Heyman: Yankees interested in Stephen Drew

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Sherman: Yankees expected to bottom-feed for rotation depth

Via Jon Heyman: The Yankees have interest in free agent shortstop Stephen Drew. Although he has never played a position other than shortstop as a professional, they want to see if he’s open to a supersub role. We know the team is looking for an upgrade over Jayson Nix, specifically someone who can play short and third a combined 100 times next year.

Drew, 29, had his worst full season since his rookie year in 2012, hitting just .223/.309/.348 (79 wRC+) in 327 plate appearances for the Diamondbacks and Athletics. He missed the first three months of the season recovering from the gruesome ankle injury he suffered near the end of last year. The crop of free agent shortstops is very weak, so Drew figures to draw plenty of interest as a starter. Yankee Stadium would probably boost his numbers as a left-handed hitter, but irregular playing time wouldn’t help. I’d be pleasantly surprised if Drew took a one-year, rebuild-your-value contract with New York, but I don’t think it’ll happen.

RAB Live Chat
Sherman: Yankees expected to bottom-feed for rotation depth
  • mick taylor

    sign grady sizemore to a cheap contract with a second year club option. if he miraculously heals you have grandeson’s replacement in 2014

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      Sizemore sucks and he gets hurt all the time. Stop talking about him in every thread.

      • Tcmiller30

        And the gauntlet has been thrown down!!

      • Dave M

        You beat me to it. Thank you!

    • Bartolo I Hurt My Colon

      lol They should also look to get Been Sheets to come out of retirement. Also as an added bonus for you Mr. Taylor, they should also try to sign Nick Johnson again to complete the All Injured Squad.


      My oft-injured grandfather is willing to sign a one year deal with options for 2014, 2015. He can be Sizemore’s replacement for 2015.

  • steve (different one)

    Wait, Heyman is reporting that the Yankees have interest in Drew, a Boras client, even though it makes almost no sense for him to come here? I am shocked.

    On a serious note, it WOULD be cool, but I can’t see why he would do that when he can start for several teams.

    • Preston

      Yeah Heyman is Scott’s mouthpiece and Scott knows that Yankee interest drives up prices. So probably no reality to this rumor.

  • 0-Fur is Murder

    And I have interest in Sofia Vergara but that don’t mean it’s happening.

  • Donnie B

    Stephen Drew can get a full time job on a lot of teams(Mets,diamondbacks,Red sox,A’s, etc), I don’t see him going to the Yankees to play second fiddle to Jeter or Nunez.

    • Dave M


  • steve (different one)

    The A’s and D’Backs love to make trades with one another.

  • Robert

    Its just Scott Boras trying to fleece a few more dollars out of the real team that Stephen Drew will go to!!!

  • The Moral Majority is Neither

    Intriguing idea – I’d love to have a Zobrist-type player on the Yankees – but most likely just the Heyman/Boras free agent pledge drive.

  • nsalem

    “He missed the first three months of the season recovering from the gruesome ankle injury he suffered near the end of last year.” This quote may pertain to our shortstop which is why we want their shortstop.

  • Preston

    There could be more to this than typical Heyman bs. At his age and with this serious of an injury Jeter might not be ready to play for quite a long time. Maybe the Yanks are telling Drew that he has a starting job at SS for opening day and if/when Jeter returns they’ll use him at 3B and SS with either A-Rod or Derek playing DH most days.

  • The Real Eddard

    No thank you. We’ll be just fine with Chavy and Nuney. If Chavy retires what’s wrong with Nixy? He was a good player when given the opportunity and he won’t cost prospects to acquire. We’re supposed to be building for the future, not depleting it for a utility infielder.

    • Preston

      You realize Drew is a FA right? You also realize that you don’t trade prospects for a FA right? Do you read the posts or just troll them?

      • Mondesi

        Everyone needs to just stop responding to this person. Just. Stop. Let him scream his inanities out into the ether. O/S, please.

  • smurfy

    He’s a free agent,and maybe it would be a call to arms. If he believes that his hitting will get better, this would be an opportunity to prove himself with a pretty good bunch, and Jete is expected to retire as ss in the next few.

  • OldYanksFan

    This could be an opportunity for Drew to be the Yankees starting SS in 2014, and at worst, 2015. Wouldn’t that be worth consideration for him?

  • benji

    What do you guys think of ex giant Freddy Sanchez? the could hit

    • Dave M

      When was the last time he was healthy for even half a season, let alone a full season? Can he play SS? Never seen him do it.

  • Flyer7

    Like idea of Drew

  • Wayne

    I would sign drew to a one year contract this year temporary fix for jeter and arod who are getting old this year!