• Rivera Venue Blues

    MM is 2 thousand isn’t it? M with a bar over it is a million in Roman numerals.

  • Dave in VA

    Mike, you could just say you’re going with the Greek abbreviations (500,000 == 500K == 0.5M) instead of the Latin.

  • D.t.

    No offense and I know this is a dead thread; but, why do you think the Yankees or any team for that matter give access to amateur bloggers? You’re not really creating anything of actual substance. You summarize other news outlet’s material and write the occasional op-ed. While doing all this you lack professional restraint or even a slight semblance impartiality towards players and teams all while coming across as arrogant. Your articles are commonly filled with both terrible grammar and broken English. You have no reason to have any access, whatsoever. YES took advantage of you to get more traffic to their site, other than that you have zero purpose.