Playoff Bound: Yankees clinch wildcard spot


Thanks to Sunday’s win over the Blue Jays and the Angels’ loss to the Rangers, the Yankees have clinched at least a wildcard spot for this year’s playoffs. Texas and the Orioles also clinched a postseason spot. The Yankees can still win the division (and finish with the best record in the AL as well) and avoid that wildcard play-in game, but they’re now locked into the postseason either way.

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  • forensic

    Crazy how just like that the AL goes from 0 to 3 teams clinched.

    • forensic

      And the Tigers and A’s are dormie, so they can’t even choke it away as much as the US Ryder Cup team. Essentially, the teams are decided, just what order is left to be determined.

      • vicki

        straight up, who cares about golf, but HOW DID AMERICA GIVE THAT STUFF AWAY??

  • Hall and Nokes

    Pop open the champale

  • Rey22

    I’ll celebrate when they clinch the division, though I guess it’s nice to know they have a safety net (sort of)

  • Anthony

    Awesome. I hope Tampa gives the O’s hell. I’m really looking forward to watching a one game playoff between Oakland and Baltimore. One of them will have to lose!

  • DM

    I can’t believe we managed to make it to the post-season without Montero. The playoff-reaching dynasty remains intact. Phew!

    • RkyMtnYank

      Really, without Montero? That’s just too funny.

      • DJ4K&Monterowasdinero

        It would have been easier with him.

    • Ted Nelson

      LOL. Where to start…

      A. I said it was a risky move because P is so much more volatile than hitting. Not that it meant they wouldn’t make the playoffs in year 1, but that it put the streak in jeopardy going forward. Pineda missed the whole year and may or may not ever be a decent MLB P again. Montero hit quite well outside of Safeco. That was the risk the Yankees knowingly took.

      B. Hard to talk about all else being equal, but that trade doesn’t seem to have particularly helped them reach the playoffs. Would seem to have hurt them.

      C. That trade was not about one year. Montero has 5 more years of control.

      It’s awesome when you try to make me look dumb, and only make yourself look dumb in the process.

      • DM

        “Where to start…”???

        At the beginning with your own words.

        “I have a feeling that we will remember today as the end of the Yankee dynasty.”

        I didn’t make you look dumb. You did that all by yourself.

  • Kramerica Industries

    Chen vs. Cobb
    Gonzalez vs. Shields
    TBA vs. Hellickson

    Really hope the Rays can rise up this week and nab two of those games. I feel it’s possible.

  • Mike

    From what I’ve been reading about, Tuesday’s game is more than likly going to be rained out which would mean a DH to end the season. Ughh, I just hope they win the division if that happens.

    • Kramerica Industries

      Is it expected to rain all day?

      It would seem to make sense to move the game up in the day, otherwise. A season-ending DH is about the worst thing imaginable.

      • forensic

        For what it’s worth, says 60-70% chance, occasional showers all day.

      • Mike

        Rain in day, thunder storms at night

        • Kramerica Industries

          That’s just beautiful.

          • Mike

            I just hope O’s lose the first 2 against the Rays and the Yankees win tomorrow and win the first game of the DH. Then I’m not worried about the 2nd game of the DH lol.

            • rek4gehrig

              Hey. I have tickets for that game :-)

              • Laz

                And i’m sure you thought the sox would be in it when you purchased.

  • Brandon Mauk

    You damn well know either way Maddon will have his team play hard. Can’t say the same about the Red Sox.

    • Ro

      There is actually some incentive for the Sox to lose all three. They could potentially draft top 5 if they lose all three and with 93 loses. Drafting 5 instead of 7 or 8 is fairly significant. That’s the best thing to come their season at this point. Let’s hope they see it like this. Obviously they’re not just going to duck out of all three games, but maybe we’ll get lucky, we’ll wake up tomorrow and find out Valentine has been fired, Cherington will be manning the dugout for the next three days and if Lester comes out and strikes out 5 Yanks in 3 innings on Tuesday, he’ll pull him immediately. Ha.

      • Darren

        This isn’t football where a team might actually have identified a specific player who could help them the following year. I sincerely doubt the current Red Sox team give a shit about some college player who may or may not pan out in 3 years. They may continue to tank, but it’s not because they want a better draft pick.

        • I Live In My Mom’s Basement

          Moreover, the original comment missed the essential point and nether the players nor the (temporary) manager gain anything by losing games– in fact, playing worse will marginally hurt their future earnings. Only the front office would have anything to gain from a better draft pick, so there would need to be an explicit instruction from the front office to the manager regarding who goes on the field. Not very likely.

          • Laz

            Anyways can Bobby V go out there and say “lets tank this so we pick higher”? Remember that it is in the team’s best interest to draft higher, BUT it is in each player’s best interest to get better stats. Sure if Lester goes out and allows 10 runs its better for the front office, but he won’t because his future money and contracts is based on his performance, and largely vs the yankees.

    • Ro

      ..and tomorrow is another huge HUGE game for the Yanks mainly for the reason Tampa plays first and Oakland at night. If they win, they’ve done their job and I’m sure they’ll make every attempt to win tomorrow night. If the Yanks can notch the win and the O’s perhaps lose, having that 1 game with 2 left would make people feel a lot better. If Oakland wins tomorrow night, I wonder about Maddon and what he does then on Tuesday and Wednesday. Does he give the O’s the assist? It’s actually a serious question considering its Maddon and he is kind of wacky like that.

      • Mr. Sparkle

        In 2008, Maddon had his guys treating spring training games like World Series games. They injured two catchers in the process including Francisco Cervelli. Something tells me he’s not the type of guy who’s going to let his team mail it it even if they’re out of it. How they respond is another question.

  • Kramerica Industries

    Mike Napoli wishes the Angels were in the playoffs.

    • forensic

      He’s Ciriaco’ing them.

      I guess he just wants to make sure Scioscia remembers why they traded him, hitting catchers are bad…

  • JW

    Hard to cheer about the wild card. With the new awful system, it’s no real prize. Hard to even think of the one game play-in as the start of the playoffs. In my mind, the playoffs begin after the coin-toss game and with the ALDS.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I can’t stand it, but I’ve talked to some pretty staunch defenders of it as of late and I admit that the idea of playing FOR THE DIVISION and not taking anything for granted isn’t necessarily the worst thing.

    • Darren

      How could you call this new system awful? Unless you prefer realignment with two division winners and no wild cards? Once you accept the idea of a wild card, which, with 15 teams seems pretty reasonable, this is the best possible system. It totally incentivizes you to win the division but still allows a way into the playoffs if you don’t. Wayyyy better than past years when the AL East meant nothing because the team in second place had already just about sewn up the wild card too.

      • Laz

        Sounds good in theory, but is the 92 win yankees or the 92 win orioles a much less deserving of a spot in the alds than the 86 win Tigers?

  • Adam

    Just wanted to chime in and say that it is always nice to remember how lucky we are that we get to watch playoff baseball with our team on a consistent basis…

  • Get Phelps Up

    I feel very confident in our ability to win the WC playoff game if it’s at home. That said, I’d much rather win the division, which I think we’ll do.

    • Ro

      I’ve been chewing on that idea this weekend and I agree, I would like the Yanks chances anyway if it was a 1 game match at home against what seems like the A’s. Does anyone know who could line up to pitch for the A’s if that were to happen? It’s looking like Pettitte for the Yanks and I feel good about that, kinda.

      • Get Phelps Up

        Dan Straily is lined up to pitch for the A’s.

        • Ro


      • forensic

        Dan Straily would be next in their rotation, but I would assume Tommy Milone would pitch it on 4 days rest instead (since there’s the day off).

        • Ro

          That’s interesting too..I guess the next question is, who would the Yanks possibly play better against?

          • Get Phelps Up

            Milone had 2 good starts against the Yankees earlier this year but they both were in Oakland. He’s pretty bad on the road.

            • Ro

              He is a lefty, so that’s worth consideration as well. It probably makes sense for the A’s to pitch him if at Yank stadium. Should be interesting to see what plays out..

            • forensic

              Yeah, and they haven’t faced Straily.

              Looking at his game log, it reminded me of that 4-game sweep in July. Milone’s game he absolutely dominated. 7IP, 6H, 0R, 0BB, 10K.

  • Joe F

    Division now.

  • Mrs. Mattingly

    Hey is there a regular Riveraveblues meetup bar to watch games in NYC? I don’t have cable / want to bro down.

    • vicki

      obviously, i am a bartender. you should come watch october baseball/nfl business at my east village establishment!

      con dios!

      • Darren

        hey Vicki, what bar?

  •!/Paddock9652 Stratman9652

    No denying this new playoff system is making things really interesting, but this year would have been pretty nuts on its own.

  • Eddard reboot v.1.0

    If it comes down to a 1 game playoff for the division we have Andy.

    If we lose that and it comes down to a 1 game WC we’ll have to throw CC on 3 days rest because noone else can be trusted.

    We just need to sweep the Sox at home and that should be enough. Then CC can start on normal rest in ALDS Game 1. We will need him well rested for Verlander and our grudge match against the Tigers.

    • Erik B Eddard

      Why not Pettitte on normal rest?

      • vicki

        erik bedard is canadian.

  • Wayne

    Something tells me we are playing baltimore on thursday and Oakland in wild card game in Oakland on Friday. Wow and Tampa is not making playoffs with all that starting pitching. But they found another starting pitcher in Chris archer. Archer , Matt Moore, David Price and who knows who they get in next years draft another starting pitcher in the 1st round or supplemental round of course. We are going after Cody Ross so there goes our 1st round pick and nothing guarantees right now we ‘ ll get a supplemental pick in 1 st round.

    • DT

      I’m pretty sure we don’t lose picks anymores to sign FAs

      • forensic

        Correct. The other team may still get a pick as comp, but it doesn’t come from the other team (as far as I remember).

        • Need Pitching & Hitting

          They still lose a pick if they sign a FA who was offered the qualifying offer, but the other team doesn’t get the pick. The pick just disappears.

          • forensic

            Ah, may bad. I thought I was missing something but took a shot anyway. Obviously I failed…

          • DT

            That is just weird…

            • Laz

              You still get a sandwich pick, but the first rounder disappears. I think someone didn’t like the ray’s getting like 5000000 guys in the first 2 rounds.

    • forensic

      So you think the Yankees will either get swept or only win one game against the Red Sox? That would REALLY suck.

    • DC

      Cody Ross is not getting a qualifying offer ($13.4M) from the Sox, so IF the Yankees signed him, they will not give up a pick.

      • stuart a

        at $13 mill. no chance. the guy is a platoon outfielder who has no speed and cannot play defense….

        no thanks on cody ross……

        • Get Phelps Up

          He has more RBIs than A-Rod though…

          • jesse

            throw him a parade…….

          • Laz

            Rbi’s bit meaningless. You don’t get them if your teammates clear the bases in front of you. Granderson clears the bases alot more than pedroia does. Also, arod also takes walks at a decent rate, so that teammates behind him get alot more chances than if ross was in the same spot. Not every inning starts at the top of your lineup, you need people to get on base.

  • Wayne

    Here is hoping Cody Ross signs with with with with you guessed it folks the Oakland A’ s

    • forensic

      Why would the A’s sign almost any big-name free agent, much less one who plays the same position as Reddick?

    • jesse

      Bet he stays in Boston.

  • dkidd

    just heard the orioles had a fire on their flight and had to emergency land


    • forensic

      The article I saw just said smoke, not necessarily fire.

      But, why don’t teams just own a jet? I was in Baltimore last weekend and the Milwaukee Brewers jet (it was actually their jet with their name and logo on it) happened to be at the gate next to ours, loading their luggage. Is it really that big a deal for each franchise to have one???

      • Pat D

        Angelos is a known cheapskate.

        • forensic

          Of course, but that doesn’t explain all the other teams. Even the Yankees, you hear them talk about their charters all the time.

          • Laz

            Yep, but they probably don’t want to deal with the hassle of owning the jet. There is alot of maintenance that goes into them, they probably get a pretty reasonable deal because they use them at least a couple times a week for 6 months of the year. Also instead of them having it sit around in the offseason the other companies probably can rent it out.

      • dkidd

        thanks for clarifying

        i could have checked the facts before posting, but what fun would that be?

  • vicki

    i’m gonna miss wet kim jones.

    .. throw her a PARADE …

  • dalelama

    The pressure is a bitch:
    “Alex Rodriguez has failed to drive in a run in 11 straight games for the first time since May 27-July 7, 2005, according to STATS LLC. He is hitting .250 with two doubles, three homers and 12 RBIs in 100 at-bats since returning from the DL on Sept. 3? AP

    • Jim Is Bored

      Wait wait wait, a thread where dalelama insults A-Rod? WOAH!

    • bpdelia

      i really dont understand thisconstant thing you do. i understand you dont like rodriguez (one of the ten bestbaseball players in history for whom the yankess have no alternative) but wwphy post it everyday? answer seriously because i dont understand. who would you be olaying @ 3rdright now. i mean this seriously now, not trying to insult you, but you legitimately have an unhealthy obsession with rodriguez and its actually a sign of imbalance. even if you are just “trolling” the repetitiveness is disturbing and i think you should try to dreply examine your motives and feelings about it. you hace a negative obsessive complex.

      • Sweet Dick Willie

        While the underlying message of your comment is not without merit, I really believe you have a legitimate lawsuit against your English teachers/school system.

        • CS Yankee


        • bpdelia

          no its just this God damn galaxy keyboard. it lags badly and its,basically impossible to move the cursor within the field because the typing box overlaps the damn input field. also the comma being next to the space bar is a pain in, the ass. (see! that comma shouldnt be there. I didn’t hit the comma. even here TRYING to type carefully it gets all fucked up. I love the phone but I just can’t find a keboard app that is large enough and accurate enough. if any one had a good suggestion on an Android key app I would appreciate it. also im a carpenter and am literally harnessed 30 feet off the ground sitting on a rafter right now. So its a pain to edit comments. gotta kinda focus on balance cause its pretty easy to die on these jobs.

          • BigDavey88

            SwiftKey. It might be on sale now but it’s normally 4 bucks but WORTH it.

            Basically, it memorizes how you type and can figure out what youre trying to say for the most part. Additionally, you don’t even have to it the exact key, as long as your in the general area of the letter you’re looking for, it figures out what you’re trying to say. I’ve bought it for my phone and tablet and it is EASILY worth the few bucks.


  • Jose M. Vazquez

    The RS may have gone to sleep vs the Orioles but don’t expect them to do the same against us. We have to get good pitching and timely hitting to win the division. They will be trying to undo us in revenge for the way we played the Rays at the end of the season last year and which caused them to lose a spot in the playoffs.

    • Graig not Craig

      That would be a great point if 75% of this year’s Red Sox weren’t wearing another uniform (Dodgers, Pawtucket) last year.

    • Klemy

      Also, saying that the Yankees caused them to miss the playoffs is a bit misplaced. The Red Sox cost themselves and ended up depending on NY because of their own failures. Blaming NY is just easy to redirect blame.

      • Jose M. Vazquez

        You are correct in that they did lose the last game by themselves.

  • rek4gehrig

    Is Tampa still in it? I’m confused

    • Laz

      They are at 88 and the A’s are at 91. They must sweep, while the A’s must get swept. Not entirely impossible, because the a’s face texas.

      • Laz

        Would be funny if the Angels and Rays could tie it up with the a’s for the last wildcard spot.