Pettitte cleared to begin running

Replacing Mark Teixeira
Game 141: Spoiler

Doctors have cleared Andy Pettitte to begin running following yesterday’s checkup, a big obstacle in his return from a fractured left leg. The left-hander did some fielding drills today and will throw another simulated game tomorrow, unofficially his third. He threw three innings and 46 pitches over the weekend, so I assume he’ll ramp it up to 60-65 pitches next time out. Based on how things have been progressing, it seems that we could see Andy back on the mound in meaningful games within two weeks or so.

Replacing Mark Teixeira
Game 141: Spoiler
  • vin

    Fingers firmly crossed.

  • John

    sim games 9/12 and 9/17, first real start on 9/22 or 23 (say 80-85) pitches) then subsequent starts on 9/28 and 10/3 at full steam. ready to step in as #3 in playoffs. crazy or entirely possible?

    • RetroRob

      Entirely. The main question is would the Yankees consider activating him for a 9/17 start, on the belief that’ll give him one more start against MLB batters. If the Yankees were five or six up, then they could take that risk. Not sure they’ll want to with a one-game lead. On the other hand, would he be any worse than the current back-end options?

      • Laz

        Depends on whether they like his progress or not. Good news is that it wasn’t a arm injury, although leg can make it difficult to get enough power sometimes.

    • Laz

      I think if he can at least get 75-80 pitches in a real game they will go with him. He has incredible postseason success so he probably gets the nod, definetely over Nova, Phelps, Garcia; the only other choice would be hughes.

  • Magilla Gorilla Mama Called me Roy tho

    Is Pettitte cleared to skip and hop?

  • Big Members Only (formerly RI$P FTW)

    Maybe he should run for president or sumthin’. tss. tss.