Thursday Night Open Thread


If Rafael Soriano can’t take a little cold champagne down his shirt, how are we supposed to trust him in the ninth inning of a playoff game?! (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

Well, now the reality of the baseball regular season being over has set in. It’s awesome that the Yankees are in the postseason and I can’t wait for the ALDS to start this weekend, but there’s no baseball tonight and only two games tomorrow. It’s kind of a shock to the system after six months of watching entirely too much baseball on a daily basis. MLB.tv is either the best or worst thing that has ever happened to me. I can’t decide.

Anyway, here is your open thread for this baseball-less evening. The midweek NFL game is the Cardinals and Rams (8:20pm ET on NFL Network), so feel free to talk about that or anything else here. Except politics. Thanks in advance.

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  • Defensive Indifference

    Now we know why Soriano untucks: it’s so the champagne doesn’t run down his butt.

  • Nick

    Stannnis baratheon is clearly the best choice for king.

    • Billy

      “There is no creature on earth half so terrifying as a truly just man”

    • Marcus

      Choice has nothing to do with it. The throne is his by rights!

    • Joe Girardis Braces

      Although it is stannis’ by right, I hope Robb Stark becomes King, not just the King in the North, and i cant wait till Joffrey is dead, (about to start book 3)

      • http://fendersonandhampton.com Cuso

        On my 3rd reading of book 5. Need frickin 6 to come out already….(about Robb….)

        • YanksFanInBeantown

          Well, Book 5 gave us the Manderly singing The Rat King. So it was kinda worth it…

          and TWOW needs to come out, AA needs to be reborn in salt and smoke.

  • Nick

    Stannnis baratheon is clearly the best choice for king.

    • Bo Knows

      Stannis!? I spit upon that notion sir, Return the Iron Thrown to Daenerys Targaryen!

      • YanksFanInBeantown

        If we’re returning it to the Targaryens, it should be through the male line. Everyone knows that R+L=J.

        (Young Griff is a Blackfyre)

  • Darren

    I think it’s cool as hell that the Yanks are gonna work out tomorrow night at the Stadium and then watch the Rangers/O’s game together after. After the crazy long, draining season, I bet it’s gonna be totally chill. Swish is gonna bring some kind bud, Phelpsie’s gonna pound some Jaeger, Jeter’s gonna hand out gift baskets, and Girardi’s gonna do more neck vein exercises. :)

    Seriously, they really earned this.

    • jjyank

      “Swish is gonna bring some kind bud”

      I wonder what his glass preference will be.

      • Darren

        A Don Zimmer-shaped bong

        • jjyank

          Crafted to scale?

          • Darren

            Hand blown by Jose Cardenal.

            • jjyank

              Impressive. I’m going to assume that “The Zimminator” comes fully equipped and will require someone else to light the bowl.

              Swisher: “Hey, can someone give me a hand over here? No….no…NOO!! EDUARDO YOU STAY AWAY!!!”

              • Darren

                I have a feeling Nova would assist. And K. Long too. He’d be like, “Swish, try and choke up on the handle a little more…goood, now rotate the lighter a pubic hair to the right. You’re flying open on that approach – let your wrists do all the work..Sweeeeet.” cough cough

                • jjyank

                  Freddy can keep the ice catcher filled, it would keep him nice and cool.

              • Greg

                lol he will be like hey TEX hook a brother up. I smoked some killer but in tribute to the AL east Champans and soon 2 b world champians!!!

              • Greg

                lol he will be like hey TEX hook a brother up. I smoked some killer but in tribute to the AL east Champans and soon 2 b world champians!!!

          • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle


    • NovasDrunkBus

      I laughed for a good a five minutes

  • Baracka Rumney

    I think Romney killed it last night

    • Cano fan #1


      • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle

        yeah, rule #1.

        • DM

          I thought Rule #1 was “You do not talk about Fight Club”

          • jjyank

            No it’s “You don’t talk about Case Club.”

            I know, I know, crickets. Unless anyone here is a fellow Alpha Gamma Rho, this will not make any sense.

          • Captain_Turbo

            That’s Rule #2… and I guess Rule #1, so you’re right.

            • Robinson Tilapia

              I’ll also just kill the rumor now that the Red Sox have hired Big Bird to be their next manager.

    • pistol pete

      He lied and changed positions all night. Now he’s not giving a tax cut to his rich friends, now he wants to cover people with pre existing conditions and provide an insurance pool for the uninsured, he was for a personhood amendment when talking to Huckabee now he isn’t, pro choice, pro life, halfway whatever works Romney. Where’s the tax returns Mitt.

      • Scheister of Doom

        Lifetime ban.

      • Captain_Turbo

        Lifetime stupid.

  • Eddard reboot v.1.0

    They should have just done the 2nd WC next year. Baltimore and Texas tied for the WC so they’d be playing a 1 game playoff anyway. I know, fallacy of the predetermined outcome but with all these scheduling problems they just should have done it next year. The WC winner should not get the luxury of waiting while the Yankees and Nationals have to catch a red eye half way across the country.

    • CountryClub

      The Yankees aren’t taking a red eye anywhere. They’re flying out Saturday for a Sunday game. Plus, the worst case scenario is that they go to Tx. That’s really not a big deal. You’d have a better argument if they had to fly to LA.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Remember, we should just have the Yanks fly around in circles.

        • Darren

          They already did that, from about ’82 – ’92

  • http://yanksgoyard.com/ Joe F

    I have some videos from the game tonight.

    Shameless plug. It’s on the site I write for.


    • RetroRob

      There’s a game tonight? Where? Where??!!

      The unsettling thing about this point in the season is as fans we don’t know how many more games are left before winter comes.

      I really wish they could figure out a way to make the World Baseball Classic happen in December. Things were so bad last year that I remember watching the final games of the Australian baseball championship on MLBN last January…and enjoying it!

      • http://yanksgoyard.com/ Joe F

        Last night, sorry. I’m still tired from getting home at 11:30 then writing this post that I needed to write because I write for Thursdays and Sundays.

        • RetroRob

          I understood. I just want a game tonight!

  • Tom

    How awesome is this:


    The only thing that would make it better is if some Yankees fan bought it and burned it.

  • Kramerica Industries

    I was looking through the old thread from 2010 where Rose brought “Taft wasn’t American” up, and Joe Pawl instituted a new rule about not bringing up politics then, amending it into the community guidelines.

    Why was it ever removed?

    And, speaking of 2010, I’m not sure you saw this the other day, Mike, so I pander to you once again:


    If Marcus Thames ever comes back to the Yankees organization, in anyway, that image needs to be re-hashed. That was such an awesome season from him.

    • http://yanksgoyard.com/ Joe F

      That was off Paps right?

      • RetroRob

        It was. That’s a great baseball shot. Everyone, from fans to ump, are following the flight of the ball, wondering if it’s a HR. One man knows. The man who hit it. He’s not even looking. Just flipping the bat getting ready to trot around the bases.

        • http://yanksgoyard.com/ Joe F

          Quite the description there!

          My favorite home run was Rodriguez’s off Nathan in the 2009 ALDS.

          • jjyank

            I prefer A-Rod off Fuentes in the 09 ALCS. Maybe I was just drunker for that one, but…so epic.

            • http://yanksgoyard.com/ Joe F

              I was at my uncles party in some hotel so running around the hotel was fun. That’s probably why I chose A-Rod then. Also the one off Fuentes just got over the way I believe.

              The ALDS one seemed more dramatic.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      Speaking of 2010 I stumbled into one of those threads. What a magical time it was.


      Seriously it’s just so different and yet…right.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        I cried.

        This was the era where I’d just sit back and laugh.

        • JobaWockeeZ

          You would have had fun with Bo.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            I probably tried when I used to post under my real first name, but those guys handled him just fine. They deserve statues in our virtual Monument Park.

            • MannyGeee

              I remember the posts from the great ‘Cameron Tilapia’…

              • Robinson Tilapia

                I laughed, mightily.

      • forensic

        I remember that picture like it was yesterday, though I guess I didn’t post that night.

        One interesting thing from there though, Mike said the ‘show unread comments’ (or something along those lines) function would be active the next day for the regular season. Whatever happened to that?

      • Pat D

        Seriously, if anyone ever needs know who tommiesmithjohncarlos is, there’s your primer.

        Funny, I remember reading that article but I didn’t post in it. That might have been before I started posting, I dunno.

  • jjyank

    This is how I gear up for the playoffs: time to watch the the 2009 World Series film.

    • http://yanksgoyard.com/ Joe F

      I should play that too.

  • pistol pete

    Yanks in a good spot, happy we miss Verlander and Cabrerra in round one. Much rather play Texas or Baltimore since they don’t have a No 1 as good as CC. Cano was awesome down the stretch. A second baseman who can hit above 300 hit over 30 hr’s and have 100 rbi seasons, unbelievble. And he’s the best fielding 2nd baseman in the game. I hope they lock him up in the off season before Boras get his teeth into him after 2013 when he’s a free agent.

  • Mick taylor

    YAnkle fans, get ready to be screwed. To be screwed by selig and. His henchman , the umpires who will screw the yanks withbad calls and strike zones. Can someone on this website explain to me when the tv shows blown calls why girardi doesn’t get out thereand argue his head off? Why does he always say I did not see the replay. With a200 million payroll doesn’t he have a tv in the dugout so he can immediately watch thereplay so he can quickly go out an argue. Because this team is about to losegames be aide of seligs boys

    • jjyank


    • pat

      Huffing paint is bad.

    • Get Phelps Up

      You make stuart a sound smart.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      It can be like when Hogan fought Andrew on the Main Event and Dave Hebner counted Hogan down but the replay clearly SHOWED the shoulder was up.

      Girardi can come out and YELL to Laz Diaz only to have a TWIN Laz Diaz come out and punch the fake Laz Diaz out. Girardi can then spend the post-game yelling “HOW MUCH FOR THE PLASTIC SURGERY?!?!” while Bud Selig awards the WS trophy to “The Million Dollar Man,” Ted Dibiase.


    • Big Members Only (formerly RI$P FTW)

      Girardi likes to save his fighting for when the call has no bearing on the game.

    • Captain_Turbo

      Joey Binders thinks TV is the tool of Satan…

  • http://yanksgoyard.com/ Joe F

    Thursday Night football is boring me. Especially knowing all the excitement that awaits us tomorrow.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      This a terrible matchup. How did this make primetime?

      • http://yanksgoyard.com/ Joe F

        Every team gets a Thursday night appearance this year.

  • old fan

    On the issue of mlb.com being addictive with a game every night, but not like tonight, with no scheduled games——well, if you have it, you can always go back and watch any game of the year, or any half-inning of the year, or even just a specific at bat. For instance, tonight you can go back and watch that April game at Fenway, or specifically just the two 7-run innings.
    Or you can watch the extra inning comeback against the A’s. Or you can go even go back to 2006 to watch that 5 game sweep at Fenway. etc. etc.
    Or you can watch recent innings of the Orioles or Rangers, to “scout” the opposition.

    mlb.com is really one of the most incidious devices created in the last half century. Really, really, nasty to human life.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Anyone catch 30 Rock last night? Apparently, “second base” to Tracy Jordan means a threesome with Robbie Cano. An all-time great 30 Rock line.

    • http://yanksgoyard.com/ Joe F


      I love that show.

      One of my favorite lines of Tracy’s is when he told everyone the excuses as to why he didn’t see the birth of his children.

      1. Making a grilled cheese.
      2. Forgot.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Why did I say “last night?” Show was tonight.

        Jane Krakowski may also be the hottest woman in her mid 40s I’ve ever encountered.

        The small details on that show are amazing. The total NYC inside jokes, the fake Tracy movie posters, like “Who Dat Ninja,” just awesome. So sad it’s ending.

        • YanksFanInBeantown

          At least they didn’t fire Tina Fey right before the last season…

          #sixseasonsandamovie :’(

    • Captain_Turbo

      Leap Day William!

  • Robinson Tilapia

    I just read Joe P.’s write-up from earlier. Loved it.

    • jjyank

      Totally. I said it then, and I’ll say it now: It needed to be said.

      Zen Baseball FTW.

  • your mom

    That picture isn’t MFIKY, it looks like MFGK(mutha fucka got killed).

  • bmezz

    I heard Jerry Meals is covering first base for game 1 of the ALDS…

  • Captain_Turbo

    Does Tito Francona take the manager’s spot when Girardi’s contract expires?

    • MannyGeee

      no. and also, Girardi will be here for a while

  • http://fendersonandhampton.com Cuso

    From the department of irrelevancy:

    I’ve had this theory for the last 6-7 years that the Yanks’ method of resting players after they’ve clinched had a detrimental effect on their postseason effectiveness. 2009 was a great team with shiny new parts, but they were just that damn good. Most often, though, you hear about the teams that get hot at the right time towards the end of the season. The “resting” guys always seemed to cool the team off.

    This team may not be favored “on paper, ” but I’m curious to see if playing it out to the very last day will have a beneficial effect. I have an inkling it might.

    • Fin

      If the Yankees can come up with some hits with RISP, they will go far. If they cant we will watch them exit in the first round, amazed out how they out the other team 2 to 1 and out pitched them. Not unlike last years Detroit series.

      They wont need as many RISP hits as the teams they play, becasue they will get HR’s but they will need some. Cano wont be superman in the playoffs hes had his run, other than Barry Bonds no one can keep doing what Cano’s done for the last 2 weeks. When hes not superman in the playoffs I hope fans remember hes who got us here.

      With Cano bound to go back to normal levels, the 3 and 5 hitters are actually going to have to do something. Who has faith in Arod or Tex right now? I know it wont happen but I wouldnt mind seeing a game 1 order of…


      I would like to bat Grandy infront of Tex but lefty’s back to back thing late in the game. I would possibly also go with Martin 8th if Nunez is DH’ing.

      • Fin

        Btw, I would also pinch hit for Arod with Chavez late in the game against a righty. This is no knock on Arod as I am a fan just his current production level.

        Is Ibanez going to get all the DH against righties? Chavez when rested this season has been pretty fucking great. I dont want to see him forgotten. If Valdamort hadnt got all those clutch hits this year, I would much rather see a now rested Chavez up. However, Ibanez has got those hits, and its a tough call.

      • Monterowasnotdinero

        It is not just about hits but about good contact. RISP failure with K’s and popups are what really kills. Groundballs with fast runners (Ichiro/Gardy) go a long way to fixing risp problems…

        Our free swingers not producing when pitchers have changeup and 2 seamer command are what kill us in the post season.

        I’m talkin’ about u Swish, Tex, Grandy, Alex…

    • MannyGeee

      I dont hate this theory. Counterpoint: how will the three days off effect them, following your theory.