MLB announces umpires, start times for Games One & Two of ALDS

The RAB Radio Show: October 5th, 2012
If he had his way, would Mo be pitching in the playoffs?

The Yankees still don’t know who they’re going to play in the ALDS, but at least now they know when they’ll be playing and who will be running things on the field. MLB announced that Game One will start 6:15pm ET on Sunday while Game Two will begin at 8:07pm ET on Monday. Both games will be broadcast on TBS and will be played in either Texas or Baltimore, depending on who wins tonight’s wildcard play-in game.

The six-man umpiring crew will include Brian Gorman, Mark Carlson, Fieldin Culbreth, Mike Everitt, Angel Hernandez, and Tony Randazzo. I wonder if that order indicates Hernandez will be behind the plate for a potential Game Five, which would be a disaster. Either way, Games Three though Five (in necessary) will be played Wednesday through Friday of next week with start times yet to be announced.

The RAB Radio Show: October 5th, 2012
If he had his way, would Mo be pitching in the playoffs?
  • Tony

    How did Angel Hernandez make the postseason? Thats ridiculous

    • Get Phelps Up

      Is Jerry Meals umpiring a series? That would be even worse.

      • LK

        Jerry Meals has made some pretty huge, important mistakes this year that have gone against the Yankees. Angel Hernandez, however, is literally in the holy trinity of awful umpires with Joe West and CB Bucknor.

  • The Tenth Inning Stretch

    Well, at least we didn’t get Davidson, West, etc.

  • The Tenth Inning Stretch

    Well, at least we didn’t get Davidson, West, etc.

  • Cliff

    The order listed is just alphabetical

    • forensic

      When did G get moved ahead of C and E in the alphabet?

      • Darren

        Mo said it was written; and it was done.

      • Chris

        Gorman’s the crew chief. Then the rest are alphabetical after him.

  • Neil

    Everitt worked the plate in the last Pettitte game. Big strike zone.

  • Eddard reboot v.1.0

    Tony Randazzo? Blah. At least we didn’t get Jerry Meals or Gerry Davis. Let’s just hope they don’t decide the series.

  • mick taylor

    yankee fans get ready for selig and his henchman umpires to screw the yanks. when these series are over i will challenge anyone to show me how the outcome of a game was decided by a call which went the yanks way which shouldn’t. more subtle will be the strike zone which will favor the opposing team like last year where detroit was given the series. selig desparately wants his little market cinderella story [ a’s or o’s] to come true. anyone but having to stand on the podium with hal steinbrenner and handing him the trophy. you can ridicule me for the post but let us see if i’m right next week.

    • Bartolo’s Colon

      you very may well turn out to be right, i hope not. it is funny, though how every other team’s fans will say the exact opposite

    • aynsley dunbar


    • Steve

      2009 how many calls went the Yankees way? And egregious mistakes too. Joe Mauer’s foul ball. The double play at third. Swisher getting picked off second. This paranoia is laughable, as it’s usually the Yankees getting the benefit of those calls.

    • Rookie

      You nailed it on all counts, mick. Hernandez is on the crew in the Yankees Orioles series to screw the Yanks and make sure that a Cinderalla team (i.e. small market team) wins it all.

      If that’s the narrative, look for umpires throughout the post season to make Chairman Bud happy by doing everything necessary to see to it that either Oakland or Baltimore wins it all — Oakland to give the Money Ball movie a happy ending or Baltimore to rub it in the Yankees’ faces.

  • Dale Mohorcic

    23 innings in rangers-o’s please.

    • Mister D

      … with the Orioles prevailing despite minor (week to 10 day incapacitating) injuries to Jones, Wieters, Reynolds, Machado and the entire back-end of their pen.

  • Bartolo’s Colon

    i just bought tickets for games 4 and 5. hope angel isn’t behind the plate for a clinching game. i have tickets for game 3 as well, but now can’t go because i’m not going to be here. i went out on a limb and bought alcs game 7 tickets. have never been to a clinching game, at least one where the yankees clinched. did i mention that i hate jose valverde

  • Mister D

    Cool, I get to spend over a week getting pre-mad.

  •!/Paddock9652 Stratman9652

    The way I understand it the umpire crews are only eligible for every other series. Tonight’s umps will work the AL/NLCS and the AL/NLDS umps will work the World series. Most of umpires working tonight are generally solid, clearly wouldn’t want them to work the World Series.

    • bo knows

      Any crew with angel hernandez is going to suck due to the fact he is even in a park in the post

      • Rookie


  • Frank

    I can’t believe MLB assigns Hernandez to a playoff series when he has to be one of the 5 worst umpires in MLB.

    • Rookie

      If you can’t believe MLB assigns Hernandez, who is widely known to be one of the worst umpires in MLB, to a playoff series, you obviously either didn’t read mick taylor’s comments above or you don’t haven’t been paying attention to Chairman Bud and his seething resentment for the Yankees team.