Jeter & Cano take home Silver Slugger Awards


Both Derek Jeter and Robinson Cano took him the Silver Slugger Awards for being the top offensive players at their respective positions, the league announced tonight. It’s Jeter’s fifth (2006-2009) and Cano’s fourth (2006, 2010-2011) Silver Slugger, and both were obviously well-deserving. No shenanigans here. The full list of winners can be found here.

For Jeter, the award triggers an escalator clause in his contract that raises the value of his 2014 player option by $1.5M. That sucker started out at $8M and is now worth $9.5M, and there are still enough escalators in play that would allow him to max it out at $17M.

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  • RetroRob

    It probably doesn’t matter. I expect Jeter to basically opt out after 2013, take his bonus $4M bonus, or whatever the opt out gives him, and then negotiate a new contract. He won’t do that if he has a bad year in 2013. It was actually a pretty clever deal Jeter’s agent constructed.

    • Ed

      Yeah, basically the more the option is worth, the higher the odds are that he declines it.

      Also, if he does accept it, it helps the Yankees with 2014. The buyout moves $4m of his 2014 salary into 2011-2013 for luxury tax purposes.