Yankees activate Pettitte, place Betances on 60-day DL

Thoughts following Tuesday's rain out
Game 147: The Return of Andy Pettitte

As expected, the Yankees have activated Andy Pettitte off the 60-day DL in time for this afternoon’s game. To clear room on the 40-man roster, right-hander Dellin Betances was recalled from Double-A and placed on the 60-day DL. He missed the end of the minor league season with shoulder tendinitis but is expected to be healthy in time for the Arizona Fall League next month.

Thoughts following Tuesday's rain out
Game 147: The Return of Andy Pettitte
  • vin

    I’ll be catching at least 1, hopefully 2 AFL games this October. I’ll be sure they’re the Scottsdale Scorpions… Betances, Burawa, Romine, Adams, Slade, Montgomery, Nuding.

    Oh yeah, welcome back Andy!

  • Joe R

    No Gardner?

    • Dave M

      They can’t send major leaguers to AFL

  • Pat D

    Muhahahahahaha. Roster manipulation FTW.

    Still wonder who might get the boot if Gardner is activated. Lowe or Thomas, I guess. I don’t think they can phantom DL Adams, Romine, CoJo or Almonte, who are the only other guys on the 40 man right now.

  • Steve

    Isn’t there an issue with 60 day DL guys playing in AFL? Or perhaps I am mixing rules of some sort?

  • Marcy

    Wow! Billy Connors gone? I know they had wanted Peterson some years back but he turned them down but I guess after a year out of work he took the same job w/the O’s. They also had wanted Leo Mazzone but he went to the O’s w/Sam Perlozzo which he said was the biggest mistake of his career but he isn’t the type of “guru” that Peterson is. Peterson is hooked up w/Dr. Andrews and his evaluation clinic. I don’t think the Yankees make that big a move without having something/someone setup but that’s a huge organizational move.
    Is it big enough for the fan-base to excuse Cashman if things go downhill fast?

  • Billy

    Does anyone know if this affects Betances’ option for next year? Can he still be sent down next year?