Cafardo: Yankees have inquired about Giancarlo Stanton


Via Nick Cafardo: The Yankees are one of many teams to inquire about the availability of outfielder Giancarlo Stanton in the wake of the Marlins’ fire sale/blockbuster with the Blue Jays. The Phillies, Red Sox, Orioles, and Cubs have also put a call in to Miami.

Stanton, who just turned 23 earlier this month, is a career .270/.350/.533 (140 wRC+) hitter with 93 homers in 373 games. He hit .290/.361/.608 (153 wRC+) with 37 homers in 501 plate appearances this season while battling right knee (surgery to remove loose bodies) and oblique problems. Stanton is under team control through 2016 and is a true franchise player, the kind of guy the Yankees should go all out to acquire if he’s actually available. The Marlins have not yet made any indication that he is, unfortunately.

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  1. Blake says:

    All the prospects for Giancarlo just because I want to cheer for a player named Giancarlo

  2. Dicka24 says:

    Sheesh, we can dream can’t we. What are we talking, 3 to 4 top prospects? Starting with Austin & Williams, plus…. This is where the injuries, or lack of development in the Yankees higher end arms, comes to haunt them. A healthy and progresssing ManBan or Campos would be nice to have around to offer. That, or a ready for primetime Betances. It would take the top end of the cubbard to land Stanton, if they had enough.

  3. Morgan says:

    Dear Florida Marlins – please choose any 5 players from the farm or ML roster and we have a deal for Stanton…

  4. Travis L. says:

    Gary Sanchez, Mason Williams, Slade Heathcott, David Phelps and Ivan Nova. Who hangs up first?

    • Rich in NJ says:

      The Marlins; they can get better ML ready talent, assuming they would want what most teams in their position would want, but given the strange way they run that franchise, they may prefer cash…or gold…or real estate.

      • Mr. Sparkle says:

        Why? The prospects they got from the Blue Jays are years away and the major league talent outside of Escobar were a bunch of bench and back-end of the rotation guys. What makes you think they’re all of a sudden so interested in major league ready talent? Seems like they’re willing to wait and re-build. If they insist on major league talent, you add Nunez, Phelps or Nova. They’re right on par with, or arguably better than anything Toronto gave up.

        • Rich in NJ says:

          Stanton, unlike the BJs trade, is cost-controlled, so he’s worth more.

        • al says:

          Hechavarria is a proven prospect and probably the best player of the Jays players traded to the Marlins. Marisnick and Nicolino are no slouches… Escobar will be traded for a couple of more prospects…

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        No. That’s not far off from what I would consider offering.

        My slight remix would be Williams, Austin, Nova, Nunez, and a fifth piece such as Adams or Joseph who could probably play on their ML roster tomorrow.

        There’s going to be a tendency to overvalue this trade as there would be to undervalue it.

        • Rich in NJ says:

          I don’t disagree about what should be offered. It’s really the best the Yankees have to offer right now (unless Granderson or Cano are traded for prospects).

    • Rahul says:

      I don’t think these “who hangs up first” questions apply. For your proposal, if you rationally think about it, it wouldn’t be in the Marlins best interest to make that trade and receive prospects who aren’t ML-ready as well as Nova who sucked ass last year.

      But the Marlins aren’t a rational team. They harmed themselves with the 12 player blockbuster and angered fans/players on their own team! It’s just a matter of if they view Stanton as being untouchable. If they don’t, watch out!!!

    • Ted Nelson says:

      I don’t think that’s a bad offer at all, even considering the historical nature of trading a stud like Stanton with 4 years of control. Maybe a little too much risk between Heathcott’s injuries and Nova’s 2012, but the upside of that group might make up for it.

      While MLB ready prospects are great for the acquiring team, the trading team also values them more. I don’t think a team is matching the talent return of three up the middle stud, top 50 caliber prospects plus two MLB proven SPs. Texas, for example, is unlikely to say take Profar, and you know what? Take Perez and Olt plus Holland and Ogando as well! Basically, they can get more MLB-ready talent, but probably not as much talent in the deal. If you’re taking less risk, you will usually be getting less upside.

      As much as spoiled Yankees fans like to rag on the team’s farm, there is actually a whole lot of talent.

    • gbyanks says:

      i doubt the marlins even answer the phone

    • ku says:

      Yankees should do this why? Because the Marlins would put all the Yankee prospect on the field in 2013 while they will just rot in the Yankee farm system and all you’ll ever hear is they ain’t ready. Trade each and every single one of them won’t matter as the Yankees don’t believe in youth and sing 1 year 40 year olds.

  5. viridiana says:

    Seems to me players like this should be acquired thru free agency signings only — never thru trades, where the price is prohibitive. This guy if available will have every team slavering after him. Imagine having to give up a package of say Gary Sanchez, Mason Williams, Tyler Austin, D-Rob, Ty Hensley and David Adams just to get one player. In other words, create half a dozen holes for one superstar. Works in basketball, not baseball. In three years, Stanton either regresses to Alfonso Soriano or– if he’s good — is a free agent commanding $25 mil a year. And you still need to go out to fill the other holes. I’m sure some will disagree but personally — no thanks.

    • Andy Pettitte's Fibula says:

      I’d be leery too given he’s already had knee problems. All those prospects aren’t gonna make it but a package like that would pretty much insure Yankees won’t get any significant influx of young talent for years to come.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      You’re assuming that the Yankees give up about the most talent possible. I’m not sure that your proposed deal is a reasonable price. What leads you to project that price?

      If I assume that Stanton will sign for $50 million a season as a free agent, I can make the exact opposite argument.

      Overpaying in trades isn’t an efficient way to get talent, but neither is free agency.

  6. Jersey Joe says:

    Does anyone see Lorenzo Cain as a potential trade candidate? The Royals need pitching, maybe we offer CoJo and Eppley + C pitching prospect. Lorenzo Cain, if Yankees sign Ichiro, could start as a 4th OF and when Grandy/Ichiro leave next year he fills in CF. An outfield with Cain and Gardner would be unstoppable, and his speed would be awesome to have. Thoughts?

    • Preston says:

      Cain is a slower version of Gardner with slightly more power and way fewer walks. I don’t know if your trade offer would fly because you say the Royals want pitching and then make a trade proposal of a mediocre 2b prospect a ROOGY and then insert pitcher here. If the prospect is Nic Turley the answer is no, if it’s David Phelps maybe. But I don’t think the Yankees want to have two light hitting OFers for their defense.

      • Ted Nelson says:

        I don’t know that CoJo is much more mediocre than Cain. His AAA stats at 23 are similar to Cain’s at 25. Cain’s defense puts him over the top I guess. I don’t know if it puts him over the top by David Phelps, though, a semi-proven back-end/bullpen guy with five years of control.

        I would be very hesitant to give up Phelps for Cain straight up, let alone with more on my side. Of course, a lot of Cain’s value comes from being a CF and the Yankees don’t need him in CF. Like with B.J. Upton, I don’t see a good fit: their value is higher to a team looking for a CF than a corner guy or 4th OF.

        • Preston says:

          I didn’t say I’d do it, I actually wouldn’t. I said that’s what they’d ask for. I think they value Cain more since he was semi-productive at the MLB level last season and CoJo isn’t the baserunner/fielder that Cain is.

          • Preston says:

            Maybe I’m lower than most on CoJo. I don’t believe that his power surge at AAA last year was real. Hopefully it was, but I’m going to need to see it carry over to next season. If Joseph’s true talent ISO is closer to 200 than 100 than he becomes a totally different prospect in my eyes.

            • Ted Nelson says:

              Not many people are that high on him, but I think that the Yankees might be.

              I am pretty high on him myself. Defense is a question, but offensively I’ve liked him for a while. I don’t know if he’s suddenly put the power together or not. Certainly possible at his age, since power can often be the last thing to come. He’s consistently been an above average hitter at every level, though, and if he can do that while holding his own at 2B in MLB… there’s value there to me. There are some really high-end 2B in MLB, but there are also plenty of fulltime starters who are way below average offensively. And as a LH he could have some platoon/bench value without coming close to his ceiling.

          • Ted Nelson says:

            Maybe. He was productive in MLB in 2010 for the Brewers as well, though, and the Royals still stuck him in AAA for basically all of 2011. They’ve been fairly aggressive with top prospects, so I’m not sure they love Cain. Maybe they just saw a flaw they wanted to correct in AAA or were trying a Rays approach of maximizing his cost controlled production, plus they didn’t really have a hole in the 2011 OF.

            • Preston says:

              Well it’s tough to promote a guy when you have a great everyday MLB player like Frenchy blocking the way.

              • Ted Nelson says:

                Frenchy put up a 117 wRC+ in 2011. Was more Melky blocking him that year, though. Maybe they traded him in part to make room for Cain…

    • Herby says:

      When did Gardner become that awesome of a player?

  7. Vinnie says:

    Slade, austin , nova/phelps, campos/Hensley (ptbnl) , grumbs/adams, and Banuelos / pineda.

    So 2 b+ hitting prospects
    Major League ready controlable starter

    Still not close…

  8. Mister D says:


  9. Murderers' Row Boat says:

    It’s a nice thought, but unless Stanton walks into the GM’s office and tells them all to go f*ck themselves then asks to be traded, he isn’t going anywhere this year. He’s not a free agent until 2017 so unless they think he’s going to ask for 20m in arbitration than he’ll remain a Marlin until 2015 or 2016.

    • Jamey says:

      There’s absolutely no telling what Loria will do. He’s the MLB owner equivalent of a James Bond villain.

      • Murderers' Row Boat says:

        It’s an issue of competitiveness if they trade him. The Marlins having a AAA team is an advantage to all NL East teams and a disadvantage to all NL teams. Imagine the Cards lose out to the Phillies for the last Wild Card spot next year because the Phillies at 18 games against a AAA team?

        • Jamey says:

          Any other owner & I’d agree. Logical baseball decisions have yet to influence what he does. Stanton could get traded for a reason that even has nothing to do his anger about the Reyes/Johnson/Buhrle deal or even about the little chance at someday getting him to sign a long-term deal. Loria could see him wearing red shoes one day & decide “That is ENOUGH!”. He’s a lunatic.

          • Ted Nelson says:

            Come on. You might disagree with his tactics, but they are pretty rational. Loading up on talent and then dumping it all is a weird strategy, but it’s not random. Signing Reyes and Buehrle to back-loaded deals and then dealing them when it was obvious the team was going nowhere is actually a pretty shrewd, if dirty, move.

            • Jamey says:

              Rational? Really?

              • Ted Nelson says:

                Yes. They are not random. He didn’t trade any of those guys because they wore red shoes. He traded them because they were collectively overpaid. That he back-loaded two of the deals and refused to give NTCs would suggest he considered this out from the beginning.

                • Ted Nelson says:

                  Which deal was a bad baseball return, by the way? The Marlins got back fair talent for what they gave up with Hanley, Anibal, and the Jays trade.

          • Ted Nelson says:

            Come on. You might disagree with his tactics, but they are pretty rational. Loading up on talent and then dumping it all is a weird strategy, but it’s not random. Signing Reyes and Buehrle to back-loaded deals and then dealing them when it was obvious the team was going nowhere is actually a pretty shrewd, if dirty, move.

        • Ted Nelson says:

          Why do the Marlins care about that? I don’t think they will and trade Stanton and I don’t think they’re as bad as you do, but why is that their concern more than making what they think is the best deal for their franchise?

          I would argue that the Marlins without Stanton are still better than the Astros. I don’t think you are giving them credit for the young talent that they do have. It’s not a good team by any means (especially if they don’t bring back MLB ready guys for Stanton), but it’s not a AAA team either.

          • Murderers' Row Boat says:

            The Marlins don’t care and neither does the team trading for him, but the other owners will and they will force Bud to invoke “the best interest of baseball” clause.

            • Ted Nelson says:

              How often has that happened? If it’s a good baseball return, I don’t think Selig will step in to stop it.

            • Travis L. says:

              That depends on what they get back. If they get 3 or 4 top 20 guys from a team (maybe those guys are AA or AAA already) and then 1 or 2 MLB guys…there really isnt anything Bud could say. If giving up one popular player is what nets you 5 or 6 extremely talented, pretty damn close to ready guys, that’s a good deal no matter who you are.

  10. Sweet Dick Willie says:

    If the Yanks aren’t planning to sign Cano long term, what about a package featuring him, while the Yanks pay most (all) of his salary?

    Yeah, the Marlins would only have him for 1 year, but for them to have a talent like Cano, even for one year, might be tempting.

    Of course, there would also have to be a boatload of prospects going to Miami along with Cano.

    • Murderers' Row Boat says:

      That is quite possibly the stupidest trade idea in history.

      • Sweet Dick Willie says:

        Why? Because you say so?

        You would rather have 1 year of Cano and a supplemental draft pick than use him to help acquire a young, cost controlled power hitting OF?

        • Murderers' Row Boat says:

          Let’s break this down:

          The Yankees want to keep Cano, just not at 10 years 200m he wants. Figure something in the 5 year range. So unless Cano and Boras refuse to listen to anything other than a 8 or 9 year deal during the season, it’s useless to trade him. Now the Marlins wouldn’t want him since they can’t get a draft pick if they trade for him and he’s gone in two months since he’d be a free agent. And the Marlins don’t want to sign a 10 year 200m contract.

          So now, the Yankees have traded their best player in Cano, plus their farm system for a one guy. The Yankees are now not only worse off in the present, they have to start off all over again in drafting. Both teams would lose on this trade, not exactly a positive move.

          • Travis L. says:

            Not that I agree with the trade, but if the trade is done now, during the offseason, Miami would get the draft pick.

            • Murderers' Row Boat says:

              The problem is the Yankees won’t trade Cano in the offseason. Unless Boras has told them Cano will refuse to sign anything less than 7 years, he’ll remain a Yankee going into the season. Even then, the Marlins would want to get max value out of Cano and will trade him in the middle of season.

              • Ted Nelson says:

                SDW’s whole hypothetical scenario is contingent on the Yankees deciding they will not re-sign Cano this off-season… You can’t just change a basic assumption like that.

          • Ted Nelson says:

            Not that it matters, but the Marlins would get a draft pick if they trade for him before the season.

        • Ted Nelson says:

          MRB is going over the top, but I also don’t think it makes much sense. Miami is probably not looking for more expensive talent signed for one year in return for Stanton. From the Yankees perspective, sure, if you know you aren’t re-signing Cano it could make sense to trade him. Maybe you can get a third team involved that would place more value on Cano than Miami.

  11. Josh says:



    Stanton & Nolasco (we take the contract to entice them)

    • Cris Pengiucci says:

      I wouldn’t be opposed to taking on Nolasco if that helps the deal along. It’s one year of him and his salary, so it doesn’t hinder the team long term.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      I think that is way too little for the Yankees to give up. Heathcott is low probability with his injury history, Phelps is a back-end/BP guy, Marshall might be that, and Nunez would be an erratic 3rd string SS for the Marlins behind Escobar and Hechevarria. I think that you have to give up at least one of Austin/Williams along with Sanchez to get started.

      • Travis L. says:

        I’d be more open to giving up Williams. We have Mesa and Flores as speed threat OF’s. Austin is someone we could use for a while in the opposite corner from Stanton, with Gardner in the middle. Agree? Hell, Nolasco last year was better than Nova last year. LOL.

        I wonder if that would get it done. Williams, Sanchez, Phelps, Marshall, Heathcott and instead of Nunez, give them Joseph? For Nolasco and Stanton.

        • Ted Nelson says:

          I’m pretty up in the air between Austin and Williams. I’m not sure there’s a consensus on who is a better prospect at this point. Though a lot of folk are higher on Williams because of his tools and position, Austin has crushed his production.

          I wouldn’t really look at other prospects or the future roster in deciding who to part with, though. I would just look at the value I placed on the future production of each. If it was too close to call, then I guess maybe look at fit factors. Again, I don’t really have a position on which is a better fit. Mesa is sort of a borderline prospect and I’m not sure Flores sticks in CF and Gardner is a FA in a couple of years, so I wouldn’t discount Williams’ fit as a CF.

          Nolasco was better in the NL than Nova in the AL East, so it’s not really an apples to apples comparison. To me Nolasco has negative value with his contract, but they might find some desperate team willing to take him. Maybe KC wants to overpay another starter?

        • Francesa says:

          Flores does not have plus speed. His hit tool is his calling card. Every scouting report mentions his lack of athleticism.

  12. Cris Pengiucci says:

    Stanton is one of the few players you consider gutting the farm for. While I have no idea what the Yankees would offer, I’m quite happy to hear that it is known that the Yankees are inquiring about him. If a deal works out, great. If it doesn’t, so be it. The fact that they appear to be actively speaking about him is the most important part of this story.

  13. William says:

    Sanchez, Austin, Williams, and nova.

    • MB923 says:

      They would ask for somebody better than Nova.

      • Ted Nelson says:

        Nova is just the butter there, they’re getting a semi-proven SP along with the bread of 3 top 50 prospects. It might not get it done, but how many other teams are going to offer them three top 50 caliber prospects?

        • Robinson Tilapia says:


          Nova’s shown MLB success and has remained on a contending team’s starting rotation for close to two years. He’d be almost at the top of their rotation.

      • Mr. Sparkle says:

        I don’t know. He’s young, cheap and has one pretty good season under his belt. Plus one stellar performance in the post-season. I think a lot of Yankee fans are rightfully down on Nova after 2012, but I think he still has some value. Remember, his season didn’t completely fall apart until July. He was actually not that bad before that.

    • Morgan says:

      Wouldn’t get it done. Need to include Banuelos as well I would think.

  14. Steve (different one) says:

    There is just no precedent for this type of trade. No one trades superstars 4 years from FA. They get traded 2 years from FA or less.

    What is fair? 4 stud prospects? 7? I honestly have no idea. It’s never really been done before in this era.

    The problem with Stanton is that every single team in MLB can afford his salary, so there is nothing directing him in the Yankees’ directions. There is also no team that wouldn’t want him. While the Yankees, despite the claims here to the contrary, could put together a very attractive package, could they put together the MOST attractive package? Prob not. Stranger things have happened I guess, but IMO, it ain’t happening.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      It is definitely interesting, and I certainly can’t think of a direct precedent.

      Better packages could be put together, but I don’t know that every team would go all in. Certainly every team would want him badly, but if you start your package with arguably the top prospect in baseball who is an MLB ready SS you might not want to throw your next 2 or 3 most valuable prospects on top of him. If you project Profar as maybe a 4 WAR player for 6 years of control (meaning you take into account the probability of different outcomes and arrive at 4 WAR, not that its his ceiling), how much on top of that do you offer for Stanton? Maybe the Rangers would go all in for Stanton, but I don’t think it’s definite.

    • Will says:

      You’re telling that if the Yankees offer the Marlins Granderson+Hughes+Mason Williams+Gary Sanchez+Cash for Stanton that they’ll say no? That’s a 40HR outfielder who is probably going to get them a first round draft pick if they let him go, a battle tested pitcher who played in the AL East, two blue chip prospects, and cash to offset Granderson’s and Hughes salaries. This is just a hypothetical but it shows that a trade of Stanton can make sense for the Marlins.

      • GoNavy-BeatArmy says:

        The issue is they may not say no, they’ll just let the Sox or someone else know what the Yanks offered and it starts a bidding war. Granderson is likely not someone the Marlins would want given his age and lack of control years (essentially zero).

  15. Jersey Joe says:

    Would Brandon Moss be available from Oakland as an alternate to Ichiro and we platoon him righty OF, maybe Frenchy? Moss can’t platoon at 1B with Carter forever, and the A’s OF is crowded with Smith, Young, Cespedes, Reddick, Cowgill, Taylor, etc. He could be poor man’s Swisher who could do well in YS3 and play first a few times a year. It looks like he’ll only make 1.4 mil. I know he had an out-of-the-ordinary year this year but is it worth the gamble?

    • Ted Nelson says:

      Could be an option to add to the list. Beane seems pretty big on platoons as the new market inefficiency, so I’m not sure he’ll actively look to trade a cheap platoon player. Would probably move him in the right deal.

  16. pounder says:

    Selig will negate any trade involving Stanton and the Yanks.Bank on it!

  17. pat says:

    All of your trade proposals suck. All of them.

    • viridiana says:

      And Stanton, as good as he is, has some questions that would make me very reluctant to give up more than one stud prospect and two expendable major leaguers. For one thing, he strikes out an obcene amount. it’s fahionable these days to equate Ks with other outs but when a guy fans over 140 times in roughly 420at bats it means that one out of every three times he does NOTHING to even advance a runner. Sure, the HRs are nice and Stanton is a good player — but with a K/BB ratio worse than 3:1 he is flawed. Please, someone, look up Yogi’s K/BB ratio and then you’ll understand why this guy could never ben the cornerstomne of a new dynasty.

  18. Miked says:

    How about a package of nova, and Romine, rappada, and Warren, and Dickerson?

  19. pisttol pete says:

    Cano stunk in the post season and has struggled in the 3 hole and against leftys last year but really trading Cano would be a sizemic shift in how they do business. We’re talking about a second baseman that may well end up the greatest hitting second baseman in history and he’s also a fabulous fielder. He’s a real legit future hall of famer. How about having Cano and Stanton as our 3 and 4 hitters for years followed by veterans Tex and Arod. For balance how about Gardy Jeter Cano Stanton Tex Arod Grandy martin and Ichiro. Not bad. I wouldn’t mind giving up the prospects and add a major league ready starter under control like Hughes and or Nova. Stanton could be a Manny Rameriz type for many many years, a once in a lifetime player. The type of player George woud have gotten and he didn’t care what he cost in money or prospects. If Stanton’s available, go get him.

  20. Chris says:

    I can’t see this happening considering the Yankees complete lack of MLB-ready (or even near ready) +grade prospects. The only decent prospect close to the majors spent most of last season on the DL.

    • Mr. Sparkle says:

      Have you seen the prospects Toronto gave up? Based on that, it doesn’t seem Miami is absolutely looking for guys that will be ready by next year. If the quality is there, I’m sure they’d be interested. Plus, anyone the Yankees can offer are equal or better than anyone Toronto gave up. Selig won’t admit it and neither will Miami, but that trade was more focused on the salary dump aspect than anything else. They just had to make sure there were enough prospects to make it seem like a re-building move.

      • GoNavy-BeatArmy says:

        There is a big difference between trading players earning 15 million/yr and a stud under team control for another 4 seasons who may make 15 in the next 4 years.

        • Mr. Sparkle says:

          True. As I said, the deal was all about the salary dump. However, I still think Miami will be willing to wait on the right prospects. They have a team to put on the field next year and they’ve exhibited plenty of patience for re-building in the past.

          Plus, I believe it’s in Miami’s best interests to trade Stanton right now. With a weak lineup around him for the next few years and the likelihood that they’ll look to trade him before he becomes a free agent, it’s arguable he’s at his top value right now. His numbers could be taking a hit with no protection and no runners to drive in. Plus he’s been pretty outspoken about how he’s not happy with the direction of the team. Who knows if that will affect his performance as well. As Yogi once said, 90% of the game is mental…the other half is physical.

  21. joe says:

    I don’t see the deal happening. Why would the Yankees even with all this payroll cut talk ever play a kid player in their lineup? Plus the Marlins will likely keep him, because their offense stunk badly this past season. There is no such thing though as the Yankees playing kid position players. I expect this organization to either somehow ruin them like they did Joba when he was a kid or let them rot in AAA or trade them and just act like kid position players never contribute on the major league level even though Avisail Garcia of the Tigers who is a kid was able to kill the Yankees in big spots. If the Yankees haven’t developed a kid position player in 7 years, then I don’t see any reason to believe that somehow cutting payroll is all of a sudden going to make them start developing guys going forward.

    The biggest problem is the front office is more concerned with receiving the headlines by putting names out there like A Rod instead of putting guys out there that gives them their BEST chance of obtaining their goal. If the Yankees goal is simply to make the playoffs, then they got their team currently. But if their goal is to win the world series, then I just don’t see how they can reach their goal if they don’t incorporate at least 1 or 2 kid position players on this team. Every team in my mind HAS to have at least 1 kid player on their team it’s more important than people think it is. Even the 2009 team that won the world series had at least 1 position player 25 or younger that played a lot.

    • Preston says:

      When has the team felt it was more important to field star players than ones that help us win? A-Rod was the best player in baseball when they traded for him and he was coming off one of the best seasons of his career when they re-signed him. He was definitely helping us win in 2007. If they could void that contract they would, they keep him because they have to pay him, and he still gives them some value, so paying him not to play would be silly.

  22. Will says:

    Maybe we can get it done for just prospects if we agree to take on Nolasco and his salary too just like the Red Sox did with Beckett/Lowell. It’s still kind of sad that the Yankees weren’t part of that Johnson – Reyes – Buerhle trade. Even if they only wanted Johnson they should’ve made the deal and flipped Buerhle and Reyes to a third team. Buerhle is useful though. He’s not dominant but he’s a lefty, innings eater, kinda like a crappy version of Andy Petitte.

    I feel like Cashman doesn’t cast a wide net and isn’t creative/proactive with building a strong roster/farm system. And when he does make trades or sign free agents he overplays severely. And he always either lets the wrong people go (Swisher/Damon/Matsui) or fails at finding someone who replicate their production. I’m really interested to see what he does with the rotation, RF, bullpen, the Cano contract situation, and the huge burdens of Arod/Tex.

    • 28 this year says:

      Swisher was a great deal no one saw coming. The Granderson trade was worked on while the Yankees were busy winning the World Series. Cashman finds guys in random corners all the time. Damon and Matsui literally turned to shit after 2009, Cashman let them go at exactly the right time and got Granderson to replace the production. The Pineda trade, while it may not have worked out, was about as creative as it gets as he went after someone, NO ONE thought was available and managed to get a mini Pineda in Jose Campos as another prospect to even out the deal. Creativity is definitely there. I am not going to say that he makes perfect decisions but he is definitely creative and prudent. I mean look at passing on Santana to get CC. He knows what he wants.

    • Preston says:

      Letting go of both Damon and Matsui was an excellent choice on Cashman’s part. I don’t think there was a strong argument either at the time, or using hindsight that supports bringing either of them back. And Swisher isn’t gone yet, maybe they’re just letting some other team set the market for him. And I applaud the Blue Jays in making a bold move to put themselves in a position to compete, but the Yankees are not on the outside looking in, we won 95 games last year and don’t need to take on all the risk that the Blue Jays did to field a good team.

  23. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Via Ken Rosenthal, Brian Cashman may have farted out something that sounds like “Mike Trout.”

    In all seriousness, I’d obviously be on this, with Sanchez my one piece slightly less tradable than anyone else.

    • Mr. Sparkle says:

      I’d put anyone on the table…including Sanchez.

    • Will says:

      Trade anyone not named Cano in the organization. How does everyone know that Sanchez isn’t going to turn out like Jarrod Saltalamachia when all is said and done? Same goes for Heathcott, Austin, Banuelos (wherever he is!) and Mason Williams. Prospects are just prospects. I’ll take the 23 year old who already has two 30HR major league seasons under his belt over any handful of Single-A players.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        He’s not the guy I offer right away. I try to hold on to that bullet.

        That sentiment doesn’t need to be explained to me. I understand full well how prospects work. Lord knows I’ve seen enough of them.

        • Preston says:

          Sanchez is definitely the guy with the highest ceiling. But his K rate, and poor C defense also make him a high risk prospect. If he’s the player the Marlins wanted I wouldn’t hesitate to give him up. I’d probably rather hang on to Austin, he isn’t as flashy as the other guys, and so he probably wouldn’t be valued as much by other teams. But he also seems like the safest bet to be a starting MLB player.

          • Robinson Tilapia says:

            A bit late to reply. My thinking is that the Yanks have three solid OF prospects at the same level. Sanchez really is that premium prospect in a position where the team has no other long-term answer. I also disagree that he’s any higher degree of “high risk” compared to any other prospect. I haven’t seen him play, but I’ve read every recent scouting report that Mike has linked to on here, and the reports have been pretty unanimously bullish.

            Think of it this way: I’ve always echoed Mike’s criticism of Montero/Pineda that the Yankees had one chance to fire that bullet and that, at the moment, the bullet seems wasted. I’m holding back on the Gary Sanchez bullet as long as I have to, even if I’m stuck holding it for too long.

            • Steve (different one) says:

              Of course, RAB would have already fired that bullet for Ubaldo Jimenez though, right? So that criticism rings a little hollow to me.

              You can’t play the “one bullet” card when you’ve already shot a blank. Or some other less foggy metaphor.

  24. mustang says:

    “1. Giancarlo Stanton, RF, Marlins — It would be a coup for whichever of the 25 teams (I’m exaggerating) that would or have bid for him to actually acquire him. But commissioner Bud Selig is watching the Marlins closely after the salary dump in the Blue Jays deal. While Selig did not step in to change or block that trade, he may not look too fondly upon a deal for the Marlins’ biggest draw. Teams would have to give their very best to the Marlins for baseball’s best young slugger. The Phillies, Red Sox, Yankees, Orioles, Cubs, and many more are inquiring, according to a major league source.”

    Above is the actual write up so you guys can dream if you want, but I don’t think the guy is going anywhere.

    • Mr. Sparkle says:

      The problem with this story is the line: “But commissioner Bud Selig is watching the Marlins closely after the salary dump in the Blue Jays deal.” Selig didn’t describe the deal as a salary dump. He said:

      “This transaction, involving established major leaguers and highly regarded young players and prospects, represents the exercise of plausible baseball judgment on the part of both clubs (and) does not violate any express rule of Major League Baseball and does not otherwise warrant the exercise of any of my powers to prevent its completion.”

      If Selig did describe it as a salary dump, he likely would have had to step in and block the trade. Instead, he chose to view it as dealing established players for young prospects in an effort to rebuild.

      Therefore, one would argue that if Stanton is traded anywhere, as long as the Marlins bring back multiple prospects or viable MLB players, Selig has no justification to block the trade. Of course, if it involves the Yankees, I’m sure he’ll throw all logic and reason out the window and flat out block the trade anyway for some ridiculous, convoluted reason.

  25. I am not even excited over the possibility, because I just can’t see a package that the Yanks culd put together to land him. I think their best chance is if the Marlins hang on to Stanton for one more season and trade him next year at this time. If several prospects take a step forward in their development, then the Yanks might have a shot.

    • Preston says:

      I think a mid-season trade is likely. Stanton is mad right now, wait until they are two months into a 100 loss season. He might start being more of a liability to the team than an asset. And if Sanchez, Austin, Heathcott, Williams start hot next season their stock is going to sky-rocket.

  26. Andrew Brotherton says:

    I think I would do Nova, Nunez, Joseph, Williams, and Sanchez. Two top 50 picks, and a long term option at 2nd whether that be Joseph or Nunez and a pitcher to slot right in their rotation. I would be weary on giving up Williams and Heathcott or Williams and Austin as you would want to keep some depth. I would possibly throw in Stoneburner and Marshall as well if need be. So possible deal of Nova, Stoneburner, Marshall, Nunez, Joseph, Williams, and Sanchez. 7 players all very close for Stanton and Nolasco.

  27. I am not the droids you're looking for... says:

    All our prospects are belong to Marlinz

  28. Josh says:

    I would give up Williams or Austin, but I’d try to not include tem as hard as I could. They didn’t get great guys from Toronto (D’Arnaud wasn’t in it) so why not Phelps, Sanchez, Heathcott, Nunez and Marshall plus a PTBNL for Stanton and Nolasco with his contract? I doubt they would say no to that. They get salary relief and at least two guys who can contribute this year

    • Andrew Brotherton says:

      I’d give up Williams before I gave up Heathcott. I think Williams and Sanchez plus Nova and Marshall, along with Nunez, and Jose Ramirez would make a pretty interesting package for the Marlins to consider especially if we are taking back Nolasco.

  29. endlessjose says:

    Williams,Campos,Sanchez,Brett Marshall and A-Rod/80% of contract.

    The problem is if a team like the Mariners get involved we don’t stand a chance.ALso I can’t see Stanton being given away as what else will get Miami to go to any games.That team will have 100 loses and thats how many tickets they will sell.

  30. Mike in Sunrise says:

    Beep…Beep….Beep…..that is the sound of the Yankees backing up the minor league truck and saying pick 4! Seriously, Stanton is the type of guy you do risk it all. I would give up Sanchez, Williams, Austin and what ever pitcher they want, hopefully not Montgomery cause I think he helps us this year, but if it is him, so be it. This is a trade you have to make if it is possible.

    • Pistol Pete says:

      Couldn’t agree more, If Stanton stays healthy he could be a once in a lifetime player. His talent is scary and his power numbers at 22 years old are nearly unparalleled. Go get him and take no prisoners.

    • Pistol Pete says:

      Couldn’t agree more, If Stanton stays healthy he could be a once in a lifetime player. His talent is scary and his power numbers at 22 years old are nearly unparalleled. Go get him and take no prisoners.

  31. Adam says:

    Montero/Banuelos/Betances/Sanchez for Stanton.

    Oh wait.

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