down instead of asking the question again yourself? Sherman was clearly being a jerk, trying to incite something. And yes, he did, and OH BOY now the media has something controversial to write about!! I am old enough to remember when newspaper reporters seemed to be happy to report the news, they didn’t have to make it. And when sportswriters wrote about sports, not a bunch of peripheral BS.

    Joe doesn’t need to grow up, but a hell of a lot of these so-called “journalists” do.

    • Andrew J.

      Yes they didnt write about all that peripheral stuff like ty cobb the racist and the greenies they were popping and the married ballplayers whoring around. The good old days!

      • RuralBob

        Ah, yes, the good ol’ Internet at it’s finest. Yes, Andrew J., you are right. Greenies = a manager yelling at a reporter. Happy? Sorry I did not go into sufficient detail so that you could not misinterpret what I said.

    • http://RiverAveBlues Targetbuilder

      Right on RuralBob!! I too can remember when journalists “just reported the news” and let the reader form his own opinions based on the facts they were just given. Now-a-days, these so called jounalists think that they are all important and that their opinions are fact!!

  • DERP

    I honestly didn’t know Sherman was a beat reporter. The only person I follow is Jennings. Any others that are good?

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I can’t say I’m a huge fan of any of them, but they’ve all been on the job a while and do whatever it is they feel they’re supposed to do well. Klapisch, Sherman, etc., are part of the Yankee world and aren’t going away anytime soon.

      I honestly think the reason we even follow the Jenningses and, formerly, PeteAbe’s of this world is because they were/are a cut above. Why else would the blog of a local North Hudson paper be popular for so many years? It’s because of them.

    • FIPster Doofus

      Sweeny Murti is good.

    • Marcy

      You know what’s really interesting about this in particular – clearly, Joel Sherman has more insider Yankee info than any of he other reporters since George is gone.

  • Hoss

    I think that Joe played this ‘fight’ up to take the heat off of his players. Now he and the writer are the focus of attention.
    Joe should have done a bit more with Meals, but realized that he could have cost the team (in terms of calls) and himself (in terms of games) if he really lost his cool, which was likely. Easier on everybody to take it out on a pencil pusher who was ready to assume the spotlight. Where’s a marshmallow salesman when you need him most?
    PS Watch for Joe to get tossed today for arguing balls and strikes.
    PPS CC may have come inside/hit Markakis because no Yankee pitcher was there to protect Andruw the other night.

  • your mom

    I don’t know about Joe, but if I was Tex and I knew I just reinjured myself I would’ve been so pissed I would’ve whipped my helmet into the ground right in front of Meals and told him, “Go fuck yourself you blind piece of shit!”

  • Ro

    I have no idea what some of the commenters are talking about. Religious affiliation. Political affiliation. No idea how these things have anything to do with the game.

    Furthermore, I fully support Girardi. Most of you are nuts to be challenging him on this and or, calling for him to be fired. Girardi is a terrific manager and like all managers, has his off days making moves, bullpen, etc. Which is not what we are questioning from last night. It seems most are questioning his composure following the game. The guy is level headed 99% of the time. So what, he blows it out once in a while. This isn’t women’s figure skating we’re watching. There seems to be good reason for his outburst last night. Sherman should have been the bigger man in this and just let it go. You can only imagine what’s going through Girardi’s head after a loss like that. All Sherman is focused on is instigating an altercation. It was a bit childish on his part.

    Also, I find it mildly fascinating that on and ESPN (anti-Yankee network) there is limited mention about the blown call. No separate write ups on “umpiring” nothing. Meanwhile this has happened several times throughout the season and there is always a story the next day about instant replay, etc. Oddly enough, not many of those blown calls had or will have as much of an impact as the blown call last night.

    I for one, support Girardi 100%.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I agree. We also can support him 100% as a manager and think he’s better off calming the hell down in front of reporters and random hecklers.

      I certainly don’t blame him over the 25 guys on the field for the team’s play after the ASB. This is all just unnecessary, though, and, whether it’s an isolated occurrence or a regular thing, not the behavior I want to see from the manager of the New York Yankees. Save that shit for Shea.

      • Ro

        Fair enough and it’s probably a bit more on the surface since this has happened a handful of times recently. I also hear you that the Yankees are considered the model for professionalism in the sport. This is something that we the fans have learned to appreciate above the shenanigans witnessed in Boston, for example. It’s a rare situation because if this shit was happening in April (ala Valentine calling out Youk) then that’s a problem, although I think Valentine had some sound reasoning behind why, problem is he handled it wrong. Point is, Girardi is far more controlled than that and it’s coming to head now, because these games are towards the end of the season. So in a way, I agree with you that this is not representative of Yankee professionalism, but there is part of me that really accepts the raw emotion and not watching them role over like a bunch of chumps. Think about it; if Girardi hadn’t said anything last night or to the fan last week and whatever else has happened over the last week or so, the headline news story would have been. “Yankees and manager show no emotion, look to be in a fog” “No acknowledgment of their issues or play.” Damned if you do, damned if you don’t and this is where it comes back to Sherman and others to show a little professionalism themselves. Calling out Girardi “this is what you get paid to do” is entirely uncalled for and he deserved to feel a little heat.

    • Jeff Gillolly

      Sherman’s knee is history…

  • emac2

    Wow, that’s pretty dramatic.

    An argument with a writer is even considered a relevant action in terms of a teams play?

    I think you guys think you are a much bigger part of the story than you really are.


    Now Teixera won’t be available for Boston and we didn’t even win that game. Unbelievable. Girardi had every right to get angry at that weasely reporter. Let’s hope it fires up the team today.

  • http://RiverAveBlues Targetbuilder

    I agree with you Ro!! If these 2 sorry excuses for journalists want to write about something newsworthy, how about writing a story on the ineptitude of the umpiring in last nights game and the fact that there seems like there is no accountability in baseball for such bad umpiring?? That would be newsworthy!!

    • Ro

      Exactly, buddy. I am canceling my ESPN account soon. Only reason why I got one in the first place was for the Olney insider articles. He is really the only baseball journalist I like, mainly for the reason he covers the whole gamut of baseball and while he does state his own opinions, they are usually pretty balanced with some logic.

  • Christopher

    So Girardi’s supposed to go through the emotional suckage and not get emotional, be some kind of robot being, pushing buttons and spewing hack trite phrases? Baseball is an emotional game and these guys are being put through the wringer. Girardi too, he goes through it and Joel Sherman, whose writing is prickly and needly and sarcastic and arrogant, got in the way and got exactly the reaction he was looking for. I highly doubt this incident is an isolated one. Girardi did keep his cool. He apparently didn’t use those well-honed guns to put Sherman and his mouth through a wall. Go Joe.

  • Bo Knows

    that link leads to a video of the postgame, to me it seems like Sherman began instigating things after Joe got a little “snippy”

  • Betty Lizard

    I’m one who is always stubbornly arguing that Yankees — players and manager — should display stoical composure and impregnable civility.

    Now, I’m just disappointed that Girardi didn’t morph into The Beast from 20,000 Losses and dismember Joel Sherman limb by limb.

  • Rocky Road Redemption

    I think you’re being way too hard on him. “Distraction”? The 78′ Yankees won with Billy Martin as manager. This is no distraction, this is Girardi finally showing some freaking emotion. Maybe the players will notice. Unlikely-but what can hurt at this point, honestly?

    • Kosmo

      you mean 1977 don´t you ? martin was fired half way thru the 1978 season with Bob Lemon taking over as manager.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    “It’s an unwanted distraction the club will have to deal with not just today or tomorrow, but pretty much any time things get tough on the field during the next few weeks.”

    unwanted distraction? Jose Mourinho lols and disagrees ;)

  • Rocky Road Redemption

    Also, it’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Before this, weren’t we complaining about how he didn’t show enough emotion.

  • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle

    A few things:
    1. We don’t know why Joel asked Joe to repeat himself for the third time, maybe he had gotten to the conference late because he was talking to a player, or maybe he honestly didn’t hear Joe if he was at the back of the scrum where everybody is talking, scribbling, shifting

    2. If Joe had just said He’s healthy and moved on, nothing happens after that. If Joe had just simply kept his cool there, we’re not talking about anything but Jerry Neals this morning. Also, while it was kind of dick for Joel to say anything about how it’s Joe’s job to talk to the media, it’s absolutely true.

    3. Anybody that’s trying to villify Andrew for breaking this doesn’t know the first thing about journalism. Whether it’s sports, politics, or even the town hall beat, if somebody who has authority in the world of what your covering calls a fellow media member into his office and they get into a screaming match where they wind up face to face and you don’t cover that? That’s a career killer.

    4. As much as Joe ends up with egg on his face because of this, so does Joel. Let’s see Joel write another exclusive about anything Yankees after this. It’s not going to happen.

  • Rocky Road Redemption

    And finally, let’s make a big deal of this. Of ocurse it’s a distraction if everybody starts talking about it as a distraction.

    (Also, I didn’t blame Valentine either.)

  • FIPster Doofus

    I think criticizing Girardi for yelling at the White Sox fan is a reach. The guy wouldn’t shut the hell up when Girardi was trying to answer questions. Girardi had every right to step in and kick his disrespectful ass out.

    • Rocky Road Redemption


    • Christopher

      Hey, I’ve yelled at a couple of rival fans myself. Go Joe.

  • Bryan V

    That’s the problem with the media… they think they can dig and dig, needle and needle, and it’s all good because they are “doing their jobs”. Bull***! What Sherman did was ridiculous, and to think Girardi had to keep his cool is absurd. The “is CC injured” question had been asked AND ANSWERED twice in a span of seconds, there was no reason to keep going. I’d be surprised if Joe hadn’t reacted with exasperation. Hell, people would probably be on his case if he didn’t react that way, wondering if he even cares due to lack of frustration.

    The fact you defend this from a member of the media tells me you’ve just become one of “them”. Congratulations, and good luck being another mindless reporter.

  • tyrone sharpton

    joe’s been acting like this recently, so i can’t say i’m shocked. the guy clearly doesn’t give a shit about how others think of him; that’s good to some extent, but at the same time he’s gotta realize that behavior like this will vilify him in the media circle, leading to more negative articles and eventually, images of himself

  • JohnnyC

    Keep your eyes on the real deal: CC, Swisher, and Tex royally failed. Again. All this nattering about Meals and Sherman clouds the obvious: the team is not doing what it needs to do to simply win winnable games. Giving away leads, sketchy relief, and not getting timely hits are the real issues. Punching Joel Sherman or firing Jerry Meals doesn’t accomplish a damn thing.

    • Kosmo

      I agree but in the perverse world of sports who knows what repercussions this silly nonsense may have on the Yanks. It could be a rallying cry or nails or nothing at all.

  • briang

    stupid. this article has been posted up like it’s some kind of epiphany or revelation…aka, big news. it’s a strained moment in a dude’s dealing with a bunch of major weiners, the sports writers. you p think this is all so serious. it’s pretty cheesy. i’m a huge fan, i watch all the games and i read the blogs and whatever but i know this stuff is far from real news. i can smell this already leading to a “huge september collapse, girardi must be fired, how could this happen…” type of end of year essay. injuries, bad play, more injuries, other hot teams….this is how it happens. the yankees will right the ship. they’ll play october baseball. guys will get mad, be happy again and the cycle will play itself out. you guys and your doomsday stuff is embarrassing. i’m glad i’ve never been a sportswriter. it’s seriously a Dungeons and Dragons lonely world they live. one word: nerds. i’m half nerd cuz i follow the team so closely but these dudes take it to a new level. you guys are lucky to be getting paid to do this stuff. it’s seriously useless in the grand scheme.

  • Christopher

    The way this RAB piece is written, it reads like almost a threat. ‘Behave Joe G. or we are going to run you out of town.’

  • Christopher

    “He can’t lose his cool, at least not publicly.” And if you’d been covering the ’78 Yankees – what then?

  • Jay

    Sherman basically apologized before asking the question by saying something like “I think you may have just answered my question…”. All Girardi has to do is say “yes” after Sherman’s question and it’s a non-issue. But instead Girardi has to be a prick and start crap with the people asking the questions. That’s very childlike and unprofessional. Lost a lot of respect for Girardi. Grow up.

    • Bryan V

      You need to read closer, because Sherman himself asked the question regarding Sabathia’s health twice. When Sherman asked the question the first time, after it had been asked before, Girardi did respond with a simple “yes”. It was when Sherman repeated HIS OWN question that Girardi was irked. And rightfully so.

      • Dean Winters

        And before he asked it a second time another reporter asked Joe 5 secs prior to Joel saying “I think you may have just answered my question”

  • Marcy

    So, how do you think Meals handles home plate?

  • RetroRob

    He’s not a robot. He’s allowed to get angry.

  • briang

    alright, one more time. RAB, you all oughtta get a grip. so many articles on the site lately are just overly analyzed, inflated and self indulgent. the best blog out there is bronx banter. that dude gets it. you guys seem bored and self important. you should write a piece on mark reynolds getting upset about the ichiro being called safe right there…clearly he needs to stay professional and this is a clear sign that it’s all spiraling terribly out of control and the world is gonna end….blah blah blah….i know more in my heart about baseball than you all have read in books and charted out. i’m done with this webpage. it’s content is ridiculous and i am embarrassed that i stuck around this long. good riddance.

  • OldYanksFan

    In the early 60’s, when John Kennedy was President, EVERY White House reporter knew he was having an affair with Marilyn Monroe. But it was never reported. Not even an innuendo made print.

    You see, there was a time when reporters had some integrity, and knew the difference between News the public was entitled to know, and private personal information, and yellow ‘scandalous.’ journalism.

    Just having a white collar job does NOT make you a ‘professional’.

    The truth is the Internet is threatening all Print Media. Many of these ‘reporters’ are just hanging on to their jobs. How many of them are ‘better’ then the RAB crew, or many of the better bloggers out there? These reporters are mostly irrelevant, and desparate to matter. Unfortunately, instead of writing thoughtful articles on a myriad of potental subjects, they are dull and lazy and just look for the fastest, easiest thing to write about.

    I stopped watching Network News some years ago after a story of a tragic fire. While a couple was out for the night, their house burned down killing the baby sitter and ALL FOUR OF THEIR CHILDREN. The couple came home and was standing outside the burning house, obviously in shock. The poor mother was all but comatose.

    Then some ‘professional’ reporter walked over to her, stuck a mike in front of her face, and actually asked her ‘How do you feel?’.

    Saying you are just doing your job is a lame excuse for ‘unprofessional’ questions or behavior. 20 years ago, most of these guys wouldn’t be professional enough to write for the National Enquirer.

  • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula

    I agree with Mike as far as Girardi should never lets anyone see him sweat in public but he’s a baseball manger and his job is to win games and keep the pressure off his players to facilitate them doing well. He owes jack shit to the media and if he wants to keep injury info close to the vest, well that’s just too fucking bad for the Joel Sherman’s of the world.

    Sherman should be suspended by the Post for the “you’re paid big money by the Yankees and its part of your job” line as that was pure provocation. If not, the Yankees should just freeze him out.

  • OMG! Bagels!

    People complain on here when Girardi says nothing…is robot like and too optimistic. The argument was between him and Sherman behind closed doors and Marchand made a big deal about it. There’s not a lot of incidents where this happens and I don’t see why we’re ragging on Girardi about it. There was a sucky and wrong call to end an important game and he was frustrated.

    You can argue that they shouldn’t have been in the position for an umpire’s bad call to end a game they could have potentially won, but on one hand it’s not like the umpire robbed a pitcher of a perfect game and we’ve been on the right side of an umpire’s wrong calls this season with no complaints. In fact, we all thought it was pretty funny.

    It was an important game and you can say they shouldn’t have been an important game (who, in May, would have thought a September game against the O’s would be important?). You can say those boneheads let their huge AL East lead slip away or you can say it’s amazing they’re still in first with all the injuries.

    You can argue that Girardi should never lose his cool with the press. You can argue that Sherman had it coming and that Marchand is a hack who made much about nothing.


    (And I think this is really the argument to make) Joe opened the binder and the page said “I’M MAD AS HELL AND NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE.”

    Binder rules. No surprises. Move along, nothing to see here folks.

  • Fernando

    Sherman was out of line with that money comment. If he simply left it that he hadn’t heard Girardi’s comment, then he would have been in the right. But he acted like a prick, by trying to scold Girardi.

    It’s obvious that Girardi has been frustrated, heck he even used that word several times. You don’t need to keep jabbing.

    And yes Girardi has to answer his questions, but that doesn’t mean Sherman can ask them like a jerk. I’d like to see Sherman try that act with managers like Tony LaRussa, Lou Pinella, Billy Marin or Hal McRae. You don’t have to kiss the manager’s rear end, but you should ask questions in a respectful way. A journalist should be professional and not make himself part of the story.

    I don’t think Girardi lost his cool in public, as much as he shook his head at Sherman’s obnoxiousness. He clearly was annoyed, but he let it go. As for the heated exhange in the manager’s office, it took place in private, where it should have stayed. I wonder what anonymous source (ahem, Sherman) told Marchand about the private exchange.