• trr

    A Big move, but what about trading Cano?

  • marechal

    Do you get the sense that the Dodgers crazy spending is seen by the MSM as good for baseball, whereas it would be derided if it were the Yankees?

    • Juke Early


  • Ted Nelson

    “The Ichiro thing seems like a total knee-jerk, emotional reaction move. Paying for who he was and not who he will be.”

    I wouldn’t assume they’re that dumb. I would assume it’s marketing and/or a real belief (whether right or wrong) that he’s snapped out of a 1.5+ season slump.

    I don’t see what emotion would be involved, and there’s no way they somehow missed his 1.5 seasons in Seattle.

    • Tom Swift

      Agree. In 2014, A-Rod could get his 3,000 hit in the spring, and perhaps Ichiro will have a shot at 3,000 in the fall. Good for fan interest during a season where the Yanks may be not win 95 games, due to the $189 cap issue.

      • Juke Early

        “I ain’t payin’ no $189 for no cap!” said Tom, fittingly.*

        * Know your ancient Swifties tropes

    • Laz

      I’m figuring they have an idea of what was the problem in Seattle. If he can continue what he did here it is a bargain, but I don’t think they ignored his previous 1 2/3 season.

  • sar515

    Any chance we could put a package together for Trumbo? Maybe Nova plus a AA prospect or two?

    • Ted Nelson

      I prefer Nova to Trumbo.

    • Laz

      Trumbo is a Young Mark Reynolds. If they weren’t interested in him for $6M I doubt they want give up Nova and Prospects for him.


    I don’t know why ur down on Ichiro’s cheap 2yr contract? The guy was our offense last yr, and is worth the risk of assuming hes revitalized to actully have a chance to win a WS title, and go out on top… I woulden’t bet against em at all.. I think he’s gonna hit for more power as well, maybe not much, but double digit hrs, and a solid 280-290 BA for sure, with speed..

    Seems alot of players in the past , i’ve just not understood where u are coming from and they end up being really good.. I’d be shocked if Ichiro isn’t worth every cent.. WHo cares his AGE, if hes still hitting?

    U always talk about ball parks and all this other stuff, but that don’t count for Ichiro? He played in Seattle, where Montero didn’t hit a lick, Figgins didn’t hit a lick, Smoak didn’t hit a lick, and just about every bat goes to die, and what do u know, he comes to NY, and RAKES like he used 2…

    Ur gonna be way wrong about Ichiro Mike.. I know u will be happy u were wrong because it means hes doing well on Yanks, but i’m telling u, ur gonna be way off on Ichiro..

    Wade Boggs batted 311 and 292 in his 38th yr old and 39th yr of age in yankee stadium.. Ichiro is every bit as good a hitter, and playing in Yankee Stadium is gonna suit himlike a glove..

    • Laz

      Ichiro is a singles hitter, ballpark shouldn’t affect that all that much. There is the fact that he has been awful for past 2 years except his September of this year. Do you value all those games, or do you value his September #’s. He hasn’t been getting it done all that time, and there is the chance that he was bored in Seattle, or more likely there is the chance that it is starting to show that he is almost 40.

  • toad

    If Hughes is going to get 5/75 then it seems irrational not to try to extend him.

  • Juke Early

    Like that idea of swapping Hughes for K Morales & signing Marcum. Except it would guarantee Hughes then turns into the strong SP he can be for the next 5 seasons out in Cali.