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It’s not often that we get two consecutive days without Yankees baseball outside of the offseason and the All-Star break, but it’s always nice to step back and recharge the batteries a bit. I’d much rather have baseball that not, but I guess I’ve learned to appreciate the off-days more as I’ve gotten older. I dunno, whatever.

1. Am I the only one who’s a little nervous about this whole Brett Gardner thing? This is certainly a case of me not knowing everything about the nature of the elbow injury, but if he is still unable to swing a bat, doesn’t that mean there’s still some risk of re-injury? Wouldn’t sliding into a base (which he does head first more often than not) or diving after a ball in the outfield carry similar risk? If the doctors have cleared him to pinch-run and play defense, then great, by all means use him. I just can’t ever remember a player coming off the DL before he was physically capable of swinging a bat.

2. I wonder how the Yankees will handle Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter during the doubleheader today. If the Cap’n still can’t play the field and needs to DH, does that mean they’ll sit A-Rod for one of the two games? I can’t imagine they’ll have him play third base in both games, especially with no more off-days on the schedule. Would it make sense to play Alex at third and Jeter at short in Game One, then A-Rod at DH and Jeter on the bench in Game Two just to give his ankle a break? I doubt that would happen, but who knows.

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3. The Yankees were going to have to use a spot starter at some point due to the doubleheader, and I think they made the right call getting it out of the way with Phelps tonight. Better to use him (or worse, Freddy Garcia) against the injury-depleted Blue Jays than against the powerful and contending Athletics this weekend. Plus the sooner they have him make the start, the sooner he’ll be available out of the bullpen. That’s important.

4. Speaking of the bullpen, these two straight days off will hopefully do a world of good for David Robertson, Boone Logan, Rafael Soriano, and Joba Chamberlain given their recent workloads. The Yankees have played a lot of close games lately and those four have really racked up the appearances and innings these last few weeks, so getting two consecutive days off at this point of the season is a luxury. Every game from here on out is meaninfgul, so every bit of rest is important.

5. Andy Pettitte is now only going to be able to make three regular season starts instead of four due to the rain out, unless the Yankees do something surprising and start him on short rest. I wouldn’t count on that. Those three start will definitely be enough to stretch him out to 100+ pitches, but we’ll have to hope it’ll be enough to allow him to tune everything up and get prepared for a potential postseason series. I suppose the good news is that if the Yankees need to play any kind of tiebreaker or wildcard play-in game, Pettitte would now be lined up to start it. It had been Phil Hughes prior to the rain out. Phil’s pitched well of late, but I get the sense that the consensus among the fans is that they’d rather have Andy out there in a win or go home game.

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  1. RE Junior says:

    I think Girardi should put a defensive replacement for A-Rod in the late innings(for gm 1).That is if they have a lead.And then maybe he can play the night game.That’s what I would do.

  2. Murderers' Row Boat says:

    I have no problem with Gardner being activated. The whole reason he spent the season on the DL was because he kept trying to swing when he was told not too. At least now you have his speed and defense late in games, something the team has missed all year long.

  3. Better off Eddard says:

    1. No, he’s better than Andruw even if he can’t swing a bat.

    2. They will have Alex DH one game and play 3rd the other game. Jete will DH one game and rest the other game.

    3. Great decision. We have two big game pitchers going today in games that we need to keep pace with the Os who just keep finding ways to win.

    4. Hopefully we get at least one blow out today because they won’t use the same pitcher in both games. We need a blow out.

    5. I would never bet against Andy and there’s no other pitcher I’d rather have on the mound in a must win game.

    • Jim Is Bored says:

      I think your hatred of some players is very entertaining. Don’t change!

    • Sweet Dick Willie says:

      Only in EddardWorld is a pitcher coming off one good performance a “big game” pitcher.

      I’m as pleased as most (reasonable) fans are with Phelps’ overall performance this year, but in the game immediately preceeding his last start against Boston, he gave up 5 earned runs in 4 innings against Baltimore, in what surely could be described as a “big game”.

      But hey, he pitched well (but not great – his game score was 59) his last start, so Eddard would rather see him on the mound than CC.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        Are you doubting BIG GAME Dave Phelps?

      • Preston says:

        Yeah I don’t get the CC hate. I know wins are a stupid stat, but last time CC started Kay said that he has the highest win percentage of any Yankee ever. That’s impressive and even as mediocre as he’s been lately he’s definitely the guy I want on the mound in a must win game.

  4. UpstateYanks says:

    The fact that our 30 million dollar 3rd baseman can’t play 2 games in a row is disgusting.

  5. Kev of Manchester says:

    I know it’s not strictly Yankees related, but useful that the Orioles game went to 18 innings last night. If they must keep winning, at least make it to extra innings as often as possible. That ought to catch up with them eventually.

  6. Robert says:

    Please give Melky Mesa a chance!!!!! Bench Andrew Jones, Is it me or does the Yankee dug out get a lift when a rookie does good. I remember Montero’s 2hr game last year got the dugout Jumping!!!!!

    • MannyGeee says:

      our own little Pedro Ciriaco, god love him. fuck it, let him play just to shut up the doe eyed fan boys. him and Montgomery.

      • Preston says:

        Mesa is a different case then Montgomery. First Montgomery has spent very limited time in the minors and only a handful of innings at AA. He is also expected to have a very bright future and rushing him sets him up to fail, messes with his psyche, wastes a 40 man roster spot, and starts his service clock needlessly.

        Mesa has almost 2500 PA’s in the minors, is in AAA, where he’s collected 133 PA’s in 33 games. He hasn’t gotten on base enough, but he has flashed power, so he’s not entirely over his head. Plus he’s called a plus defender and he definitely has speed on the base-paths. I don’t think he should get AB’s over Jones, but he should be up rather than risking re-injuring Gardner to play a similar role.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        Fuck it. Bring up Yeicock Calderon. Why must we hold back the youth?!?!

  7. Pat D says:

    Kudos to all those who stayed up to watch the O’s/Mariners game last night. You’re made of sterner stuff than I.

    • Hubward says:

      That was a great thread to read this morning. RetroRob Forensic, Kiwi & the rest were way more enteraining than that game deserved. Thanks for making the start of a tough day so much better guys.

  8. CountryClub says:

    Cashman did a brief interview with the Post yesterday where he was quoted as saying that it’s possible that Gardner could be an offensive player for the Yanks if they advance in the playoffs. So he must not be that far off from being completely ready.

    • CountryClub says:

      There was some good news on the injury front with Cashman saying that the Yankees could activate Brett Gardner as early as Tuesday.

      The Yankees plan on using Gardner, who has been out since Apr. 18 with an elbow strain, on defense and as a pinch-runner. Though Cashman would not rule out a return to the plate if the Yankees make a deep playoff run.

      “The plan is here at some point, could be as early as today, activate him from both a pinch running and defensive standpoint, not swinging,” the GM said. “But I do think, over time, you could be looking at a guy that might be able to help you offensively maybe, if we have a chance to play all the way deep into October if we make that opportunity happen for us. Then he might become on offensive player maybe midway through October. That’s a possibility. But right now his contributions, if we activate him, will be with his legs and his glove, not with the bat.”

      Read more:

  9. 6. Is it really so difficult for teams to beat the Orioles in extra innings?

  10. 1) Gardner thing is strange, I agree…I guess they figure ‘why not?’

    2) I think it would be best to have Jeter and ARod play 1 game each, if Jeter’s ankle is still barking, he needs the rest, and as noted on this site, Nunez is more than capable.

    3) Weird that Pettitte isn’t starting the night game. I figured they’d want to have him get in his routine and prep like a ‘normal’ night game.

  11. Mister D says:

    1. Maybe if the injury is some sort of extension issue? Like if baserunning/fielding were safe outside of a fluke (sliding by a base headfirst and reaching out or getting your arm snapped over the wall) but swinging would be dangerous every time? Who knows. Doesn’t seem worth it. Just call Freddy Guzman.

  12. JohnnyC says:

    Jeter out for Game 1. There’s your answer.

  13. Yankees 9/19 vs TOR (Game 1): Ichiro 7, Swisher 3, Cano 4, Rodriguez DH, Granderson 8, Martin 2, Chavez 5, Ibanez 9, Nunez 6, Pettitte 1

  14. tipsie says:

    Stayed up to watch the abominable Mariners (leadoff man on in the 10th, 11th, 12th, 16th, 17th (two of which were doubles!) – and did not score); firmly believe that the O’s can/will beat Felix (who has been off of late); need a good DH today Yankees!!!

  15. Robinson Tilapia says:

    I’m not too concerned about the Gardner situation if the team felt there was a negligible chance he’d be an offensive contributor at all the rest of the way. You then take the risk and at least get what you can out of him. I guess that, extreme circumstances aside, you’d worry about reaggravation less with the offseason upcoming and the chances of counting on his bat between now and hoisting the diamond studded fucking tropy weren’t high.

  16. Zack says:

    Chances are the Yanks will split the doubleheader. And as for last night’s O/Mariners game..if Seattle wasn’t so downright awful offensive wise,they would have won that game.
    You won’t hear it mentioned anywhere but the 4-7 guys for the O’s were 0-30 until the the 18th inning.
    And their bullpen is starting to get gassed more and more. I think the Yanks will have their issues but I don’t think the O’s magic is going to stop them from suffering the same issues the other teams in the post season will be facing.

  17. Marcy says:

    This is something I’m not really clear about so if it was discussed I apologize in advance.
    Gardner had surgery on his left elbow, he throws w/his left arm so making him a defensive replacement means the arm is “ok” to throw but there is something about hitting that would or could hurt him, right? Or is it just that he hasn’t really had enough time to “practice” his swing, get the reps, or basically they just don’t think he’d be able to get a hit?
    Meanwhile, it’s still at the “he could come back” stage, right? He isn’t back yet and we just hope he will be, right?

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