ALDS Game Four Spillover Thread IV


Win it for Joba and Jerry Girardi.

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  1. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Pinch hit anyone with CC.

  2. Eddard says:

    My lineup for next inning-

    Swisher(He’s almost got a few out of the park)

    That gives us our best chance to win. I’m sick of watching the same guys go up there in big spots and strike out. Alex and Granderson should not be playing.

  3. Hall and Nokes says:

    Just win it so we don’t have to watch this again tomorrow, bejeezus

  4. David N says:

    Question: who on this team is actually hitting? We’re going to have to get the winning hit from someone. But who has shown a remote chance of being capable of doing that?

  5. flamingo says:

    I can’t decide if I’d consider this a thrilling game as a detached, impartial observer.

    • forensic says:

      I can’t even consider it thrilling at an attached observer.

      If I wasn’t rooting for one team, it’s be a crazy boring game (it sort of already is).

  6. JFH says:

    if phelps can hold ‘em here, yanks will win it this inning.

  7. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Dat arm.

  8. And here we fucking go.

    Leadoff double.


  9. David N says:

    Oh crap.

  10. Eddard says:

    That run is going to score. We have to have guys up there in the bottom of the inning that can actually put the ball in play. Alex must be sat. Granderson must be sat.

  11. Hummingbird S. says:

    wow… game probably over now. Terrible play by Swisher.. Phelps has been shaky as hell

  12. Joe F says:


  13. Knoxvillain says:

    A+ game managed by Girardi. This game could go 20 innings and Granderson could go 8-10 with 7ks and he would say “I believe in my guys.”

  14. Cy Pettitte says:


  15. JobaWockeeZ says:

    If they score that’s it.

  16. captain kiwi says:

    ACK, stop it there phelps!

  17. cjc says:

    well that may be all she wrote

  18. Knoxvillain says:

    Greg cost us the game if we lose.

    Thanks, Greg.

  19. Simply cannot let that run score.

  20. BigBlueAL says:

    Looked like Cano had a shot at him at 3rd but cant really blame him for not forcing that throw.

  21. Athenian says:

    This will not end well.

  22. forensic says:


    Since the last thread closed, I’d still like an answer here Greg.

  23. forensic says:

    Little late but, that was pitiful Swisher and Cano you could’ve taken the chance at 3rd.

  24. cjc says:

    do you think Alex taught him that swing

  25. Ace says:

    Please hit it back to the pitcher. Please.

  26. BJ says:

    Would love to see a strikeout here and then a groundout from Davis.

  27. Nice Scheister of Doom says:

    Ump looked hesitant to even call that a strike. This ump must have strictly ordered from Bud to give the O’s any possible advantage or he just suck that’s bad.

  28. Knoxvillain says:

    Fuck you, Girardi. I hope you never manage another game.

  29. The Next Guy says:

    We lose.

  30. JobaWockeeZ says:

    So game 5.

  31. Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM) says:

    Fuck. Fuckedy fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK.

  32. cjc says:

    yep goodnight game 5 tomorrow

  33. Pat D says:

    I think that’s game, unfortunately.

  34. cjc says:

    yep goodnight game 5 tomorrow

  35. And that’s ballgame.

    Fuck you, offense.

  36. Hummingbird S. says:

    game over

  37. SammySosasBleachingCream says:

    This is what happens when you can’t fucking score but one run in 12 innings.

  38. Ace says:

    Shaky the entire time. Finally came back to haunt him. Right over the plate. Horrible.

  39. JLC 776 says:

    Congrats to the eventual ALCS champion Tigers.


  40. Nice Scheister of Doom says:

    Game over.

  41. Athenian says:

    See you tomorrow night. Watch Yanks offense choke again.

  42. Eddard says:

    And that’s the ballgame. We just ran out of good pitchers. Does anyone have any faith in this offense tomorrow? CC will have to pitch a shutout to win. Big opportunity missed. Verlander pitched a gem today, just imagine what he’ll do to us if we get there.

    • Matt says:

      We didn’t run out of pitchers. Phelps hung a breaking ball after Martin called for one out over the plate. He had Hardy dead to rights as long as he didn’t throw him a strike, and he gave him basically the only pitch he could hit in that spot.

  43. Kevin says:

    Shit. No? 4.5 hours? 5am? For this? please no…….

  44. Matt says:

    What a fucking disgrace. You could have thrown that pitch anywhere within a foot of home plate and he would have struck himself out.

    Idiot Martin set up for that pitch on the outside corner. Why would you even give him a target over the plate?

  45. Hummingbird S. says:

    also, terrible decision calling for that slider.. Hardy couldn’t touch the FB inside.

  46. CS Yankee says:

    We have last bats…the A’s extra inning game needs to be repeated.

  47. Widget says:

    Game set match. Thanks for nothing offense. And now they have to use CC in game 5 instead of starting him in game 1 of the ALCS. I bet the Orioles come out bombing the yankees tomorrow. This win is a huge momentum shifter.

  48. Winter says:

    Ugh. I feel like if Joba doesn’t get hit with a bat that run doesn’t happen (at least not this inning). Joba looked way stronger than Phelps.

    Anyway. Lets get back into the dugout quickly and try to score in the bottom of the inning. Maybe with the pressure on someone will finally come through.

  49. Karl Krawfid says:

    Fucking choke.

  50. David N says:

    So how feebly do they go down in the bottom of the inning?

  51. SammySosasBleachingCream says:

    Imagine where we’d be if Buck hadn’t brought in Jim Johnson those two games.

  52. cjc says:

    I have to work tomorrow night and can’t watch the game to be honest a part of me is almost glad I can’t see this shit

  53. BigBlueAL says:

    Yankees may still win this series in 5 games but their chances of winning the ALCS now are practically nothing with CC having to pitch tomorrow.

    • Widget says:

      their pitching has been awesome this series. If they lose the ALCS, if they make it of course, it will be because the offense continued to poop itself.

    • captain kiwi says:

      game’s over? orioles managed to walk off in the top of the inning?

      it’s like the majority of you have forgotten what happened last night (and also in the a’s-tigers game). save your bitching for the post-game thread. christ.

      • captain kiwi says:

        aaaaaaand reply fail. although pertinent to your statement, should we lose, we only see verlander once, and vice-versa for the tigers with cc.

  54. Eddard says:

    Tomorrow’s lineup in a game WE MUST WIN-


  55. forensic says:

    Heh, 3-4-5 coming up in the bottom of the inning and yet there’s still just about no hope of them scoring.

  56. Matt says:

    This is definitely on Girardi if they lose.

    Sending up A-Rod to bat against O’Day in the 8th inning was completely braindead. Then pinch hitting Ibanez for Nix rather than Granderson, and Logan for 1 batter so they don’t have him available now in extras.

    When you allow players who can’t put the ball in play to bat in spots in which you need to put a ball in play, it’s no shock that you’re going to fail.

  57. stuart a says:

    don’t worry their premium offense is due.

    they have the big dogs coming up.

    Tex at maybe $20 mill per

    Cano at a paltry $7 mill.

    Arod at $25 mill per

    they are due to get the ball out of the infield.

    they are so inept offensively it is beyond scary…


  58. Ace says:

    I wonder why Lowe didn’t pitch tonight.

  59. Effthisnoise says:

    Fundamentals, put the bat out…double. Meanwhile yanks swinging at balls in the dirt and 4 feet off the plate.

  60. stuart a says:

    i think arod, grandy, tex, and swisher together do not have an extra base hit in the series…

    not 1 for the series….

  61. Mick taylor says:

    You people who defend nick swisher are out of your f minds he left about 7 men on base this game and could have won the game with a singlehe arod and girardi and grandy lost this game

    • SammySosasBleachingCream says:

      At least he’s hitting the ball to the track. That feels like an improvement compared to the other two.

  62. Hummingbird S. says:

    to think they could have won the game in the 8th if not for a stupid decision to stick with A-Rod… Girardi needs to go

  63. Eddard says:

    Girardi has burnt through every reliever if we tie the game which we won’t. How can you manage so good yesterday and then be so bad today? He abandoned what he did to win last night. A-Rod should not be hitting against ODay or Johnson, period. Granderson should not be playing, period.

    • stuart a says:

      what the f did you wan thim to do???

      get a clue.. they have given up 2 runs in almost 13 innings, blame it on the bullpen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. stuart a says:

    granderson 3 and 2, ball in the dirt k swinging.

    hey let’s sign a 31 year old 230 hitte rwith 190 k’ to a new contract.

    lets give him 4 years at $17 M per, do not want to insult him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Pasqua says:

    Presuming the score holds, looks like they’re playing an afternoon game tomorrow, right? Nats / Cards is already slated for 8:30.

  66. Matt says:

    The Orioles handed this game to them on a silver platter. Flailing at everything within a foot of home plate, not scoring with 2nd and 3rd, no outs, falling behind 3-1 on Cano with 1st and 2nd, no outs.

    Our idiot players who try to do too much without any regard for the game situation once again, in shocking fashion, failed to do the little things. Hit a sac fly. Move a leadoff double to 3rd with 0 outs.

    If the Yankees lose this game, it will be crushing. Even if they win the series, they will have to throw CC tomorrow and their pen will be exhausted with no off day now.

    • stuart a says:

      this team sucks… they could not hit O’day if he threw 8 innings….

      this makes the team that lost to AZ look like a high octane offense of young players.

      they hit 3 balls hard/decent the whole game…

      i especailly like the jeter ichiro 2 pitch 2 out routine. showed tremendous patience….

  67. Eddard says:

    They’re starting at 4 tomorrow? Now we can’t even watch the first part because of work. Girardi lost this because he’d rather go down with his guys than win.

  68. Cy Pettitte says:

    so fucked, this is exactly like game 2. no killer instinct again.

  69. It took a fucking ton for the Yankees to find some way to lose this game.

    Give them credit. They earned it.

  70. forensic says:

    Smoltz’s qualification attempts at keeping his commentary balanced are so forced and delayed it’s like they put someone in the booth just to tell him how to fix his natural comments.

  71. David N says:

    On the plus side, they are bringing in the only guy we have actually hit.

  72. Widget says:

    fitting that the game will end with an A-Rod strikeout.

  73. Eddard says:

    The results for next inning are already in-

    Cano – Weak hack at an 0-2 curveball, pop up to the infield
    ARod- Strikeout
    Swisher – Strikeout

    If he PHs for ARod we might have a shot with Chavy.

  74. Souter Fell says:

    Theoretically we’re still in there.

  75. 27 rings says:

    This team is Jeter, pitching, and a bunch if losers. Gerardo should be fired for not starting Ibanez. Gardner needs to play tomorrow too.

    • Ace says:

      Gardner hasn’t played in ages. Can’t just throw him into game 5 of the ALDS and expect him to to produce. I rather take my chances with the guys who’ve seen everything Orioles can throw at them this series.

  76. TinoBambino24 says:

    “Don’t give up this ship.”

  77. Knoxvillain says:

    Tex-ground out
    Swisher-fly out

  78. 27rings says:

    This team is Jeter, pitching, and a bunch if
    losers. Gerardo should be fired for not starting Ibanez. Gardner needs to play tomorrow too.

  79. CS Yankee says:

    I still like our chances in this very game.

  80. stuart a says:

    the lunatics and drunks are out now.

    sure play gardner after all he has had 3 AB’s in 4 months…

  81. Babe's Ghost says:

    Don’t worry, they’re going to put a fake mustache on Ibanez and send him in to pinch hit for Arod.

  82. Leonard says:

    I missed most of the game because I was at work, but I did see A-Rod completely fail to do anything with runners on 2nd and 3rd, 1 out, tie game. Can someone explain to me why that worthless piece of shit was allowed to hit there? I saw ARod coming up and thought “God no, why is he up, he is going to strike out when all he needs to do is make enough contact to get this runner in, and this is going to be our last chance to score a run for a long time given the way our offense has performed.” Sure enough. Sack of shit.

  83. Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM) says:

    Can we at least threaten here?

  84. Matt says:

    The exact same pitch that Ibanez hit out, Teixeira straight took on 1-0 there. Sigh…

  85. jm says:

    if granderson and arod are starting tomorrow i dont know if i can watch the game

  86. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Our only run is because of small ball. Pathetic.

  87. Way to take the bat off your shoulders, Mark.

  88. forensic says:

    And Tex takes 2 pitches right down the middle in that AB. Great job!

  89. Jimmy says:

    They don’t get any strikier, Teix.

  90. Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM) says:

    Swings at pitches out of the strikezone…freezes on a curve that breaks right down the middle.

  91. Matt says:

    In 2009, Teixeira hits that pitch in the upper deck. Sad but true.

  92. Ace says:

    How can so many guys go cold at the same time? I know the sample size is small but I still don’t get it. So much talent. WTF.

    • forensic says:

      They’re not cold, they do this most of the time in the postseason. It was actually pretty predictable for many of them.

  93. BJ says:

    Oh hey it’s Jim Johnson. Maybe we can win now.

  94. Pat D says:

    So fucking annoying. They all uniformly disappear, it seems.

  95. TomH says:

    The paradox of this team, all year long: a franchise record for HR’s, and yet the offense has been, consistently, its biggest problem.

  96. SammySosasBleachingCream says:

    I’d rather watch Green Lantern again than this putrid offense.

  97. Deep Thoughts says:

    F McClouth.

  98. Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM) says:

    Where was Chavez against O’Day?

  99. HughesPhanInBeantown says:


  100. Hummingbird S. says:


  101. David N says:

    The pinch-hit that would have been useful several innings ago.

  102. Ethan says:

    I’m really tired of being beaten by a team of scrubs. Please let’s end it now!!

  103. Widget says:

    0-6. Thanks for nothing Cano. This is why it’s so hard to like him.

  104. Matt says:

    Fucking idiot Girardi makes the move only 5 innings too late. Thanks for destroying our chance to be set up perfectly for a world series run.

    • DC says:

      Geez…you have no guarantee pitch hitting for Arod makes any difference. It might have, but then again, the PH may have struck out too. Stop acting like pitch hitting would have created a predetermined positive outcome.

      • Matt says:

        Again, it doesn’t fucking matter whether it works or not.

        If you make the complete wrong move, you cannot be shocked when it doesn’t work.

        He gave himself no chance there by letting a guy bat who is completely overmatched against RHP right now, and is facing a righty who is DEATH on RHB.

        Lefties have a much better chance to hit a fly ball off a guy like O’Day than righties. Since A-Rod can’t hit a lick against RHP, it’s a NO BRAINER.

  105. SammySosasBleachingCream says:

    Let’s hear another charming bromide about how they scored lots of runs, or how it will all regress to the mean, or some crap like that.

  106. forensic says:

    Now you PH? The AB’s against righty specialist O’Day weren’t right for that?

    All the good will Girardi built up last night is probably used up already. Sure didn’t take him long.

  107. Widget says:

    I hate Girardi. Ibanez got 1 at bat. Pathetic.

  108. Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM) says:

    See you all tomorrow afternoon…

  109. David N says:

    CC had better pitch a shutout tomorrow. There is no other way we win this.

  110. Joe F says:

    What a waste of time. See you all tomorrow.

  111. Karl Krawfid says:

    Yankees will lose tomorrow.

  112. Hummingbird S. says:

    congrats to Girardi for blowing this one… did everything he could and lost the game!

  113. Pat D says:

    Night, all. Have fun bitching and second guessing for the rest of the night. I’m-a go kill rebels in Star Wars.

    • captain kiwi says:

      pat’s got the right idea… i might skip RAB tomorrow whilst watching the game because of the amount of internet-managers we have. seriously, you guys are getting shittier than camden chat.

  114. Knoxvillain says:

    If I was Girardi’s father, I would have killed myself.

    What a fuckface. I can’t spend another day watching this team.

  115. cjc says:

    this team sucks period

  116. SammySosasBleachingCream says:

    Oh gee, now you PH for ARod.

  117. Ethan says:

    orioles are a scum of baseball

  118. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    Well that was quite the pathetic offensive game.

    ARod and Granderson need to be on the bench tomorrow.
    Play to win.

  119. BJ says:

    Mike, if you’re still up, I’d be interested to know when the last time all four division series went to a Game 5.

  120. Widget says:

    Swinging at pitches way out of the strike zone. Fuck this putrid team.

  121. Leonard says:



    • Ace says:

      I know you’re probably drunk and out of your mind but +1

    • OMG! Bagels! says:

      If I ever felt this hostile toward anyone in my whole life, let alone a baseball player I didn’t even know, I would find myself to be the tragic story.

    • Knoxvillain says:

      Joe Girardi is to blame. He was aware of both A-Rod and Granderson before the game. He chose to play them both, and place Swisher in the middle of the lineup.

      Girardi is a chode.

      • DC says:

        The players are to blame.

        • Knoxvillain says:

          Usually. But when Girardi knows what to expect from them and he does nothing to change it, it’s on him.

        • Matt says:

          You’re an idiot. Girardi is running players out there who have no chance to succeed right now, and setting them up for failure.

          Why was Granderson playing? Ibanez is on the bench, and Granderson, who can’t hit ANYTHING, is in the game.

          A-Rod against a LHP, sure, but in the 8th inning, you can’t let him hit against O’Day. He is OPS’ing around .700 against RHP on the ENTIRE SEASON, let alone now when he can’t hit much of anything.

          He also bats his coldest hitters in spots where the pressure is highest. A-Rod batting 3rd in the last few games is pathetic.

        • Matt says:

          You’re an idiot. Girardi is running players out there who have no chance to succeed right now, and setting them up for failure.

          Why was Granderson playing? Ibanez is on the bench, and Granderson, who can’t hit ANYTHING, is in the game.

          A-Rod against a LHP, sure, but in the 8th inning, you can’t let him hit against O’Day. He is OPS’ing around .700 against RHP on the ENTIRE SEASON, let alone now when he can’t hit much of anything.

          He also bats his coldest hitters in spots where the pressure is highest. A-Rod batting 3rd in the last few games is pathetic.

    • DT says:

      ARod made the rest of the line up play like shit?

  122. stuart a says:

    1 run in 13 innings and the morons on this site are complaining about Girardi.

    Tex looks at strike 3, when cano is your stud clutch guy you know you are fucked…

    if the game went another month the Yanks would not have scored……

    the offense as I complained about 500 times this year is horrible…

    zero clutch hitting all year…

    • g says:

      Completely agree with you I can’t fucking believe how bad Cano is funny thing he will be a free agent after next season. I Yanks should trade him this offseason

  123. Widget says:

    I liked Girardi better when he listened to the binder.

  124. Ace says:

    Offense deserved this loss. O’s looked defeated and our pitching was on fire like its been all series. Couldn’t do shit with so many opportunities. Now face elimination. Good job.

  125. Eddard says:

    Tomorrow’s lineup better be-


    Joe cannot look the fans in the eye with a straight face and tell us that ARod and Granderson should be playing tomorrow. They don’t make contact. They don’t even get good swings. ODay could strike out ARod 50 times and Joe would still say, well he’s due. Bullshit.

  126. Ethan says:

    I HATE OUR OFFENSE MORE THAN I CAN SAY. HOW UNCLUTCH CAN YOU POSSIBLE BE?! The simple fact that this series was not a sweep is completely on the offense. Going to 5 games just demonstrates how pathetic they can be.

  127. Anthony says:

    Who is starting for them tomorrow? How man hits will we get? 2? 3? The pitching staff is pushing the team through this series with barely any help.

  128. DT says:

    I swear Cano is worse than Arod right now. Grandy is worse than both of them.

  129. Matt says:

    If they lose this series, Girardi has to be fired immediately.

    Not pinch hitting for A-Rod in the 8th inning, after he already did it the previous night, is just inexcusable. INEXCUSABLE.

    That single move may cost them a World Series Championship this year. Thanks to idiot Girardi, even if they advance they may not have a chance. The bullpen will be completely burnt out with no off day, CC will only pitch 1 time in the series, and Hughes will have to make up the difference.

    Pinch hitting for A-Rod in the 9th last night was a NO BRAINER. Pinch hitting for A-Rod in the 8th tonight was a NO BRAINER. There is no controversy. Girardi should be ripped to shreds.

  130. Captain Gift Basket says:

    Cashman – please stop obsessing over pitching every offseason. Your offense is an absolute joke every postseason, including 2009. Find some money players, please.

  131. JonS says:

    Everyone wanted to be Ibanez (the hero) instead of just putting the f’n ball in play.

  132. Tom Q says:

    The winner is Major League Baseball, which gets 4 5-game ALDS Series. I’m pretty sure that’s a first.

    Oh, another winner: the trolls on this site, who are only happy when the team loses excruciatingly. Joyce Carol Oates talked about biographers who view their subjects as monsters, coining a term for them: “pathobiographers”. This site has patho-fans.

  133. David N says:

    All the pressure is on the Yankees tomorrow. All of it. Just what you need when your offense can’t buy a big hit.

    It is so fucking disgusting how this game was played and managed. We got shut down by Joe Saunders and Pedro Strop. PEDRO STROP. Girardi wastes Ibanez on a hitter who was actually hitting when there were so many other people to use him for where he could have actually stayed in the game. What the hell was he thinking?

    I really can’t see how they win this tomorrow. I really can’t. And they will richly deserve to lose this series, except for the pitching staff, who deserve nothing but praise for pitching their hearts out. Fortunately, I’ve got to work tomorrow afternoon, so I probably won’t have to see the disaster.

    • stuart a says:

      imagine the bad AB’s and weak hacks the Yanks take with pressure on them!!!

      swisher might crap on himself in the batters box tommorrow….

      arod may cry…grandy may swing at a pitch thrown to 1B on a pickoff move…..

      check out the #’s, this offense is a complete zero. COMPLETE, but complain about the the bullpen………

      • Anthony says:

        “grandy may swing at a pitch thrown to 1B”… ahaha made tonight slightly better

      • David N says:

        Who’s complaining about the bullpen? The bullpen has given up one run this whole series, and that was with the B guys on the mount. I have no problem with anything that anyone on the pitching staff has done. This is 100% on the offense (and Girardi shares blame for tonight’s game with the idiotic pinch-hitting strategy).

      • Hugh says:

        That Grandy line is the funniest thing you’ve ever (intentionally) written, Stuart.

  134. Captain Gift Basket says:

    Is Dickerson on the playoff roster?

  135. Ace says:

    The Yankee offense couldn’t get one sac fly for Jerry Girardi.

  136. Ethan says:

    If the yanks don’t win the game jobs need to be on the line. Giradi, Kevin Long I don’t care. Someone needs to be fired! Maybe it’s a bit rash but a failure of this kind of performance would certainly merit a firing in the private sector

  137. stuart a says:

    0 for 9 with RISP….

    end the story….

    arod should retire…

    this needs to be a blow up team….let all the old, overpaid shit leave, 1 way or another.

    suffer with a young crappy team and build anew.

    counting on CC to bail them out again…playoff baseball, bull. plain bad hitting. swinging at junk…

    jeter at 38 with no power is the best player on the team by far… russle martin who hit 211 looks ok compared to the rest of the team…

    TIP YOR CAP…bull…

  138. Ace says:

    Wow. So many insane people out right now. I agree the offense has been horrible but how can you say we deserve to lose (meaning O’s deserve to win) with how close the series has been?

    All we can hope for is that shuffling the lineup sparks some offense for the guys who haven’t been pulling their weight.

  139. jm says:

    well how can win tomorrow against future hall of famer hammel?

  140. Matt says:

    The sad thing is that having CC go tomorrow is absolutely no advantage for this team because they can’t fucking hit.

    CC could throw a gem tomorrow, and they could still lose 2-1 while stranding 15 runners on base and missing 5 opportunities with a runner at 3rd and less than 2 outs.

    If this offense even remotely showed up, the Yankees with this starting rotation could have probably cruised to a WS Championship this year. One fucking clutch hit, and nobody on this team except Jeter or Ibanez can even sniff one.

    • Anthony says:

      One of Mike’s earlier post today said something along the lines of “if you told me that our worst start would be 3 runs in 7 innings, I would have guessed that the Yanks sweep easily”. Clearly that has been anything but the case. The offense is pathetic. A-Rod, Grandy look absolutely pathetic.

  141. Effthisnoise says:

    Not on girardi, offense did not show up against a mediocre pitcher and had many chances to win this game. If you told me hughes would give up 1run tonight, i would have taken that and went to Vegas. Granderson is Blind right now, a rod couldnt hit water if he fell out of a boat and cano and tex are asleep. The pitching has been lights out and gane 5 is t home with CC on the mound. yanks in in a laugher. Yeah thebrotation will be screwed against the tigers but so is theres, Verlander cant go til game 3.

  142. jm says:

    verlander will throw a no-hitter against either of these teams

  143. stuart a says:

    verlander stud tonight, we will see what CC does tommorrow….

    check out the slugging %’s they are scary bad……..

  144. DT says:

    Arod’s average this series: .125
    Cano: .111

    Cano is hitting clean up, so which guy is killing us more?

    • Captain Gift Basket says:

      Oh, is Cano on the playoff roster? I haven’t seen him this series.

    • stuart a says:

      as I have said 100 times and people mocked me Cano is not elite..

      Not close… 94 rbi’s with 33 hr’s on this team…

      they have no elite offensive player…

      they are old and not very good……

      • SammySosasBleachingCream says:

        You’re insane. ANYONE can have a bad playoff series. Ted Williams can do it, Barry Bonds can do it. It proves nothing.

  145. Karl Krawfid says:

    AJax for 1 good year out of Granderson.

    Montero for a Drunk driver with a bad shoulder.

    • stuart a says:

      no patience in the fan base bottom line..

      there offense is ancient. pithing they have a lot more answers. phelps, hughes, joba, maybe pineda, maybe nova at least have shown they can succeed in the majors and time will tell..

      the youngest guy on the roster offensively is nunez at 26 or gardner at 29……that is it………………..

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