Yankees activate Pettitte, place Betances on 60-day DL


As expected, the Yankees have activated Andy Pettitte off the 60-day DL in time for this afternoon’s game. To clear room on the 40-man roster, right-hander Dellin Betances was recalled from Double-A and placed on the 60-day DL. He missed the end of the minor league season with shoulder tendinitis but is expected to be healthy in time for the Arizona Fall League next month.

  • vin

    I’ll be catching at least 1, hopefully 2 AFL games this October. I’ll be sure they’re the Scottsdale Scorpions… Betances, Burawa, Romine, Adams, Slade, Montgomery, Nuding.

    Oh yeah, welcome back Andy!

  • Joe R

    No Gardner?

    • Dave M

      They can’t send major leaguers to AFL

  • Pat D

    Muhahahahahaha. Roster manipulation FTW.

    Still wonder who might get the boot if Gardner is activated. Lowe or Thomas, I guess. I don’t think they can phantom DL Adams, Romine, CoJo or Almonte, who are the only other guys on the 40 man right now.

  • Steve

    Isn’t there an issue with 60 day DL guys playing in AFL? Or perhaps I am mixing rules of some sort?

  • Marcy

    Wow! Billy Connors gone? I know they had wanted Peterson some years back but he turned them down but I guess after a year out of work he took the same job w/the O’s. They also had wanted Leo Mazzone but he went to the O’s w/Sam Perlozzo which he said was the biggest mistake of his career but he isn’t the type of “guru” that Peterson is. Peterson is hooked up w/Dr. Andrews and his evaluation clinic. I don’t think the Yankees make that big a move without having something/someone setup but that’s a huge organizational move.
    Is it big enough for the fan-base to excuse Cashman if things go downhill fast?

  • Billy

    Does anyone know if this affects Betances’ option for next year? Can he still be sent down next year?