Boland: Yankeees interested in Ricky Nolasco

Yankees No More: They're the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders now
Scouting The Trade Market: Logan Morrison

Via Erik Boland: The Yankees have trade interest in Marlins right-hander Ricky Nolasco. Miami is obviously selling off any player who makes decent money these days, so Nolasco and his $11.5M salary for next season are available. He’ll be a free agent next winter.

Nolasco, 29, pitched to a 4.48 ERA (3.87 FIP) in 191 innings this season. He’s consistently underperformed his peripheral stats over the last four years, pitching to a 4.68 ERA with a 3.65 FIP in over 700 innings since 2009. That’s not a small sample and you can’t just wait for positive regression anymore. Add in the fact that his strikeout rate has been trending in the wrong direction for years now, and you’re getting a “meh” from me. Not my first, second, or even third choice for rotation help at this point of the offseason.

Yankees No More: They're the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders now
Scouting The Trade Market: Logan Morrison
  • A-Rod Apologist

    Please no. Javier Vazquez part two.

    • Bob Buttons

      You mean part three.

  • Slappy McWaterbug

    Wat. No. I’d rather pay Nick Swisher to pitch.

  • Jersey Joe

    There’s absolutely no point.


    (2 of 3) Corban Josephy, Melky Mesa, Adam Warren


    Logan Morrison

    Put LoMo in microscopic right field. YS3 helps him. You have a cheap, slightly above average outfielder

    • Brian S.

      One of those prospects is not like the other. Corban Joseph is legit.

      • MannyGeee

        yeah, this is true…

        However Corbahn Josephy (pronounced “Hoe-seff-e”) is a fringe prospect at best. Think Coal Hammelez-level fringe prospect.

        • MannyGeee

          or, Austine Romaine level fringe, if I may

  • jesse

    Do not want.

  • Bob Buttons

    I’d like a part of Nolasco. The No part.

    • jedua

      asco also means gross

      • Chops

        So Nolasco is a portmanteau of “Not gross?” I don’t think this is working out, guys.

  • FIPster Doofus

    He sucks.

  • Get Phelps Up

    Resign Kuroda and Pettitte please.

  • Andrew

    Nolasco seems like a reactionary move. Plus, isn’t he an $11.5M version of Ivan Nova, more or less? Yankees are better off with the $.5M version of Nolasco (Nova).

  • vicki

    i laughed at the starry-eyed who dared to dream of giancarlo last night. but after a day’s mulling, and an evening’s drinking, i think maybe the marlins should trade him, if they can get a teixeira-like package. they won’t be good for ages, and i can’t imagine he’d re-sign with them. and the fans can’t be any more pissed than they are right now. get it done, cashman.

    oh, and nix-nix on nolasco.

    • Ted Nelson

      I wouldn’t be so sure that they won’t be good for ages. They might not contend, but they have a lot of talent coming up and could be middle of the league soon enough. As Yankees fans we tend to think in binary terms: you’re a serious WS contender or you’re not. From a financial and fan perspective I would be willing to bet there’s a lot of different between winning 69 games and, say, 85 games.

      They have a lot more talent than many people want to give them credit for. I think they’ll be towards the bottom of the league next year and risk being completely at the bottom if some things go wrong. The Marlins already had promising young talent expected to come up from 2013-15, and are actively adding more. There’s no guarantee that these young guys work out, but there is a decent chance that some contribute.

      • vicki

        i appreciante a dissenting opinion but your argument here is so murky i can’t find anything here to grab onto.

        “middle of the league soon enough.” no.

        “more talent than many people want to give them credit for.” so?

        they had two top 50 prospects; now they have three. i wouldn’t say any of them are can’t-miss. on the major league level there’s stanton and the astros. they play in a tough division. noone’s catching the natties any time soon; braves are set up well; and though philly is old, you know they’ll spend big. IF it all comes together for the fish they could eventually challenge for fourth in the division.

        but you keep banging that drum. it’s good for discourse.

        • Ted Nelson

          Middle of the NL is about 80 wins. Or about how many games the Pirates or DBacks won last year. Does that help clear up what I’m saying? I think they can do that as soon as 2014.

          Have you actually looked at the Astros roster? The Marlins?

          It doesn’t take a “can’t miss” prospect to win games. The Royals had what some called the best farm system ever a couple of years ago and can’t win much (sorry if that’s murky to you… they won 72 games). Look at what the As and Os were able to do last season. It takes depth more so than a can’t miss guy or two. The Marlins already have can’t miss in Stanton. They have the makings of a strong middle IF in Escobar and Hechevarria. Morrison is better than just about anyone on the Astros. They already have several good young “prospects” who are MLB ready: Jacob Turner, Eovaldi, and Gorkys Hernández. Brantly is a talent at a premium position. They are well stocked up the middle: Brantly, Hechevarria, Escobar, Hernandez, plus some prospects getting close. They have a stud in Stanton. Yelich should be up in the next couple of seasons. Zack Cox is on the verge of the MLB at 3B. They have a plethora of young arms coming up in next few years including Turner, Eovaldi, (LH) Conley, Fernandez, (LH) Heaney, (LH) James, (LH) Dayton. Again, this is a path more similar to the Orioles/Oakland path of having a deep young team. While people assume Miami will never sign another FA again… we know that they have the financial ability to round out their roster through FAs or taking back some smart salary in trades.

          If you think that the Astros have talent like Escobar, Hechevarria, Morrison, Turner, Eovaldi, Brantly, Zach Cox… plus their farm, which again has a lot of talent graduating the next few years… I don’t know what to tell you. I have a feeling you don’t know who some of those guys are or that the Marlins have them.

          Based on your arguments that a farm system is only about can’t miss prospects and that the Marlins have the same level of talent at the Astros, I’d suggest you check your assumptions. That a bunch of offer fools on here echo the same sentiments doesn’t make them true.

          “IF it all comes together for the fish they could eventually challenge for fourth in the division.”

          LOL!!! They are DOOMED forever!!! They can never win. Never sign anyone.

          • vicki

            a dog with a bone.

            a piece of my sentence that said mlb-ready matt dominguez was traded to the astros in the deal for carlos lee was zapped somehow, but i still don’t know where you got that i was saying the marlins are worse off than the astros. who are now american league anyway.

            you made huge erroneous leaps of logic all over the place, and turned out to be a lot less interesting to debate with. i can’t spend all night saying “that’s not what i said.”

            i do appreciate the quotations around “prospects.”

            • Ted Nelson

              I have no idea where you are coming from.

              “on the major league level there’s stanton and the astros.”

              That is literally what you said. That is where I got it from.

              “you made huge erroneous leaps of logic all over the place”


              Your points were that they are the Astros + Stanton and their system isn’t good because they only have 2 top 50 prospects. But I am not interesting to debate with… you could just admit you lost instead of trying to insult me.

              • Ted Nelson

                Oh, the other one is that the best case for them is to finish 4th place in their division at some point in the future… Your logic is laughable.

  • Mattchu12

    We come for the Ricky Nolasco, but we leave with the Giancarlo Stanton.

  • http://none Ton Lon ton

    Y not trade for mr price?

    • Bob Buttons

      Probably going to cost us everything but the kitchen sink.

  • Cano fan #1

    I don’t want see him in the AL east. Or at least no with the Yankees

    • MannyGeee

      Love to see him in the AL East… Just not in Pinstripes.

      Maybe Cherimgton could be persuaded.

  • pistol pete

    Absurd, his era in the al east will be north of 5 and he makes too much to have those kind of numbers. Makes me wonder if the Yankees have lost faith in Nova because his numbers in the al east over the past 2 seasons are better than Nolasco’s are in the nl east. Imagine paying that much and getting someone with worse numbers than Nova. Does anyone know if Nova has arm trouble. From the looks of interest in Nolasco it might appear that is so.

  • Randy Levine

    Just driving the price up for the Astros.

    • vicki


  • herby

    Oh boy we’ve got another loser available…call Cashman we can get a prospect for him…probably two…

  • forensic

    Sadly, I can totally see the Yankees doing this. I’m sure Girardi loved him as a rookie in 2006 in Florida.

    (much more expensive) Mitre Part 2.

    • Ted Nelson

      Other than Mitre, what are you basing that on?

      Mitre, by the way, was a success. He made under $1 mill per, cost no prospects, had a very strong year as the last man in the pen for the Yankees, and netted them Dickerson in return. If the Yankees can get the same ROI on Nolasco, that would be a home run deal on the Swisher order of magnitude.

  • RetroRob

    I’m guessing this is just the Yankees exploring the market in case Kuroda and Pettitte do not return. In other words, Plan B. Or maybe it’s Plan C. Just as long as it’s not Plan A.

    • Ted Nelson

      Agreed. It’s amazing that people freak out at every rumor that surfaces, yet never learn.

  • gbyanks

    i have a feeling we are talking about nolasco but are trying to get morrison included in the deal, like we take on nolasco and you take a lesser package for morrison. i know morrison was bad last year and hes wasnt great the year before but if people want another swisher type deal(buying low on a cost control player that could end up being a very solid player for us) then this might be it. maybe phelps and nunez for nolasco and morrison.

    • MannyGeee

      I would GLADLY deal with one expensive year Ricky Nolasco the swingman/spot starter in exchange for 6 very inexpensive years of Logan Morrison or *gulp* Giancarlo Stanton the Right Fielder for your New York Yankees….

      • Ted Nelson

        4 years.

    • Ted Nelson

      Not sure I would do Phelps and Nunez. I think that’s a losing deal for the Yankees. Nolasco is overpaid and worse than Phelps. I wouldn’t give up more than a C prospect for just him. Given that he’s a 1B with an OK bat coming of an awful year, I don’t know how much more valuable Morrison is than Nunez. I think he’s more valuable, but I don’t know that he’s Phelps + taking back Nolasco’s $ more valuable. Of course, Miami just grabbed 2 SS and probably don’t want Nunez. So, yes to Nunez but I’d want to part with less than Phelps along with him.

  • Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan

    Ricky is a big NO(lasco) for me.

  • Kosmo

    this reminds me of the Hunter to NY rumors. Yanks didn´t even talk with Hunter let alone make a contract offer.
    I do agree with MG 1 year of Nolasco in exchange for 6 years of Logan Morrison might be worth it provided he´s gotten over the problem child tag.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Normally I’d say “you can never have too much pitching,” but the price tag is a bit high for what we’d be hoping would be a depth guy. If he made less, I really wouldn’t give a shot about him as a back end guy.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Normally I’d say “you can never have too much pitching,” but the price tag is a bit high for what we’d be hoping would be a depth guy. If he made less, I really wouldn’t give a shit about him as a back end guy.

    • MannyGeee

      “I really wouldn’t give a shit about him as a back end guy.”


      • jjyank

        I laughed.

  • The Moral Majority is Neither

    At this point I would think Nolasco has negative value (i.e. wouldn’t get claimed off waivers) due to his contract. If the Yankees took on his full money, he and Morrison shouldn’t require anything really valuable.

    I hope they get Pettitte and Kuroda back and maybe look at Morrison separately.

  • MannyGeee

    Think the Fish are interested in someone of a certain Nunezian quality? No Reyes means you have a SS job open, he might be “the guy” in the deal. And he’ll never have more value than right after hitting a homer off Verlander.

    • Phil

      They got 2 shorttstops from Toronto!

      • MannyGeee

        shit, forgot about that. But neither of those SS’s have issues with their helmets staying on, so there’s that….

        but no 3rd basemen. There’s our opportunity!

  • Phil

    they got 2 shortstops from the blue jays

  • Mr Biggs

    I think the best player on that Marlins team was Hanley but I have been wanting it since Day 1 and I believe it would be a great fit for the Yanks and that would be to go after Giancarlo Stanton! He possesses a strong arm which would be great in Right field in Yankees Stadium and he is opening up the door to stardom. Marlins are unloading everyone and he obviously is not happy there so why not make a move. Sure they may have to over pay (prospects) for him but the Yanks have over paid for half the player of Stanton’s ability. He is the #1 player I would go for outside of pitching.

    • mj

      i would love for him to wear some pinstripes, but sadly i dont see that happening atleast not this year. The marlins have to draw atleast some fans next year and he is their ONLY draw

      • MannyGeee

        No, no they certainly don’t. Jeff Loria doesn’t deserve 30,000 fans a month due to his absolute ineptitude to run a team. Seriously, screw that team.

  • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula

    If Nolasco is plan B for Pettitte or Kuroda leaving, I’m afraid to know who’s plan C.

    • Chris

      Kevin Brown.

  • Chris

    I don’t get it…when did Giancarlo Stanton change is name and position? Why are they targeting the wrong Marlin!!!????!!!!

    • Ted Nelson

      It’s not a mutually exclusive thing. It’s not even a real thing, it’s a rumor.