• TheBadOwl

    Cano to Seattle for Ackley, Hultzen and Jaso… who hangs up first?

    • Andrew Brotherton

      I would rather Cano to the Pirates for Hansen, Polanco, and Taillon.

  • Dan S.

    Any chance Yanks sell the farm for Giancarlo Stanton?

    • Andrew Brotherton

      I would hope we would trade for either Stanton or Upton this offseason.

  • Thunder Road Runner

    Frankly , would rather see more time + money spent upgrading farm sysytem even if it means missing the playoffs.

    • WhittakerWalt

      Everyone says crap like this now, after a disappointing playoff loss.
      Suffer through a couple 70-92 seasons and get back to me.

  • Silverback

    Maybe Tex can use his trophy to bunt down the 3B line? Naah, you’re right – now THAT would look desperate

  • smurfy

    Shirley available is one former hero, Shawon Figgins. Clutch hitter, galore. Plug him in where you want him, except maybe catcher.