Update: Hughes leaves Game Three with stiff back

ALCS Game Three Spillover Thread
On the Brink: Yankees down 3-0 in ALCS after Game Three loss

10:02pm: The Yankees announced that Hughes left the game with a stiff back. I assume tests and whatnot will follow, and if the injury is serious enough they could wind up replacing him on the roster.

9:26pm: On the TBS broadcast, Craig Sager said it’s a herniated disc in his back. A sore back landed Hughes on the DL late last season, if you remember. It seems sketchy that the diagnosis came so quick, but we’ll found out the deal eventually.

9:22pm: Phil Hughes left tonight’s Game Three start with an apparent injury. I didn’t think he was laboring and his fastball velocity was fine, but Joe Girardi and the trainer saw something and deciding to take him out of the game in the middle of an at-bat with an 0-2 count. Very weird. Stay tuned for updates.

ALCS Game Three Spillover Thread
On the Brink: Yankees down 3-0 in ALCS after Game Three loss
  • Super Cereal

    I am exhibiting a quality known in psychological circles as “Learned Helplessness”

    • Nerd


  • CBean

    I ran to go get a drink of water and I came back to them taking Phil out. So weird.

    • David N

      Could be worse. I went to get a drink and came back to discover that Delmon Young was doing his Babe Ruth impersonation thing again.

  • Jon G

    Weirdest playoffs ever

  • CountryClub

    His FB velocity was not fine. He was down a couple ticks in the 1st inning from his normal 1st inning velocity and he was throwing 89/90 in the 4th.

  • Laz

    Injuries are the story of the 2012 Yankees.

  • endlessjose

    Wow.I’m still surpise the Yankees got this far with this kinda team.

    • The Big City of Dreams

      When things settle down that might be the tact everyone takes.

  • Knoxvillain

    Jesus, Hughes. He really can’t put an 0-2 hitter away to save his fucking life, can he?

  • Electric nunez

    Wonder if Jeter is watching this game or nailing a super model?

    • Laz

      I know which one I would choose.

      • CP


  • johnnymac

    Electric Nunez!

  • johnnymac

    Donald Trump warming up in the pen. May be used against righties or lefties making over $10 million per year or more. I seem to have lost focus after the 11th inning in game 1.

  • Thunder Road Runner

    pretty much over…even the Presedential Debate is more entertaining

  • Dave M

    God I hate this years team!!

  • paul a

    I have a serious problem letting Ibanez face a lefty.

  • Austin Aunelowitzky

    replace Philbert with who?

  • David K.

    Did Hughes have injury issues with his back this year (and maybe last year as well)? Is that why he is so inconsistent and his fastball velocity has dropped from 93-94 to 91-92? Remember, he also had a broken rib that no one knew about, including himself. He’s really got to stay away from those dominatrix bitches, or get himself a new masseuse, anyway.