Must-Click Link: The Silent One

Game 155: Escape with a win
Sabathia cruises as Yanks take series from Twins

Here’s a fantastic story for the afternoon: ESPN’s Jorge Arangure wrote about fill-in closer Rafael Soriano, a quiet man who puts baseball and family above all else. Arangure chronicled Soriano’s climb to the majors, which started as the child of a poor single mother who refused to falsify documents so he could sign with the Hiroshima Carp as a switch-hitting outfielder at age 16. It’s an awesome read and gets RAB’s highest level of recommendation, so make sure you check it out.

Game 155: Escape with a win
Sabathia cruises as Yanks take series from Twins
  • Better off Eddard

    El Silencioso is a great nickname. A common misconception of people who don’t talk much is that they’re aloof or don’t care but this shows that Soriano cares deeply about his family and teammates. Soriano has been the unsung hero this season and he misses Mo as much as we do.

  • RetroRob

    So we get to learn more about Soriano in is final weeks on the team. Hopefully he goes out in style, saving the final game of a World Series game for #28.

  • Dela G

    I literally just finished reading this article and was going to link it on the game thread. What an amazing profile of the Silent One. I loved it

  • Twains Yankee

    Thanks for that link

  • Cano fan #1

    Very nice story

  • Matthew Warden

    I think it really goes to show that we as fans often times know very little about a lot of these guys. We have formulated opinions of them as players, and we get brief glimpses into their personality depending on how they communicate/are portrayed through the media. A lot of the time though, we really have no idea who they are as people.

    • Laz

      Probably why GM’s shouldn’t get too attached with any players.

    • Squints

      Being alive for more than 20 years will show you not to believe anything the media says. Their there to sell their $tories not tell the truth. Being someone else who lays low, stays quiet and leads a simple life and being a Yankee fan of course I hope Sorianos great year continues and if possible would like to see him in pinstripes in years to come.

      • Jete’sCleats

        You do realize that RAB is a form of the media correct? Not all media outlets are out to make their cash and not tell the truth. I know this both as a sportsfan and a member of the broadcast news medium. I think what Matt Warden meant was that players do their own job formulating our opinions, for example excessive celebrations or speaking off the cuff poorly. We just only get a glimpse of these moments through the media. That doesn’t make it their fault.

        • Squints

          I do realize that RAB is a media outlet and provides great coverage of my favorite team, and are as honest as it sources and the writers are professional. However they are connected with YES Network which is an establishment setup stricly to make money and turn the Yankees into a corporation and not a baseball team, great business wise, baseball wise not. If they werent about money they would donate half of their earnings to charities Yankee players are affiliated with or charities in the city. Apoligies for my frustrated tone, I just remember when it was about baseball than money not the other way around. Example: new YS

  • rek4gehrig

    #untuck. Great story.