• Bob Buttons

    Chelsea lost hahahahaha. Go West Brom!

  • Pat D

    So I know that most of us didn’t seem too fond of Scranton becoming the RailRiders.

    All I can say is that it could be worse:

    • Preston

      I’m fine with RailRiders, I just kind of had my heart set on Trolley Frogs. That is terrible, not only is it a terrible name and a worse mascot, it is very short sighted, what if ten years from now they aren’t a Phillies affiliate?

      • Bob Buttons

        Well they could always be Reading Fighting (insert team)s. They had to change from Reading Phillies either way.

        Though I do say Reading Writers sound like a very good team name.

    • Jerkface

      Uh what are you talking about? The Reading Fightins is infinitely cooler in all ways than the RailRiders. One of their logos is a hotdog that will F YOU UP.

      • MannyGeee

        Yeah…. they kinda went a little much with 5 logos, 4 jerseys, SEVEN(!) caps, an angry ostrich and a hot dog that looks like its about to commit a hate crime…

      • Bo Knows

        I’m just looking forward to their new mascot….the sexy stripper

    • Austin Aunelowitzky

      Let’s see, Scranton, Yankees, can’t actually use the name Yankees…I would have gone with Scankees.

  • Cano fan #1

    2009 World Series game 6 is on air in YES. what a nice game

    • Cano fan #1

      On yes*

  • Mattchu12

    Anybody else hoping with jump all over Kyuji Fujikawa to replace Soriano? I want no part of the big money that Soriano will command. I haven’t seen him recently, but Fujikawa looked sick the last time there was video. I really hope we at least check in with him.

  • forensic

    Marlins are getting the band back together, 10 years later.

    Juan Pierre is back in town. Mike Redmond is there. Still 5 more active players (according to my quick count) they can go after. I’m thinking they won’t get Cabrera, but maybe the other four would work. Plus, a couple other guys who didn’t want to be forced into retirement last year would probably come back.

    All is forgiven by the Miami fans now!

    • Pat D

      I was going to post a link where the nWO 2000 formed, since Kevin Nash said “The band is back together.”

      But the clip I found didn’t include him saying that, and it also reminded me of how much that failed/sucked, so I’m not going to do it.

      • forensic


        No way, give me some Blues Brothers!!!

        • Pat D

          Yea, I thought of that second. Probably because the nWo said, “The band is back together,” whereas in The Blues Brothers it was always “We’re getting the band back together.”

    • Billygoat Gruff

      Jeff Conine is checking his messages right now.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        One of the more unintentionally hilarious things about Marlin history is that Conine is considered to be “Mr. Marlin.”

        You could fit their Monument Park in a urinal.

    • joey12508

      attention yankee brass…. giancarlo and lomo get it done.

      • MannyGeee

        Ok… It just hit me

        Yankees get: Giancarlo Stanton & Nolasco (for salary balancing purposes)
        Pirates get: Nunez & Gardner
        Fish get: AJ Burnett.

        The band is back together


  • Reuben Sierra’s Chains

    Well KSU’s fifteen minutes are up on the College Football scene.

    • forensic

      They made it to 10-0. I think they deserve a little more credit than that, though you may just be a fan of a rival or Big 12 team I guess.

      • Rocky Road Redemption

        10-0 is great, but WOW they got their asses handed to them on a platter.

        ND is loving life right now!

        • Pat D

          ND better not be loving it too much. They still need to win next week.

          • Rocky Road Redemption

            Sure, but enjoy it while you can. Here’s to hoping Oregon loses.

            • Pat D

              Now going to OT, have to think they have the advantage.

              • Rocky Road Redemption

                Better team always has the advantage in OT.

              • forensic

                Wow, not anymore.

                • Pat D

                  Yea, just shocking.

                  • Pat D


                    Now the fucking SEC gets back into the title game.

                    • forensic

                      Yeah, that sucks and I can’t root for ND anymore either. I used to, but too much has turned me off of them.

                      Here’s hoping for another bunch of upsets next week. :-)

              • Rocky Road Redemption

                Wow, Notre Dame is only one win away from the Number One seed!

      • Pat D

        Kansas State has had a long history of scheduling non-conference creampuffs/cupcakes, so I’ve never had much respect for them. This year they were beginning to prove me wrong, but I was still suspicious of them.

        Tonight they have again validated my opinion of them, getting blasted by a team that should have been clearly inferior.

        • forensic

          You complain about that but it’s fine that ND gets to fatten up on at least one, sometimes more, of the Military Academies every year?

          • Pat D

            Navy and Air Force are usually always competitive. Both are going to bowl games this year. Navy has gone to a bowl game in 8 of the last 10 years. Air Force has gone to bowl games 3 of the last 4 times they played ND. They’ve only played Army twice in the last 10 years, and Army went to a bowl game one of those years.

            K-State has played Missouri State, Eastern Kentucky, Tennessee Tech, Montana State, Illinois State, McNeese State and Eastern Illinois in recent years. Also they tend to play Sun Belt teams at least once a year, and that’s by the far the worst conference in FCS.

            So, sorry, your comparison doesn’t hold water.

            • forensic

              It’s not really worth going crazy about, but…

              Kansas State played the teams you listed 7 times in the last 7 years.

              Notre Dame has played the 3 Academies 12 times in the last 7 years.

              That’s a bit of a difference. And it’s not like the Academies making a Bowl is some amazing thing. A million teams (give or take 3 or 4) make a bowl game every year, and the Academies will never miss out based on their possible strong following where ever they are (somewhat similar to ND possibly getting gift big-time bowl games just because of their name and still being Independent). There probably are other differences as you mention, but it’s not like Notre Dame has anything to complain about as they still go Independent and don’t have real Conference rivalries and battles every year.

              • Pat D

                Yea, it’s not worth going crazy over, but obviously a team has to have a winning record (usually) to make a bowl game. Navy and Air Force are generally always more competitive than Sun Belt teams.

                Also, K-State played Missouri State multiple times. Notre Dame doesn’t play any of those FCS teams, so you really can’t ever say that, top to bottom, K-State has played a better overall level of competition.

                Notre Dame doesn’t schedule MAC, Sun Belt or C-USA teams. The only WAC/MWC teams they’ve played recently are BYU, Nevada and Air Force, unless I’m overlooking someone. They’re always playing major conference teams.

                As far as having “rivalries,” Notre Dame has pretty long standing rivalries with Purdue, Michigan, Michigan State, USC, Stanford, Boston College and Navy.

                • Rocky Road Redemption

                  It’s Michigan, I think, that’s the big one.

  • Jimmy

    Wake up the echoes, indeed. Go Irish!

    • Rocky Road Redemption

      In control of their own destiny. Love it.

      • $189

        Really? Do any of you think the Irish are the best team in the country? I think teams like Bama, Oregon and even Kstate would destroy them. Its hard to recall and undefeated team as lucky as ND. I have no dog in the fight, I’m a Husker fan, and they arent competing for anything important under Polini. ND would be a pick em against Nebraska.

        • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula

          No doubt. They’d be about the 5th best team in the conference f they played in the SEC.

        • TomH

          ha ha ha ha. Too bad Irish-haters. It’s gonna be like old times pretty soon.

          • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula

            They’ve been irrelevant for about 20 years now and will get smoked by Bama in the BCS championship if they can get by USC next week.

            I’d hold off on the gloating

            • Pat D

              While I fully respect that Alabama is a great team, I don’t think that they would “smoke” ND.

              Both teams have great defenses. Both teams have offenses that are decent, not great, and I would rate Alabama’s better, but not substantially so. I think that game would come down to whatever offense could get a couple big plays, or if either defense could score.

              USC is clearly not as good as they were supposed to be. Their defense is pretty mediocre, at best, and if Barkley can’t play their passing offense will take a huge hit. Still, I’m certainly not giving that game to ND. It’s going to be their most important game since…well probably the Bush Push game. I’m sure USC would love to spoil ND’s season.

        • Reuben Sierra’s Chains

          Yeah ND would get absolutely shredded against Bama in the National Championship game.

          Almost every game they play throughout their cupcake schedule is a nail biter. I think USC gets them next weekend so it won’t matter.

          That probably puts the Ducks against the Tide in the final game. Which would be a fun game.

          • Pat D

            Cupcake schedule. Right.

            Like it’s ND’s fault that most all of the teams they played this year ended up being worse than they were supposed to be.

          • Andruw’s Smile

            They’ve played (or will play) 5 of the current top 18 teams in the nation this year. Yea, they;ve had some cupcake games but those games make their schedule decent-good at least.

        • Rocky Road Redemption

          I said “In control of our own destiny. Love it.”

          We get it, people don’t like the Irish because they weren’t good for a long time and people were jealous when they were good. But if they go undefeated they go undefeated. If a team with an easier schedule wins more games than a team who most fans think is better but has a harder schedule the team with more wins is the number one seed.

          Notre Dame is finally good again and I’m not going to piss all over it because other fans don’t think they’re good enough.

          • Rocky Road Redemption

            Not to mention, as PAt D said I think a lot of the “easier schedule” talk is sour grapes from bitter fans.

            But yeah, the USC game is no gimme.

  • Fin


  • $189

    Great website, been reading it for a long time.

  • Flyer7

    Shades of 1964…an undefeated ND going west to face USC, then it was Ara and John Huarte at QB

  • $189

    Hey, does anyone else think its going to be a tough couple years for the Yankees? They are going to rely on resigning a 38 year old starter, a 41 year old starter and a 43 year old reliever. Who likes the infield of a 38 year old Arod and 39 year old Jeter? When Mo’s on the mound it has to be pushing records for age in an infield. Thank god they let Swisher go, there has to be someone older and not as good to sign.

    • TomH

      Of course there’s someone else who thinks this! Me. The Yankees were an old and tired team by October. As things currently stand, they’ll be no less old at key positions in April. Moreover, this time through the season, there should be no posts here wondering why it is that they have trouble beating Toronto in Toronto. We know now why they’re likely to have trouble beating Toronto in Toronto.

      Go Irish. The Yankees of College Football are back.

  • $189

    I love this website, been reading it for awhile, without posting. I do think its become a bit delusional though. How can anyone expect a team that has as many guys that are so old and so far past their primes to compete in a game that is so physically grueling? I dont think fans understand how impossibly hard, playing baseball virtually every day for 6 months is…for anyone, let alone 40yr olds.

    • I am not the droids you’re looking for…

      The same way the (mostly the same) roster won 95 games a year ago?

      • $189

        I cant argue with how many wins the Yankees had last year. I was excited about the team going into last season, I thought it was a team that could win the WS.

        However, 2013 is obviously not 2012 and I have very little hope for this team. Players have just gotten too old, historically old. I thought the Yankees were a better team going into 2012 than 2011, mainly because of their major league pitching roster, backed up with alot of depth in AAA. It worked out where all the depth was needed.

        I dont see any way in the world, at this point that any Yankee fan, can see the 2013 team being even as good as 2012 team, let alone better. For the first time, maybe since CBS owned the team, the Yankees are letting a player walk that is the best on the market, because of money.

        I’m sure the Redsox have had the same opinion in the last few years.

    • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula

      I reserve judgement until the final roster is assembled but if they can keep the pitching staff together, I think they’ll still be strong in 2013. Bring back Kuroda and Pettitte and sign a guy like Soria and the pitching staff is in very good shape.
      I think the offense will regress but still be one of the better ones in the AL.

      2014 is the much bigger problem to me with little on the farm expected to be ready, budgetary limitations, no Granderson and most likely no Pettitte, Kuroda or Mo, possibly no Cano, a 34 year old Texiera who might be a $20+ million league average player give his current rate of regression over the last 5 years and who knows what from Jeter and Arod.

      • fin

        Thats a fair point about the roster going into this year. I was just going on the assumption that the Yankees will end up singing Kuroda, Pettite will come back and Mo will come back. None of that is real exciting. There is alot of room for failure in that group, given their ages. The one I would count on most of the three is Kuroda but more as a 3/4 starter than 1/2 he was this year. I mean does anyone expect that Pettite is going to be anything else than a 5 inning guy come the all star break?

        I also assumed in my thinking that the Yankees are going to sing Martin, who really is not Yankee worthy, but he’ll probably get a 3 year deal, because there is no one else and the Yankees can afford average players. They cant afford above average players like Swisher. With Arod, CC and Tex’s contracts, and no projectable help on its way from the farm, its going to be rough, in my opinion.

    • TomH

      You’ve put your finger on it: “delusional.” N.B. the response that follows mine: “The same way the (mostly the same) roster won 95 games a year ago?” He (I am not the droids you’re looking for… ) really doesn’t even attempt an intelligent response. He implicitly agrees with your point about yet another year’s age added on and then just waves it away. This is the very signature of delusion.

      • Rocky Road Redemption

        Because this is a bad point. We actually WON’T have the same roster. We’ll have Mo back, and we’ll possibly get Sora. We’ll still have a very good pitching staff if everybody is resigned, and our lineup is still excellent. Even if some of our older players slow down, and I doubt that most of them will drop off off a cliff (Granderson might even do better),we still have Cano, we’ll be getting Gardy back, we’ll have a 40 HR hitter in Granderson (say what you will, if you hit 40+ HRs you’re valuable, and we’ll have Jeter.

        Might Jeet slow down? Yes. Might everybody drop off a cliff? Yes. Is this the likely scenario? No.

        That the same roster that won 95 wins immediately turns into a pumpkin in one war isn’t going to be something that concerns me. We’ll do fine.