Cashman: “I am not looking for bullpen help”

Update: Still no date set for A-Rod's surgery
Saturday Night Open Thread

Via Anthony Rieber: Brian Cashman confirmed that he is not looking for bullpen help in the weeks leading up to Spring Training. “I cannot talk about players on the free-agent market,” said the GM. “But I am not looking for bullpen help, I can tell you that.”

The Yankees figure to open the season with Mariano Rivera, David Robertson, Joba Chamberlain, Boone Logan, Clay Rapada, and David Aardsma in the bullpen. The seventh and final spot will likely go to a long man, possibly the loser of the Ivan Nova/David Phelps fifth starter competition. I’d love to see them trade Logan for help elsewhere and/or pursue Matt Lindstrom, but finding a reliever isn’t exactly a pressing matter at this point. They need a bat or two.

Update: Still no date set for A-Rod's surgery
Saturday Night Open Thread
  • Robinson Tilapia

    I definitely agree on “selling high” with Boone, but I don’t see bullpen as a priority either, not with a couple of potentially really solid guys anywhere from half a season to two seasons away.

    • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula

      How much do you think you’re gonna get for Logan? The Yankees pretty much every year are successfully able to find a LOOGY on the scrap heap.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        You’d probably get less than I think and more than you’d think. :)

        I think they could successfully sell him on someone as a legit set-up man. Notice that I don’t necessarily buy that myself, but he certainly looked like he could play the part of one at times.

        • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula

          I think you might be able to get a decent bench player for him at best unless you package him with something good.

          He is after all a 45-50 inning per year middle reliever who isn’t really death on righties or lefties, pitches usually to a good but not great mid 3 ERA and typically gives you 0.5-0.8 WAR.

          This isn’t an elite 8th inning man you’re trading, in fact I think he’d be below average in that role.

    • Charles Rivera III

      This has been the most frustrating off-season since the 80s.

      Berkman, again? NYY won 95 games last year whith many injuries, but barely edged Baltimore in a year when the Red Sox, Jays and Rays didnt field competitive teams. We need Soriano as a first move and Lohse as a second move. Right now NYY are at best a second place team in East. The Dodgers are the new NYY and this will be their decade. This is sad.

      CR III

      • DC

        Berkman already signed with TX.

      • Get Phelps Up

        The Rays didn’t field a competitive team?

        It’s sad that that’s not the most asinine statement in this comment.

      • Joel Skinner

        This guy gives yankees fans a bad name….How did the Rays not field a competitive team?

      • Robinson Tilapia


  • Andy in Sunny Daytona

    What about Stairs Cabral?

    • Travis L.

      Trade Logan and use Cabral and Rapada as the lefties. If all else fails, you still have Rondon on the 40 man, and Cedeno and Spence in AAA. There is depth in the LHRP portion of the NYY org and they should take advantage of it. I’m sure someone out there needs bullpen help and would like an accomplished LOOGY (or semi-LOOGY).

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Not opposed at all here. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to roll the dice on Boone never looking as good as he did last season, with some definite wear put on that arm. While Rapada could easily regress as well, we’ve seen this team mix and match until they find the right lefty solution.

        Just lose Billy Traber and Wayne Franklin’s numbers, please.

      • Yankee insider

        I think we should get Logan long term and I also think the next to be DFA’d is rapada. Cabral is a great pitcher and he’s young but if he doesn’t make the 25 man roster he goes back to his other team. But theres also Rondon who throws 95-98 and imagine him and Logan each throwing hard in our bullpen that would be great.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          1. When have you seen Cabral pitch in the majors enough to call him a “great pitcher?”

          2. Plenty of guys throw 95-98. That’s not enough.

          I can’t see Rapada being DFA fodder, not with the number of appearances he had out of the MLB bullpen last season.

        • Joel Skinner

          How do you know that Cabral is a “great” pitcher. He was a rule 5 pickup!!!! That means the losing team (Boston?) didnt think enough of him to put him on their 40 man roster!!!! He is also coming off a major injury and wont be ready until May.

  • Sweet Dick Willie

    Cash is right. For all the issues his team has (catcher, DH, RH bat), the bullpen isn’t one of them.

    • thunder rd runner


  • Blake

    Yea they don’t really need pen help and they should deal Boonie if they can get anything usual for him

  • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula

    As is, the bullpen should be one of the leagues best and they still have Whitley, Montgomery and maybe even Betances in case of injury.

  • Austin Aunelowitzky

    Maybe Cash was more sending a “message” to Boras to lower his price and/or only take a 1 year contract for Soriano…or maybe he was just trying to screw Boras by signaling to other teams that he isn’t bidding on Soriano.

    Anyway, let’s get that RH OF/DH Cash (I’m still ok with the other Soriano for that if the dollars and trade chip are right.).

    Captain’s Blog is pushing for Ivan Nova for Jesus Montero…..Discuss.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      I think Jack Z falls out of his chair laughing at that proposal.

      I don’t think they give up on a top 10 prospect after one season.

    • Get Phelps Up

      Nova for Montero right now is essentially a young 4-5 starter for a young platoon DH/occasional catcher. I’d probably do it but I dont think the Mariners would, they need Montero (assuming he improves which is in no way a given – considering the position they’re in, they need to take that risk) far more than they need Nova.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        I will put all 6 foot whatever of Ivan Nova in my kid’s Ergo and walk him over to Seattle myself.

    • Joel Skinner

      No way Nova is enough to get Montero…Mariners have a lot of young pitching that is better than Nova and they need all the offense they can get.

    • Evan3457

      Nova for Montero?
      Nova for Montero??

      Captain’s Blog’s trade proposal sucks.

  • jg233

    I would go Eppley over Aardsma at this point…