The RAB Radio Show: October 26th, 2012


We’re back after a little layoff. But let’s be honest: no one was in the mood to listen to a post-mortem the day after a rough ending to the season.

It’s just the start of the off-season, so we’re starting small. On today’s show Mike and I discuss the impending free agents and what kind of moves the Yankees will have to make in order to fill the gaps. There will be quite a few of them.

Podcast run time 44:39

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Intro music: “Die Hard” courtesy of reader Alex Kresovich. Thanks to Tyler Wilkinson for the graphic.

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  • Thunder Road Runner

    Good Lord!

  • Thunder Road Runner

    Good Lord!

    • commerce

      Solid PODCAST comments by Joe & Mike–I look forward to subsequent ‘casts–especially during the offseason. I continue befuddlement when listening to complete dismissal of a catcher combo in ’13 of Cervelli and Romine. Both are competent receivers w/ strong arms. Cervelli proved himself over parts of 5 seasons in the box and behind the mask. His C-ERA and WL% as a starting catcher were as good as any of our catchers. His hitting w/ RISP was stellar, he can bunt and run too–even used a couple of times at 3b. Compare his numbers w/ Martin (inc Russ’s numbers as a Dodger) and one has a virtual match except for HRs.

      CC must have had a reason for preferring him in 2011. He is a high energy guy who will make a contribution for some team (probably not the Yankees). Assuming Romine is healthy in ’13, he is a proven “catch & throw” guy w/ a gap power–father and bro in bigs so bloodline is good. I’m not proposing no other option is possible; however, the bromance between Brian & JoeG w/ Russ is equally befuddling. Russ can get a multi-yr deal at 30 at $8MM/per–why should we invest in a decent catcher whose hitting performance has been in sheer decline for five full seasons in two leagues? Payroll aims, if serious, don’t point to “average” defensive catchers at pretty hefty coin.

      Go w/ our young guys, Cervelli & Romine; they’ll cost us, combined, $2MM. At 27y/o, Cervelli can hold down the lead job until uberprospect, Gary Sanchez is ready in 2016.