Braves land Justin Upton

The Biggest Move of the Offseason
Yankees sign Dan Johnson to minor league deal

After years of rumors, Justin Upton has finally been traded. The outfielder was dealt to the Braves along with third baseman Chris Johnson this morning according to multiple reports. The Diamondbacks will receive the versatile Martin Prado, infield prospect Nick Ahmed, first base prospect Brandon Drury, and young right-handers Randall Delgado and Zeke Spruill in return. I’ve been writing about Upton for a long time, but the Yankees never seemed to have serious interest him. It’s a shame, they could use a player just like him.


The Biggest Move of the Offseason
Yankees sign Dan Johnson to minor league deal
  • John C

    Guess this means that Jason Kubel is staying put? Glad the O’s didn;t get him

  • Matt :: Sec110

    Could they have upped (see that?) that package?

  • MannyGeee

    Grave….. teh spinz!!!!!!!!!!

  •!/AngeloInNY Angelo

    Well… that took long enough.

    Time for people to cry and complain about how the Yankees should have traded (enter prospect/player name here) for him.

    With that being said, this has been a very frustrating off season.

  • jjyank

    Outside of Prado, and to a lesser extent Delgado, I don’t know much about this package. Could the Yankees have even matched it?

    • RetroRob

      As I remember, there were conflicting media reports (shocking!), with one saying the Yankees didn’t want to take on Upton’s contract, and the second saying that the Diamondbacks couldn’t construct a package based on the Yankees farm system.

      I don’t believe the first report saying the Yankees had no interest. Of course they would have an interest based on his age, ability, and the low contract value as it relates to the luxury tax. I believe his AAV is only $8.3M. The second media report seems more likely, and would also indicate the first media report was not correct. The Yankees best prospects are in the low levels (Sanchez, Austin, etc.) and/or injured (Banuelos), which doesn’t match the Diamonbacks needs for more immediate impact players.

      That all said, perhaps Mike will give us an idea if the Yankees have similar prospects to the ones in the trade.

    • Yogiism

      Instead of writing a new comment below and seeing as you asked the same question I would, my answer is yes, the Yanks could have matched or beaten that package. Delgado struggled quite a bit and his stock dropped because of that. Prado is one year away from free agency and while the D-Backs will seek an extension, I don’t see Prado as a “headline” player for deal involving Upton. He actually was, just to put that in perspective and now he will cost $$, so net result is what? Rather have Upton in that case. The other prospects I know little about, although I have heard of Nick Ahmed before. All in all, I think the Braves got the better end of this transaction. Granted they did take on all the salary, they still got the accomplished player in Upton. It’s fairly evident now that Upton was not at all part of D-Back plan in 2013 considering this is the deal they got. I’m not saying it was horrible or lopsided, but many teams could have put a better deal on the table, including the Yanks. There is something unsettling about this trade and only time will tell why..It’s also fairly apparent that the Yanks wanted nothing to do with Upton considering the package of players traded. I’m hoping that Cashman has had a brief conversation with the Marlins this offseason saying “if you bring Stanton to market, we would consider talking about Gary Sanchez” Considering Sanchez is one of the better prospects in baseball and at a position the Marlins have stated is a focus, one can only remain hopefully that Cashman is holding out for the bigger prize in the coming months/year. Sanchez would just be a start to a deal and not the whole deal, obviously.

      • Captain

        -The Marlins’ reaction to the Yankees “considering” talking about Gary Sanchez in a move for Stanton.

        • Yogiism

          Uh? You know what GM’s do right? I don’t expect most people to understand the motions and suggestions with making a deal. I do. I do it for a living. $100.00 (screw it, make it $1000) that Cashman has had at least 1 conversation with someone in the Marlins front office this off-season concerning Stanton and Nolassco. That conversation likely started with; “if you want to talk, we can START with Gary and work from there.”

          So what is so funny, I ask you?

  • Greg

    Yankees don’t begin to have a package as good as this.

    • Jack P

      You’re kidding me right?

    • Yogiism

      Really, dude?

      Nunez, Pineda, Williams, Gumbs

      Much more control and lesser cost. Higher upside (Pineda). Nunez is no slouch despite his defensive shortcomings. The Yanks could have traded other players and not even touched their premier prospects (Banuelos, Sanchez, Austin, etc) and still beat the Braves package.

      Just keep in mind the headline name in this deal was Prado. A nice guy and player, but no Manny Machado or young Arod. Keep in mind this was a deal for Upton and not Kubel. The package the Braves sent had Kubel value, not Upton. And for the sake of this argument, they technically only got him for 1 year.

      Flat out; the Yanks apparently wanted nothing to do with Justin Upton despite all of us armchair GM’s thinking he was a perfect match. He appeared to be. So two things: 1) something is not right with Justin that required the Yanks to pause. 2) Yanks might have belief the Stanton or other young valuable players will become available soon and are saving their chips. My guess is #2. Yanks might not a big move for the remainder of the off season, but we should all be sure that the people that manage, you know, $5 billion in assets, have a good idea of what’s up across the league. I stand behind our front office as 95% of the time, there is very good rational behind their decision making. This is in comparison to the Red Sox front office which must contain hazard signs as you enter and where maybe 10% of their decisions and player dealings make any sense at all.

  • MannyGeee

    I know nothing about any of those guys except for Prado. I have heard Delgado a bit, but what kind of package are we really talking about here?

    • Blake

      Delgado is basically Nova with maybe more upside….a guy that’s no longer a prospect but has had ups and downs in the big leagues…..Ahmed is an A ball SS who did ok in the AFL ….and spruell is a AA RHP that projects as a back end guy .

      Prado is the guy the Yanks couldn’t match in short term value….and apparently that’s what Towers wanted

      •!/AngeloInNY Angelo

        Yeah, and any shortstop who isn’t a black hole in the batters box has a lot of value. The Yankees don’t have anyone like that in the farm system.

        • TCMiller30


          Definitely not a blackhole in the batters box.

          In the field??? Meh.. Haha

          •!/AngeloInNY Angelo

            Yeah…haha. Hard to call Nunez a shortstop when his defense changes the game… not in a good way.

      • Ted Nelson

        I’m a Nova fan, but Delgado is 23 next season, has about a 1 year MLB track record, and was more highly regarded than Nova. I would say, objectively, that he has more value. It’s also easy to see that some of Delgado’s strongest supporters might think he has a whole lot more value, and maybe Towers is one of them.

        Ahmed is a strong defensive SS.

        • Blake

          He was offered for 3 months of Ryan Dempster last July….he’s a good young pitcher but I think he’s a mid to back end guy most likely and I’ve watched him a lot. He’s got good stuff….probably more upside than Nova….but I’m not sure he has a ton more value at this point….he probably wasn’t going to make the braves rotation

          •!/AngeloInNY Angelo

            Last time I checked the Braves were in a playoff race last season and Dempster had a very good year.

            • Blake

              Yea….but you don’t typically trade guys you figure to be future answers to rent a pitcher….Im not saying Delgado isnt good or doesn’t have upside….I’m just saying he’s not a real high price to pay in a deal for Justin Upton IMO

          • Ted Nelson

            Towers probably isn’t basing his projections for Delgado on who they offered him in trade for.

            •!/AngeloInNY Angelo

              Pretty much.

            • Blake

              Course not….but that shows what the Braves value him as….that and the fact that he was probably gonna be either in AAA or the bullpen this year.

              • Ted Nelson

                Again, Towers’ value on Delgado and the Braves’ value on Delgado are two separate things. Independent. They are linked in that Towers might be able to negotiate a better deal.

                Similarly, the Braves might value Upton more than the DBacks. You can have a trade where both teams have the exact same opinions on all players involved and are just making a move based on their resources and needs. However, I’d bet that most trades involve each team thinking they got more value than the other team thinks that they gave up.

                • Blake

                  Right…nobody is arguing that

                  • Ted Nelson

                    You are arguing about the value that Towers received based on your opinion on the players and their rumored value in other rumored deals. I am telling you that it’s possible Towers disagrees with your opinion.

        • Blake

          And yea Ahmed has promise….I’ve actually mentioned trying to get him before as he’s blocked by Simmons and the Braves actually have another SS prospect (Perraza) that most consider better than Ahmed

      • Greg

        Delgado is 22; Nova is 26. Not the same.

        • Blake

          About the same level of development and same service time…Delgado turns 23 next month and hasn’t had as much big league success as nova either…..Delgado may have more upside but I think their value is pretty similar or should be.

          • Cool Lester Smooth (Formerly YanksFanInBeantown)

            Age vs. Level>>>Metrics

            And their value is not even slightly similar and should not be.

    •!/AngeloInNY Angelo

      Delgado has the ceiling of a number 3 starter. Ahmed is good shortstop prospect with a decent chance to stay their long term. Like most shortstops, he’s not a big time hitter, but he’s not invisible with the bat either. Has some speed too.

      Spruill is probably a number 4 starter long term. Will start the year in Triple-A, so he’s close to MLB ready.

      I honestly don’t know a whole lot about the last two, but they’re good prospects.

  • Jim Is Bored

    Meh. It’s risky given his injury problems from this year. I’m not sure I would have wanted the Yanks to give up a similar package, assuming they even had it.

    Although maybe I’m biased because he torpedo’d my fantasy team last year.

    • jjyank

      Heh I feel yeah. Upton was my first rounder. But I still won my league :)

      Also, I’m not sure the Yankees could have matched that package if they wanted to.

  • Gonzo

    Interesting return for Upton and Bauer.

  • Evan

    But Yanks just signed Dan Johnston!

  • Blake

    I think the Yankees could have matched or beat it in long term value…..but it’s pretty clear that Towers wanted now value…..otherwise why would he chose 1 year of Prado over 6 of mike Olt?

    The Yanks don’t have a player to offer now value like Prado unless they had offered Cano….

    The deal makes very little sense for Arizona unless they can sign Prado….Towers basically got 1 year of Prado, a guy that was offered for 3 months of Dempster, an A ball SS and a b lister for his 25 year old star……

    • Ted Nelson

      Perhaps, but it’s not really as simple as Prado vs. Olt. I have no idea, but he might have been targeting Delgado more than Prado. He valued Didi as much as Bauer, so he might place a pretty high value on Ahmed (who is a strong defender).

      “6 years” of Olt assumes he works out. Towers might not think he’s going to work out. Or he might like Olt, but hate everything else Texas has offered. Who knows?

      • Blake

        I think given the rest of the package after Prado (good not great) then this says a good deal about how Towers values Olt….

        • Nice Guy Eddie

          This deal is likely more about the perceptions of Upton around baseball than anything else.

  • MB923

    Yankees sign dan johnson to minor-league deal, @YankeesWFAN reported

  • LK

    I find it puzzling that the Braves included Prado in this deal. I always thought they wanted Upton so that they could shift Prado to 3B. Do they even have a third baseman now?

    • Blake

      I think they would have preferred to keep Prado out….but you’re getting 3 years of Upton for 1 of Prado and apparently they don’t like the numbers Prado was asking for an extension

      • RetroRob

        I think Prado will score a pretty nice deal next year. I would have been quite happy if I heard this morning the Yankees had added Prado. An undervalued player.

    • Ted Nelson

      Ramiro Pena!

      No, I believe Chris Johnson is included in the deal.

      •!/AngeloInNY Angelo

        That is correct.

      • LK

        Interesting, thanks. I don’t know much about him. Seems like a decent trade for both sides (given that the D-Backs were basically had to trade Upton at this point).

    • Cool Lester Smooth (Formerly YanksFanInBeantown)

      Chris Johnson is now their 3B. That’s why they got him back in the trade.

  •!/AngeloInNY Angelo

    So the Upton brothers will be playing together for a bit.

    • Yogiism

      I don’t know how I feel about that. It’s not our problem as Yank fans, and it is a nice novelty to sell tickets, but I wonder from a competitive standpoint how that will play out. Perhaps I am putting too much psychology into it, but not sure I would have put the two brothers together had I been running a team. Problem nothing to it, but I am strangely wiered out. I will admit, this definitely makes the Braves a strong contender in the NL East.

      • Yogiism


        “Probably” should have been written in above comment.

  • Magilla Gorilla Mama Called me Roy tho

    Mike, how do you think this trade comepares with the package deal originally put together with the Mariners?

    • Yogiism

      Mariners deal was better with Walker. Let’s keep in mind the Mariners deal came with virtually no short term cost and much control. The Braves deal doesn’t makes sense mainly for the reason at the end of the day (once they sign Prado to extension) the net cost might wind up being the same the D-Backs. Rather have Upton when looking at it dollar to dollar. Although, they could flip Ahmed and others to Detroit (as reported on MLBTR) for Porcello. If they can turn Upton into Porcello and Prado, well I still don’t like it, but not nearly as bad. Again, this wasn’t a straight prospect deal like with the M’s. Prado won’t be cheap. Like $30-40mm over 3 or 4 years. Think about that for a moment and then compare Upton’s cost and upside…

  • Magilla Gorilla Mama Called me Roy tho

    Also, does this trade create any spare parts on the either the Braves or Arizona?

    •!/AngeloInNY Angelo

      I’m not Mike, but I don’t think so. Braves lost their third basemen and got Chris Johnson to fill that void in return. Upton will join BJ Upton and Heyward in the outfield. Arizona got rid of one of their outfielders, so that fixes their outfield jam.

  •!/AngeloInNY Angelo

    Brandon Drury will also be going to Arizona in the trade. First basemen prospect drafted in the 13th round of 2010. He played in Low-A last season and was pretty awful. He’s only 19 though.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    I don’t think the Yanks could’ve offered a similar package. They don’t have somebody like Delgado (maybe Nova but he doesn’t have Delgado’s ceiling) and they for sure don’t have somebody like Prado.

    Prado and Upton are basically equal when it comes to production only. About the same WAR over the last 3 seasons, Prado had the higher OPS in 2 of the last 3 seasons. Upton is younger, has more power, is signed through 2015 but it always feels/seems like he’s wasting his talent. Prado is the more consistent player, offers good versatility but I think he’s hits FA after this season.

    Anyway I can see why both sides did this. The Braves basically traded Prado + Delgado + 2 prospects for Upton and the other prospect for Johnson to replace Prado at 3rd. The Braves had pitching to share, the D-Backs an OF-bat. It just makes too much sense. I like the trade for both sides. In the end the futures of Upton and Delgado will decide who won this deal.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    So who becomes the next “this guy or bust” meme?

    • Bavarian Yankee

      Stanton is the obvious choice but I say Headley at the trade deadline.

    • dalelama

      Aroid returning or not……..

  • Fernando

    With the Rangers being on the short end again, I wonder if they would be interested in Granderson. I wonder what Mike thinks of a package of Mike Olt, Roughned Odor and another player for Granderson.

    Olt can play 3b, 1B and the OF. He’s got good power and would fit in long-term as a 3b to free up Alex for DH duty. He’a good defender and has plus power with 28 HR in just 95 Double A games last year.

    Odor is an 18 year old second baseman who has an advanced bat and some pop. He’s kind of small, but he has a compact stroke and decent speed. The Rangers can afford to lose him with Jurickson Profar, Leury Garcia and Luis Sardinas as top SS/2B options.

    The third can be a pitcher like a Luke Jackson, Nick Tepesch, etc. I’d ask for OF Ronald Guzman, but his inclusion would likely be too much for just Granderson.

    Granderson would replace the home runs that Texas lost when Hamilton left. The Rangers could either sign him or make the qualifying offer to get the supplemental pick/dollars for the 2014 draft. He’d also slot in at CF and would be an upgrade over the Gentry/Martin platoon.

    • Yogiism

      If it were earlier in the off-season, perhaps. At this point, I’d just hold onto Granderson. He’s going to get a multi year deal next year. QO will less than his 2013 salary or at least on par with it, so it’s not as if the Yanks are taking a risk extending an offer (ala Mike Napoli). I’ve still a bit flabbergasted that the Mariners went after Morse and gave up Jaso in the process. As I stated on here previously, the Mariners had a really nice shot to bring a quality person of the game and athlete to Seattle. The problem is getting quality players to SIGN there. Had they traded for Granderson and Granderson being a very VERY smart and good guy, maybe 1 year there and he would have liked it. The M’s would have had a nice shot at signing him to a 3-4 year deal, but alas, I’ve completely lost faith in the Mariners front office. Jack Z and crew is really giving the Red Sox front office a run for their bucket head money.

  • Leg-End

    Upton, Upton, Heyward.

    Thats strong.

  • trr

    judge the Steingrabber twins not by what they say, but by what they do…or don’t do

    • Ted Nelson

      How about we judge the team on how many games they win?

      • LitFig

        Don’t you realize the real season takes place in December and January?

      • trr

        fair enough, see you in September….or July?

      • dalelama

        How about we judge a team by how far they get into the post season which is what really matters.

        • Get Phelps Up

          Unfortunately, you haven’t had to do that since 2006.

  • Donny

    Just pure conjecture, but here is what I think may have been similar:

    One of the single-A outfielders

    Hughes is better than Delgado and is equal to the one year of team control the D’Backs got for Prado. Ahmed is one of the players the D’backs got from the Braves and was voted as the best infield defender in their system. However, Ahmed only hit .269/.337/.391 in Single-A last year and although everyone can agree that Nunez will probably never be used in a sentence like that, you have to say he has a better track record than Ahmed as far as hitting goes. Since Spruill ranked as the 9th best prospect in the Braves system, and assuming the Braves system is better than the Yankees, I would think a top five player for the Yankees minor leagues would get it done and wouldn’t require a second prospect.

    I’m not saying the D’Backs would do this, but if this conjecture is indeed accurate, I would do this deal if I were the Yankees.

    • Bavarian Yankee

      the Yanks wouldn’t trade Hughes now and the package isn’t nearly as good as the one Atlanta offered.

      First of all who says Hughes is better than Delgado? Then it’s pretty safe to say that 5-6 years of Delgado will easily, easily, easily outWAR 1 year of Hughes (Delgado had a 1 WAR in half a season last year, Hughes a 1.9 WAR in a full season) and 1 year of Prado likely outWARs 3-4 years of Nunez. Plus I’m not sure if the D-Backs would have any interest in Nunez or Hughes anyway.

      • Donny

        If you polled every respectable person in baseball as to who is better, the majority would say Hughes. Projections only get you so far. Delgado was rated as the 46th best prospect immediately preceding the season of his first game started while Phil Hughes was ranked in the top 10 prior to making his debut with the Yankees. 5 years ago, I thought Hughes was going to be an ace at this point. So you can’t always just project ceilings, you have to be able to prepare for the basement.

        I guess my argument would point to the fact that just because you see upside, does not mean it will be fulfilled. I would venture a guess that you are probably right about Delgado out WAR-ing Hughes, but you would be stubborn to admit that it is an absolute guarantee.

        Again, ask anyone is baseball and the majority will take the proven commodity over potential. Potential is what gets GMs fired.

        Lastly, I was just purely speculating what a possible comparable trade would have been. I think it is worth mentioning that the package that Atlanta gave up is far worse than the package the Mariners would have given up. I think most people on this forum would make the argument that a trade could have been there for the Yankees if they wanted. I would suffice it to say that the Yankees could have offerred, at the very least, a competitive package; let alone one that was better.

        • dalelama

          Hughes’ alligator arm delivery limits his upside and long term viability.

        • Bavarian Yankee

          “If you polled every respectable person in baseball as to who is better, the majority would say Hughes. Projections only get you so far.”

          true, I’d vote for Hughes too. But that’s not important when it comes to trades. Plus I’m not projecting anything. I’m looking at both guys’ major league stats from last year and Delgado wasn’t much if any worse than Hughes. You have to look at what both guys can offer you and your team. You’d really pick 1 season of Hughes over 5-6 years of Delgado when both give you about the same WAR per season? No way.

          “I think most people on this forum would make the argument that a trade could have been there for the Yankees if they wanted.”

          sure, trade Cano + 1 good prospect and you probably have a deal.

    • RetroRob

      The Atlanta package is much better for Arizona. Frankly, I’m not sure what value the Diamondback would be getting. One year of Hughes, a failed SS in Nunez, and a question mark in one of the Yankees A-ball OFers. AA is where position players really prove their worth. As much as I believe in Austin and company, this upcoming season will go a long way toward establishing their prospect and/or trade value.

      Last, Arizona really wanted a 3B-man. As the Yankees know all too well, it’s a tought position. The Yankees had no one to offer similar to Prado, who I would have loved on the Yankees. Apparently the Diamondbacks are already in discussions on extending Prado.

      • Donny

        I think some patience needs to be exhibited here when it comes to Nunez. I happen to like Nunez’s bat alot and think that the Yankees complicated his role on the team (as they usually do with young talent). Last year was a bit of a waste for him as far as development goes and I think they took a better approach in limiting him to just SS for the second half of the season. When considering all five tools on Nunez, I would still say that he is an average major league shortstop and I don’t think there are even 30 of them out there right now. For that reason alone, the reins should be pulled back a little on the “failed” tag.

        • trr

          Understand what you’re saying, but sometimes a young prospect has to grab the bull by the horns and make the job his own. Having said that, yes, it is (or was) harder for a young player to play his way on our team. But if the Steinway boys are really serious about trimming the payroll,
          there’s no other option than putting younger(read:cheaper) players out there….

  • ClusterDuck

    The prospects Atlanta traded don’t look all that great. But I do like Prado and I do think that he is almost as valuable as Upton.

    • Yogiism

      Pt 1) Agreed.

      Pt 2) Disagree.

      When it’s all said and done and the D-Backs sign Prado to an extension, I bet its even money. Net result, I’d rather have Upton.

  • hogsmog

    Honestly, this makes me more annoyed about not pursuing Morse than anything else.

    • Yogiism

      We’ll live. I was an advocate for a Morse and Rendon package. Morse alone is no real prize. He did fit the Yanks jig for 2013 very well, I’ll admit.

  • Dave M

    Kind of an off the wall question, but with Prado gone, who bats leadoff? Too many middle of the order bats. Nice problem to have :-)

  • Mike HC

    Seems to me a comparable Yankees package would have been Gardner, Nova/Phelps and then 3 decent, middling potential minor league pieces. And considering Ari probably liked Prado better than Gardner and Delgado better than Nova/Phelps, it just wasn’t happening unless we added one of our top four guys.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      In that case, it probably would have meant at least two of the single-A guys, at which case I stop being interested.

      I want to strengthen the pipeline, not tear it down for one guy.

  • FLYER7

    Ahmed is a solid prospect. Played in the same infield at UConn with Olt…think Yanks need to add to Grandy and get two other lower level players from Texas to get Olt especially with Grandy a FA after the season.

  • Cool Lester Smooth (Formerly YanksFanInBeantown)

    Shit. I really, really wanted The Justin Upton.

  • Murderers’ Row Boat

    So in Kevin Towers’ time in the Front office of the Yankees, what terrible trades can we blame on him?

  • Wayne

    The fact that we were on his no trade list tells you he doesn’t want to play for us and would hate playing in New York. He might turn out to be like his brother if he played here meaning who could divide the team if he has an attitude like his brother. Plus didn’t Tampa trade his brother away. Could be because not just what they got back from royals but he is a divider. I remember Evan longoria getting in his face about not hustling for a ball in the outfield that was hit towards him in the gap and bj not taking it well. Yes brothers can be different but then again maybe not!

    • Captain

      the only piece of actual fact in this comment was the Longoria bit and only that he got in his face. congrats, pretty tough to do.

  • dkidd

    the uptown brothers playing next to each other will be awesome, like when strawberry and eric davis realized their dream of playing next to each other in the dodger outfield!

    actually, i’m kind of psyched to see what happens

  • http://RAB YankinCO

    Another one slips away without any sign of life as the spankees are deeper in the cellar.

    • RetroRob

      Yankee fans never use the term spankees. You might as well tatoo a Red Sox logo on your penis.

  • RetroRob

    So looking at the overall deal and prospects and reading a few of the reviews, seems to me Prado is the main piece the Yankees couldn’t match. The inclusion of Prado no doubt bumped down the overall prospects.

    Delgado/Nova is not an unreasonable comparison. Delgado is viewed as a potential #3, which is around where Nova has been compared. (Law in the past has even suggested Nova could be a number two eventually.) Yet it may be that Towers valuses Delgado more highly long term than Nova. He could be right.

    Spruill/Marshall seems fair. Both just completed AA and are viewed as back-end, innings-eater types. Yet, once again, it’s a talent-evaluation question. Spruill is 6’5″ while Marshall is listed at 5’11”. Towers would probably value Spruill higher.

    Ahmed/Nunez (or Culver) is not an easy compare. Ahmed is supposedly a talented fielder. Ummm, Nunez is not. Both speedy. Nunez older and MLB “ready,” meaning he could step in right now, while Ahmed is still a couple years off most likely, but a better prospect. My personal feeling is if the Yankees could get Ahmed for Nunez, I would make the deal quickly. Ahmed has more longterm value because I’m not convinced Nunez will ever be a consistent enough glove at SS, and not enough bat to play elsewhere. I suppose we could insert an A-level SS in Culver for Nunez, but that only swings the evaluation even more in favor of Ahmed.

    Drury/Bichette? I don’t know anything about Drury. I saw him described as a non-prospect, so Bichette might be the better of the two. I don’t think Bichette has reached non-prospect status yet, even if he was viewed as an overdraft by some!

    Bottom line is an argument can be made that the Yankees could have matched the Atlanta prospects. Even if Towers values Delgado, Spruill and Ahmed more than the corresponding Yankee prospects, it seems that is the Yankees included on of their A-level OFers, then the prospect package would swing in favor of the Yankees.

    Yet that comes back to the main piece. The Yankees don’t have a Prado player to include, especially since the Diamondbacks wanted a 3B’man. It feels like the Diamondbacks should have done better, yet it doesn’t look like the Yankees had quite the right pieces, or at least ones that Tower valued enough.

    • Cool Lester Smooth (Formerly YanksFanInBeantown)

      When Nova was 22, he put up a 5.10 ERA in AAA.

      When Delgado was 22, he put up a 4.37 ERA in the Major Leagues.

      It is a big difference.

      • RetroRob

        That’s really not the best way to compare pitchers.

        At this stage, I’m not sure it’s fair to say that Delgado has higher upside than Nova. He might, but it’s just as likely he doesn’t. Keep in mind that I’m acknowledging the young talent Arizona is getting is probably better than what I tried to draw up as compares from the Yankees, but the Yankees could have beaten that prospect package by including one of their top-50 MLB prospects. What they don’t have is Prado, and that’s significant.

        • Cool Lester Smooth (Formerly YanksFanInBeantown)

          There’s a lot more to dream on with Delgado, though. He doesn’t have Nova’s record of mediocrity yet.

  • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)

    Keith Law just killed the D’Backs for this trade. He felt they got way too little back from the Braves. It looks that the D Backs have had a pretty bad offseason.

    • Tom

      I think Towers was factoring in the possibility of an extension for Prado (and looking at MLBtraderumors that looks to be the case). And you have to wonder if Towers was pretty aware of what Prado was looking for in advance.

      If the DBacks extend Prado 2-3 years than it’s 3-4 years of Prado vs 3 years of Upton. While Upton has more upside, I think at that point the prospects start to balance things out.

      While you can’t just assume the extension when making the deal, I’m going to guess that Towers factored that in as well as that it would have cost the DBacks a pick to sign him as a FA next offseason (if ATL gave hima qualifying offer).

      I don’t think this deal is as bad as people are making it out to be. The Bauer deal on the other hand… that seemed very light on the DBacks side.

  • Nathan

    Why can’t we have nice things?