Lifeless: Tigers shut Yankees out in Game Two


The Yankees have become a broken record of great pitching and abysmal offense. Sunday afternoon’s Game Two loss put them in a 2-0 hole in the best-of-seven ALCS as things now shift to Detroit. Not for nothing, but getting out of Yankee Stadium is probably a good thing.

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#HIROKtober Doesn’t Need Rest

The decision to start Hiroki Kuroda on short rest in Game Two was anything but a slam dunk as valid concerns about the 37-year-old’s workload were abound for the last month or so. Instead of wilting under the innings total and struggling as many expected, Kuroda turned in a masterpiece. He took a perfect game into the sixth and ultimately lasted 7.2 innings that should have been a full eight had second base ump Jeff Nelson not blown a call — Nick Swisher threw behind the runner at second on Austin Jackson’s single and Robinson Cano applied the tag for the third out with ease. Nelson blew the call — here’s proof he was out — and Kuroda’s night was over.

All told, the veteran right-hander allowed three runs in those 7.2 innings, but two of those runs scored after he left the game and the B-relievers took over. Boone Logan allowed a hit to a righty (surprise surprise) and Joba Chamberlain allowed a hit to Miguel Cabrera. Kuroda allowed just five hits (four singles), didn’t walk anyone, and struck out a season-high eleven. Ten of his 12 ball-in-play outs were on the ground. He was dominant, looking more like the midseason version of himself than a guy pushing 240 innings. It’s unbelievable that the Yankees haven’t converted these pitching performances into wins.


This Offense Creates The Wrong Kind Of Runs

Three singles, three walks (one intentional), and a double. That was the New York offense on Sunday. Mark Teixeira (double) and Raul Ibanez (walk) reached base with two outs in the first and Ichiro Suzuki made it to third base with two outs in the seventh, but no runs crossed the plate. Ibanez singled to leadoff the fourth but was erased on a botched hit-and-run with Russell Martin at the plate, a clear sign that the Yankees are getting desperate to generate offense.

The futility, as you know, runs up and down the lineup. Cano took an 0-for-4 and is now hitless since the first inning of Game Two of the ALDS, a span of 26 at-bats. That is the longest playoff hitless streak in team history. The bottom four hitters in the order went a combined 2-for-17 (singles by Alex Rodriguez and Swisher) with a walk (Curtis Granderson) and nine strikeouts. Ichiro reached base on an error once in four plate appearances in his first day as Derek Jeter‘s replacement in the leadoff spot. Joe Girardi semi-tore into his club for not making adjustments after the game, a problem that they simply may not have enough time to fix.

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Girardi got ejected for arguing with Nelson following the blown call at second — his fifth ejection of 2012 and fourth in a game against the Tigers — and went a big instant reply rant after the game. He basically said what most fans have been thinking, that it’s ridiculous that the technology exists and is not being used. That said, Girardi made it clear that he does not blame the call (or yesterday’s blown call on Cano at first base) for the two losses to open the series. He was just stating the obvious.

Detroit scored their first run in the seventh after Kuroda nearly pitched his way out of a first and third situation with no outs. The speedy Quintin Berry was on third, the slow-footed Cabrera on third. He threw five straight splitters to Prince Fielder to strike the lefty slugger out, then Delmon Young bounced a routine double play ball to short. Fill-in shortstop Jayson Nix shuffled the ball to Cano for the first out, but he bobbled the transfer and that was that. Young was safe at first without a throw and Berry scored. Kuroda was so close to escaping the jam unscathed, but his defense betrayed him. Between that and the utter lack of run support this season, the guy must hate his teammates.

The Yankees have scored a total of 20 runs in their seven playoff games, including just eleven in the five games at home. The scored four runs in the two games against the Tigers this weekend, and all four came in one inning off the combustible Jose Valverde. In fact, non-Valverde pitchers have thrown 40.1 consecutive scoreless innings for Detroit, which is ridiculous. And I thought the Yankees were getting great pitching.

Box Score & WPA Graph

MLB.com has the box score and video highlights. I suppose the good news is that the Yankees have been down 2-0 in a best-of-seven playoff series eight times in their history, and they’ve rebounded to win the series four times. The most recent was, of course, the 1996 World Series against the Braves. Who will be the 2012 Jim Leyritz? For some reason Martin seems too obvious, so I’ll say Nix. Anyway, the last team to come back from a 2-0 deficit in a best-of-seven was (sadface) the 2004 Red Sox.

Source: FanGraphs

Up Next

Monday is a travel day, so the Yankees (and their fans) will get a much needed day off. These two teams will reconvene at Comerica Park for Game Three on Tuesday night at 8pm ET. Phil Hughes is scheduled to get the ball against Justin Verlander in a mismatch that already went New York’s way once this season. Check out RAB Tickets if you want to catch the game.

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  1. Agree about switching ballparks. Maybe hearing an energized crowd again will have the reverse effect on this team, and wake them the hell up.

    They averaged 1.79 R/G, averaged out over nine innings, in the past five games. Truly atrocious.

  2. Joe F says:

    We do need replay.

    We also need runs.

    Score runs on Tuesday please.

  3. Deep Thoughts says:

    If you think he hates his teammates because of a bobbled ball in a scoreless game, you know know surprisingly little about baseball and teamwork for someone who spills so much electronic ink on it.

  4. Cuso says:

    Everything tastes like vomit right now

  5. El Tigre says:

    Can anyone please explain Cano’s troubles at the plate? I’m in awe of his numbers in the playoffs.

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      Regression from insane .615 tear to end the season + swinging at awful pitches = 2 for 30.

      • WhittakerWalt says:

        Regression doesn’t mean going from .615 to zero.

        • FIPster Doofus says:

          Hence the “+ swinging at awful pitches” part. He looks lost.

          • RetroRob says:

            It’s the part that prevents Cano from really becoming what I view as an elite hitter. He goes through periods where he expands the strikezone too much. If they want to throw outside, then take the walk, which will eventually force the pitches in. If nothing else, it will get a runner on base.

            If I remember correctly, he’s a career .260 hitter during the regular season during his entire career with RISP, and he’s a career .220ish hitter in the postseason. It’s because pitchers know his weakness and they expand the zone against him in pressure situations, and he allows it.

            • forensic says:

              I love that every one of his AB’s, he complains about a pitch he thinks is a ball, which is really a strike, and the clueless announcers say he certainly knows the strike zone very well and that’s why he’s frustrated.

              Have they never watched him in their lives???

              • Andrew 518 says:

                I’ve seen him get squeezed a few times too.

                It’s almost as if the umpires are expanding their strike zone to meet his. Not good as it only reinforces his bad habits.

                Announcers are remarkably misinformed in this information era.

                I wrote TBS an e-mail offering to do Darling’s job at half his salary. I haven’t heard back yet.

                • forensic says:

                  And there are just as many, or more, of those where those are swinging strikes on the first pitch or multiple ones in one AB. Your cherry-picked one AB doesn’t prove anything.

    • Barrel Roll says:

      Yes – he’s a choke job. Any other questions?

    • jsolano_NYY says:

      dude cano is trying to pull everything and hes not making adjustments they are only pitching him outside he keeps pulling the outside pitch which is why hes always grounding out when he was on his tear he was being pitched inside and he would go oppo on balls pitched out but hes just tryna pull everything

  6. Jarrod says:

    Law of averages says these guys HAVE to start hitting soon….let’s just hope it is before we lose 2 more games.

    • Barrel Roll says:

      My guess is March – plus, there won’t be any pressure on these clowns.

      • hogsmog says:

        What is your deal? Did you already forget about that insane September run? Winning the toughest division in baseball? Raul Ibanez grinding it the fuck out?

        Clowns, you say. You sound a lot like those people that make everybody hate Yankees fans, the ones that ‘think the playoffs are a birthright’. Grow up, maybe?

        • Barrel Roll says:

          It’s called reality. The Canos, Grandersons, and Swishers don’t perform we’ll when the lights are brightest and because there is no Arod of 2009 to bail them out, despite Ibañez best attempts, this team is toast. Put down your pompoms till next season.

    • Moo Shu Pork (Currently Eddard) says:

      Law of averages already kicked Cano down. It should have kicked in already for the rest. It just isn’t coming. You would think law of averages would allow Swisher to have at least one good postseason like ARod had in 09. He’s not a postseason player and neither is Granderson. Look at guys like Delmon Young and Miggy Cabrera. They get the big hits when it matters and our guys don’t.

      • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

        Granderson was a career 267/375/535 postseason hitter before this year.
        Delmon Young is career 247/299/519 in the postseason.
        Miguel Cabrera is career 276/378/528 in the postseason.

    • NJB says:

      Law of averages also would dictate an implosion by one of our pitchers since they have been outstanding in the playoffs. No room for error.

  7. Moo Shu Pork (Currently Eddard) says:

    I thought if they won today and won CC’s start in Game 4 they’d have a three game series for a WS berth with Andy, Kuroda and CC lined up. Now they’ll have to win Game 3 vs Verlander in the biggest mismatch since Florida State vs Savannah State.

    I just don’t see it happening. This offense couldn’t get 1 run off Fister with the bases loaded three times. This offense couldn’t get one run off Sanchez, the worst of the Tigers starters. If it wasn’t for Jose Valverde’s awfulness this offense would have 0 runs in 18 innings.

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      Realistically, the Yankees won’t win Game 3, but this thing could get pretty interesting if the Tigers let them off the mat in Game 4. If the offense has any life by then, I’d like NY’s chances in 5 and 6 w/ Pettitte and Kuroda going. Force a Game 7 and I’ll be ecstatic. Of course, I’m getting way ahead of myself here.

    • It’s such a mismatch on Tuesday that there’s no way the Yankees could win, right?

      Like the last time Hughes faced Verlander at Comerica?

  8. dc1874 says:

    Remember yesterday ” yanks have to rally around the captain”..step up AROD..CANO…nows the time to shine…!!! yeah….ahhh.. ..on second thought…..

  9. Tony says:

    I would like to know how Robertson wasn’t brought into face Berry after the botched double play by Cano.

    Who do you have more faith in, Robertson against a lefty or Boone against a righty? I just don’t understand the hesitance to go to your best reliever in the playoffs

    • WhittakerWalt says:

      Joe loves his LNOGY.

    • forensic says:

      Girardi doesn’t use his big relievers if they’re down by 2. Down by 1 or tied, sure, but not 2. He’s said it over and over, despite it being assinine. He’s also said he’s tired, which I’m sure he is, but use him and he can rest in a couple days or a week or two if they’re lucky.

    • anon says:

      Pretty sure Girardi said in the pregame that, more or less, DRob and Sori were unavailable today, or am I just imagining things?

      • Deep Thoughts says:

        Yes he did. They’ve played five in a row, he felt Game 1′s innings were on fumes and “grit,” and he wasn’t sure of what he could get out of them.

  10. forensic says:

    I’d still be shocked if they don’t lose the series in 5, or less.

    That being said, it’s definitely good that they’re getting out of town, and before Swisher starts crying too (if only smiles and laughing won games…). Anyway, if they somehow fluke their way to a win in game 3, they then have CC in game 4 and who knows what could happen if they end up 2-2 after that.

  11. forensic says:

    I don’t really feel like looking it up, but it’s been bothering me, so:

    Is there a reason the added PS OF umps are stationed so shallow? They’re literally about 20 feet behind the regular umps. It’s seems like such a waste. Post them further back, maybe approximately in line with the outfielders, so they can cover more ground on the things deep in the outfield and near the foul poles. They could also then see the balls right on the line in front of them instead of having to spin around and with their eyes moving while making the calls.

    Wouldn’t that make so much more sense?

  12. jim p says:

    There was a TBS graphic which, if true, “team” in “That is the longest playoff hitless streak in team history.” should be edited out.

    Yanks, 7 games, 67 K’s in 258 AB gives a .260 Strikeout Average

    Batting is .205, On Base Percentage is .277


    • forensic says:

      Nah, TBS was way wrong, shocking I know.

      But, the longest postseason hitless streak was Dan Wilson at 42 AB’s with the Mariners.

      • jim p says:

        Thanks for the correction. “TBS” and “if true” seem to belong together.

        • forensic says:

          Yeah, I believed them too, but Chad Jennings had the Wilson number on his recap post and if you look at Dan Wilson’s numbers, it’s right, though it is over several different postseasons. I do wonder what the longest in one postseason is.

          Wilson’s numbers make you wish you had 9 Swishers in the lineup, they’re that bad.

      • RetroRob says:

        I saw that too and mentioned it in a prior thread, but I also saw it repeated by a number of reporters. They might have been repeating the same bad information, or maybe Cano has the longest in one single postseason, while Wilson’s covered two different postseasons.

        I guess it doesn’t matter if it’s a record or not. It simply illustrates how bad Cano has been.

    • Barrel Roll says:

      Ooh, ooh, ooh – let me do the cyber geek thing – the Yanks are 1st in playoff HRs, 2nd in runs scored, 2nd in 2Bs, 1st in walks, 2nd in OPS, blah, blah, blah – all that means absolute shit right now.

      • BigDavey88 says:

        Heh, cyber geek.


      • hogsmog says:

        Dude where the hell were you this weekend? Hmmm…

        Seriously, I hope you’re like 13, because it makes me sad that adult humans can think and act like you.

        It’s just a game. They’re just humans. The very best baseball teams win about 6/10 of their games, and the very worst 4/10. You’re already making character judgments of professional atheletes, and how many postseason games have their been so far?

  13. jsolano_NYY says:

    i think the yankees are feeling so stupid right now for not even trying to go after carlos beltran in the offseason after he said he would take less money to come to the yankees smh this guys post season numbers are so amazing and hes a switch hitter

    • forensic says:

      That’s strike 2 on not getting Beltran. There probably won’t be a real chance for strike 3, though they do seem to love striking out these days…

      • forensic says:

        Actually, I take that back. Looking at his age (37 after his contract), he’s exactly the kind of OF utility/bench guy they like looking for, especially as a switch hitter. And you wonder if their Swisher replacement plan is a disaster, would they even offer him a starting spot?

        It won’t happen since his salary will be too high for 2014 and he’ll likely still want a starting job somewhere, but that could certainly count as a 3rd strike if you’d like.

      • jsolano_NYY says:

        yeaaa exactly yankees tend to get thier players way passed their prime.. i was tryna get beltran in here after 04 wen he was wit the astros and they didnt want to then another chance came up this off season i wanted him to play right and swish in left sooo bad with the short portion left and his swing he hits for average and power from both sides idk how we just didnt jump on that opportunity HE HAS A CAREER TRACK RECORD IN THE POST SEASON THESE ARE THE CLUTCH PLAYERS WE NEED

  14. Knoxvillain says:

    Trying my best to keep the faith, but it’s too damn hard. Cano’s swing looks absolutely terrible- nothing like his normal swing. It seems like every ball he hits is a weak grounder to the pitcher or second base. He isn’t even hitting the ball hard right now. The Yankees need him to turn it around, especially with Jeter out. If Cano doesn’t get hot, the Yankees aren’t winning.

  15. Matt DiBari says:

    In a year where no one has been able to hit Hammel and Saunders and Gonzalez and Sanchez, it makes total sense for the Yankees and Hughes to run over Verlander Tuesday. Maybe the day off will help.

  16. Tom says:

    Kudos to Kuroda for effectively throwing 8 shutout innings on 3 days rest. The single run in the 6th was not just a failed double play but also started with a double that probably 30-40% of CF’rs get to (granted it was crushed and an average CF’r probably doesn’t make that play, but I think any CF with above average range runs that down).

    I hope Girardi learned his lesson on bullpen management after back to back days of mistakes, but who am I kidding?

    Robertson should be in any game within 3 runs in the 8th inning in the playoffs. This crap of mixing and matching down 1 or 2 runs resulting in Logan facing righties or Lowe being in the game at all (facing anyone) is ridiculous. This isn’t the reg season marathon yet he has not changed his management style. It cost them game 1 in all likelihood and it put game 2 out of reach (the ump’s gaffe just masks the mistake of not turning to Robertson down 1-0 to get the last out).

    If Robertson wasn’t available then it should have been Soriano; the only save situation for him is if the Yankees score in the bottom of the 8th, and if they do then you are asking him for 4 outs instead of 3 (with a day off tomorrow). Instead Girardi went Logan against a righty in a 1-0 game?

    • stuart a says:

      basically robertson and soriano were not available today so it is all noise.. that is why they only pitched 1 inning each on saturday….

      they are exhausted…

    • Andrew 518 says:

      Really a shame to let Kuroda’s gem go to waste.

      With the bullshit tack on ERs due to the blown call, and well no run support, this has to go down as one of the best postseason starts by a pitcher that no one will ever remember.

      or at least I hope I can forget it.

  17. jsolano_NYY says:

    wanted to say this before i got to sleep i went to the yankees game today and i know the team is playing horrible with hitting but the fans at yankee stadium are horrible we dont really provide much of a home field environment when all we do is boo boo booo the whole fuckin team all the time we make AROD the culprit we insult our players and blame them for stupid shit i know they are paid but i just feel like the yankee fans in the 90′s were more gratful fans the stadium was louder NO ONE WANTED TO PLAY in yankee stadium.. WE BOO THE HOME TEAM MORE THAN WHAT WE BOO THE OPPOSING TEAM our stadium has become so corporate and filled wit loser band wagon fans that boo every player not named jeter cuz hes popular.. u gotta be kidding me every yankee fan i know that has any mental sense would agree wit me… some yankee fans piss me the fuck off what do ya think?

    • Andrew 518 says:

      Honestly this isn’t booing a ground out in the regular season. This isn’t booing a strike out in the playoffs. This isn’t booing A-Rod because he is A-Rod.

      This team is hitting at a historically bad pace. I’ve never seen them play this bad for this long. Sure they’ve gone on big losing streaks but this is inexcusable. If there is a time to boo, and I believe that sometimes there is, this is it damn it.

      The hitters are to blame for this mess. The hitters aren’t striking out because they are being booed, they aren’t struggeling because the atmosphere is toxic. The atmosphere is as it is because the performance is that bad. The fans are lifeless because the players are.

      That said, I’d like to see some more support as well. You can have it both ways in the same game. You can boo them all you want, but I’d like to see some more Let’s go Yankees chants. More noise in general. I haven’t been at any of the games but it seems like the crowd is rallying behind the pitchers, as they should.

      Problem is the new stadium sucks. It’s hard to get loud when it’s filled with corporate stiffs too busy stuffing their faces with food not called a hot dog. Get in Get out tell all your buddies at the office where you were last night.

      In the 90′s there was more solodarity. Ironic given our increased “conectivity.” Get on the phone call and call and maybe you might be able to get some tickets. Now it’s about elite this elite that, club this club that, In the 90′s if you were dedicated you could end up with some really great seats, now I know I’ll never get to sit in the first row. It just won’t happen. Put box seats in front of the bleachers. Anything can be snatched up by the highest bidder on the internet, which sadly I’ll probably never be.

      The price of success some might say, but this seems pretty far from success.

      • jsolano_NYY says:

        yes very true andrew its horrible i see these other stadiums fans up the whole game and or swinging towels in the air and man i wish our stadium was so electric.. everyone backs thier team and we dont cheer as much and expect them to do well the stadium is the loudest ONLY when its on boos

    • forensic says:

      Punctuation is your friend. Your comment is basically unreadable without it.

  18. stuart a says:

    cashman is going to have a very busy offseason if things do not improve next week.

    swisher is gone for sure. ichiro i put at 85% gone. grandersons option will be excercised but at a minimum they will see about moving him. andruw jones of course is gone. the catching situation has to get better and change. romine is 23 in the AZ fall league, he has to make the next step soon…

    pettitte can pitch but he is 40 and gets hur tall the time… they will have 5 to 9 new players on the team next season.

    cano long term deal is poision, no chance I give him more then a 3 yr dela or so that he would never take… I think some of these FA’s are going to be dissapointed, they are not going to get the insane money they think they are…

    jeter will be 39 next season coming off an ankle injury and aroid will be a year older, this could get even uglier FAST.


  19. stuart a says:

    the free agent market looks bad….

    tori hunter is at least 37, he did have a good season but the guy is 37…..

    red sux have money to spend and need a lot of help also.

    cashman will have to make trades.. banuelos is out for the season so that hurts for making trades also…betances value has to have slide a ton…pineda is coming off surgery so his value has to be way down also…

    kuroda for another year at 38 not 37!!!after 225 innings the most he has ever thrown, another very risky move….

    my insane dream team(i want to rebuild so)

    cc, hughes, pineda, 1 vet, phelps, joba, robertson, mo(cheap), logan, aardsma, ?, and ?

    martin and romine

    tex, cano jeter, aroid(try to move him chances are 10% even paying 70% of the freight), gardner grandy gets traded , upton signed , torii hunter(2 years), and bench is nunez, and young guys who will play a bunch because of the age of the lineup.

    gardner, upton and hunter are a good outfiled, very athletic.

    they trade grandy and get a pick from soriano… the grandy trade gets them 2 decent offensive prospects…

    this team has a ton of question marks and no easy fixes…

    williams, and others are starting next yer in AA, they are best case scenario 2014 players at best……

    • Cashman's Third Mistress says:

      What is up with all the Justin Upton love on this site? Doesn’t this guy strike out 125-150 times a year? He’ll be booed the first runner he strands on 3rd in the playoffs. Just what this team needs.

  20. Andrew 518 says:

    Easy to look at his postseason numbers and forget how he never lived up to the contract he recieved in 05. Would have been another albatross to add to the pile and we’d have a much different sentiment about him here.

  21. David K. says:

    Everyone here is blaming the lineup, but who put this thing together. Even if we somehow win the WS this year, Brian Cashman has got to go. And while we’re at it, we may as well revamp the entire chain of command in our scouting and player development. Our scouting sucks, our gm sucks for building a team full of selfish sluggers. There just aren’t enough good pure hitters in our lineup.

  22. Karl Krawfid says:

    Yankees will Smash Verlander and his overrated ass.

    • DT says:

      Even if he might be right in some regards. Passan is a joke of a writer.

    • Cashman's Third Mistress says:

      From that article – EM-BARR-A-SSING

      “This is a very easy place to play now,” Tigers outfielder Quintin Berry said. “Coming from Oakland, the fans there were so rowdy. It was easier to come here.”

      Oakland Coliseum, where tarps cover the upper deck, more electric than Yankee Stadium.

      • Hoss says:

        Jeff Passan is disregarding a couple of important points:
        1. The fans were VERY INTO EVERY PITCH KURODA THREW on Sunday (I was there). They were loud (as loud as one can be with that stadium’s acoustics) and standing on the 2-strike counts. Kuroda was great and the fans appreciated it big time;
        2. Yankee fans have always boo-ed non-performance. This is nothing new. This is New York. It is a tough town to play in. Soriano got boo-ed for blowing a save even though he was nearly perfect this year;
        3. There is nothing to cheer about in terms of offense. It is incredibly frustrating. No amount of cheering can change this;
        4. The fans have been clamoring for change for months, noting that the offense is too one dimensional to make it through the playoffs against good pitching. Yet, Girardi and staff continue to rely on the same old pattern. Whose fault is it that there are no adjustments being made?;
        5. Quintin Berry was being given a very hard time by the fans in left field. He was being referred to as “Dingle Berry,” as I recall. His statement may have been a “back at you”;
        6. Passan stirs up controversy and brings more heat than light to anything he writes about.

        • TrueBlue says:

          Any park in America is easy to play when the home team bats die in unison.. After they scored 1st the air went out of the baloon.

  23. Monterowasnotdinero says:

    I am dying of RISPiratory Arrest.

    This stretch reminds me of that horrid 7-10 days in May when we couldn’t drive anyone in. Bad timing…

  24. Monterowasnotdinero says:

    With all our injuries and RISP fail, I am beginning to rationalize that beating up the Sux, winning the division, having Bobby V fired and beating Buck is enough.

    /but it isn’t of course

  25. Mick taylor says:

    Everyone forgets this team did not hit last year against the tigers remember that last game against the tigers. Yet cashman stood pat andkept thesame hitters he had a golden opportunity to get Carlos Beltran while still staying within budget . Beltran would have cost the same as swisher and andruw jones but no, he had to keep swisher the choke king who cost us the game 1. I wanted Beltran last winterwhen I calledthe wfan. I also predicted before this series that theumpires wouldscew the yanks and cdick should replace swisher c dick catches that ball Saturday that misp lay by swisher cost us the game and jeter

  26. LarryM., Fl. says:

    I’m as disappointed as many on this blog. The Yankee hitting as been horrible just stating the obvious. You cannot have 5 clueless hitters and expect to win. The problem that I have accepting is the Orioles and Tigers can hit but in total are inferior teams to us. Yes the Orioles hung in there to fall only 2 games behind at the end but it wasn’t that close at all.

    I know the reason for the booing but booing is not going to make the group of clueless hitters (Arod, Granderson, Swisher, Martin and Cano) play better. These guys are zero for their last seven games. Now, take into account Jeter’s injury, yuk.

    Cano on the double play wet his pants. Cabrera came in high and late on the slide. Cano caught a glimpse of him and just wet his pants. The double play could have been made with Young running.

    Cashman or whoever is in charge during the off-season for it will be here shortly. Has to change the dynamics offensively of this team. The all or nothing approach does not work . The contact hitters in the lineup are making contact but the big boys with the all or nothing approach are sucking it up. Arod and Cano to their defense don’t have the HR or nothing but Swisher and Granderson have got to go.

    Cano is not a team player, IMHO. The playoffs and he is still waltzing down the line. Pinstripes of the Yankee uniform should be worn by guys who the Jeter mentality of team first not multi year contracts. Swisher and Cano are counting money before the check is written. I for one do not want them resigned. Not a clown and a selfish highlight reel player.

    I can remember two fill-ins back in the day Fred Stanley and Brian Doyle who filled in admirably for starters in WS play and were a highlight reel.

    If you examine the the Orioles, A’s and Tampa Bay. These clubs don’t have the positional players that the Yanks have but we struggled to finish ahead of them.

    The make-up of this team has to change as far as the offensive dynamic and the need to sign long high price contracts that don’t guarantee a team that will perform well, How many times have we seen this drill of no hitting in playoffs past. The Cardinals refused to resign Albert the Great who went on to lead the LAA team to a no show in the playoffs. The Cardinals will probably compete for their third appearance in the WS in recent years.

    • Cashman's Third Mistress says:

      Absolutely this. When you have a former player like Paul O’Neill calling this team out for their pride and that they should be embarrassed and confirming what we’re all seeing – that these guys are going up to the plate swinging for the fences every time, it’s time to make changes offensively.

  27. Cashman's Third Mistress says:

    Team shot of Granderson, Cano, Arod, Swisher and Chavez.


  28. Nick Swisher's Clown College says:

    The Orioles must be sitting at home thinking to themselves, “I can’t believe we lost to these guys.”

    They definitely would have put up a better fight.

  29. Chilango says:

    2011: .260/.350/.399

    2012: .192/.276/.308

    Speaks for itself.

    Of course, they could miraculously turn in around in Detroit.

  30. Ted Nelson says:

    Last night’s call was absolutely awful, but it’s pretty much impossible to argue that it had any impact on the outcome.

    The Cano safe/out call in Game 1 legitimately might have cost them that game.

  31. LarryM., Fl. says:

    The other day a blogger commented on the $400+ plus dollars that it cost to go to the playoff game. It was a response to the empty seats during a playoff game.

    Corporate just writes the expenditure off at tax time. But dad and family pay out the nose for the pleasure of watching millionaires under perform. Could you imagine your doctor under performing while your under the knife. I’m not advocating boycott the stadium. I make the yearly trip up to the stadium. I seat in the shade of first base during the Saturday or Sunday game and pay with ticket master very near $300. Its worth it watching Jeter, Teix, Gardner, Martin give it their all both mentally and physically.

    Can the Yankees turn it around. Yes, They are better than this display but unfortunately I will watch in sadness as they leave Detroit a beaten team more than likely.

  32. NePa Yankee says:

    I think the Yankees offensive sucktitude is leaving the umps off the hook. The outcome of Game 1 could have very well been different had the correct call been made on Cano. Game 2 I really don’t think it mattered much, the Yankees weren’t scoring a run if they played 35 innings yesterday. This team should apologize to the O’s for knocking them out, and the Tigers for wasting their time.

    • JohnC says:

      Yes, I’m sure the O’s, who were swinging the bats more woefully than the Yanks, would have definitely done better. Go soak your head quitter!

      • NePa Yankee says:

        So you’re telling me the O’s wouldn’t have put up a better fight? They wouldn’t have hit Fister and Sanchez? Also, been a fan for 40+ years, went through the early ’70′s, then the ’80′s and early ’90′s and I’m still here. So sorry to vent a little bit after a very poor showing. I did take your advice and soak my head though, it felt pretty good. Thanks!

  33. JohnC says:

    Getting away from home is the best thing now for this team. Hearing the boos rained down on them constantly only seems to make them grip the bats tighter and swing more widly. Maybe now they can take a deep breath, step back and realize they need to change their approach at the plate. They’ve beaten Verlander before. If Hughes can gve the kid of effort he gave last week, you never know. Lets not give up just yet.

  34. Eddards says:

    I don’t know why people are thinking this offense can do anything vs Verlander. They’ve made ordinary pitchers look extra ordinary and now they’re going to face an extra ordinary pitcher for the first time this postseason.

    And I’m sick of all of these formulas and WARs, that don’t mean shit in the postseason and Billy Beane agrees with me. You need players that can hit in the clutch. Clutch hitting and starting pitching wins in the postseason. Why do you think we’ve even had chances to win these games? The starting pitching. Offense is about as unclutch as it gets and that’s why we’re on the brink of another failure.

    • not that mike says:

      beyond clutch, its important to make the opposition/defense/pitcher stress in each at-bat, whether it be working the count or putting a ball in play.

      the yanks have benefitted for years when other teams made simple fielding misstakes in the playoffs, or even throwing to the wrong base etc. by having the ball in play and not sitting in the catcher’s mit after a strikeout.

      thats why the “strikeout is the same as an out” crowd doesnt appreciate the numbers dont exist in a vacuum, and why a guy more difficult to strike out presents different challanges in pressure situations for the opposition, where in the regular season the differences are mitigated.

      this offense needs to be recharged – and not that Gardner is the answer, but a guy who sees a ton of pitches, makes contact and puts pressure on a defense with bunting/ slow roller to shortstop/ taking the extra base is invaluable in the playoffs.

      can you imagine if Valverde didnt groove that pitch to Ichiro, or left the slider hanging??

      • SammySosasBleachingCream says:

        Strikeouts are NOT the same as other kinds of outs. Other kinds of outs would have still netted us some runs in that first game. Strikeouts never do, except in the extremely unlikely event of a strikeout-wild pitch. Double plays happen too, sure, but certainly not as often as strikeouts.

  35. FLYER7 says:

    The best thing from this offseason…Swish will not be re-signed, Grandy may be shopped and second thoughts to a mega deal for Cano…less dependence on homerun going forward…need to have less expensive, younger bench role players. More Nixes and Noonies and fewer Andruw Jones’…

  36. Buffalo Bill says:

    For those on here who think it impossible that the Yankees will do anything or score any runs off Verlander tomorrow night, I wonder if you are even watching the games. The issue right now with the Yankee hitting isn’t physical (not even for A-Rod), it’s mental. They have stopped doing the things that good hitters do and become an all-or-nothing lot at the plate. And why? I don’t know. I can’t imagine Kevin Long has told them to just swing as hard as you can when you get up there regardless of the situation.

    No at bat shows this selfish offensive behavior more completely than Russell Martin’s AB with Granderson on second in extra innings yesterday. Octavio Dotel had just walked Granderson with one out and he stole second. With a 2-0 count, Martin got a fastball right down the middle and he practically fell over he swung so hard. Why? A HR wasn’t needed there – a single to right center field wins the game. Smoltz and Darling both called him out on that swing. Of course, he swung through that pitch and went on to make out and they didn’t score.

    Smoltz made a great point yesterday (hard to believe, I know). Sanchez and Fister were both making mistakes with their pitches. The Yankees weren’t hitting them. It wasn’t some clinic of brilliant pitching that held them down, it was a selfish need to try and hit everything 500 feet. Even Jason freaking Nix is trying to hit HR’s.

    The recipe to beating Verlander tomorrow is this – be patient at the plate (they’ve actually worked quite a few favorable counts in this series), then take the ball back up the middle and the other way. Stop trying to pull the ball a mile. Look off-speed in fastball counts (has any Tiger pitcher thrown a fastball in a 2-0 or 3-1 count in this series? I can’t understand how the hitters haven’t adjusted to this yet).

    These hitters aren’t all Homer-or-nothing hitters, and they haven’t been for their careers. But right now, that is all that is on their mind. Maybe the day off will clear their heads a bit. Both Girardi and O’Neill are saying the same thing – stop being selfish and start being the offense you are all capable of being. As a team. I predict an offensive adjustment for tomorrow’s game in Detroit. Not sure that it results in a win, but an adjustment is needed.

    • SammySosasBleachingCream says:

      Don’t pull that bogus “you’re not watching the games” shit. We’re ALL watching the games. You’re not special.

    • rek4gehrig says:

      “No at bat shows this selfish offensive behavior more completely than Russell Martin’s AB with Granderson on second in extra innings yesterday”

      Totally agree. I was horrified when I saw he was swinging for the fences. It was actually Gardy on 2nd (which makes it even more annoying cos he is a fast runner).

    • rek4gehrig says:

      “Both Girardi and O’Neill are saying the same thing – stop being selfish and start being the offense you are all capable of being.”

      My only problem with this statement is that Girardi is the same one who has been preaching the “we are a home run hitting club – that’s what we do” all season. If only they had made the required adjustment earlier on in the season during the numerous RISPFails. I sincerely hope it isn’t too late.

  37. Yank The Frank says:

    Just like the switch turned off on the hitting it can turn back on. They are too good a hitting team to keep sucking like this.
    We take 2 out of three in Detroit come home and win the last 2. Done.

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