Thursday Night Open Thread


Not only will Mariano Rivera become an even wealthier man when he agrees to a new contract with the Yankees at some point in the next 24 hours, but it’s also his birthday today. Talk about a great week. Rivera turned 43 years old today, which in turn makes me feel pretty old. I remember being on the cusp of high school when he was doing the super-setup man thing back in 1996. That was the best season of his amazing career, and the neat part is that it was the year before he started throwing the cutter. Eighty command (on the 20-80 scale) will get you far in life.

Anyway, here is tonight’s open thread. The Falcons and Saints are your Thursday Night Football game, and that’s pretty much it. Talk about anything else here, it’s all fair game.

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  • jjyank

    A very happy birthday to Mo. My favorite pitcher of all time and my second favorite player, behind Bernie Williams. I cannot wait to see him close out a game next year.

    • Jacob

      Bernie and Mo are great!

  • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)

    How funny is it that several fights reportedly broke out at Hector “Macho” Camacho’s wake today?

    So predictable and appropriate.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I have a friend who would keep on running into Camacho at Ft. Lauderdale strip bars a few years ago. Camacho would be absolutely hammered, by himself, and was basically the friendliest guy ever. Those stories almost cracked me up.

      • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)

        From what I’ve read, there wasn’t a drink, a drug or a women that Camacho could ever turn down.

  • Rich in NJ

    There are worse things than having women fight over you at your funeral. Just sayin’.

  • art vandelay

    Does anyone remember the ’07 season with rivera ? It looks like ERA wise that was his worst season, yet I don’t really remember it being that bad.

    • Bob Buttons

      I think that was the reason where he gave up some runs in April and he was better later on but his solid but unspectacular (by Rivera standards) performance wasn’t enough to off-set his disasterous (by any standards) April.

      • Bob Buttons

        the season*

        some things aren’t just detectable by spell-check.

    • Jacob

      Yea it was a little rocky but not like he got shelled everytime he went out there. If I remember correctly he got hit good early in the season

    • Get Phelps Up

      He had a really bad april which inflated his ERA but was fine for the rest of the year.

      • Get Phelps Up

        He also gave up 3 runs in his last game of the season otherwise his ERA for that year would have been 2.82

  • Jacob

    Greatest Relief Pitcher of All-Time, possibly in top ten of Pitchers all time. Happy Birthday Mo, Cannot wait to see you coming out of the pen and shut everyone down

  • Bob Buttons

    God bless you Mo! Long may you pitch!

  • Pat D

    Finally saw Skyfall today. Looks like they’re actually going to take Bond back to being Bond, which should be a good thing.

  • Need Pitching & Hitting

    Enjoy trying to block AJ’s wild pitches again, Russ.

  • http://none Dan7877

    Ken Rothenthal via MLBTRADERUMORS is reporting that Martin has signed with Pirates. Welcome AJ Perzynski to NY

    • paul a

      Great just what we need another aging veteran on the down side of his career.

    • Pat D

      Fuck Pierzynski. I’d rather have a steaming bowl of shit back there.

  • Matt :: Sec110

    Well, that sucks. Cashman better get creative.

  • Matt :: Sec110

    We lost him to the Pirates for 2 years $17M?!?!!!!!

    • jjyank

      Kinda with you there. I was totally for a 3 year deal with Martin, I’m honestly surprised all he got was 2/17. Gonna be interesting to see what happens next.

  • pete from NH

    I sure hope Cashman has a plan. I thought Martin handled the staff superbly. Great news on the three pitching re-signings but you need a good backstop to win.

  • Jedua

    Man, When the yankees can’t pay Hamilton, Sánchez, it’s Ok Maybe even smart but when you say to somebody like Martin “Sorry i don’t have the cash” i feel like an A’s fan